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  1. Even after Jesus raised lasarus from the dead before their eyes some people went on to plot against him with the pharisees. God calls on every 24/7 to repent. You can't force someone to ask for forgiveness. We are made in His image. Most people are heading for eternal destruction in hell. The ones who belongs to Satan will never repent.
  2. Let's assume there is a hell since there are thousands of people sharing their experience about it. What would pure hate do if you tried to love it?
  3. I think what your saying is love is absolute?
  4. You are highly intelligent. I don't know why or how. I am still young and learning. Lets talk about it over a cup of coffee a million years from now in another dimension. I am one with God. His Holy Spirit is like a temple around me.
  5. How many animals are extinct in a day? Every day, 150 species may become extinct. How much of the forest is destroyed? The world has lost one-third of its forest How much coral have we lost in the last 30 years? 50 % What percentage of the world is starving? 10% How many people are killed every day? The global number of deaths per day is around 150,000 deaths. Wake up. I have experienced torture.
  6. The word of God never claims to be a religion but the ultimate truth. Religion is always rooted in an evil deity. It is a thread about Messiah.
  7. Good news: Nothing dosen't exist. God is the ultimate truth. He has created you and is highly intelligent.
  8. Meaning dosen't exist unless somone think. I agree on that an observing mind need no meaning attached to the outer world. Thinking dosen't have to be done with words one could silently think that something is of value. A thinking mind might look for hope or love wich is also silent. - I am upset because I see a meaningless world
  9. I do not consider Satan or any other fallen angels as a supreme being. Satan and his fallen angels are like mosquitos. With the name of Jesus one has complete authority over them. I used to dabble in the occult and found myself on the verge of dying. Do not be deceived. They are cunning. Jesus saved my from all ungodly ties in my life.
  10. Religion is always rooted in some evil deity. Levitating monks is no joke either. The word of God does not claim to be a religion, but the ultimate truth.
  11. Definition of meaning - what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action. One can gain experience in a meaningsless world and experience is valuable. A word dosen't have any meaning unless someone draws knowledge from it.