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  1. Personally I have to take like 30-40mg to feel any effects, even then I usually just sprinkle that in with other chems to potentiate them. But my case is strange, 5-MeO- compounds don't seem to work on me. 10mg is a good beginner dose based on all the reports
  2. 38 - mild anxiety. I picked up the majority of the points in the avoidance section of attending parties and such, most of those things I avoid because they do not interest me at all, but a few still require some work. Compared to 8 years ago where I am now is a quantum leap, back then I had serious trouble even calling a restaurant to book a table.
  3. As far as EU vendors go I think there's some truth to that, I've also been noticing limited product availability. Canada seems to be doing fine, I found a site that sells DPT, 5-MeO-MALT, and 4-AcO-DMT. But I'm concerned about customs seizure if I order from there to the EU.
  4. Dissos are great stuff. One of my favorite combos is DMXE + 4-HO-MET + 5-MeO-MiPT, it provides this unique state of being very present in the moment yet completely unfazed by anything, as if you're a higher-dimensional being able to interact with the world but not vice-versa, with the added benefit of pleasant body sensations, cool visuals, and some degree of introspection. Naturally all the petty human worries are absent during the experience, but that's also why as with all such substances one has to take great care to avoid using them as a crutch. That said IMO they're much better than benzos addiction-wise while providing fairly similar effects. Funny you should mention 3-HO-PCP, I got some coming this week and am looking forward to trying it despite (or maybe in spite of ) what you said, IME your overall state before the trip plays a much larger role in how it will go than the substance itself. I once had the exact experience you describe on aMT, which is supposed to achieve basically the exact opposite. But we shall see. It's said to be one of if not the most potent disso by weight, so perhaps you dosed a little too high?