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  1. At what age does the body stop the growing process and starts deteriorating? Some say it's 40 years old. But is that true? Is there even an age when the growth hormone stops being manufactured by the body?
  2. Science is advancing rapidly .in the near future we may become capable of literally creating artificial life that can mimic biological Human life .And in many ways may be created to be superior to the existent Human. I'll give you an imaginary, but at least possible, future where you will have the power to correct any mistakes made by Evolution. Can we design a Human that is better suited for the future? Can we alter the internal death instinct that drives Humanity to destructive self and social tendencies to destroy his own kind ? Like we can fix the evolutionary paradigm that will drive the Human species to extinction. Maybe this new science is still beyond your imagination..But it is possible Are we capable of evolving to a higher plane of existence either from altering internal biological flaws or designing a 'New Humanoid' better than the old biological one ?
  3. I have a limiting a belief that I will never be worthy of dating a 10 girl . My gf is at best a 7. Now ,I used to watch porn a lot before getting laid (I guess every teenager and young man in the entire planet watches there is nothing weird about that ). But even after getting a girlfriend..I still from time to time get an urge to go solo..ya know what I mean ? Wanking it to porn. And recently I got Into Live Cams porn(because I got bored of regular porn )Where you can chat live with the model and ask her to do kinky" juggle your tits " .."spank your ass " etc . And of course you pay for this . Lately I've stumbled upon an incredibly hot model . I pay to watch her live striping. And tbh ..I feel sorry for not being able to get in her pants . A girl like that must be mine .that's the mindset that I have . Now .. if my girlfriend found out that I watch porn she more than likely to dump me . The problem Is I'm getting attached to that model . She is a fucking 10. Blonde silky hair ..a nice handful of tits ..and a round butt . Seems very fuckable to me . What should I do now ..? I even tried luiced dreaming techniques to dream about her at night. girl is not enough for me . I know because I have 4 GB of porn on my phone . So basically I want to cheat on my girlfriend or fuck another girl. Dunno. I know it's embarrassing to say this but I hope you guys are open-minded enough and don't judge me .
  4. This is something I Learned from @Nahm cannot experience what you are not focusing on . And ofcourse the opposite is the case can only experience what you're focused on. YOU are the creator of your reality . This is something for you @Holykael. When you insist on focusing on negative stuff like hell and insanity you will actually create that experience for yourself. And it won't be anybody's else fault .its your fault. Take 100 % responsibility of what you think and how you view existence. I get it..all of us will inevitably face existential crisis where we question absolutely everything and be confused and lost . But the good new is If you shift your focus on what feels good to you will actually attract goodness in your life . Here's the thing..the law of attraction is FOR REAL!...whatever you focus on tends to land on your lap . This your playfield are the author and director of this movie called life ..what kind of life do you want to live ?
  5. It's just hilarious when you talk to others about there not being others . Everyone here who is preaching this crap called solipsism are mindlessly parroting Leo's solipsism video. Like what I did in the past like a kid in a candy store. Leo is good at convincing you with anything he wants .I think if he made a video about the earth being flat he would still be able to convince you that the earth is flat .and he will tell you that you need radical open-mindedness . Seriously ..solipsism is a joke. You guys talk to other people Every day ...why don't you just sit in your basement forever and don't contact any other human being for the rest of your life? You know why ? Because you know that solipsism is bullshit . I don't care if I get banned or if this post got locked . Because I'm basically disagreeing with the entire worldview of Leo. Existence is not imaginary. Others are real . Consciousness is fundamental but there is a codependency with the brain . "You are God "..Well I dont have any supernatural powers. Anyways..I know I used to preach solipsism here few months ago . Perhapas I was drunk or something. But now I see clearly what is true and what is BS. AMA! @Leo Gura I love you man . But sorry to tell you that you are delusional. 🙏 And that's exactly what a sincere follower of you must say . I wish you all the best in your journey to figuring out what the hell is reality . Just don't delude yourself and others.
  6. OK let's go to the basics ..if I hold two objects on my hand orange on my left hand and an egg on the right hand..those are two distinct physical objects right ? body and your body are separated by a very real line . So what about our conscious experience..? Why it can't be both possible and separated?
  7. Nah .you're lost .Time to get back to the drawing board .let that shit go .
  8. No . Its not one piece. It's divided into countless pieces. And it's NOT my own doing. That's how it is. Dualistic nature is included. There is a boundary between my body and your body . If you hit my body with a hammer ..I am going to feel pain ..not you .and vice versa .
  9. @OBEler lock this pls
  10. Thank you for the compliment. I have more than one brain .
  11. What on earth is that supposed to mean ? No .they exist absolutely. Here we are and you talking on a fucking forum ..and since you are talking to me ..then you know that I'm real . What's the point of talking to a door ?
  12. Some mod please lock this . I'm talking to brainwashed zombies.
  13. What is something you are absolutely certain of ? That this exists ,right? Do you see other people inside of this ? Blatantly obvious right?
  14. How do you know ? Oh It does .
  15. @ChrisZoZo why so angsty, boy?
  16. The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao. And of course my signature is BS . It doesn't contradict my post though . Yes all there is is what is present. And in that present there are others.
  17. But what do you awaken to ? Look bud ..its a simple question..are others real or not ? Yes or no ? All of what you just said are mental constructions as well . There are others. And this is not limiting. This is your direct experience. You see people around you everyday. You are talking to me right now expecting a reply from me .why are you doing any of this if you believe there are no others?
  18. previous post, I will say this: dissolving completely into One Consciousness probably requires a permanent end to all identification with any form. So basically death ? Because that's the end of identification with any form . No .actually it's quite clear . Only you exist. Others are dream characters. They don't have consciousness. Only you have. That's the definition. Is that definition true or false ? Is the question. I don't know how is that related to my post .
  19. Sorry you have to explain to me what these things are ..I have no idea about em
  20. The discussion about free will is pointless. That dichotomy between free and not free is inconsequential. Both are baseless beliefs. But believing in free will is what's more practical. And what you focus on will be true ..for you .
  21. In some ways.. it’s obvious that we create our reality. I have an idea in my mind for a chair.. I think about what the chair will look like .what to make it out of..and what color it will be ...all in my mind. Then, I create the chair by purchasing the materials and going to work on the wood. Chair (reality) has been created. But what about the things we don’t (seem to) have direct control over? Let’s start with how our thoughts can change our minds..and make us seek out certain types of information. If I spend an entire day thinking a negative thought such as “I am lazy,” how would that impact me? I would consider myself lazy..and also discover other thoughts..such as “no wonder no one likes me” or “I can’t be successful because I’m too lazy”. The seed thought of “I am lazy” ..when nurtured with constant repetition and focus ..grows into similar thoughts. You get how this works ? Same attracts same.
  22. Well..I know most of you guys watch porn .every guy watches porn.even married guys .porn is more addictive than real sex . So I'm just asking to not have double standards. If you watch porn ..don't judge me because I watch it as well . We are in the same boat. I know one girl Is not enough because as soon as I love a pornstar I quickly change my taste and find another one .
  23. Sure bro. I was hopeless just few months ago .I couldn't believe that I could have a girlfriend. Law of attraction and dreamboard helped me immensely.
  24. What type of person does watching porn make me in your opinion?