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  1. Trump survives and now probably he is gonna win. Musk go with the winners since he needs the goverment to give him its ok to place out there his spaceships and cars. As easy as that.
  2. If those realms have ontological substance beyong the ego then please explain how is that after the ego is dissolved, the experiences of that realms are not experienced anymore. If they are structures of Reality (as you claim) and not of the self, then it should be possible to experience it both when self condition mateiral is present and after conditioning has been cleared; but it is not the case for the second one. Suspicious don´t you think? If the higher buddhist and advaita achievers thell you to forget about that BS is for a reason, they are ego hallucinations.
  3. Why do you agree? I asked Artem about the nature of material world. He says elightment only removes ego drama but material world can´t be transcended at least you die. Experiences of material alteration when taking high dose of psychedelics is just the ego-mind playing around (hallucinations), the proof form him is that, after enlightment, this hallucinations on psychedelics stop: It makes absolutely sense what he says there.
  4. That´s also my biggest dream, and not he end of the suffering. But I don´t think that is possible. The knowlodege obtained by the mind is not valid, it is just the self escaping from death, trough the creation of castles in the air. "Comprehension", "Metaphysics" these are only the ego pretending to be gigantic and nothing else...
  5. ("buddhist") Enlightment does not give you the final Relative interpretation of reality but the fall into the Absolute. Artem is a materialist atheist (consciousness is produced by the mind, nothing after death, etc) but you can also find arahats who are idealists, monists or whatever. The same way you can find not elighment people being materialist and not elighment people being idealists. Enlightment leads to the end off suffer produced by the self but your worldview is something you articulate trough reason and it is independent of that.
  6. For Leo Gura and some others yes, for Buddhism, it is not.
  7. Do you agree with Brahman/Atman/Absolute/God is not the ultimate Truth, Nothing is ultimate truth and relative reality/dualities arise with craving? It is an ugly metaphysics but it seems it is the truth...
  8. If I let go I lost my straight posture and I go into daydreaming. I never understand the let go thing. The times when I went deep into awaraness was trough a combiantion of super efford to be straight and concetrated in the present moment + very very relax. Sometimes I am so tired of doing thing that I let go, I lost my straight posture, my eyes get lazy, my neck go down and my mind start daydreaming by itself for hours. But this is not awakening. This is the opposive. I become lost in mind and away from the present moment.
  9. By awakening I mean classic buddhist nirvana awakening, not alien stuff. If awakening is the end of desire: Why does Frank Yang create videos? Why does Angelo Duilio write his book? Why does Peter Ralston organizes seminars? Does´t it come from the idea of present moment A is not complete ok so I have to achieve something in order to reach point B which is better? What is the difference between me writing a book and Angelo Diuilio writing a book? If desire/craving is completely erradicated I don´t get how can someone can make effors to achieve something. If they are 100% ok in the presen moment, why would they want to achieve stuff?
  10. mm and how do I know how much do I have to fill the microscoop? Depending how much I fill the scoop it can go from 5gm to 30mg. It would be good to have an augmented photo and what the vendor considers a scoop filled.
  11. He was a google engieneer (you can check his linkedin profile) that drop it to scam people on the internet to join his free or almost free online coaching. Yeah man, it makes sense, you people are insane. Before defame people on the internet you could even make a bit of research and at least ask to people that he states he have direct contact with (Daniel Ingram or Frank Yank). You can also watch his youtube videos at look him in the eyes and, if you have a minium of emotional intelligence, you will se he is not a scammer. That´s absolutly disrepectful.
  12. Sorry for my misinformation and thank you for your clarifications, that takes are very helpful. So according with you definitions what is the difference between and Arhat and A Buddha?
  13. It is not something that I rationally believe. It is something it is deep in my susconscious and involuntarily arise in deep sleep every 6 months or mayby 2 or 3 years. That´s also the source of my pessimism towards life that I carry since I have memory and the source of my maniac impulse to get achievements (including spirituallity) to ran away from death. I also feel that the idea of dissapear after death is the same that the idea of I don´t really exist right now, I am holding my fake self alive trough the creation of mental content all the time , it is hard to expalin. Here I explained the night death experience: btw that night experience was the last I had. I did not have any again. I attribute it to my mind is less clear and entertained with regular life goals and deep existencial material is even deeper repressed than ever
  14. Yeah, I feel it is all about fully acepting that after death I will dissapear forever which is the idea that I am respressing so hard because it is too terryfing (sometimes it arise during deep sleep and I wake up screaming like crazy), and all that repressing is my ego construction. I am doing hours of that buddhist exhausting meditations everyday and I feel like I am just playing games and it doesnt´do anything. I wanted to do it the "soft way", but it is not working at all...