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  1. Interesting Areas for Contemplation
    Interesting Areas for Contemplation
    1. Infinite forgiveness
    2. Infinite wellbeing
    3. Truth
    4. Infinite self love
    5. Infinite creativity
    6. Absolute understanding
    7. Perfect body alignment 
    8. Healthy communities
    9. Freedom from guilt, shame or resentment
    10. Becoming Godlike
    11. Mature application of spiritual insights
    12. Being a spiritually mature adult
    13. Being a candle in the darkness
    14. The value of this mysterious experience of life 
    15. What reality looks like without your trauma, or crappy limited fear based programming
    16. What is invincibility? 
    17. What is fearlessness?
    18. What is real power?
    19. The perfect day everyday
    20. Perfect mental health
    21. To be one with everything 
    22. Goodness
    23. Perfection
    24. Infinite Happiness 
    25. Self trust
    26. Awakening
    27. The Holy Grail
    28. The Hero's Journey
    29. Selflessness
    30. Total Acceptance of what is the case
    31. Transcending relative toxic taboos

  2. Construct / Ego Aware stage
    Construct / Ego Aware stage
    the notion that xyz is science, abc is language, efg is math
    the notion that this stuff is my body and that stuff is your body
    the notion of asleep versus awake or what is inside and outside the body/mind
    to see a bunch of stuff and then say that those are grouped together like that and this and this causes that and these are similar like this and different like that and I like these because of X. to say that this describes that or predicts that. to see something and say it is a pattern and describes that. to create groupings.  to notice that you are doing all of that and that you can do it in whatever which way and it could change everything but yet also change nothing
    to notice content vs framework/structure - like oh I am focusing on the content of examples of construct aware rather than the framework of it.  
    to notice how the politicians create meaning like - oh immigrants trying to come to our country is BAD. or to say - oh well how is a person from country xyz bad? or how can a person be illegal just like how can a plant be illegal? To notice that we put legal/illegal onto things in whatever way
    to notice a mailbox has a flame design and to say the flames are a concept and then to apply it to myself and say I as a human is a concept like the flames as a design are
    to see that all codes/requirements that we have are all made up - like oh sure the "speed limit is 35 miles per hour" but that's because we put a sign there - or to make a connection that the number 35 has to do with the speed per unit time in a vehicle - which then correlates to the odometer in the car - and to then say oh i have to be at or within a certain number amount of that and that the 35 on that sign needs to match the 35 in my vehicle - - and then the whole ownership of "my" and meaning made up from that as well as what is considered a vehicle and what isn't
    ** sorry I didn't really answer directly and just started giving examples - I guess for me I just have ideas pop in my head and it just adds up and more and more stuff pops into my head and I call them epiphanies - but to just notice stuff in ways I hadn't noticed before - but to even say something is an epiphany is putting meaning on it.....
    language starts to get weird because when talking to someone - you could respond literal, respond abstract, interpret it in all these different ways, focus on some things over others - - but then the whole notion of what is literal versus what is abstract or what is superficial versus what is deep or what is real versus what isn't - it is all made up based on how you make it up

  3. Yellow
    Hitting Stage Yellow
    Hey everyone, I literally hit tier 2 on the um spiral dynamics spiral last Friday, I was trying to solve a problem, and then all of a sudden I started looking at it from different angles as like it was a system. Then my vision started to clear to what it really was. Also I have fun getting the work done and am my own person, I now longer blend into the situation. I don't adapt anymore, I be. I just think it's pretty cool that I am starting to enter stage yellow. It just seems like my vision can now look down any path and see where it winds now that my consciousness is getting there. Anyone else have any stage yellow emergence experiences? 

  4. Yellow
    Hitting Stage Yellow
    Overall yes, Tier 2 however is different, It certainly is gradual, yet there really is an experiential shift within your mind that takes place from my experience, in which thinking is noticeably different. As if a kind of realization of the mental processing in how you understand things expands to a system like nature. Its as if the ability to connect things becomes an automatic way of the thought process. Things seem less individual and more apart of a whole. Its not like a sudden "Wam" and it hits you but its like one day you suddenly catch a significantly qualitatively different kind of insight of your thought process and realize how its functioning, As well as your aware of it as a system of its own function.

  5. Principles vs. Construction
    Principles vs. Construction
    @Husseinisdoingfine Life -- the relative domain of survival -- has certain rules and principles to it. When you ignore those principles your life goes to shit.
    Again, be careful conflating absolute and relative domains.
    Being a virtuous person is not about playing some moral game. It simply means being conscious, truthful, loving, and living up to your own values. If you want to call that a game, go ahead, but see how your life works without it. As long as you're alive you gotta live in some way. You gotta play in some way. What way will you play? If you think it makes no difference, well, you're fooling yourself. You ain't developed enough for it to make no difference to you.
    The bottom line: get clear about what kind of life you want and then create it.
    Or don't and suffer in misery. Up to you. Doesn't really matter to me if you are miserable. But it probably matters to you.
    Construction is not a bad thing. We are not against construction here, we are merely against unconscious construction. Our work involves becoming conscious of what we are constructing and doing that construction well.

  6. What would a Stage Yellow romantic relationship look like?
    What would a Stage Yellow romantic relationship look like?
    Maybe Leo needs to scour Vegas looking for these lovely ladies...
    Femme Leo is quite pretty 💋!!

  7. Leo, why do you say praying is "horseshit"?
    Leo, why do you say praying is "horseshit"?
    When traditional prayer works it's due to law of attraction and intention. Your intentions DO affect reality. Intention is very powrful when it is practiced consistently and consciously.
    Whatever you intend with emotion and conviction will tend to become true. Because your will is a splinter off God's Will. You literally have the power of God within you. The more conscious you become the more of it you will be able to tap and manifest.
    It's not a miracle. It's because you are God, and reality is a giant Mind.

  8. Enlightenment Jokes Here
    Enlightenment Jokes Here

  9. Is investing in Crypto just a get rich quick scheme?
    Is investing in Crypto just a get rich quick scheme?
    I'm waiting for the twitter freakout from 2017

  10. Enlightenment Jokes Here
    Enlightenment Jokes Here

  11. The boundary between what feels right and what you must do
    The boundary between what feels right and what you must do
    Notice that you always tend to seek the path of least resistance. On that path of least resistance you get comfort, but not growth. 
    Notice that you resist all changes because all changes require hard work. This is uncomfortable in the short term but creates growth in the long run.
    Simply ask yourself. Do you want to grow or you want to be comfortable? 
    If you want to grow, do that which is hard.
    If you want comfort, do that which is easy.

  12. My Insights After 10 Awakenings: Awaken Now!
    My Insights After 10 Awakenings: Awaken Now!
    Every religion told you there is one God. Yet you still think there are many of them and that you somehow aren't THE ONE.
    You can lead a mule to water but you can't make him drink.
    You have no problem at all accepting that everyone in your dreams is just your own mental construction, yet in the dream of life suddenly it cannot be! Oh noes! And yet every guru worth his salt has told you life is a dream. Yet you still cling.
    YOU invented OTHER! Silly.
    The only thing you will ever find in this work is yourself.

  13. I’m Done With
    I’m Done With
    "If you seek awakening, make sure you have a life worth awakening to."

  14. Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    I’m sorry but they have no idea what they are talking about. Their powers must be some flaccid instruments or something because mine can take me fucking way beyond so much of my earlier psychedelic or meditative awakenings. They do not understand how meaning and concepts weave into the fabric of Existence while they ironically have all used them endlessly for their own purposes to awaken. This is just a higher degree. Powers give you immense meaning to play with. Whatever awakening they’re referring to is likely not high-tier. You might say that the bigger an attachment is that is dropped gives that much more force towards awakening. For an attachment to be large, it must have meaning. Thus, add more to your meaning and intensity of life, then detach from it into No-Self to take things really deep. 

  15. Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    Luck is karma. It’s all about Luck. There is no free will. You’re God designing your own Universe of subjective experience on the fly with the blessings you designed for yourself to work with. 

  16. Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    @BipolarGrowth I'm not big on jhanas anymore either. Just saying the 4th jhana can be used for powers. Many have said that, not just Rob Burbea. Daniel Ingram and many others have said this as well. And they agree, jhanas and powers have nothing to do with awakening (empty fullness seen by no one).

  17. Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    Leo, What is a burning question you still are trying to understand?
    How to achieve DMT levels of consciousness while sober.
    How to perform miracles.
    It's still not clear to me how high it's possible to develop one's baseline state of consciousness. Like, is there some limit? And what is that limit? Does the human body have inescapable limits? Or can those limits be transcended?

  18. What is insanity?
    What is insanity?

  19. Is it possible to realize infinite love by meditation alone?
    Is it possible to realize infinite love by meditation alone?
    Through meditation alone very difficult. But with sober techniques in general, more plausible.
    I've awakened to God, Love and that life is a dream sober. However, there are degrees. My current degree is a lot deeper than a few months ago. But probably incomparable to Leo's 5meo awakenings. But I believe I will get there eventually 
    Your best shot is a combination of many different tools. I've done / have experience with following:
    kriya and kundalini yoga  RASA transmissions shamanic breathing, wim hof breathing, DMT breathing self inquiry experimented with 30+ meditation techniques  mystical experiences during dreams devotion, bhakti yoga dark room retreat sleep deprivation  help and transmissions by spirits advanced law of attraction / manifestation techniques  fasting masturbation and orgasm exhaustion trance  hypnosis brainwave entrainment subliminals  mantras prayer  certain music  
    (2 psychedelic trips)  
    Many of them I do on a regular basis.
    And I'm working on mastering sleep yoga. The next step would be time dilation in lucid dreams. And then taking psychedelics in these time dilated lucid dreams. If I manage that, that will be the ultimate technique.
    My advice is: EXPERIMENT. And combine as much as possible. I've experimented with countless techniques and developed a powerful meditation technique that combines every hack / trick that works for me.
    A benefit of awakening sober is that your baseline consciousness is naturally very high. If a normal person experienced my baseline they would be in a psyche ward within 10 minutes lol.

  20. What's the importance of religion?
    What's the importance of religion?
    All religions are like a river full of shit were gold ingots are floating. Don't be discouraged by the insane amount of shit (what u are pointing and science and blablabla) because the gold is of insane value. I actually think religions are very useful for people like us, because we are able to see much more and pick what is valuable. In fact, religions make u more suitable to receive grace, which is one of the most important things is this path. To be honest, I enjoy a lot christian sacraments, I find them very useful, powerful and purifying, it also helps me to be more loving. Also, as u can tell I love buddhism but in a different way, buddhism teaches me how I can be the perfect human, a buddha. But the path it is not only about being a perfect human, always in peace, joy, love and ecstasy. Also I love much Zen, but it is so blind in God realization. I love Islam in the way that they understand forgiveness and the infinitude and almightyness of God. I love Hinduism in the way that they are the most advanced and concious civilization but they take everything to serious, true espirituality is joyful and playful. I love Jainism in the respect that they have to all beings and the sincere and pure approuch they have.
    Religions are a very important tool, like a catalyst, in my spiritual journey. I don't fall in their traps and see the beauty of their pointings rather than examining the finger as u are doing... I know it will come a time where I'll have to go my own way, but till that arrives I'll receive all the grace and love from all religions I can. Because there is a deep wisdom and love in all those traditions.
    To end I'll finish with a quote of Sri Anandamayi Ma: All paths are it's path. I feel home in every temple.

  21. Once 100% Godhead, why would one come back to life again?
    Once 100% Godhead, why would one come back to life again?
    Basically, yes.
    But in practice, no, because you take low doses and so you rarely reach the ultimate 100% Godhead state.
    Physically dying from a psychedelic is extremely rare.
    You might as well ask, "So every time you get in a car you have to go into it as if you are committing suicide?"
    Way more people die from cars than psychedelics, so your fears are not well grounded.
    Mahasamadhi is not something that happens to you accidentally. It is a conscious choice to leave behind the dream world.
    Of course you could always accidentally kill the physical body if you take way too much of a dose. But that would be the equivalent of driving your car into a wall. That is your fault.

  22. Once 100% Godhead, why would one come back to life again?
    Once 100% Godhead, why would one come back to life again?
    Well, you may not come back. Which is what makes it scary.
    Or you may come back, in which case you will see that as just part of how you got here.
    You don't know. That's the whole point. It requires the ultimate leap of faith and surrender to death.
    If you are scared about not coming back, then you are not ready to see 100% Godhead and so you probably won't see it. You have to shift your orientation 180 degrees to want the Godhead more than this material dream. If you value the material dream more than the Godhead, then you will stay in the material dream. Which is why you're in the material dream to begin with. You wanted to be here otherwise you'd have killed yourself long ago.

  23. Leo how do you deal with all the critism ?!
    Leo how do you deal with all the critism ?!
    My daily dose of spirituality ❤️ 

  24. Do things happen for a reason?
    Do things happen for a reason?

  25. A recontextualization of Desire
    A recontextualization of Desire
    It's tricky to say. I don't know exactly. Some people get stuck chasing the same desire endlessly forever.
    I think it probably involves experiencing enough of it that you get sick of it and are ready to move on to higher things. It also requires exploration of higher joys.
    I feel like I have almost extinguished my desire for junk food. It used to be so hard to say no, now it is almost effortless. And I had a lot of junk food in the past, but it caused me so much suffering I don't want it any more.
    Lower desires tend to bring a lot of suffering which you can use against them. But it requires going through that suffering. Play so much video games that you are disgusted with yourself.
    It certainly helps a lot when you discover higher spiritual dimensions to life. You can use spiritual joy to replace the seeking of base cravings and raw pleasure.
    Sex is still a desire I have not figured out. It's so powerful and intoxicating. I see few spiritual masters have conquered it even in their 60s.