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  1. "Psychedelics only work on the brain, and so can only alter your mental state and perspective..." I have experienced the "physical world" including my body as being inside my own mind. It literally feels like everything is inside my head (but it's not the human head/brain, those are inside my mind). It is undeniable. I wonder what Peter Ralston would say about that.
  2. Remnant: From the Ashes One of my favorites. It's like Dark Souls but with guns.
  3. +1 & Dave Chappelle
  4. Thankfully here in Brazil mushrooms are legal But I can't find 5-MeO anywhere, so I'll have to buy on a foreign site and that's why it would be very helpful to be able to ask about sourcing here because this is the only place I trust on the internet.
  5. Yes!!! Please, Leo!
  6. Isn't the future imaginary? Thoughts exist as things, but the content of thoughts is not real. How could you say the future will happen in a certain way? This is adding more and more layers of imagination, isn't it? I don't understand why it has to go further than this, this moment is all there is, and everything else are thoughts.
  7. I recently realized that anything is better than the feeling of fear. Even the things you're afraid of
  8. @Leo Gura @Inliytened1 Some people in this forum say that I will live every possible life, including Leo's & Inliytened1's lives. Because of Infinity. I understand that this is something I'm imagining right now (that one day I will live every possible life), because the future is something I imagine now... But I need some clarification about this. Why do some say that? In Infinity, isn't it just a potentiality that I CAN live every possible life, but that doesn't mean I will? Do you know what I mean?
  9. When I started taking shrooms, I had this stupid belief that I should move up and up with my dose. So I started with 2g, then 3g, then 4g, then I got traumatized. Nowadays 2g is my sweet spot. Last trip I saw through the illusion of being inside a body and realized that actually, the body is inside my mind. So I think 2g is potent enough. Edit: Dried Cubensis
  10. @GreenWoods How is your practice going?