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  1. Cock ring, relax sphincter and stomach, let it all hang out. Have a dildo for back up.
  2. This might be a bit stimulating to read, maybe not sure, if your doing no-fap just ignore this. So my partner enjoys having her cervix hit during sex pretty hard (rare I know). It allows her to have multiple orgasms and fulfills her desires/fantasies. The issue is about 30 min -1 hour later she gets intense stomach pains, that can sometimes last a full day 24 hours??? Sort of baffling, normally just touching the cervix gives a women quite a bit of discomfort, so how is she able to enjoy it? Also why does the pain come afterword's and is there a solution to this? Obviously we can just stop hitting it or hit it gentler... but I would like to think there is a better way. Is there a way to avoid/reduce the pain? Thanks!
  3. We had a talk about it just now, it seems some how her father knows about it and apparently it was "settled" in court. The step-father is not allowed to be in the same room as her, but they are still living in the same house. I'm not sure if this is a lie she was told, for she was to young to understand anything when it happened. Is there really a law that would allow this kind of thing? She hid the trauma from everyone when it happened, suppressed it so no one knew, acting. The father apparently knows it happened but does not know of the trauma or how serious her issues are. She has also not givin me her consent to speak to her father and would considerate it a betrayal of some kind.
  4. ah i see, thank you. I'm 32 and their both 13, ive always been good with children, seems to be why the 3 of us connected.
  5. That's a good point, but wouldn't the parents have to pay for treatment? Could all of this be done confidentially? lol thanks , but its easy when living in abundance of love, there is more then enough to go around.
  6. I am family friends with her bf. He came to me for help with her. Why is there a potential danger?
  7. Thanks guys for the help. It seems the situation is even worse then i thought, the stress caused sleeping disorder (waking up with rape nightmares 3 years after the incident), adrenal burn out, skin and digestion issues, all related to I assume stress. I focused on being her friend and protector/teacher, that is the experience she is receiving (masculine containment). It seems to have helped quite a lot. Makes sense, she has stated she trusts me and that's a huge importance for her. She's a insanely fast book reader, ill likely buy her books as gifts, she willing to read anything. What would be a good starting point on this list?
  8. Thanks guys, we will try these methods and see if it helped in a few years or sooner...
  9. She has a loving father that will take her in, but she refuses to tell him about the rape or trauma. The mother worked to cover it up, she is a house wife with no job, father brings home all the money, she doesn't want to loss him, dependent. Also ignored and pretended it didn't happen.
  10. Recently found myself in a position of helping a 13 year old girl, she was raped at 9 by her step father (they covered it up and she is still forced to live in the same house as him). Major Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Child Regression, Ticks followed as well as a very hyper activate sex drive that is far beyond what I thought the human body is capable of. I've encouraged seeking professional help and going to the police, but she refuses for it will disrupt her social life by being forced to move to a new location. She listens to everything i say and I've done the best i can to help manage the stress and improve the quality of her life, but in the end root issues will not be resolved with out her taking action/responsibility in self-healing and resolving living situation. Nympho issue is connected to the trauma and as a coping mechanism, as she stats it: to masterbate is to wash him off of her and give her back control/consent. I'm asking for advice/help/resources/books. What does she need to know/learn? What practices can help her move forward/heal? Thanks!
  11. Have a friend 13, developing with -7 eyes prescription, progressively getting worst with age each year. Googling brings up mostly standard western misconceptions about it (in my opinion). Are there any insights into this that can help? Thanks!
  12. That their projecting. A conversation that isn't personal.
  13. 1) Awareness 2) Conscious command 3) Body Movement
  14. @bejapuskas Lets extract the points/ideas: To entertain an idea with out believing in it, To entertain a paradigm/perspective with out believing in it All paradigms have grains of truth to them, that are a foundation for the self-deception that warps reality to suit it. Stating the variable in a system does not have inherit implications. Implications are a separate exploration. Everyone want to know if people understand there experience and how they feel. It does not have alternative implications. Everyone see how this is not blue? <----- How I'm not giving advice to women about what to wear? Understanding How Paradigms Work