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  1. Heh, kind of funny how this recurring revelation either receives glowing agreement or is being sneered at as a load of Neo Advaita BS by the people of this forum, depending on who says it and the style of delivery. And, of course, you are absolutely right.
  2. Dude, a glass oilpipe costs lke 5 bucks. If you can post these messages, then you can also order one of these on Amazon or wherever...
  3. YES... about damn time, right? Mine look like this... are these the same ones? I've noticed that a very small amount - like a single drop - still remains in the tip or the syringe after injection. Which is really not too bad, all things considered, but I guess it would be nice to have a syringe where absolutely EVERYTHING goes into the rectum... not sure if those exist though? Anyway, thanks a bunch for your assistance, my good man! Without your encouragement, I would probably still be sitting here, ruminating back and forth and wondering if I should take the leap or not... -- Cheers!
  4. It was a rare occasion. (The guy that I've met with is my LSD dealer, and it's sort of a tradition for us to have one or two drink whenever I met with him in order to get some new tabs, which usually happens like once every half year at the most.) Had I known that I would have the whole flat to myself the following morning - which is also a rather rare occasion -, I would definitely have stayed sober.
  5. @Someone here Don't try to reason with an "enlightened" fellow. Enlightenment is beyond all reason.
  6. Amazing. In other words, you become the opposite of Leo?
  7. Been thinking about that as well. I plan on experimenting with both methods, but since I've heard that plugging is the most beginner friendly method, I thought it might be best to try it this way for the first couple of times before sucking it up my nostrils.
  8. Okay, so I injected it about 20 minutes ago, but so far, nothing (except maybe a very very slight body high comparable to what you might feel on a standart microdose of shrooms or LSD, but that might just be a kind of placebo effect, heh). Not sure if the dose I took was sufficient... I think I'll add another micro spoonful next time around.
  9. @Vrubel Great, thanks for the quick reply! Is it ok if I drink some water or tea before doing it? Yeah, good point, I was thinking about that too. But I have a feeling that they won't return for at least another hour... which might be wishful thinking, but still.
  10. Hey guys, so I have a fresh batch of 5 Meo (of the HCl variety) sitting in my drawer, all the stuff you need for plugging, good spirits, an empty stomach and empty bowels - and what's more, I just woke up to an empty apartment (which is important for me because I'd feel really nervous dipping my toe into the 5 Meo pool while my flatmates are at home). The only thing is that yesterday evening I had a couple of beers with a friend of mine... now, we didn't get wasted or anything, but still, I drank some alcohol; it's been 16 hours ago as I a typing this. Since this would be my first time trying out this substance, I am thinking about doing 10mg (or maybe even a little bit less) for starters. So, what do you think? Is it safe to do a 5 Meo test drive under these conditions, or would you advise to postpone it? Thx!