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  1. Hi my friends, these days I'm becoming more conscious, I have more facility to be still or conscious of my thinking and also conscious that I'm the witness of the thinking. I realized that every mental image / thoughts are imagination, pure imagination... and I was/I am stuck all day in it because it's like a huge mirage. For exemple if I sit on the couch and I close my eyes, the only thing that exist is the experience I have with my eyes closed. And everything else is imagination (thinking where I am, that my eyes are closed, how I look, any mental images, every thoughts about past, future, now, talking to myself etc...) it's almost like the world disappear if I close my eyes. Becoming conscious of this was huge and I'm motivate to go further. I'm very happy to go through this, at my pace without too much "turbulence" I'm also more conscious during my dreams, they feel more "real" and I can remember them in a more clear way than before. This morning something "strange" happened, I woke up and then like every day I put the snooze for 10 minutes. and it literally felt like 1 hour I was thinking there must be a problem with my alarm clock, I watched the time and no, it worked fine... I didn't sleep, I was awake and enjoying the feelings of being lay in my bed, so I wondered if this was a "side effect" of becoming more conscious and if you guys experienced this, if yes, how often and what does it means ?
  2. @fopylo listen without your mental
  3. I think it had a huge impact on me too ! I'm a big fan of Porcupine Tree, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Opeth... and I started with these bands 13 years ago ! AND ONE SONG THAT CAN CRUSH YOUR SOUL:
  4. Hi my friends, last months I was very happy, I've never been happier in my life but these days as I begin to see more & more clearly the inevitable truth that I'm everything and I have to live through every possible perspectives, I'm feeling sad, fearful and stuck. And I don't know why but sometimes I have visions of horrors coming into my mind It seems like I can't handle that and now I feel quite bad each day, like I'm lost can you help me please ?
  5. Had a similar experience in the Netherlands, enjoy !
  6. It's so simple ? I mean everything is happening like a movie, we are the "watcher" and then it means we can choose to love everything that arises ? Instead of judging it or resisting it ? I mean why bother creating negatives thoughts / stories if everything is happening no matter what ?
  7. I love your biases
  8. Hi, a week ago I took a home tutor to learn a language. When she came to my house, we talked for an hour and I had a strong feeling that felt like "we are meant to be together", and it seemed very obvious! Now I think about her every day, she comes back tomorrow. I feel like she had the same feeling but maybe not as strong, I don't know. I had that same feeling once in my life (but not as strong), when I saw a girl for the first time, it was 8 years ago and I ended up in a two year relationship with her (could have been much longer but I was immature and didn't had a clue about relationships/love). Is this kind of feeling could be trusted or that I could invent it by myself without realizing it ? Did you had similar experiences and ended up in a relationship with the person ?
  9. @blackchair haha I've had the same experience where I thought I was Jesus, it was right after an experience of pure love
  10. My first one was 6 years ago, three months after beginning to meditate every evening for personal development. During a meditation session I've forgotten that "I" existed and I was overwhelmed with ecstasy & amazing feeling (serenity?) I don't remember exactly but it lasted 2-3 seconds because my mind was like "omg what's happening" at this time I didn't know about spirituality and it was the most powerful and beautiful experience I've had. So it was a big mind-opener
  11. yes but it feels like it's happening, so it's not so terrifying, it's like a dream
  12. @Flowerfaeiry c'mon you can tell he's handsome
  13. you're all beautiful
  14. @The0Self If I was a girl, I would FLASH on you <3