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  1. That makes sense, looking at the statistics it’s extremely rare and the vast majority of political shootings are right wing extremists or have a strange mix of mental health issue related ideology.
  2. Maybe but often times shooters have strange reasons for why they do what they do and it doesn’t follow a obvious reasoning.
  3. Let’s hope the shooters politics weren’t left leaning… I think that would be a first? I’ve never heard of left politics engaging in assassination?
  4. but what if identity always existed even before you dreamed up a human lol maybe there’s no escape
  5. @UnbornTao I didn’t know everyone was terrified of death. This is new to me. I fully faced death and I’m long past the point where I need to continue living. Everything happening is bonus, I don’t need to continue being me for a second longer, I don’t need to continue experiencing this for a second longer. and I’m not enlightened, I don’t need to continue consuming this experience. I’ve completely indulged in it and I’m completely full. i’m sure there’s more delicious experience to be had but it it’s OK, if it continues or not it doesn’t matter. How much more of experience do you need to consume?
  6. Seeing is my last attempt went terribly I guess I’ll try again. A identity is perfectly valid and true within it’s bubble. But it’s not equally true with every identity. Some identity is more aligned with reality\god and therefore truer. some identity is more selfless than others and less resistance than others and therefore more aligned with reality.
  7. If Trump is assassinated then assassination can become normalized and part of American culture and your opponent is going to use it against you, next will be Bernie Sanders… winning this way can cause disfunction within society.
  8. I agree but life is counterintuitive so let’s roll the dice
  9. @UnbornTao isn’t a fear of death the most obvious state of disfunction? The circle of life and death is part of reality and if it’s not part of someone’s identity they have body dysmorphia 🤣. Man this is never gonna end. Death is part of the bodies design, of course you need to come in to terms and align your identity with the full human experience that incorporates death. My father is completely in fear of death. Lives dreading that one day it’s going to happen. A identity/ego that is out of alignment with reality and so dysfunctional, he does not accept death as part of his identity.
  10. The only reason I’m against assassinations is because your opponent will use it against you. What happens when a country normalizes assassinations? If this was successful what are the consequences for long-term politics in America? Winning with violence doesn’t work. But thinking life is special and no one deserves to die, is a bit complicated because trump killed tens of thousands indirectly.
  11. Can I say what everyone’s thinking? I guess that’s against the rules.
  12. @UnbornTao you are not rejecting singers writers humans animals gamers, so those are all part of your identity. That's the part of reality that you accepted. You didn't accept Nazis, because it creates massive dysfunction emotionally, your identity is completely rejecting Nazis, you cannot align yourself with it.
  13. If someone attacks you and you have no choice, you kill them. Because killing is part of this reality, this human Experience, this human life. Killing is a part of you, are you going to sacrifice yourself because killing is wrong and you're so moral? No there's nothing spiritual about it, you could just kill for self-defense. Your life is not anymore special than theirs. So you're a killer. You kill mosquitoes, every part of being alive is just selfishness because that's what identity is. A vegan being attacked will kill his attacker so therefore vegans are killers. Every part of reality is part of you. It doesn't matter if you never killed anything in your life and you live in an insulated environment. At your core the self and identity has to preserve itself and killing is part of that mechanism. You take any vegan throw them in the jungle they'll kill everything and survive. We are not talking about morals and we are not talking about what is the healthy diet to eat. This is about identity and reality. Every part of reality is an accepted or rejected part of your identity. Everyone here is accepting some percentage of reality and rejecting some percentage of reality that constitutes your ego. If you're a vegan and you're born on a farm in the 1500s how are you going to sustain this? It would be completely dysfunctional for you to be a vegan on an animal farm. And if you're more conscious you'll come to terms with some suffering is unavoidable and you're going to do your best to minimize it for the whole but when you get to this point you don't Define yourself as a vegan anymore, you will align yourself more with something adaptive. If you don't play ball with reality and align your identity with reality in some way you create severe struggles. Everyone is aligning their identity in Comfort with their environment. It's not arbitrary. Part of what you are and part of this reality is that you're a killer and your identity needs to come into alignment with reality or else it's all struggle it's all trauma it's all PTSD it's all a massive issue. Trauma is that your identity was not ready to experience something. Went to war and couldn't handle death. Your identity adapted to a insulated environment that did not 100% take all of reality into itself.
  14. i’m tired of having to explain this for the 100 time, Reread what I wrote from a high consciousness perspective and stop projecting bunch of low consciousness shit onto it. 😂 I’m not justifying any immoral act because selfishness needs to be acted on and all of this nonsense that you guys are inventing. The fundamental point is there is a relationship between identity and reality. If your values are in conflict with you existing you’re resisting reality. You’re gay and hate that you’re gay. you’re a vegan and you hate everyone that eats meat. … very simple. you can be vegan to minimize suffering for the whole while at the same time accepting reality and the human race and all of that = Harmony with identity and reality. —- The projection and straw man I just received from you guys is shocking. No I don’t think this is profound, but your projections definitely are something to be examined. it’s a very basic pattern. The relationship between the human and the crocodile is that they’re both selfish things. and when you awaken you can bring yourself into disfunction and then you need a second awakening to bring yourself out of it. and that second awakening is understanding the selfish nature that you are and accepting it while at the same time minimizing suffering for the whole. 🙃