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  1. Have you been every single morning waking up on time and sungazing?
  2. It doesn't feel like a lie. At least not for me. The deeper the connection with God, the smaller ego gets. Our ego experience in comparison to the magnificence of God is a joke. And yes, still is a God experience.
  3. Have standards and don't get involved in low-quality drugs at all. Start lsd/shrooms in small doses instead. Don't be afraid. It always takes courage.
  4. Ego death is a full realisation of the illusion of death. You die, literally. Hence, get fully illuminated on the most fundamental truth in life. So illumination follows ego death. My experience only.
  5. My daily dose of spirituality ❤️
  6. Kindle! ❤️ Digital books are way cheaper // supports minimalist life // extremely portable //comfier to read in bed I still have some physical books but very few and very special
  7. This guy embodies spiritual materialism. He has a big ego and portrays spirituality and sexuality in shallow perverted ways. I'm not saying he hasn't awakened to some degree but overall he isn't recognising just how delusional he still is. it's a spiritual kindergarten. It's a shame he uses word Yoga... and does this... he has no idea what Yoga is...
  8. I second this. The comfiest position. Though I'm very flexible and my legs touch the ground but you can place some support to prevent legs from hanging in the air and do some inner groin and hips stretching to improve the position.
  9. what kind of suffering? suffering from avoiding yourself/your situation or suffering from facing yourself/your situation? These are two different ways to suffer and the latter is the wise choice to go with.
  10. it's tricky to strike a balance between being humble and feeling superior. I also like to be right and say the right things when interacting with people, especially with family and friends. But it always feels more authentic when I let go of the need to be right, understood and even heard. Sometimes when I talk with people I have to keep reminding myself to let go of the need to contradict another person and say my opinion. Sometimes it's just better to let go of this need entirely and just listen and learn... hence, understand others without a need to be understood.
  11. A few days ago, I came across this Law of One theory. I don't have much to say about it as I haven't looked into it properly, but basically, this theory explains the plan of the universe, where we're going as a species and what role as individuals we play...