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  1. @blankisomeone It depends from the countries. Just near Belgium we have Netherlands and the difference is huge... People seems a lot more happier there
  2. Here in Belgium I feel like 80-90% of people don't enjoy living. I go out a lot to meet people, and I see a lot of stressed people & frown faces. Almost everyone seems to be worried when I look at their expressions Life is pretty easy in our country, we have a lot of social security, we can get money every months for years even if we don't have a job. and if you really want a job, you can find one quite rapidly.
  3. @Illusory Self Luomo - Vocal City DJ Hell - U can dance Kasper Bjorke - Apart (feat. Sisy Ey)
  4. @Gianna Interesting, never thought about this. It consist of training myself to observe myself from a third person and creating a positive narrative through the day about the person "I" observe ?
  5. Can I wear two or more differents stones on the same bracelet / necklace ? Or do they interfere / decrease the effects of each others ? Can I empty all my stones within the same bowl filled with salt ? Or do I have to put each stone in a separate salted bowl ? Thank u
  6. hello I failed, I do 20-40 minutes instead of 1 hour
  7. @Gen Sue Rodriguez Do you have some movies to recommend ?
  8. I'm grateful for internet For the place where I live For living in a house with heating For the food for the beauty of existence to have a great friend
  9. I don't want to regret anything, what is done is done it's okay
  10. @Thought Art yes
  11. Thank you, your post inspired me. I'll do the same starting tomorrow and I have no excuses because I've got plenty of free time
  12. @Gregory1 already did, but now I want a new vibrator, a better one, I want more !