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  1. build an empire for myself.
  2. there's no one here because there's no profile picture here.
  3. we're biased towards survival. for example: unpleasant odor is the indication that the person has bacteria and that makes you away from that person.
  4. he's saying this when he has the whole pork in his stomach!
  5. find guided meditations done by joe dispenza
  6. it gets cultish if he has a few of these characteristics: 1- oversensitive and biased to some topics and not allowing the logical debate for it. 2- showing some sort of obsession and sexual attraction to one of his female learners. 3- bringing so many reasons that he is not cult. 4- using symbolism to subtly promote the hidden agenda given to him. 5- over-exaggeration when describing the minor experience of enlightenment. 6- calling you stupid or not yet fully experienced to bring you down to make you obedient. 7- ...
  7. the conventional 17-18 age consent is much better.
  8. give an eye contact that she shivers to the bone and back. and the pant full of smelly sticky mucus.
  9. her face normal or above than normal. the most important thing: she makes the great effort to keep me even If I make mistakes here and there.
  10. Yep, it worth it but remember not to the excessive point. it will make you desperate as fuck. in a real sense, I've been much more strategic with girls when I was on my 15 days of no fap than 40 days.
  11. the more lower emotions you have, the more sleep you will need! the point of sleep is to get energy again, if you feel so down most of the time, you are literally wasting the energy!
  12. ha-ha-ha, as funny as your entire profile 😐