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  1. Just came here in the middle of listening to it on Youtube in order to verify that you've already posted it here. I knew I could count on you!
  2. To borrow one of your own lines and give it a different twist: You can think that I am a sarcastic bastard if that makes you happy, but maybe I am a perfect mirror here to reflect your own shadow back at you. Just a possibility! Just take it as an opportunity to see if you are conscious enough to recognize infinite perfection in sarcastic bastardry, my friend. Wouldn't that be true openness? Anyway, none of my being such a humongous bastard invalidates what I've been saying here. Duh.
  3. Plenty of conservative radio/Youtube hosts are riotously funny. It's just never intentional.
  4. Dude... don't jinx it!
  5. 10/10. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. Sure, but it cannot (correctly) be expressed. Infinity is just a word. That which it points to isn't. We're all clowns... hence my profile pic. And yes, being a clown makes me happy. It's the only honest profession on this planet. But the biggest and funniest clowns are always those who think they aren't.
  7. Where there is no "absolutely right", there is no "absolutely wrong". Duh. If that sentence triggers an awakening, then it's the perfect pointer.
  8. @Breakingthewall Look my man... I think we can agree that absolute reality cannot be put into words. Right? This means that one pointer towards the Absolute doesn't have any more or less validity than any other pointer. So the only thing that distinguishes a "good" pointer from a "bad" one is its usefulness... and how useful a pointer is depends entirely on who it is directed at. Slogans like "reality is illusion", "life is a dream" or "you are God" can definitely be useful pointers for newbies who otherwise wouldn't even know where to start their awakening journey; but they stop being useful the second that the relative validity of the pointer in question has been verified and now is being mistaken for an expression of absolute truth. As soon as that happens, someone needs to step in and say "sorry pal, but that's not it". In other words: The best pointer is always a statement which directly contradicts the belief(s) that the recipient of the pointer is stubbornly attached to. If you believe that you are your body, then the best pointer for you is "you are not your body". If you believe that reality is made of solid matter that exists somewhere "out there", then the best pointer for you is "reality is imagination". And if you believe that you are God, then the best pointer for you will be something along the lines of "you are but an infinitesimally small part of God", "you don't exist", "you is nothing but a relative concept", you are limited (and God is not)" or whatever other combination of words you might come up with that will do the trick. So you see, bickering about what description of the Absolute is "objectively" the most correct one is sheer silliness. You can twist and turn it as much as you want: All statements about the absolute aspect of reality are equally false. Which is exactly why I find all of these endlessly circular discussions about the supposed "true nature" of reality so incredibly hilarious and can never quite hide my (admittedly smug) amusement about this whole absurd spiritual clown show on here... cross my heart, how anyone can read the neverending torrent of equally grandiose and grotesque bickering that this forum is constantly being flooded with with a straight face is completely beyond me. Mea culpa, I guess!
  9. They say it because it can be a useful pointer towards the Absolute. But of course they also know that the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon itself. An easy way to discern whether some self-proclaimed "enlightened guy" is full of crap or not is to see if they regard the pointers they give as being literally true or not. Anyone who thinks that absolute reality can be accurately put into words (like, for example, our dear staunch solipsists on here) is definitely full of it.
  10. This is amazing. So happy for you, brother! I really do think that the majority of guys on this subforum who have so much trouble connecting with women would profit from honest-to-god therapy much more than from any pick-up advice. (Replace the word "pick-up advice" with "spirituality" and the same thing goes for the spirituality subforum btw). If you just try to learn a bunch of pick-up tricks without addressing the root cause of your problems, then it's like putting lipstick on a pig... which in some cases can backfire spectacularly. So kudos to you for actually working on your issues instead of bypassing them. Keep it up, and good luck with the ladies! 🙏
  11. Okay, but my spiritual schlong is still bigger than yours. As is Sri Baba @Javfly33's.
  12. @Water by the River Isn't it funny how incredibly touchy all those enlightened grandmasters on here are? God's ways are truly unfathomable.