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  1. Nice! That is a great explanation for Self Inquiry.
  2. Yeah. But we might be so stupid that we can't see a "higher" teaching in this. Maybe that's the teaching, see that every human is corrupted even the most "spiritual". Anyway, in moments of anger, we can say or do shit that we regret later. So better stop here.
  3. @Someone here Right now I'm so sick with these fucking spiritual teachers that I want to send them all to hell. They are flawed and corrupt like any other human, some are so sneaky and disgusting that it breaks my heart. Leo is the most authentic, but he's also an arrogant asshole.
  4. @Leo Gura You know what? Fuck you Leo. Ban me if you want.
  5. 4, out of 40. This result actually concerns me. I might be so much of a narcissist that I don't even realize it!
  6. Seriously man, 0.2 cm of skin is nothing. Try pulling out a tooth and suffering won't be imaginary. Obviously, don't try it. But I get your curiosity. Use moments like when you accidentally kick your furniture to practice staying in pain or putting your body in an uncomfortable position. Close your eyes and try to be with pain, don't run away from it. Maybe one day you become able to do a root canal without painkillers like Ralston allegedly did.
  7. @Sincerity Yeah, I deleted it too late!
  8. I feel exactly like that. Since 16 yo I can't understand how is it possible to go on living without knowing what the hell is going on here, and everyone around was like robots living without questioning anything and not acknowledging that this is the most important thing ever, how can understanding what you are and what is happening not a top priority? Is like a mission that I don't remember ever agreeing with, and it won't stop haunting me until I understand it.
  9. @Leo Gura My body disappearing and I know I am the visual field. Becoming conscious that the world is my Mind. Is that shallow awakening?
  10. @Leo Gura If you know the right kind of focus, because you did it before and had an awakening, would you say it will still take a retreat like setting to reach that focus again without psychs? Once you understand it, it gets easier to find it again, right?
  11. @Inliytened1 Yeah, I am noticing that. This last wave of suffering changed something in me.