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  1. LOL

    It's funny 'cause it's true.
  2. Dude. Be super careful with Benzos. From what I've heard, you can get addicted to them really fast, and it's supposedly one of the hardest substance habits to kick once you're hooked. They say that Benzo withdrawal makes the most nightmarish psychedelic trip seem like a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon in comparison.
  3. I know, right?
  4. @WokeBloke Cool.
  5. An "I" can only exist if there is a "not I". You can only have an identity when there is something else to contrast it with. So you are everything and everybody as well as nothing and nobody. It's all the same, baby.
  6. When you are everybody, then who are you? A "who" can only exist in reference to another "who". If there is only one who, then there really is no who at all.
  7. Both, of course.
  8. @The0Self That's your backyard? Wow. Can I move in with you?
  9. @The0Self Meh, I liked the old profile pic better.
  10. Wow, that IS super interesting... time to grab a bucket and go for a hike in the woods! Thanks for sharing.
  11. "Excuse me sir, you have called pizza delivery service. Can you make your order please?"
  12. I'd say that 1g is a good starter dose for anyone who is not super hyper sensitive to Psychedelics... but of course, you won't know if that's you or not before you tried it. And I can definitely confirm that if you are an introvert (like myself), chances are that you will feel much more safe and secure tripping alone than in the company of others; just make sure you do it in a comfy and SAFE place and have a cozy blanket nearby - and, of course, tasty snacks. Don't forget those tasty snacks, baby!
  13. Here's my translation: It's not what you think it is - it is what it is.