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  1. World religions
    World religions
    The only way to understand reality truly is to break free of all isms, all beliefs, all humans.
    No ideological system can help you there. Not even nonduality. You must achieve 100% sovereignty of mind. To be a slave to no idea.

  2. Why does God allow such extreme degrees of suffering?
    Why does God allow such extreme degrees of suffering?
    Not necessarily from your human perspective.
    God's Mind certainly includes that dream. It just doesn't mean your ego will experience it.
    God can dream up infinite degrees of Hell. That's no fairytale.
    Don't forget that your ego would completely die very soon into that kind of consciousness, so it wouldn't be as bad as you might think. The thing in you that suffers is the ego. God proper doesn't have an ego so it doesn't suffer like a human does. God might enjoy a trip to Hell just for the interesting view.
    God is death. Once you completely surrender, you are invicible. But that surrender will kill you. Once you are truly dead, you can explore endless consciousness without a care in the world. You can fly to Hell and take a dip n a sea of lava. A human cannot do this because it has a form to maintain. God proper has no form, so no problem. Once you lose your form completely, you are free and nothing can harm you, because you are already dead.

  3. "searching" is the ego-defense
    "searching" is the ego-defense
    Just to point to obvious here. "Searching" and the idea of "becoming" or attainment  IS the ego-mind prolonging it's death / maintaining its own illusory existence. What is longed for IS already the case, "what is" (everything / Universe / NOW)   is already  whole and complete.  So it does not matter how much psychedelics you do, books you read, holographic breathing session og yoga postures "you" do - "you" will never attain anything by searching  because there is nothing to attain. "Enligtenment" is an un-doing, a  letting go of the idea that there is a "someone" (an individual/subject) that is in need of something (object) to "become whole". THAT is the illusion. Be still (drop the mind) and let go