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  1. You stop the rape based on you moral instint. Don put the reason in the equation here, nothing to do. There is more wisdom in instinct/insight than in reason.
  2. Love with capital L means it is ultimate truth. Love = Nothing = God = Ultimate Truth, that is what we are discussing here; Shinzen says he is not sure about this.
  3. Yep, you forget about the whole story for a moment, it happens when you sleep only a few hours
  4. Michael Taft for example took 700 trips of LSD and he is also an arahat and as long as I know he is a God denial. Maybe you and him are expressing the same with verty different language, I don't know, it is very confused.
  5. I don't know man, the thing is what you say and other masters says are very different and I don't know what should I believe you experience is ontologically superior (no ofense). The other guys looks like went deeper than you. And the OP and me are not the only ones who are confused whit this topic. Honestly I want to believe you because the idea that essence of reality is not Love but Nothing and after dead there is nothing broke my heart.
  6. Are you experiencing God right now while reading this or is it a memory of a insight you got in a pschycodelic trip?
  7. @CBDinfused as you have said it looks like God=Love is not ultimate really since it is and object and meditator can go deeper and get to Nothing. For me, for the moment I think buddhist atheist are right and God/Love enthusiastic people like Leo didn't get the higher stage of consciousness. Maybe I wrong. I can't see by myself at the moment since I am not and advanced mystic yet.
  8. Christianity triumphed because of its symbolic and moral power and other sociological reasons, not because the story of Jesus was historically accurate...
  9. The resurrection after 3 days was a recurrent myth in previous tradions. It didn't happen, it is just a myth, methapor or whatever you want to call it. All the myths about gods, miracles, resurrection, etc were not real but Jesus story is? why? wishful thinking.
  10. "Nothing exists outside your imagination of it." is a thought, so it is as false as "things exists independly of me" Solipsism is mental noise, it doesn't lead to anything. Stop that solipsism game, it is not enlightenment work, it is just mental masturbation.
  11. Why would someone be happy by having money? I don't understand. Money reduce your problems, just that, but it is not a big deal.
  12. In that time it looks like he believed that gettin big achiements in the relative world could make you really happy. Very materialistic paradigm. Precisely that is the opposite that spirituallity teaches: you don´t need to look for the happiness in future goals/desires but in the Present moment. I really like these videos, but honestly I don´t believe them. I believe everything is suffering as the story of Gautama teaches. Get a girlfriend? that feels good but after a while is part of your routine and you feel the same again. Get the job you want? it is good the firs day but then when it is part of your routine you will feel miserable inside. I don´t believe anything in the relative world could made me happy. Am I wrong?
  13. Because suffering is a narrative that mind builds.