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  1. What projects are you working on?
  2. Another useful tool is Spaced Repetition algorithms. Look for apps.
  3. What are the liver cleanses you recommend?
  4. Thanks guys, Another question came up. Is it safe to plug freebase and HCL forms of 4-aco-dmt or 5-meo-dmt? Or is it only fumarate that's recommended for plugging?
  5. Taking it orally gives digestion issues, figured there was a better way. cant find much information online on the topic, wondering if anyone knows how to plug shrooms or a shroom enema? It seems stomach acid plays a role in converting psilocybin to psilocin (active form). So I'm not sure if plugging is even possible? Thanks for any helps!
  6. During mediation there is a good feeling around the chest area. To keep the feeling in awareness during every dayness, ive changed perspective to "its in my chest" to "Its part of the universe", this way when doing any task or looking around all objects are emanating this feeling. So its a property of the universe now, the feeling is stable and anchored/grounded with this. Exploring more it seems all feelings/sensations can be anchored this way. Im ignorant and dont know the map. Where does this fit in various forms of yoga (kriya/kundalini)? Also is this on the right track or is it a trap? From here how do i take it to the next level? Thanks!
  7. Anyone know of some high consciousness apps? That's not simply meditation.
  8. All mature developed people have these values +more
  9. She the ESTP personality type like trump, has potential to climb the ladder.
  10. Learn to skateboard.
  11. Curt: "i don't deserve gods love", a lot to unpack there. Leo then gave a exact explanation, but i felt as if he wasn't listening or it wasn't understood. Curts "facing god" scenario would of been completely recontextualized.
  12. Ginger or GTFO
  13. Polygamy or the dissolving of these contracts can naturally happen as your relationship development levels up. It happens when the thought of giving all your love to one person seems ridiculous, everyone needs love (actual altruism and not a self deception to get more sex for yourself) This does a good job explaining the natural shift.