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  1. @flowboy I understand, Just a note, not a single point made was acknowledged or agreed on. When all the points can be found in leos videos. Everyone should reflect on there positions carefully.
  2. @Preety_India Im not attacking you, that is the point, its is your perception. At no point did i tell you to leave the forums. These are false accusations and highly immoral. Literally reading and seeing what ever suits the ego. Now you agree with leos teaching? But not that one video that was linked because it didnt suit you.
  3. @Preety_India Leos videos has perspectives worth thinking about, thats why i linked it. Everything i said so far was not addressed ,instead you attacked the messenger. This path is NOT spirituality, its believing what ever suits you best. This is all a lack of honest self awareness.
  4. @Preety_India If i where to link 100 enlightened gurus all contradicting your beliefs, you would reject it all? Convinced you know better?
  5. @Preety_India This is solid green thinking. The morality you follow is human morality. It is not absolute. Have you been watching leos videos?
  6. @Vagos Heat = mold activity, a possibility... in general take a variation of tests, hair mineral analysis, mold tests...
  7. Probably something in-between "bored and lonely, lets talk" to "i want to kill you, wear your face as a mask and steal your identity".
  8. Have you tested the house for mold?
  9. @Roy How do you feel about it?
  10. @Preety_India Our needs dont, but our instincts want to have sex with every good looking man/women we see, of course we would not pursue it because its impractical in this altitude. We are also compatible with millions of people at any given time, we then pick one organically and block out the rest. Why not have a free relationship instead that takes all of this into consideration? lololol makes sense. He was suffering, being able to step out side the game, take breather can help, also helps to understand the mechanics of the game hes playing instead of being beaten up by the rules. Games are ment to be fun.
  11. Doctors are not trained in nutrition, find people who have experienced this exact illness and learn how they went about solving it.
  12. @Preety_India Have you tried it? Just act until you make it, its always been a play. Cheating is part of the paradigm, the idea exist because monogamy does not truly reflect human needs. Our instincts are to sexually engage and love multiple people simultaneously. Relationships contracts are a reflection of fear, not love. We are on forums, we are here to grow, the advice given on relationship is great and valuable to survive, but why stop there when we can escape the game entirely? I agree that different stages have different needs, they all have there purpose, but they are good relatively, the higher stage is better if possible. We need to help people grow not survive. Both our methods are valid here. 1) giving people the tools they need at the stage there at, to be healthy at the stage there at. 2) introduce them to the next stage, a bigger picture. They are both needed.
  13. @Roy Its not that hard, being exposed to the most conscious perspective/solution is necessary. Gurus dont help people navigate there circumstances, they show them that there circumstances are ridiculous.