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  1. This is a goodbye. Barbie Girl found her Flow.
  2. “Nature can seem cruel, but she balances her books.” — Alison Lurie Mother nature is abundance and generosity, the embrace of the infinite amount of life forms. Life giver and taker. Pure perfection, Breath-taking beauty. Maybe, the acceptance of selfishness and cruelty as part of yourself and life is what missing and it causes this conflict within your mind and you project this as inherently bad when it's just part of the bigger whole where all dualities collapse.
  3. It's part of the journey to feel this way. When you discover more and more of the depth of existence and see how shallow majority of people are it just takes time to adapt. The hardest thing for me is balancing the spiritual and material. I'm always figuring this out. we're Gods
  4. nice one. looking forward
  5. Life work does not need to have an emotion of passion involved. You can do your life work and be detached from it. Where there is passion involved (and if something goes wrong with your life work) there will be suffering because passion = suffering. Freedom - True Liberty is the higher goal. It's Cosmic. ---------------- case closed. stop chasing after passion
  6. This
  7. From the Spiritual point of view on passion: Dispassion: absence of passion, coolness, independence, freedom.
  8. Yo
  9. I remember on a meditation retreat, a while ago ago, I was talking with a german woman who told me that word passion in german translates as suffering. Also, latin root 'pati/passio' means suffering too. Think about this. Passion is too emotionally heavy and it's unstable. It's an attachment. It's too loaded and yes it's cringy. Passion can be felt for the good and bad, passion can be dark, and it can consume a person, and it's contagious. Many people said they like passionate people they're inspiring, etc, but passionate attitude can be used for the wrong things so don't assume that passion is always a good thing. ''Passion chokes the flower Till she cries no more Possesing all the beauty Hungry still for more'' I believe that a calling or a unique signature would be more appropriate way at finding your true selves. We just don't have a collective level of consciousness yet nor the education system where this could be thought from an early age. Remember this, there is something off with depending on emotions; and passion is one of them.
  10. There are emotions first, and then thoughts. By letting go of emotion you automatically letting go of thought patterns and unconscious believes. People have a lot of repressed emotions stored in their bodies which manifest in dysfunctional thought patterns and believes. In order to grow a person needs to let go of/remove emotions by first allowing them to surface and by feeling through them. In this way they are being transcended and the mental aspect then is also changed. This is how we go through the range of emotions and develop ourselves. The broader the range of the emotions we experience, the more emotionally intelligent we become. Now, moving forward, it is not only enough to feel emotions, the next step would be to consciously manage them which would require to rise above them and not be affected by them. This quiet nudge can come through the mind as well, and not like an emotion. Consciousness is prior to emotion as well. Consciousness is the Mind, The Infinite Intelligence where logic and emotions are transcended. Perhaps, there could be a state where we could consciously decide what to feel rather than be affected by emotions unconsciously as we are now, good or bad.
  11. Exactly, I can see your point of view, and there are so many other ones. And there is surely no one way fits all. We find what works for us personally. And this thing about emotions.. I'm exploring and figuring this out. to rely heavily on emotions in general, there is something off about it. Maybe when we'll be more advanced we get to pick and choose what emotions to feel rather then be affect by them randomly.
  12. I'm still not convinced that it applies all the time nor that i can be proven. I keep an open mind on the matter instead. Maybe a calling would be more accurate word to describe something that is like your fingerprint in this world which is also more rare thing to discover while passion is an emotion which is not entirely essential to make your life deeper or more profound and it can come and go.
  13. I adapt my thinking style depending on the situation. I'm both emotional and logical. I can actually see that higher development lead to emotional non-attachment and higher intelligence from the mind. To rely heavily on your emotions is not the way. I'll discuss this in more depth in the future when I have more experience with it, but I can already see that rising above your emotions is what get us higher. And here everyone talking about heavy reliance on emotions when choosing a life path. I'm not so sure, hence I discussed the alternatives. A person can choose a path from purely logical reason, get good at it and then get a feeling of true joy and satisfaction. It does not necessarily need to begin with a special emotion of passion in this case.