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  1. negative sides: it's like you will receive a death threat for allowing people to freely express their opinions as a founder of a platform. just like john matze experienced recently.
  2. @Lyubov it's not true, dude
  3. there's no good censorship. yep, in some serious cases, you should ban terrorist groups on platforms but government officials not at all. this paves the way for "pure oligopoly" and the modern conservatism manifests. Angela Merkel, German chancellor, has sharply criticised Twitter’s decision to ban US president Donald Trump, calling it a “problematic” breach of the “fundamental right to free speech”.
  4. it's not natural. porn makes you feminine and destroys your self-esteem don't ever watch it.
  5. how often? NO OFTEN!
  6. I can see you're not giving off a "relative" good vibe. you can't put something in the grinder and expect something else from the other side. the same rule applies here: you can't have a healthy relationship and carry out negative energy. let's say even if you got that relationship, you'd change that healthy person with your negative energy and ruin the relationship with your hands.
  7. Pavel Durov is the owner of telegram. he's a decent nice man who's tryin' to make a secure and encrypted platform for all of his users. so try it out with telegram. I can't say it's an alternative coz WhatsApp is a bullshit and the alternative for bushtit is bushtit ?
  8. banning poll watchers to observe in the room, witnessing sudden suspicious spikes with batches of votes for biden 6 in the morning, unreliable voting machines which are manipulated from Venezuela with Philippine servers. guys you should be concerned about this: Kenyan man isn't saturated after 8 years of administration in power and he sends off his novice to experience vice president under him this time.
  9. yeah, what you basically do, is that you open yourself up to the energy field which you are being fed by that energy and then when the fuel tank gets filled you suddenly feel that flow of energy just from the basic chakra all to the head.
  10. it's not about being good or bad. it's about how you do it. if you behave it like a race, you'd end up suffering premature ejaculation.
  11. @PepperBlossoms I don't agree your point at all. the foundation of the high-quality relationship are NEVER based upon fleeting feelings or emotions. such couples are committed that they have lit a fire together and they will put firewood in it for the rest of the relationship.
  12. there's selfless sex dude!
  13. Makin' some pussies wet here and there