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  1. Morpheus-1 Overview: Morpheus-1 is described as the world's first multimodal general ultrasonic transformer. Its primary function is to induce and stabilize lucid dreams, but it has broader applications in exploring the human mind and consciousness. Technology Behind Morpheus-1: The technology uses ultrasonic holograms for neurostimulation, activating the brain to induce lucid dreaming, a state where one is aware they are dreaming and can control the dream's content. The AI model behind Morpheus-1 has 103 million parameters and was trained on high-performance units (HPUs) over two days. Lucid Dreaming and Brain Activity: Lucid dreaming typically occurs during REM sleep and involves activation of the brain's frontal lobe. The technology targets this aspect to control and induce dreaming states. Potential Applications Beyond Lucid Dreaming: While the initial focus is on lucid dreaming, the technology has potential applications in other areas such as focus enhancement, mood regulation, and deep meditation. This broadens the scope of Morpheus-1 from a lucid dreaming tool to a technology capable of exploring and influencing various states of human consciousness. Comparison to Other Technologies: The video discusses similar technologies in the context of addiction treatment and compares Morpheus-1 to Neuralink, highlighting the non-invasive nature of Morpheus-1 and its potential for wider adoption due to its less invasive approach compared to brain implants. Future Developments and Community Interest: The development of Morpheus-1 is ongoing, with plans for more advanced versions (Morpheus 2, 3, etc.) that will increase in parameter count and accuracy. There is a significant community interest, especially within the lucid dreaming community on platforms like Reddit. Concerns and Ethical Considerations: While the technology holds promise, it also raises questions about its ethical use, the potential for misuse, and concerns about privacy and the manipulation of human consciousness. AI-Powered Neurostimulation: The system uses AI to analyze brain activity data and generate ultrasonic holograms for neurostimulation. By analyzing the brain's electrical patterns, the AI can determine the optimal stimulation needed to induce specific brain states, such as those found in lucid dreaming. Training on Neural Imaging Data: The AI model behind Morpheus-1 is trained on extensive neural imaging data. This data includes EEG, which measures electrical activity in the brain, and fMRI, which measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow. By combining these two data sources, the AI can create a more comprehensive model of brain activity. Parameterized Model and Learning: The AI model, with 103 million parameters, is designed to learn and adapt based on input data. It's trained on high-performance units (HPUs) to handle the computational demands of processing large-scale neural data. Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Targeting Brain States: The AI employs an encoder-decoder architecture where the encoder is trained on EEG data, and the decoder focuses on fMRI data. The output of this model is spatial targets for neurostimulation, effectively allowing the AI to map desired brain states and create corresponding stimulation patterns. Inducing Lucid Dreams and Other States: By understanding the neural correlates of lucid dreaming, the AI can replicate these patterns to induce such states. Moreover, the potential of the AI extends to other areas of consciousness, such as focus, mood regulation, and meditation. Real-Time Feedback and Adaptation: The technology likely uses real-time data from EEG to adapt the stimulation patterns. This means that the AI is continuously learning and adjusting its approach based on the user's current brain state, making the experience personalized and dynamic. --- So this is a headset that uses AI to mimic neural patterns and induce them back into the brain, non-invasive. In the future they will expand its abilities for focus, memory and deep meditation. The technology has also been used to write to the brain to correct for trauma, addiction and many psychological conditions, by directly targeting the active brain region and turning them off.
  2. Hey guys! My sister took a 24 hours urine test and a blood test and was worried about the results. She is struggling with low iron in general that is starting to improve from supplementation. She recently took a urine test and got high potassium but she said she "drank a lot of lemon water" that day. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ What do you guys think?
  3. That's one way of looking at it. But maybe if we press it enough times morality will end entirely. so the right thing to do morally is to selflessly kill everyone. Morality solved.
  4. We already kill people every day for convenience. But we've taken it one step further by having someone else press the button for us. We're way too lazy for that.
  5. 🤣If it was up to me she would be drinking 2 cups of fresh blood in the morning Mmm got to find a better liquid one that doesnt cause digestive pain.
  6. She switched to a liquid iron supplement (ferric ammonium citrate) and it does no cause stomach pain. Ingredients: Folate (folic acid) 440 µg Vitamin B12 (cyancobalamin) 110 µg Iron (ferric ammonium citrate) 20 mg --- She's been taking it for a few months now and was retested and her iron is slowly going back up. Was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for some good liquid iron supplements. Thanks!
  7. Great feed back, its so tricky actually, when making the video because I already know the topic to me its "not fast enough". Then in the back of my mind im stressed that the subject is "to slow" and people will loss interest. Like if we look at Mr Beasts content there is 0 pause between anything. But there is also nothing to learn or think about so there is no need to slow down.
  8. WOW! thanks guys that was some great feed back! I can see a lot of the issues in the videos now and points to work on. The script is a disaster that's clear. Alright I'm going to really take my time to level up all the pain points for the next video. The weaknesses are so clear now. Dam I have rose colored glasses on, my own content super stimulates me. Its like being in love with your own creation and cant see the real world.
  9. Hey guys I started a YouTube channel and im trying to figure out if its still worth continuing or should I pivot the content so its more similar to other channels. I learned that I needs a 35% to 85% retention for the Youtube algorithm to start pushing it significantly enough to be successful. The 2 videos that I made only have a average retention of 28%. Latest Video All of my traffic is from reddit so that might be playing a role. Should I continue making content like this and incrementally improve or should I pivot to more basic content that is "proven". Like James Jani doing documentaries?
  10. To counter this lol, Leo has said many times that genetics play a major role in mystical skill. A donkey will never be able to do math as it lacks the capacity to do so. Most people dont have the genetics of Sadghuru and will never reach that level, at least not without exceptional effort. Not sure if you watched the video but its intended for the general population. Its a mix of materialism as a story telling. Its more intended as a story for the imagination and not direct truth lol. Thanks man! Ill look into that. Infinite. So a percentage is not the right way to frame it. There is no boundary. Infinite density. But its not really that anything is hidden from us, that we are limited to this human box/frame for the time being. This box and direct experience is all there is, In this moment. All seeing all knowing. Every moment is the totality of it.
  11. @LastThursday I ended up making the video anyways. I tried to make it as accessible as possible for the average person while incorporating some of Leos Ideas. Concept of "Nerve" (2049): Elon Musk releases the Unity Project, an experimental system connecting all living things into a single entity. This concept is called "Nerve." Expansion of Human Perception: This system allows individuals to feel and experience everything on Earth, extending human perception to an unprecedented scale. Evolution of Human Race: Technology will evolve humanity, leading to a new era beyond current human understanding. Internet of Biology: A brain-to-brain and brain-to-object interface enables direct communication and comprehension, blurring the lines between individuals. Experiential Learning via Technology: People can immerse themselves in others' experiences, gaining their skills and memories, through an app called "Tick Me." Transformation of Identity: The technology allows individuals to temporarily embody different identities, experiencing their thoughts and emotions. AI's Impact on Life and Society: AI is seen as a potential solution to many of life's challenges, offering new levels of freedom and understanding. Transcendence Beyond Human Limits: As humans evolve with AI, current adult concerns and interests may become obsolete, much like children outgrowing toys. Understanding Superior Intelligence: Connecting with minds like Einstein's could fundamentally change one's thinking process. Unlocking New Mental Abilities: The potential to develop new senses or abilities is discussed, which could dramatically alter human perception of reality. Reevaluation of Evolution and Ideas: Our current cognitive abilities are limited by evolutionary choices and suggests AI could help us transcend these limitations. Mind and Matter Connection: The idea that mind and matter are interconnected and that this realization will emerge with advanced AI. Concept of the Singularity: The singularity is described as a profound merging of mind, matter, and reality, leading to a unified understanding of existence. Transformation into a Collective Mind: The culmination is the transformation into a supermind, representing the total connectivity of all existence.