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  1. So, Leo Gura explains how God understands we are not ready/willing to surrender our attachments, yet the end note is - you will get forced to (Love will kill you one way or another). So God is impatient? Maybe being patient is not a virtue.
  2. Let's share in here any valuable resources on the topic of creativity, how to cultivate & enhance it for the sake of the wellbeing of all beings. (especially mine 😁)
  3. Hello, my mother has this cognitive disorder, at least I believe so. She has serious emotional swings, sometimes resulting in screaming, she makes up stuff about reallity, sometimes behaves inappropriately among people. In my country there is really no good public system that takes care of people with such disorder. I was wondering if anyone has some experience with such matters? Do you know effective treatment, drugs?
  4. I stumbled upon an interesting article by apparently last level - 33 mason, explaining what this community is about. Basically, it sounded like a community of self - help jinkies, who strive to improve themselves. Another filthy rich guy in my country, who is a main figure in our underground, recently admitter that mansonry is real and many rich & successful individuals are part of it? Does anyone know more details & can you give us objective thoughts on this?
  5. Could you lease elaborate on the "He is the reason why billions of people in poor countries cannot access the vaccine. Ironic, huh?" Part please?
  6. No one said they are bad. But this is new technology, the effects on the human body are still not fully understood. Do we really now if they successfully make human cells produce the spike proteins only and have not introduced some unwanted effect? I mean, the human body is extremely complex system and there are rightfully people, who do not wish to be used as trials. With that said, it is definitely better to take mrna vaccine if you are vulnerable to covid. But for young and healthy people, novavax vaccine will definitely be the way, not so for protection, but for reducing spreading the virus. PS: keep in mind the current mrna vaccines seem not to be that effective against the variants and their effect fades away quickly, whereas novavax was tested in environment full with variants of interest and variants of concern & showed excellent results!
  7. Hey guys, In case you are not familiar with Novavax's covid vaccine, it is extremely effective and soon to be approved. It uses traditional vaccine technology, so if anyone is scared by the new mrna vaccines, this will be the way:
  8. Found this video on the tube, Link: This seems pretty disturbing. Is this what we should strive for?
  9. Das ist eine zukle. Scary stuff unveiling you are.
  10. You can send it to my bank account. ? DM me for payment details.
  11. Isn't traffic in LA like the worst on the planet? Also you let your mom tell you what to do? Come on man .. grow those balls a bit ..
  12. Attention engineers are probably the best on the planet when it comes to youtube. But lets say you remove all distractions. Then what? Working non stop on a skill? You will soon grow to hate whatever that is. And just sitting and staring at a wall won't cut it. Maybe taking life a bit more relaxed is not so bad.
  13. You lost me with using computer science & then front end programming. ?
  14. Stick to your mom. Make her cook you eggs and go to the gym everyday. Also complain everyday on the forum that you will die virgin. The end. ?
  15. Everyone wants to be exceptional, that's what makes you average. ?