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  1. What about hearing multiple voices in your head?
  2. @peanutspathtotruth never heard about it before. Gotta give it a Google.
  3. How many selves are we? I'm sure you all talk with yourself. What's fascinating about this is that you can hear multiple people talking inside your head.. There is just a voice In your head that's talking to "you" all the time.. Who is it if it's not you? Do we have more than one self?
  4. @inFlow the past and the future are imaginary. There is no beginning or end. The present moment is uncaused and absolute.
  5. well. 2.go to the gym. 3.try erection pills.
  6. @Vision of course it does occur to most people to question their existence. But they learn how to ignore it and focus on other things. Maybe you are not.. But most people are so busy engaging in the survival rat race that they literally have no time for truth. Lol Human existence is a bunch of dogs fighting for a piece of meat. That's it. And the piece of meat is of higher priority than truth. For most people at least.
  7. Actually most people they care about survival. They don't care about the truth.
  8. I agree with this 👍 @Mu_ lol I'm little obsessed with free will. Pardon me
  9. I don't think Nietzsche was popular until after he became mad, and died. And I believe Socrates was executed. Not how I would want to die.
  10. Bold statement. I know. That's just how I am. But on a serious note... How does one become a philosopher? What books should I read and how should I conduct my life? I know that to some of you I'm being silly. But believe me when I say that I'm very serious with this whole thing. How can I become a renowned philosopher who gets recognized worldwide the same way people like Nietzsche and Socrates are recognized? Is formal education necessary? Or can I get by, by reading books?
  11. All that happens in dreams as well. (in nighttime dreams).
  12. @Tim R That's just how I am reporting it after the fact. But you start the inquiry from scratch. You don't assume anything. And then you investigate your memories... Then you reach that conclusion.
  13. Disproving them. Or proving that your entire past is imaginary. An entity behind the eyes somewhere.