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  1. We'll talk again in ten years from now, at which point you will most likely have crossed the one million trip mark and tell people "if you have done under a million trips, you have no clue at all about the true potential of psychedelics". LOL (It always made me chuckle whenever I heard you say that certain people haven't even reached 1% of what's possible. How could anyone ever reach one percent of infinity?)
  2. Holy fuck. Dude, take it easy, and don't let other people's psychedelic dick measuring contests pressure you into biting off more than you can chew. This is not an olympic contest where the first one to cross the finish line gets a gold medal. There isn't even a finish line here, so what's the rush?
  3. In other words: You will always be a 'clueless child', even after one million trips.
  4. Not all questions are futile. Asking questions can be a great way to arrive at the truth, provided that you are persistent enought to reach the point where the question you're asking eventually self-destructs and leaves you with nothing. That should be the end goal of all philosophy.
  5. The thing I really love about life is the same thing that I sometimes absolutely hate about it: Being here and experiencing stuff.
  6. everyone can testify who has spent some time on this forum.
  7. The best part of it is that it's seen that there are no parts. The best moment is when it is recognized that there are no moments. The best thing about it is that there is no thing about it.
  8. As always, the answer lies in direct experience. Can you perceive any limits of consciousness? Yes or no?
  9. Thanks. Btw, a British research group by the name of Monty Python once produced a very neat dramatization of the whole process:
  10. Step 1: Some dude realizes 'enlightenment'. Step 2: He tries to tell other people about his realization (which cannot be communicated). Step 3: Those other people take everything he tells them literally, dumb it down, skew and twist it in a thousand ways, then write a book about it and tell everyone else to memorize it. Boom, you got yourself a religion!
  11. And I want you to realize that my answer doesn't fucking matter. Only Truth matters, and you won't get there by mental masturbation. Over and out.
  12. This is my answer. Let go of words, let go of ideas, let go of concepts. See what remains.
  13. You're way too stuck on words, my man. Slogans like "all is one" and "all difference is illusion" point to a transcendental truth that you won't grasp by thinking and nitpicking about ontological definitions. Sorry to break it to you.
  14. That's kind of like asking "why lift weights every day with my bare hands when I could use a forklift instead?"