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  1. That is nonsense. It is not self validation. There are certain patterns that produce attraction that can be observed, expalined and systematized. The flaw of James Marshall, as he says in the video, is that he always use the same system and is not flexible depending of the situtaion, too robotic. If you want to know about Max, check The Natural, all his explanations are on point and he has like 20 infield analyzed on detail. I also like Julien but he does not have many infields, I have only seen the Starbucks one haha. He focus a lot in getting into the zone, that´s good.
  2. Man that comment is so good. I agree the pick up tools that Todd teach us are wonderful but he misses a lot of stuff about internal game, he is too rational. What do you think about Max?, he is the opposite of Todd, very natural game. These two are my favourite teachers and complement each other very well. Another one I like is Karisma King, he does not have a lot of infields though. He ranks James Marshall on an intermediate level haha
  3. I just check it, he has some Mystery 2005 vibes haha
  4. -forgive yourself, for not be perfectly aline with your goals, nobody is perfect, it is ok -relax the thinking about duties and goals, you already know what your goals are, you don´t need to think about it all the time -just take action; and if you don´t take action don´t think about taking action, do it or don´t do it but don´t create stories in you mind about that
  5. Psychological Types - Jung
  6. Very easy question: acceptance vs repression the higher the maturity of the psyche, the more it accepts disturbing events and vice versa
  7. You can´t take some time to watch pickup content and go out once in a while? Really? It sounds like an excuse.
  8. Thank you very much ardacigin! I tought that pity is silence and tranquilty and not energy and awareness of thoughts, my phenomenology fits very much with the MCTB A&P description. Anyways whatever it is is definitely an improvement in my path, I have a lot of motivation to keep practicing!
  9. Everything is appearing. So according to your logic we should not use any concept at all.
  10. That is a falacy that I see a lot here. You trust you direct experience, ok, but once you "process" your direct experience you are already creating a mental story. And that is created using language and social conditioning, language is socially constructed. The present itself is a mental story. The idea of "you have never experienced death, birth, or non-existence" is a mental story. The idea of mental story vs non mental story is a mental story itself. You see? All this spiritual ideas are not direct experience but a new ideology that comes to replace your previous materialistic ideology or whatever. You don´t see a enlighten buddist master speak like that at least it is for practice teaching reasons, their worldview is like a regular person, direct experience does not change that, just spiritual ideas does. For example Leigh Brasington is a buddhist master that has get the higher achievements in spiritually and his worldview is basically what they call in this forum scientific materialism, they will tell you he did not take enought 5 meo dmt, for me that is bs.
  11. @ardacigin very good info! I have recently been experiencing in my meditation what I think it is Arising and passing away. I experience my thoughts as physical sensations and I can see in real time how they go from one to another, it feels like I am not lose in daydreaming anymore but bravely aware of what the mind is doing in real time. This is accompanied by energy release sensations in my body like open the eyes like crazy, clench my jaw or head shakes; it feels very good and powerful. The image of Zeus or some greek god sumarize pretty well the experience: a lot of energy and fury + I feel like I am in control, no tought is cowerly hidden from me. My question is, do you know what stage I am in the TMI system? I read in reddit that A&P is stage 7 but I am not sure because my general meditation skills are pretty mediocre, before this I thought I was in stage 3 or 4 lol. I am very excited because finally meditation seems like it "does something". btw: I experienced this doing zazen (using the 6R from Bhante Vimalaramsi to not get involved in the hindrances a the begining) other meditation techniques with concentration object does not work for this to me
  12. Tell me what you are saying has to do with the understanding of dukkah.
  13. It is cause-effect. It is how mind undestand reality and how science work, this cause that. It was formalized for the Greeks. So you are telling me the most advance teaching of the Buddha is the same as regular people proccess reality?. No, it does not make sense. Dependent Origination means that phenomena is created by desire. You can see how craving origins suffer if you are awake and you can see how world is created if you exit cessation.
  14. What he teaches is very similar to TMI. Use the breath as an ancle and be aware of the mind and the same time. Nice!