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  1. Agree. I think it's best to explore a variety of techniques and then pick what works for you. I'm reading about Nondual Saiva Tantra tradition and it sounds amazing. It doesn't dispassion body and worldly life but teachers to embrace it as devive phenomenon. It even encourages to live in prosperity while at the same time reaching the enlightenment. It's very different from most of the eastern teachings. Also, Tantra, in general, has been badly misunderstood in the west as something to do with sexuality when in fact it's not. Ah well... all good stuff get perverted and distorted by the westerners.
  2. I never said that eating plants is bad. It's good for many people as much as animal-based products. Everyone is different and I don't judge anyone for their choice. From the Absolute perspective, there are no hierarchies. All creation is as God as it gets, but in the world, we definitely have hierarchies and as the apex creatures we get to make our own rules for living and thriving. We also need balance and complexity, not black and white thinking or judging one another. Sorry, I didn't want to offend you. Of course, I don't know you. But you coming up with the examples as raping a girl in the context of talking about animal welfare it really is a weird ass thing Too much drama, too much biased emotion
  3. I'm not attacking, I'm laughing You don't have good enough point to be taken seriously anyway We need to have optimal health, hence yes we need meat. If you want barely survive good luck eating plant foods
  4. You're freaking bonkers. You sound super childish like a teenage boy who doesn't know life and coming with some weird ass examples sorry no offence but I'm here giving you realistic alternatives about animal welfare and you're thinking about raping a girl
  5. Allowing animals to live on pasture as part of natural environmental cycles. And killing them quickly. For example, hunters shoot wild animals to the heart. It's very quick death and least painless. Slaughterhouses should be designed in such a way that causes the lease stress to animals. I know many farms that practise regenerative agriculture. In one of them in the UK, It even restored the lost species!! because it helped to restore the fertility of the soil, flora and fauna. Vegans only consider a small handful of animals (cows, pigs, goats chickens) while at the same time they exclude hundreds if not thousands of others. It amazes me still how people don't see their myopic view on the issue. Veganism is based on so much emotion and it becomes an attachment. Why their hearts don't bleed about other things such as not so cute small animals or people who suffer from autoimmune disease and can't eat fibre, etc, etc it appears very very biased. But I don't judge. It's normal to be stuck in one worldview and claim is the best way.
  6. This is a great story by sadguru. It illustrates how vegans who think that their way is superior and more moral are so so wrong... To call meat-eater or farmer or hunter morally wrong is prejudice and ignorance. It can also be said that animals can be raised and killed ethically and our solution to end animal cruelty and help the environment is through holistic regenerative agriculture. I hope you can learn something from this timeless wisdom:
  7. Sorry to break this to you but, you're a devil too Or you think that being a vegan makes you an angel?
  8. This is informative. As far as I can tell I could fit bhakti yoga practice very well. 4 types of yoga for 4 aspects These are the only four realities in your life: body, mind, emotion, and energy. Whatever you wish to do with yourself, it must be on these four levels. Whatever you wish to do, you can only do it with your body, your mind, your emotions or your energy. If you use your emotions and try to reach the ultimate, we call this bhakti yoga. That means the path of devotion. If you use your intelligence and try to reach the ultimate, we call this gnana yoga. That means the path of intelligence. If you use your body, or physical action to reach the ultimate, we call this karma yoga. That means the path of action. If you transform your energies and try to reach the ultimate, we call this kriya yoga. That means internal action. source:
  9. Where can I find out my sun/moon?
  10. Hey Tell what you think of these practices and what you tried yourself? I feel I'm all over the place, lost in reading and trying something but then discovering something else and going in circles, never establishing a focus. I want to pick one school and dedicate at least 6 months to a year 1. I'll do a personality test also. I think it may help to choose more wisely?
  11. Just admit man, that was a brilliantly relevant point. You got what you asked
  12. You're stuck in black and white thinking. No complexity and nuance, at all.