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  1. Hi Bro, that's quite natural for our vulnerable self, I sometimes lose myself, I get lost in the negative thinking patterns and sometimes I fall into superficial addictions and during all of these regressions, I remind myself one thing and that is this sentence: this too shall pass! although I have huge expectations from myself (with a little bit of perfectionism), I know sometimes these behaviors could be natural during my progression, I've realized one thing for myself and that is: whenever I think I'm going to fail in my dreams and goals that I have set for myself, these addictions and negative thinking patterns manifest themselves immediately, sometimes I take control but sometimes I lose control and get lost and stranded in the dysfunctional mind and the time of manifestation could be variable, most of the time those are at the peak at the first hours of the day but as the time goes by and my system receives the fall of the darkness, it starts to calm down incrementally. and I know if I start to make a big change in my life and besides I do the consciousness works profoundly, then I'd start the positive upward growth and development. forgetting about my passions and doing consciousness work only will not do anything good for me.
  2. Porn Stars are, for the most part at stage orange, but Nicole Aniston recently has shown herself as a stage green porn star talking about healing substances, practices like meditation and defending animal rights and doing sustainability activities. it's really good to see and hear these things that people, regardless of the work that they're doing are evolving up in the spiral dynamic, especially in the porn industry that we always witness pure stage orange perspectives and activities. Nicole Aniston has had growth in her consciousness, and therefore, she has made different choices. This interview is the latest video of her expressing her perception and knowledge.
  3. don't think that serving in somewhere that is considered for consciousness practices will do have a positive impact on the growth and development of your psychology and consciousness per se. NOPE! IT WON'T! I do understand your genuine intention for the significant progress but as far as I'm concerned, that entire year would be a waste of time and energy, and thereafter, you'd probably would get back to everyday mundane European life and the ego backlash would creep up once again! (Just like a Reset button for the renewal of EGO!!) so then, what I highly recommend is that decide to re-integrate in that society while doing manifold hardcore practices, would you be able to take the challenge of living in a mostly unconscious place and keep your self-awareness at place? Traditional method is like that you leave the society for the hell of progress, BUT My Modern Method is that you should keep an eye for both of the progressions of material and immaterial (metaphysical) aspects that take place in your life, precisely because these are two wings that keeps us balanced and regarding this one and dismissing the other would have its own turbulent consequences for us. the most substantial advancement occurs when we see the opposite sides -- and take lessons from it, not when we would totally kick the whole society to the curb radically! if it's the case, to my way of thinking, it's escapism!
  4. @Nivsch look, it's kinda hard to say that it's merely FOR the EGO in the long term, but rather I'm telling those are to take control of it, at first of the consciousness practices, we have a GIANT EGO but after a constant hardcore consciousness practices, we end up having a meticulous ego, that meticulous ego is now in peace because it's integrated many times with the infinite consciousness, now we can say that our all practices were for this Ego, but for the tamed and peaceful EGO at the end, not for the mischievous at first phase. As you know, even the first-rate expert of consciousness, with 10000 of practices has Ego, and nobody could say that he doesn't have Ego at all. so don't buy into the idea of demonizing and disowning the EGO, Serving the Ego could be the best thing but as long as you keep it tamed and in control.
  5. @Nivsch I didn't know that you were a meteorologist! awesome! I thought that you had degrees in politics! Yes, Read that one more time, as I wrote in the body, there could be dynamical parameters and factors for our mood. one of the thousands could be: weather! for example, speaking of my mood, my mood is better when the weather is clouded and gloomy, but it's not determined when it's sunny! for the overall mood, thousands upon thousands factors could engage, weather, nutrition, sleep hours, so on and so forth.
  6. @Nivsch Yes, it seems both but regarding the long term effect, do you think it's for or against it? let's see... let's not just focus on consciousness practice, let's pick up and talk about an everyday mundane matter, for example:"waking up at 5 am everyday" you decide to do this for two months and ultimately make a habit out of it, at first, it seems that you're cruel on your"SELF = EGO", because as you're doing it everyday, you have suffering and pain in the process on a daily basis! DON'T YOU? let's assume, you 100% succeeded and you woke up everyday at exactly 5 am everyday, at the end of the time period, you see that you can wake up easily and be productive because you have much time to do things with the new sleep program. you see that benefit in your"SELF = EGO" now, let's zoom out and see all things from above, at first, you were against (YOURSELF = EGO), but at the end of the process, you see that you've gained a new beneficial habit for (YOURSELF = EGO) in the short term, against, but in the long term, for!!
  7. @remember nice explanation! some people during psychedelic experience, they'd think to themselves that if they even would jump off the cliff, because all are hallucinations, nothing would happen for them, but in that state, they don't know that hallucinations has its own levels and layers which means if you break the rule of the much rigid hallucination, you'd wind up dying on the pavement of the street.
  8. Letting Go is Powerful Technique, Don't Underestimate it! even if it serves the EGO, why do you see any problem in there? for instance, If I'd tell you go and jump off the cliff, would you do it? you'd say that it'd create unnecessary problems for you in the future! why do you avoid it? because you're serving your EGO in the first place. so don't try to label it bad or negative to serve the EGO! we even stop serving EGO excessively just because we're afraid that in future, the habit of excessively doing or consuming something will create extra suffering, so even the intention of stop for serving the EGO is serving EGO in its essence, just think about it! so even the letting go technique would seem a reducer of serving but you serve it in future by practicing the creating the state of peace inside yourself. Letting Go doesn't remove the surface problems, it can also remove the deep problems, but that's true as long as you're not misusing it like someone would think to itself : let's Let Go of the desire to have sex forever and not do it anymore! that'd create more problems!
  9. as you've written: ""the real picture is a lot more complex with dozens of parameters"", so you kinda answered your own question that the issue of OCD doesn't boil down to the simplistic mathematical equations that if that is higher than this, you'll definitely experience that mood! that's just true on the paper, and when you apply it in the reality you see a different kind of direction, just like the lessons of classical physics in our high school that we tend to imagine and depict the trajectory of a projectile in a fixed and specific direction. but when we did it in reality, plenty of factors were engaged in the direction of a projectile. so when we're just referring to our own specific problem inside ourselves, we should dig deeper to see the roots and many factors causing the problem, so knowing the approximate time and month of the manifestation of a psychological problem doesn't mean that we should only turn to simplistic ideas rather than seeking the multiple-factor complication. so try to solve the problem immediately, find ways to improve it. you're compelled to do it even if the salvation is in the material world!!
  10. There are layers to hallucinations
  11. that's one of the most important point that consciousness seekers seem to miss!
  12. I don't know if it's right or wrong, every community has its upsides and downsides. test it for yourself and your level, would it fulfill you as much as actualized.org fulfills you currently? to come up with a general answer, I'd say: No, Most Probably it wouldn't! but that doesn't mean the entire business is shady. it's not that bad or devilry to gain money from consciousness practices (if the material is high-quality) but if they sell worthless and futile material but at the same time, the prices are ridiculously high, the entire business is evidently highway robbery!
  13. Both Yes and No! Letting Go could happen in every present moment, if you wanna be in the present moment, you should let go of everything, but you could not accept the situation and you'd take necessary steps to get to the point of change. but most of the time, they are the same, but as long as the meaning of acceptance wouldn't get the negative meaning like tolerance...
  14. Hello there again! @KP_Spirituality27 sexual energy is vital and not the same energy that keeps you awake, it's more of a "motivating energy" for the lack of better word. yes, sexual energy when gone out of hand could create a hell for ya. coz this energy is hard to let go of. so if you wanna gain some control over this, first off, don't force yourself to be asexual forever, think about having a partner or somebody you could have sex with. if you feel the urge to jerk off frequently. it means that your mind is still involved in the sexual imaginations, everytime you feel like to start the sexual imagination, let that go! do you know why you get blue balls? because you feel aroused to the images that you had in your head! if you eliminate the source of arousal which are sexual imaginations, you'd be able to stay comfortable without masturbating.