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  1. HEY BRO! HOW ARE YOU DOIN'? I know that your feelings are not right currently or maybe they weren't right but now it has passed completely and you've got over it! it doesn't matter at all what you feel right now, I'm gonna point out a few tips about the EGO mind and its role of controlling the emotion: whoever has bothered or hurt your feelings and you are feeling triggered about the specific situation like what's app group/clique, that doesn't matter too. right now or at the time of the post, you were feeling down because you were over-moralizing the specific situation and you wanted that group or situation to be this way but turned out the other way and you don't understand why it happens. oftentimes, when our EGO gets hurt significantly, its role is that it blows one scenario out of proportion (making it larger than it appears) like a convex mirror! for example: when a girl fall out of love with you, you feel so down that you feel that the whole world has fallen out of love with you, from this breakup onward, not any type of girl will fall in love with you ever again, and it feels damn right but after a short or long while, the opposite scenario gets proven to you and another girl comes in your way and falls in love with you again. see? our EGO made it larger and larger but all of its analysis got thrown out the window when the right time arrived. I know your case is not about the relationship or something in those lines but I brought up an example for you to understand what I say! so be aware that your EGO will try to these things in the meantime: 1- blowing things out of proportion (making it larger than it is actually) 2- holding a grudge towards specific people who didn't behave the way you thought that they could be doing 3- over-moralizing the situation and so on... and please instead of reiterating through the scenario over and over again in your head, please go and discuss and express your feelings to your close friends and see what their reasonings are! and afterward, if you would think that they're beating around the bush and not bringing up the reasonable and plausible points then what I recommend you to do ultimately is to use the power of "letting go" in case if you needed to move on!
  2. As a person named "POUYA" should understand that any self-talk or sub-vocalization of all kind are the actions done by the EGO. so if you try to turn off the inner voice for a while, you may see the benefits of being relaxed inside all the time. have you ever heard about that before as a consciousness development technique? even though, I can't claim that I'm conscious most of the time, but I can boldly claim that my inner voice is off 99% of the time. and be aware that as individuals, we don't have a solid fixed personality inside our EGO. we have multiple and the one can be dominant among others related to the conditions, situation and factors. this is called "fragmentation" in the psychology.
  3. Personally, I don't have any experience with psychedelics of all sorts. Micro-Dosing with Psychedelics though was the thing that I actually heard from Nicole Aniston. she was explaining that with Mirco-Dosing, you don't experience something beyond the physical world or you don't hallucinate but you are just more mindful and present in your own body so with that advantage, you can do the activities related to your everyday mundane life but with significant presence! and to be present isn't the escape at all if you have a consciousness development intention!
  4. did I claim such a thing? I just pointed out a dysfunctional part of ur mind which is eager to compare things in a dualistic way, yup, and the dysfunctionality of my mind could manifest in other ways!
  5. hahaha, dreams may seem loosey goosey, and the reality is a fixed and continuous, but don't remember that there are layers to imagination! the other imagination may seem more fixed than others!
  6. @Nivsch How can we know its not all come from the brain?
  7. I understand... sometimes they do that, they're somehow executing the program of their minds, that's all! it's great to stay firmly by yourself when there's no support from outside, especially from the people you expected the most! even tough sometimes it could be emotionally overwhelming! depression doesn't make anything better, so let it go and start taking actions!
  8. didn't you have a better example for the thing that you've considered? somebody would come randomly to this forum for self-actualization and would see that the members are praising Hitler!
  9. is this better than this, is that better than this! just an unconscious mind chattering! there's no answer to your dichotomous question! it's all about maintaining the balance, meditation and socialization are complete different from one another. meditation if over-practiced can have its own consequences too. so the moderation is the key!
  10. @Truth Addict why do you answer when you don't know and you're misleading the beginners?
  11. Same here. sometimes I wanna give it a try, but I'm too afraid to make a lengthy like 20 minutes!
  12. nice question! (I like your questions that's why I always write an answer!) in your dreams, become aware that you're dreaming! so take a look in the mirror and check yourself, you have a head and brain inside it but does that brain inside your dream conjure up and renders the whole scene you see in your dreams? and in your dreams, you go and you find a professional one in your dreams, and you ask him, what's the essence of this dream? "it's merely a hallucination and your brain too" he answers, and you tell him: it's oversimplification of the issue to say this! yes! this fact is too simple to perceive, the enlightenment is right in front of our eyes, but it's too simple to be perceived! that over-simplified fact even requires lots of consciousness work in order to get accessed!
  13. if enlightenment says that pursuing sexual abundance is wrong, lemme give it up right now!
  14. being a playboy is a skill just like any other skill like playing piano, you should learn the ropes and then employ the techniques and execute them in the real life!