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  1. 🥳🥳🥳
  2. Blind people can use eco location if they got lucky enough to figure it out as infants!
  3. How will she figure out this one rule, the misinformation hell we live in makes it very easy to screw this up. What I mean by mess around is anything that deviates from the base foods we grew up eating and that the organism adapted to for the first 20 years, the organism shape (not sure what to call it) and mind is based on that food source. Its like how famine in the early years of life causes the body to adapt to a smaller body shape. The body has adapted to that source, that specific microbiome and neurotransmitter production. So its very unclear if people are healthier if they make major deviations from the original diet and that deviation is going to be misdirected 99% of the time, not only from misinformation but by genetic and mental preferences that they will never figure out. Just to figure out basic things about what feels good to eat for the person takes a lot of experimentation. This journey is not easy and requires prerequisites like a self-development mindset to hope to succeed.
  4. Messing around with your diet is one of the most dangerous things someone can do. So regardless of how bad she eats, the other side is a not a simple game to play.
  5. The worst way to die is to be skinned alive.
  6. I'm also in a comfortable position, but i want to create and invent things, i have millions of ideas but the journey getting it from start to finish I know will cost significant financial investment and time, then years into production after release i would then know if there is even a market for it. Right now im interested in building a stress monitor that track breath rate and that provides stress protection on all devices, so if your stressed it will black out the screen of the device being used. This is for people serious about stress management, recognize they have an problem/addiction, its also for gamers that want to optimize there flow state by making all experiences in front of the computer stress free, as the device would prevent using the computer in a stressed state, the point being promoting good training vs bad training. The development for this would likely take 6 months for the hardware, software and web technology, then after prototype is built(with significant issues im sure) the biggest issue im having is how to cheaply produce the hardware components from china (no idea how)? Then 99% of the sales come from marketing and sooo... what i market on tiktok? From having no experience doing all this it all feels very unlikely to succeed especially the marketing part, and i know from software/hardware experience the device itself with very likely be buggy that takes an extra 3 months to resolve with all the complications with cheap parts. Im not seeing how people succeed at any of this.
  7. On page load the forum triggered my porn blocker lol
  8. @Leo Gura This is the main reason i wanted to have it, we already have the dating section that has nothing to do with metaphysics, im not seeing why we cant incorporate high quality business topics in the Entrepreneurship section?
  9. Financial success is step 1 to spiritual development. Being on the forum overall does not contribute to financial success, it can even harm the process. There needs to be more incentive for productivity and purpose on the forum to improve our productivity or else its almost a unusually time drainer. We need to help each other get things done and actualize things into reality not idle idea exchanges. Put your ideas into practice needs to be the focus here. I want to come to this place as a helping tool to get shit done, 99% of the topics of conversation don't actualize anything. The most productive section is surprisingly THE DATING SECTION, second to the psychedelic section, action is being taken. Maybe im being abit to critical, but ive been working non-stop for a few weeks now occasionally checking into the forum and its clear this place does not help me.
  10. +1 But then when you actually send the video it plays out nothing like the prophecy 🙂
  11. Im sure leo saw it, if not its abit insane, one of the best atmospheric movie ever made.
  12. Immediately watch it on LSD or any psychedelic, 100% necessary in life.
  13. @HMD Great idea, so using it to re-imagine existing perspectives with a different sentiment. Basically why we watch gurus to show us a new way to see.
  14. Ye its all about compatibility, eating junk food everyday is not recommended either.