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  1. Accurate when i was younger and centred orange, after this or more green, Fi is redirected to bailing out the masses from there own incompetence, saving the world complex, instead of visions of praise or grandeur. loner check, was athiest check, dog person wrong, i was a people pleasure and hated conversation but didn't hate people, check check, i smile on photos because i fake the correct personality for socializing, love/loved anime, i would never say does phrases because i was highly aware of people's emotional state and desires and was motivated to strongly avoid conflict and keep people happy and most importantly to make them like me. So hyper aware of the experience i'm giving the person and crafting the best possible experience for them. And luckily all that hard eared social intelligence is thrown right out the window in this forum. It's a wonderful thing lmfao
  2. He made no contradictions, he built on top of his previous discoveries, to be able to see it requires a very imaginative mind. Whatever you think solipsism is, that's not it in fact what you think it is, is highly unimaginative and not pushing the boundaries of your mind. The linear logical Mind that doesn't think in infinities and paradoxes, so it sees contradictions. Paradoxes need to be experience in a specific state and cannot be rationalized by a highly human centric state, the default state.
  3. Thank you, i like the insight you gave, maybe sometimes wisdom cant be thought it needs to be learned through experience?
  4. Leo took all the psychedelics there is, he still uses the same brain regions he did in high school in the same order by default because that's his brains path of least resistance and dopamine wiring. Hes perspective is completely different, but hes still stuck in a category of perspectives only his brain structure can have.
  5. If we look at the differences between an ape, lizard, spider, fly and a human, there experience is different, there is a bais to the structure of there mind fitted to being an ape or a human that cannot be changed. We are bias to the human experience, in this example that bais is created by structural differences in the experiencer (Brain? Genetics?). Within the human domain of experiences there are genetic differences between humans that create different dreams that are biast to that way of experiencing that cannot be changed just like a lizard is never (realistically) going to have a human experience. Growing up as a person from birth to old age the persons experience will go throw big changes (personality) but that entire thing is nested inside a specific genetically fixed experience. So the MBTI is the part of you that isnt changing, the bais between your dream and the other guys dream thats structural.
  6. @something_else @Benton @zurew All of this is conflating the absolute with the relative. The relative is happening and your all a cage to its constraints. If you where born with donkey genetics you would not be here on the forum and not have a single insight into anything. Personality can change, personality types cannot. Your values can change and you can think completely differently (personality) and your personality type remains the same. We are not talking about the same thing.
  7. If your brain is damaged, what happens to your default state? Are we mixing up the absolute with the relative domain? Or do we have a different definition of personality.
  8. @Benton I think your confusing a paradigm shift like moving up the spiral to MBTI structure. Every MBTI type can be at any spiral level. ENFP red, ENFP blue, ENFP orange... ENFP turquoise.
  9. Not the core pathways of your brain, those structural biases are still there and shaped very young.
  10. I think this is a paradigm barrier, im not able to explain what Ni dominant types understand about MBTI. Everyone is focusing on superficial traits and are not going deep enough. We are not tracking behavior, we are tracking your soul. The boiled down route seed that you where born with. The part of your mind that has not changed since birth. Look inward and find that. Everything else isn't it.
  11. @Carl-Richard If i change all my behavior ill be a different type?
  12. we need a new thread: The Not-obviously green mega-thread.