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  1. You are self sacrificed to yourself.
  2. Came here to post this.. beat me to it.
  3. You like to tell other people what to do and seem to get offended real easy.
  4. You should leave your husband.
  5. Just an advice, turn off your device while tripping. Life purpose idea nr 1/1000000 - Professional spoon bender.
  6. This series really blew my mind of what is possible when living off-grid. You also get to see inspiring people living their dream life. I Higly recomend watching it! ABOUT THE SHOW A life less ordinary Adventurer Ben Fogle meets more people who have turned their backs on the trappings of Western society and set up home in some of the most isolated locations on Earth.
  7. @Spinoza Yes very true, it is a mental challange. But biting of more then you can chew often leads to injuries wich sucks..
  8. If you are just starting out running again I would recommend (if you are in somewhat decent shape) short but efficient sessions. Sprint up a short hill then walk or lighty jog down to the bottom again. At first you will only manage a few upps and downs but you progress really fast (for most people) then after some time start mixing it up a bit. You can for example do a normal jogging with light tempo for 20, 30, 40 min, or jog a long distances 10, 20, 30 km or, sprint up a realy long hill a couple of times, or jog off-road etc. What is most important is to not begin with long exhausting session, it will only make it mentaly hard for you to keep at it and be unmotivating . Atleast in my experience and also witnessing other peoples progress. Efficient intervalls can be done in 15 minutes or even less! Start light, build your way up, persistence is key :-) Oh and don’t forget good shoes and plenty of water Good luck to you! 😀
  9. Sound like one hell of a ride 😈 Dont worry about it. Your state of mind will change. Every trip is different. Im sure there was alot of wisdom and learning to your trip wich might be hard to see at the moment. Give it time and reflect over what you experienced before you go on another adveture. Try change your setting next time.
  10. Good post OP. Solid points 👍 Found the tape thing to be a bit weird doh..