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  1. @IAmAtomical

    My perspective on this is, when not able focus for ages, suddenly able reflect and think stuff thru.
    Also heavy shit starts clear and a whole lot of rough stuff brings anxiety, after that the medecine can brings some benefits into able focus enough to learn/reprogramming/handle stuff for later be able use coping mechanismes/strategy/sense how to live in an stressful life with an not stressful mind.

    And also dopamine list the average person has to maintain focus can be long, and detox that list and use an substitue until detox/self control/master over brains dopamine negoiation happens, can be for example add/adhd medecin.

  2. Not lately, some freeze moments or been sloooow.
    Actually in the past... the forum been entirely lock-down for me during a couple of hours, this occurred twice and happened after been sending rant post or how to say it.

    So im been able calm down, realize the moment of rants, able learning some lessons/reflecting and first post was a public post and wasn't at all published even if had send it at my end, second rant was able edit before it was seen when the forum probably was down for couple of hours.

    So, ye im been blessed and done some rant "anger management" healing.

    Thank you, sync or was it someone higher up that spared me a huge "shit storm".

    Idk,wonderful and ye Lol :x

  3. Write same but another words.

    'Willingness' to give a bigger share of all taxes back to everyone, indirect same as give back the "power to the people" and allow/enable the "masses" to get a descent choice for free, more conscious and healthy people will probably put much consumerism out of business, if this happens at all or to soon, before they in power are able to re-brand/build another businesses and keep grip at the new direction. It most likely not gonna happen. Change has to come from within and spread up to the "elite".

    McDonalds goes "green", claiming doing the "good" thing for society/youngster, then no one else does it, example in some of the commercials nowaday's, subtle put shame on you, but they been mostly the "bad" in almost everything during the development, meanwhile im sure many "awaken people" might have an opinion for that they have been contributed a lot to drag down society instead. 

  4. Why does psychedelics, cannabis and many other drugs helping in a way but also can become an issue?

    It maybe can be beneficiary to loosen up once a while here and there, between the "seriousness" to get thru obstacles.
    But there are different way's doing that and alcohol can also include social events and much more that helps deal with whatever you need to do progress and not go same path or how to say it and build new pathways, idk.

    Probably needed an release "party" once a while doing this.


  5. @Ulax Hi. Welcome.
    My contribution to start with are Hemi-sync for helping left/right hemispheres be friends and make sure they come along with the middle part between them in combination with "meditation" and write journal 24/7 for discover/monitor whats going on and learn stuff about your self, at the same moment start be able find "solutions".  Do you already have it covered or is there another necessary pieces "triggers,coping, pattern and more" for the big puzzle ptsd and such can be helpful, meanwhile also parallel follow ❤ @Nahm  awesome help and there are plenty more helpful people for all kind of questions along your journey.

    Perhaps follow some guideline's for how Dissociative Identity Disorders are built and healed.

     @FlyingLotus IFS?

    Teal Swan. YT video, Fragmentation, and much more amazing deep healing videos.
    Some boy's seems to have "man" issues watch her's content.

  6. @fopylo This is inspiring in many way's, to mention some, how you and "support" interact , your courage and wiseness, supercool in all levels ❤, thank you for sharing!


    *After reading this thread, read also some of yours latest post, woke interest for the bigger picture.

     What is pre-military school 6 months and what age are the average in these (pretty big) groups?

    Wonderful ? ❤! @Eph75  @Nahm

  7. 2 hours ago, hamedsf said:

    Yep, you can turn into a monster the next moment. ?

    Please ❤ @hamedsf don't be such a monster joker.

    Consider whatever the question is about and if you not resonates with it or whatever reason you have, maybe this question seen as a joke for you, but an answer can be interpret dead serious by someone else, a person we cant know what is feeling, doing or what condition that person are in for the moment, who knows, might be tripping or something else.

    @Gabith Seems be active not long ago, if watch the profile. So he is probably fine?

  8. @UNZARI Ye, playing have not been a total waste of time, but seems closer to be sort of another way of working rather than as relaxation and recreational time, all day long?

    Can you find inspiration elsewhere that gives nuances to your work/digital art, "time of from the branch" but maybe gives your creativity more room, so it not get's burnt as well? 

    21 minutes ago, UNZARI said:

    I will give myself credit in that when I play the games I study the 3D models they used and think about how they made them 

    59 minutes ago, UNZARI said:
    1 hour ago, UNZARI said:

    I used to play games a lot when I was younger to escape my feelings cause I was abused. After watching Leo I took a longgggg break, like 3-4 years cause I was focusing on my life. 

    I feel like I burnt myself out cause I was going really hard for 2 months straight. Maybe I need this break?


    Do you have or had something outside this branch of "3D world" during the day's?

    What did you do these 3-4 years?

    Pandemic have isolated many for a long period and you maybe have some other interest or hobbies that been frozen for a while and wait's for you to give more balance during the day's?

    1 hour ago, UNZARI said:

    recently however, I’ve been just in a loop of playing 2-3 games periodically throughout the day, just binging it. I still get my shit done like cleaning the house and getting money for rent. It just feels like I’m stuck u know? 


  9. 32 minutes ago, UNZARI said:

    I’ve been just in a loop of playing 2-3 games periodically throughout the day


    7 minutes ago, UNZARI said:

    Hey! basically making 3D models n stuff. I make models for people for money and I also make personal art pieces. Another way of saying it is digital art 

    @UNZARI This seems to be very close and under same branch, computer/technology, 3D(games/models).

    Almost to be an professional tennis player and for change play some table tennis for fun.


    How does this part look like?


    I also make personal art pieces


  10. @Noahsteelers34 Hi!

    4 hours ago, Noahsteelers34 said:


    I'm still figuring it out. I want to invent things that help society.



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