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  1. For a month, I have been getting up late and hanging out in bed. I started doing this to be more loving with myself but now I realize that I am less motivated, more lazy and often tired during the day. Even though I get up late, I still do a morning routine that I already had in place but it's not serious enough and I even removed the meditation... And then came to me this thought; if I really love myself, I have to stop this and dedicate myself one hour in the morning with a minimum of discipline. In the long run it will be good for me I thought about getting up at exactly the same time every morning and doing this: 20 minute in the bathroom (self-care, cold shower) 20 minute meditation 20 minute boxing I'm still not sure if this is what I want so I'm coming here to read your opinions and maybe find something that will fit me even better. WHAT DO YOU DO / WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD 1 HOUR FOR YOURSELF EACH MORNING ?
  2. It seems to me that there is no free will in the sense that everything that happens in our life will happens no matter what because it cannot be otherwise... We cannot avoid anything that is in our "destiny" The only free will I see is in our thoughts, beliefs, reactions to the situations that are happening. I'm not sure because I didn't realized this yet but it seems more natural to me
  3. Can we share some quotes on positivity or even gratitude ?
  4. @UpperMaster I think yes, because there are things I know here on this planet : grass, forest, buildings...
  5. It happened when I was a child but I hardly remember
  6. I don't know why, but for the past month I had strong feelings/images of past lives popping out anytime during day or night. When I have these sensations, I don't feel like myself at all, I feel everything through the perspective, the personality of the other person I'm remembering. I remember a forest with a big monument in the middle of a path and I felt something wonderful, like an angel was there and showing me there is no reason to fear anything. There is another memory where I was in a field and nothing worried me, I was in a state of peace and fullness naturally, as if I had lived my life like that, it was before technology. I didn't do anything special, I didn't change anything in my life except giving myself more love every day. So I am a little surprised by these memories but it feels good. I've also have deep feelings like I was always there, it's hard to describe. I'm clearly seeing how I cannot die. But I'm scared to realize this more deeply, to integrate it. Realizing that I am God would be traumatizing. I like the idea of no death but living through every perspectives for Eternity is another thing... How about you? Do you have this too? How did it happen? What do you do to immerse yourself in the memory and learn more about it?
  7. Chill guys, listen to this beautiful song and lyrics <3
  8. I'm really grateful that the Internet & this forum exist, thank you guys <3
  9. Thank you, very wise I had some experiences of God's Love but I quickly fall asleep. And I can't stop myself from looking outside. I find so much beauty in women... but inside, I know I don't need anyone, I want to find myself, to live in harmony with "me"