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  1. after enlightenment, no survival but creation! for example, a common person would need sex for both his survival and excitement but enlightened person would perform sex for the sake of excitement and not survival at all!
  2. in this reality, you reach a level and you think to yourself : hush! I've reached the ultimate stage! this will only happen when two Sundays come together! haha
  3. I'd be still keep on going on the path of consciousness all alone if Leo decides to take away all of his contents (God Forbid ) but Leo is the catalyst, Leo is the experienced person and he shares his experiences and insights with us, after all it's you who will leap forward and choose which path you'd take which all ultimately lead to the same end. like LEO said before, he's still not infallible and 100% of his teachings could not be 100% true and fit for every individual equally. I have my big special Love for Leo, but I never want to put him on the pedestal because as you said, this behavior is necessary for inhibition of the formation of so called : church! he has told himself so many times that humans have great potential to make an icon and idol out of something and somebody and actualized.org is not immune to that. but again, let fools do what they want in comment section or... and think firstly about your own development!
  4. you have an energetic bound with your past that should be cut off and that is being present for a while like meditation for hours and hours on a daily basis!
  5. same here! I've been told many times that I have penetrative glance and they laugh at my way of looking directly
  6. @Shadowraix don't doubt that! neuroplasticity is formed and conditioned to the images not the actual body!
  7. This is your EGO mechanism trying to defeat you when you're abstaining from it.
  8. after enlightenment, you could still get back to your old habit as a recreation but once you decide not to repeat that habit forever you won't repeat those anymore! because your will comes from the deep point of self!
  9. your argument doesn't hold water because you say at the end: "because everything is going to end one day" what does it mean?
  10. it's not about robing freedom, it's about energy consumption. if you go through the motions, it means that you consume much lesser energy and when you want to make a change in the system, you consume more energy to make that change happen. so changing something inside is out of habit and autopilot behavior so expect the feeling of being inconvenient while your doing something new because it's energy consumer until it takes fixed form as a new habit!
  11. Most of the time, masculinity is better choice to attract women so yeah, embrace that fucking power! And remember masculinity isn't forcing somebody or... Try to get the real sense of what true masculinity means... For example, invulnerability and being emotionally strong, is one of the characteristics of masculinity...
  12. is it good or bad? is it positive or negative? should I do this or not? are all the white and black or binary questions which could be imposed from others perspectives while there are no absolute right perspective. it's related to individual's brain or EGO, remember there's no accounting for taste!! if you like it and it's your passion to pursue findom or whatever you call it, do it full-heartedly! speaking for myself, I prefer playing the game of status and love to be an alpha male!
  13. You can share your value free or sell it with money, it's totally up to you. if you're getting money in any value you provide to people, you shouldn't feel guilty about it, because it's yours after all. you can be a professional self-transcended but simultaneously managing a lucrative business you can have a business which has both free services and premium services. in case of LEO, he provides free valuable insights on Youtube and at the same time he has life purpose course, consultation service, booklist. but at the end of the day, it's you who will decide what to do with his materials, because the journey of self-actualization is that you realize your own free will and you take the option which suits you the most!
  14. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuu, fuck my EGO
  15. it's okay, that too will pass... sometimes there are times you don't find any motivation to do things. it happens to me during the specific times. but don't forget that you don't fall into addiction during these times.