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  1. how much i love this thread ❤️
  2. thanks for sharing, looks promising
  3. Hey, need your thoughts when I stop escaping by using an unhealthy coping behaviour, I experience emotional emptiness. I mostly feel this void in my chest. This emptiness is not spiritual emptiness nor it is sad, it just a feeling of nothing. like it's empty and very still, and I don't know how to feel about it. I'm used to experience a whole spectrum of emotions from very low to very high; and this emptiness is not even on Sedona emotional chart and I don't have any reference for it. it's quite foreign, uncomfortable and lonely but at the same time I crave to sit with that emptiness and get to know it more because it feels true. Is this emptiness a SHADOW? or is a shadow my ego side which runs away from this emptiness? Is this emptiness has to be faced and befriended for me to be able to let go and resolve this particular shadow? or there are some other layers to it I cannot see?
  4. I'm thinking to buy Kim's course on Shadow. I'm struggling with loneliness and that empty feeling I'm running away from. Is loneliness and emptiness of feeling A SHADOW?
  5. so good
  6. wow, what a legend ! mindfuck
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot takes me on other dimensions!
  8. This we can agree on 100% !
  9. I think you just like the song too much to call it turquoise when it's actually just a good quality a cappella song I mean i listen to ambient music a lot and feel like this is the freaking best stuff cause it's highly creative, often out of this world and literally is a tool for my enlightenment work and emotional development so maybe I could say it's also turquoise when for you it wouldn't be at all.
  10. its pure Yellow description. What's even turquoise music? It my be HIGHLY subjective. I have experienced turquoise music when was tripping on lsd, had ego death and literally became the music myself. This is more of a turquoise description for me, it's about BEING.
  11. nailed it