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  1. I saw that the physical world outside my awareness are thoughts, I saw that the 'hard stuff' right now is inside/is my Head/Mind but I don't understand how the hard stuff are thoughts also. Leo said once that the present moment with all the hard stuff is imaginary, but a different kind of imaginary. What do you mean by 'everything is a thought'?
  2. I rate all of us half awake. The moment we become fully awake, there'll be no we.
  3. @Someone here I thought you had admitted you're not awake either
  4. @Princess Arabia You can download a pdf of the book and open it in this app for android, it will read it out loud for you.
  5. @Someone here Haven't you notice that most of us here are idiots giving advice to each other in order to fulfill our own needs? You're on your own, none here can help you. Not even Leo and he doesn't care about your feelings, he said it many times.
  6. Yes, but insight is different from an Awakening, but we could say that insight is a mini awakening. But what do you mean by insight and awakening? What I mean is a sudden understanding of something, could be a small little thing like how something works. Now Awakening is a massive thing, like I've seen that I'm not inside my body and that everything is inside my Mind, literally. And how I get trapped in a body with a combination of thoughts and feelings.
  7. Insight can be about anything, little flash understandings. By Awakening they are referring to a massive shift in consciousness. Only having one can help you understand.
  8. Exactly... The raw actions are: destroying homes, starving, injuring and killing thousands of innocent people. How is that different from the Hamas terrorist attack? Seems even worse to me... Intention? Hell is full of good intentions. Israel's good intentions are so biased / uncaring which is equal to what we call evil. The more biased you are the more evil you'll create. And the Israelis in this thread are creating all sorts of excuses and justifications for this shit. Also, I even understand Israeli bias, but they should have grown out of it a little by now. So Leo is right to ban some of them, for keep on denying and justifying, out of close mindedness.
  9. @DefinitelyNotARobot I thought I was crazy man. I had similar shit like this, but it's too crazy to make sense of it let alone explain it.
  10. @Leo Gura I still have not gotten over you calling yourself the great satan...
  11. Explain yourself, would you?