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  1. a thread for inducing the Fight-or-flight response from the autonomous nervous system!
  2. @VeganAwake the lower self, dude!
  3. I'm a slightly in alignment with Republicans, but the result turn out to be relatively similar to other members anyways here's the results:
  4. you're forcing yourself to gain money, that won't work!
  5. do your daily tasks but consciously!
  6. Prana energy is the initial form of kundalini energy, you can practice "Kundalini Yoga"
  7. well put! EGO can sneak in and hatch in the places that nobody even give a bit of thinking towards it. and that could even be this forum. as a matter of fact, unconsciousness can manifest itself in the form of consciousness. that's why I've never liked the idea of putting the name of "self-actualized person" over me. once that's done, I'd be no longer be able to grow more in terms of consciousness. so you can log into the forum of consciousness actualized but you can find red flags of EGO in every corner of it!
  8. it's said that the current states and circumstances of our life is the overall vibration of the past lives that we've lived so far. so if you can master this life spiritually and materially, that means the next episodes would be easy-peasy lemon squeezy
  9. if you gain enough knowledge and let go of your current life karma and live to as higher vibration as possible, you can easily reincarnate to the next positive person's life, that's all!
  10. to be honest, your text was so lengthy, that's why I'm just answering the title question: the word "numb" maybe carries a bit unsuitable meaning, we can change it with "mastery" > "emotional mastery" Yes, It is quite possible and it's the process of raising your kundalini level by a teacher which is called : Shaktipat afterwards you can see a major transformation in the states of the consciousness that it'd be a hard thing to be emotionally bothered.
  11. Nope, it's impossible! if there's no EGO, it means there's no "experiencer" and the "experienced thing" if there's an experiencer, it means that first off, it should split itself off of the rest/ the one/unity and then experience it. if you had no EGO, first, you'd have no sense of self. second, there'd be no any text, visual imagery, etc.. at all. but if you want a practical guide, yes, it's possible by strengthening the power of concentration, in laser-like focus activities, even though the EGO is still on-board but it has less intervention in the process. lesser EGO activation > more Concentration that's why it's grueling and thorny to have an undivided attention when you're feeling sad, anxious and...
  12. that's a quite dualistic question! if dual nature of your interpretation collapses, you'd be able to be a badass business man who is having fun gaining fuckin' chunk of money on a daily basis and party and bullshit in the afternoon and gets back to his night and morning lengthy meditation session afterwards. don't know why there are people still asking this, I guess it's because of the longtime complaining of Leo about the materialistic achievement in his old videos. hope you understand
  13. by "unconditional observation" and not putting up any resistance against it! (what you resist, persists!) it's clear in some situations, it's hard but by developing yourself more and more, the range of tolerance will get larger and larger.
  14. by an outpouring overflowing self-love!