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  1. Oh boy that's a huge one for me lol. This idea started haunting me since I was a child.. I always had this feeling from my early childhood.. That I am actually the only "real" one out there and everyone else are just characters in my dream. Zombies.."cardboard cutouts" in my world. However you wanna call it or think of it. Obviously other people exist as objects of perception in my direct experience.. That's undeniable.. I go out.. I see people everywhere. But are these things" subjects"? Do they have internal self-awareness as I do? Is there someone behind their eyes? It there anybody out there other than me?. The solipsism philosophy doesn't say yes or no to that question contrary to what most people mistakenly misunderstood it.. Solipsism states that one's own mind or subjective experience of the world is the only "certain" thing to exist.. And the existence of other individual minds is "impossible to verify". In other words you are absolutely certain that you are aware right now.. But it's impossible to be certain that I'm (someone here) aware.. In fact why I'm talking to "you"? .. I should say I am aware and "you" are the unsettled mystery. The problem with solipsism is not whether it's objectivey true or not(is it actually the case that I am the only one out there)..but is that it is absolutely true subjectively regardless of that. You are trapped inside your own subjective experience in any case.. So even though I am aware right now from my pov.. From your pov that doesn't matter and there is no such thing.. There is only your awareness.. There is no such thing as "my awareness" in your awareness.. There is only these words in front of you right now and that's the actualilty of what is.. Anything else is just assumptions you add on top of it.."ofcourse there is someone there writing these words.. They couldn't just write themselves lol".. Really?. In your dream.. The entire dream and all the people inside of it..and their actions.. Are nothing but your creation.. They have no Reality of their own outside your imagination.. The only real thing in the dream underneath all the scattered phenomenon is YOU.
  2. How many selves are we? I'm sure you all talk with yourself. What's fascinating about this is that you can hear multiple people talking inside your head.. There is just a voice In your head that's talking to "you" all the time.. Who is it if it's not you? Do we have more than one self?
  3. @Nahm it's because What I noticed is that "the voice in the head" is talking to "us" automatically. Without a single input from "us". It's like if I close my eyes and try to shut up completely.. I still can hear it whispering in my head. It's as if those thoughts are not even my own thoughts. It's like a mild form of schizophrenia. That's why I asked for its origin or source.
  4. So "the origin of thoughts" is itself a thought and is not the actual origin of the thoughts. This is strangeloopy and twisted.
  5. I didn't ask how to resolve thoughts or to get rid of them. I asked about their origin. Do you have any insights regarding that?
  6. You are no longer in the same universe every passing moment. That's trippy.
  7. @Nahm Yea of course "the voice in the head" is comprised of thoughts. I don't mean there are actual people inside your skull.. But the thoughts can seem that way. They definitely can appear that way. I have a question.... What is the origin of thoughts? Where do thoughts come from? Why do we have them at all?
  8. I have a simple question today.. Given that free will and choice are an illusion. Which is basically undeniable within the recent discoveries within neuroscience and how the brain works. And evident by how random and chaotic our thoughts and actions are. How to reconcile that with the principles of taking 100 % responsibility for our life? How can you believe that you are 100% responsible for the direction of your life whilst believing that you have no free will?
  9. What about hearing multiple voices in your head?
  10. @peanutspathtotruth never heard about it before. Gotta give it a Google.
  11. @inFlow the past and the future are imaginary. There is no beginning or end. The present moment is uncaused and absolute.
  12. well. 2.go to the gym. 3.try erection pills.
  13. @Vision of course it does occur to most people to question their existence. But they learn how to ignore it and focus on other things. Maybe you are not.. But most people are so busy engaging in the survival rat race that they literally have no time for truth. Lol Human existence is a bunch of dogs fighting for a piece of meat. That's it. And the piece of meat is of higher priority than truth. For most people at least.
  14. Actually most people they care about survival. They don't care about the truth.
  15. I agree with this 👍 @Mu_ lol I'm little obsessed with free will. Pardon me
  16. Bold statement. I know. That's just how I am. But on a serious note... How does one become a philosopher? What books should I read and how should I conduct my life? I know that to some of you I'm being silly. But believe me when I say that I'm very serious with this whole thing. How can I become a renowned philosopher who gets recognized worldwide the same way people like Nietzsche and Socrates are recognized? Is formal education necessary? Or can I get by, by reading books?
  17. I don't think Nietzsche was popular until after he became mad, and died. And I believe Socrates was executed. Not how I would want to die.
  18. All that happens in dreams as well. (in nighttime dreams).
  19. Had a bad time yesterday with trying to deconstruct my memories.. Any kind of memories is an attempt to create continuity and consistance within you. Think about what happened 1h ago, 1 day ago, 1 month, 1 year etc. It feels as if it happened for mostly one reason, consistance with the present narrative of your experience. If you put the consistance on the side, your past memories are equal to those of your dreams, of the movies you watched, of a book you read, of something someone told you, of what you daydream about your future. Try to see that all those memories are one of the same, just with different stories and characters. It's one big story, not the story of the character who reads this. But stop trying to deconstruct your memories. You might reach a point of confusion where you can't remember what you did a minute ago. This will affect your ability to function. You will think you've gone insane. It's no longer an intellectual game. Stay away from these inquiries unless you are serious about awakening. A half assed awakening is equal to insanity. A Complete awakening is beyond sanity and insanity.
  20. @Tim R That's just how I am reporting it after the fact. But you start the inquiry from scratch. You don't assume anything. And then you investigate your memories... Then you reach that conclusion.
  21. Disproving them. Or proving that your entire past is imaginary. An entity behind the eyes somewhere.
  22. Just stop.