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  1. The tulip bubble, price of a tulip went as high as the price of a mansion. A little insane seeing as flowers die...
  2. @Elevated Cant go wrong with one of these NSFW
  3. @lmfao All the major companies, amazon, Microsoft, google... have blockchain technologies complete and ready to go. That outperform wtv is happening in the decentralized space. Cardano hasn't even released yet and its market cap is in the billions... this is all stupid pump chasing investing, also i know the software space, and very few developers are going to use cardano because its purely functional. This entire space is dumb investing and a golden opportunity.
  4. People are buying in this market in the equivalent way of shoveling money into a fire. Studying the charts reveals we are in a low consciousness market, where the masses have access to investing for the first time. An amazing opportunity to anyone day trading, because this is the easiest market to predict.
  5. @Leo Gura Roulette is random chance with a house edge, Bitcoin is predicting dumb herd psychology. The latter is easy money. Why not pull money from these markets and redirect it to something useful? Not all day trading needs to be a shallow venture. Like non profit hedge funds? Yellow should take full advantage of what ever money sources are available, with the mindset that the money is being entrusted to be used to do greater good. Wealth should be distributed to does that provide the highest value to society. We should redistribute the wealth from these stupid markets. There is no point not tapping into it. We are living in the orange jungle.
  6. @deso Thats no where near enough, 2-3 hours a day minimum. Of everything. Heavy weights, Cardio. All of it.
  7. It might be becaue you didnt make any moves on her. This is top priority. Show her that your going to fuck her brains out as soon as possible. Within reason, got to build up to it of course...
  8. @GroovyGuru Learn how to scalp, all you needs is a trend line and a oscillator, the bitcoin market volatility is free money.
  9. Yes, watch leos videos he covers it,
  10. @MrBON This is all highschool level dating.
  11. Asked a few women in the past if they would date a bald guy, it was a strong no for women under the age of 25. Older women with experience stop caring as much. And we are not talking about super model hot women here, i would say most of them where very below average. Its paradoxical, the more below average a women is the more picky they are. Obviously a over generalization, but its interesting.
  12. XRP is damaged, every other asset is going to go up if the market keeps going up, so there is no point taking a risk on xrp, make a safer gamble...