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  1. Not equal but balanced/fair. The pay out to a single employ wont exceed more then 1-3x. Company earnings would be held in a company account not directly controlled by 1 individual. Blockchain systems can do all this, where each company has its own delegate governance system.. There is still a head figure, but what gives him that power is delegated power from the employes. There are alot of issues that can arise from this, just an idea of how we could go about doing all this and maybe something that can be implemented/experimented with today.
  2. Changing company hierarchy structures to community holocricy structures will have a significant impact. They are already emerging, where each individuals contribution to the company directly matches their compensation. Company hierarchy structures that we have today is socialized slavery. Where we all work for scraps to make the head of the company rich. This needs to change so the wealth is distributed fairly through out the companys humans. Hard jobs, unapealing jobs, hard workers, top contributors/innovators, resourcefulness, managers, visionaries are all compensated proportionally, There will be a strategist at the head keeping things on track. This is a intermediate step that can form as society transitions from orange to green, because these properly structured green companies can exist and compete in capitalist waters. Its not about moneyless, its about changing how money is earned which changes the meaning of money.
  3. Unhealthy food is only unhealthy if your under chronic stress, your life span is not being effected.
  4. The only way to understand this is to not think like a human. The aliens will likely have abilities that are hard to imagine. Like the ability to know how impactful their presents is or an action will be. So these sightings are always minimal, because they are following a path of least interference. Meaning we will never catch them.
  5. @Fandango I always get dates on these dating sites? lol
  6. lol this is going to be interesting, if we all sign up we will get matched with each other.
  7. If the goal is to pure heartedly use pick up as a training tool, then there is no need to sleep with any of the women right? ahah
  8. Life purpose is a way of being as much as it is a end goal. Are you going to trample over everyone around you to fulfill a life purpose or to self actualize/develop? How does that work lol.
  9. wow MeetMindful looks promising.
  10. The only real way to gain weight on healthy diets is to eat when your not hungry. Gluttony.
  11. @aurum lol finally someone who can google.
  12. The healthy fast food market is growing, we will get there... There are healthy restaurant options, just google it, there is no reason to eat at mcdonalds.
  13. @Ethan1 There is a chrome extension that blocks out youtube recommended page and send you strait to subscription page. This solves the issue in a way, as long as what is subscribed to is tame.