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  1. I would say pregabalin because it made me 100x more social very seamlessly, lately I just start chats several times a day out of the blue, but it has some side effects like potential withdrawal symptoms and temporary anorgasmia. Other than that, combining say 6-APB with a dissociative should yield good results. One for the mood lift, the other for detachment from outcomes/general anxiety.
  2. I watched most of the video and this is nonsense. The dude says some truthful things in the mix, but frames them to suit his arguments. He also clings to those old TV ads like it's some crime against humanity. Yes Navalny was a nationalist in the early days, then he changed his worldview, that tends to happen as you grow up. There's absolutely no evidence for the CIA connections, that story was started by Russian propaganda many years ago and has spread quite widely, a large portion of the population actually believes that he's a foreign agent, especially older folk. So the video isn't actually saying anything new or revealing some big truth, just good old conspiracy theories to explain away reality in a way that suits their worldview.
  3. Yes there's no point, people assign value to awakening for many reasons, some seek truth and understanding, others an escape from suffering, etc. If your experience tells you that awakening is unnecessary and you wish to continue living in the dream, then that's how it is. Personally I've found that awakening has solved all my issues in one fell swoop, and is simply a beautiful experience. I still enjoy the illusion after that and for the most part perceive it as 'real'. But the awareness of the true nature of this reality always stays with me. Like even the best and most immersed actors know at the back of their mind that they're acting.
  4. Pretty much, but beware it will hurt like hell. If you had larger amounts you could have done a freebase conversion to vape it. But at this point insufflation seems like the most efficient way, even 80mg is too low rectally for a good effect.
  5. This is great. The potential here is huge. Both for creativity and fakery. Also training that thing is likely the reason ChatGPT has been slow as shit lately, even on a paid tier. As annoying as that is, for the sake of progress like this it's worth it. I am however more excited about GPT5, which should be coming out around this autumn.
  6. RIP. A rare kind of person that completely embodied his beliefs. Strategically it makes no sense to kill him at this moment though. He was locked up and neutralized, people were already starting to forget he even existed. Like they always do even with the biggest of tragedies. Time heals all as they say. But now his death has reignited the passion in many. Though it also brought some to complete despair. Either way, I'm almost certain it was a 'natural' death as consequence of the previous poisoning and the following stay in terrible conditions in prison isolators for 3 years. That'll do pretty much anyone in. However I don't discount the small possibility that it was indeed an assassination. This government has made terrible PR blunders like that in the past, they're not particularly intelligent people.
  7. It's been interesting to observe the completely opposite reactions to the interview in the news media vs. social media. In the former it's negative as usual, even some outright false statements predicated on the fact almost nobody will watch the whole 2 hours themselves. But if you look at comments on Twitter, YouTube, or just talk to people in person you see a different response, a largely positive one. Putin does a really good job managing his image in the eyes of foreigners. Over time I've talked to some extremely wealthy and well-educated people from all over the world, it's surprising how many actively argue in his favor even if you tell them as a Russian what actually goes on inside the country they've never been in.
  8. Interesting developments. New Civil War is far fetched, sounds like sensationalism. Perhaps some localized shootings/riots will take place.
  9. Hardly the worst outcome one could expect from combining all these substances. Random combos can be great so long as you don't mix stuff that's physically dangerous together. I recently discovered a nice new 'cocktail', 2C-B followed by a mix of 5 dissos a couple hours in, the total effect is much more impressive than the sum of its parts.
  10. Counter-intuitively, in some instances psychopathic traits can actually lead to more openmindedness. Having little to no emotional attachment to any particular worldview/ideology, a diminished regard for my safety, and no fear of upsetting others with my opinions or observations lets me explore topics that most would avoid like the plague.
  11. I'm also in Spain and have the same one, just with the extra 7th stage for UV filtering. https://amzn.eu/d/afCbmNZ It's great, just make sure to follow the manual and flush the first couple tanks, I was doing constant TDS checks after installing and for a few days it was thru the roof, like over 100 sometimes, then after a several refill cycles it normalized and is perfect now. The one you linked is also sold here on amazon.es, https://amzn.eu/d/9PX1rAU . Those import fees from Murica are ridiculous, besides you run the risk of dealing with our retarded customs, so probably best to buy local even if it's a bit more expensive in the end. Seems like you can apply some decent coupon discounts for the moment too
  12. Sounds good in theory, at least it's more honest
  13. Can't speak for shrooms as I never actually managed to get a grow kit to survive, but I've taken tons of these truffles and can confidently say it's at least 90% marketing, the Mexicana variety which is regarded as on the lower end of potency spectrum produced trips just as intense if not more than Valhalla and the like.
  14. I think it's valuable if you know where to draw the line. I've had great results especially recently with the ability to create personal GPT, made one for every topic that interests me, in that way it's more specialized and not so limited by censorship. It's great for enhancing contemplation sessions and makes for a better conversation partner than most humans could ever hope to be. However I don't rely on it for factual information (though having it process research papers, articles, etc. and being able to request a more understandable summary or just in general a more personal touch is nice), don't let it influence my worldview, and certainly not for any calculations, legal advice and other things of similar nature that it's notoriously poor at. Remember to always think for yourself and you'll be fine.