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  1. I wait until it's dark outside, hahaha
  2. Dude, it's called the Terrence McKenna method... "5g in silent darkness" used to be practically his catchphrase!
  3. @PlayOnWords C'mon, I did 400 弮g a couple of times. It's fun!
  4. @PlayOnWords Awesome. Why don't you blast yourself into the fourth dimension with 400-500 弮g of acid as an intermediary step and then take it from there? (This is actually my personal new year's resolution.)
  5. Yeah, sorry for the clickbait If you're reading this, Leo (which of course you do, lol): I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me hooked on spirituality in general and psychedelics in particular; without you, I would probably never have decided to melt my non existing brain with those divine chemicals that are truly the nectar of the gods. I would have missed some of the most incredible experiences that a human being can have on this planet - and I have just barely begun to scratch the surface! THANKS BUDDY.
  6. @actualizing25 Oh, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old, lol! Let's just say I wish that I had discovered psychedelics at least ten years earlier; but I guess better late than never, heh. - I think it's true though that you are probably better equipped to deal with the mindfucks that psychedelics have in store for you when you're already somewhat grounded in life and have gone through & survived the mindfucks that regular adult life throws at you over the years; but like I said, you are ready whenever you personally feel ready. (It can be tricky though to distinguish the neurotic ramblings of your ego from the genuine intuition which is your inner voice of wisdom; really listen in on yourself and try to finetune your heart's radio dial in order to pick up a clear signal that can serve as your compass. The whole psychedelic journey is basically a process of finetuning; the more often you trip, the more you get in touch with your intuition, which in return leads to better and deeper trips.) I also think that Javfly33 definitely has a point when he says that the credo "People with depression should never ever do psychedelics" is way too simplistic; personally, I have been depressed out of my fucking mind over the years, and I gotta say that mushrooms and LSD have been the greatest discovery for me ever since I learned to walk!
  7. @OBEler I really don't think it is the same, to be honest. Good luck keeping your eyes closed for four to five hours straight... the temptation to open them at some point is just too big; and then there is something about staring into the darkness with wide open eyes that really gives you the feeling of looking right into your own soul as opposed to of blocking whatever tries to sneak through your eyelids by keeping them shut like a scared little kid. Even wearing an eyemask will probably give you this feeling that you just created an artificial barrier between yourself and the big bad psychedelic wolf that's lurking out there, ready to snap at you any second. When tripping in total darkness, you kind of feel like an unborn baby that is safely tucked into his or her mother's womb, which is exactly what you want to be shooting for!
  8. Did you ever have a full blown ego death exeprience on LSD? If so, how did it feel?
  9. Yeah, I know that this can be a little confusing when you're starting out. I think the best advice that you can give anyone is to really listen to your own intuition and to always start small; just carefully babystep your way towards higher doses and don't rush anything - and if your gut tells you that something is a bad idea, then DON'T DO IT. Most importantly: Never do anything in order to impress people (or yourself for that matter). Belonging to the "cool kids club" is definitely not worth a psychosis. In short, always listen to your heart & keep your intentions pure and you should be fine.
  10. Hey guys, one more thing that I would like to ad for those among you who are interested in emulating my divine mushroom experience: For me, tripping in the dark is paramount! One of the reasons why I have greatly preferred LSD over mushrooms in the past is that the type of visuals I get on a high dose of shrooms / a medium dose of DMT usually only serve to creep the hell out of me; while some folks seem to enjoy them, I always felt that they are the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. When I trip in complete darkness however, I cannot even really tell the difference between LSD and mushrooms as far as the visual patterns are concerned; so when I prepared for this experience, I made the solemn oath to categorically keep the fingers off the damn light switch, come bloody hell or high water. This served not only to reduce my anxiety during the comeup, but it also kept all unnecessary distractions at a minimum and grounded me in the present moment. Trust me, when you embark on a blind date with the not-so-grim reaper, you don't want any funky hallucinations to get between the two of you and spoil the romantic mood, so do yourself a favor and just keep the lights off. (Fun fact: Approximately two to three hours after ingestion, I realized that I needed to pee really freaking bad... and of course I knew that there was no goddamn way I was going to touch any light switch within reach; so I got up, sat on the edge of the bed, thought "Naaah, I can hold it in" and laid down again; five minutes later I got up again, stood in the middle of the room for two minutes, though "Fuck it" and laid down once more; another ten minutes later I stood up, made my way to the bedroom door and opened it veeeeeery slowly only to immediately shut it again and return back to the safe haven of my matress; a while later I made it all the way to the bathroom door but once more cancelled the mission prematurely and opted for strategic retreat before I could relieve my bladder... I think it took me about five or six attempts before I actually managed to complete my heroic foray towards the toilet bowl. I sure hope I didn't pee on the rug, LOL.)
  11. Thanks again for this wonderful trip report; reading it definitely inspired me to embark on my own high dose mushroom journey, and what a wonderful journey it was! I wish you all the best my man -- I know you are going to get it in the end, as will everyone of us.
  12. @wesyasz It's curious how this works, isn't it? What is especially fascinating about mushrooms is the fact that different dosages tend to lead to totally different results (at least that's been the case for me). In my experience, LSD is a very reliable and sort of linear acting substance, meaning that higher doses just give me more of the exact same thing; mushrooms on the other hand are kind of like those candy grabber machines at a funfair: You might reach for the cool digital watch but get one of those butt ugly troll dolls instead. In my case, the last high dose mushroom trip I had embarked on had been almost exactly one year ago, and let me tell you, it was a vastly different experience. I had taken five grams, which frankly doesn't seem to be a good dosage for me; it was just enough to send me off into twisted hyperspace limbo, but not enough to make my ego raise the white flag and let go of the reigns --- in short: I did NOT have a fun time at all during that particular trip; it was actually one of the most sobering trips I ever subjected myself to. So when I finally decided to revisit my little fungi friends, I was definitely a little bit nervous and totally unsure about what to expect; but something told me that now was the right time to be shroomin' again. This time around, I did not even weight the dose... - I know, I know, I am probably not giving the most stellar example for responsible tripping here, LOL. Just let me say in my humble defense that it was probably for the best that I didn't put 'em on the scale since I would most likely have chickened out had I known exactly how much it was that I so foolhardily decided to gobble down; sometimes ignorance IS bliss. By my estimation, it must have been something in the neighborhood of six to seven grams, and DAMN if I didn't hit the sweet spot this time! I think that I have been really lucky with the timing as well. Just two days before the trip, I entered this weird state of I-don't-give-a-fuck-ness while I was hanging out in the park; as I sat there ruminating about my cruel fate in life and all that usual BS, I suddenly sort of stopped dead in my mental tracks and thought "You know what? I am tired of this fucking game. I just don't want to play no more. Yup, that's it, I am DONE. Over and out." Not in a bitter way, but with the calmness and serenity of a fisherman who just reels it in, packs up and goes home. And I pretty much managed to keep this spirit until it was time for mushroom takeoff, which I think was definitely a contributing factor for my blissful annihilation.
  13. @Endangered-EGO Yes, approaching ego death can be damn scary IF your ego is still strong enough to resist the experience. At the risk of sounding like a completely irresponsible stoner crackpot, I will say that the very real and very obvious advantage of doing some ungodly amount of mushrooms (as I did yesterday) is that you give yourself zero chance to put up any sort of fight against what is happening -- and I say this as someone whose entire life is pretty much ruled by anxiety and neurotic overthinking. To be honest, I am really surprised about how smooth and uncomplicated this particular awakening event turned out to be! Yeah, who knows what bumpy road lies ahead of me, but I take yesterday's experience as a green light sign from the universe, kindly granting me permission to proceed.
  14. Chattering finch and water-fly Are not merrier than I; Here among the flowers I lie Laughing everlastingly. No: I may not tell the best; Surely, friends, I might have guessed Death was but the good King's jest, It was hid so carefully. G. K. Chesterton - The Skeleton