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  1. "searching" is the ego-defense
    "searching" is the ego-defense
    Just to point to obvious here. "Searching" and the idea of "becoming" or attainment  IS the ego-mind prolonging it's death / maintaining its own illusory existence. What is longed for IS already the case, "what is" (everything / Universe / NOW)   is already  whole and complete.  So it does not matter how much psychedelics you do, books you read, holographic breathing session og yoga postures "you" do - "you" will never attain anything by searching  because there is nothing to attain. "Enligtenment" is an un-doing, a  letting go of the idea that there is a "someone" (an individual/subject) that is in need of something (object) to "become whole". THAT is the illusion. Be still (drop the mind) and let go