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  1. Congratz men! It would be also great a brief description of your spiritual path/practise in that 5 years.
  2. This is about subjectiviy, it is not about sciencie. Science could at best record the brain changes that occur when the shake occurs, as they do with brain wave in meditation, but I don't think this is of much interest. I think you are still in a materialistic paradigm. If you are asking about literature about the subject, if I remember correctly, Freud and Jung writed about this stuff. In the bioenergy literature I am sure they also deal with things of this type.
  3. Shadow/trauma release or maybe ego release I guess, all the crow or priest support the idea that devil release is real so it is easy for that people to enter into that state. Theorically it is possible to get that through bioenergetics. By the way, that videos look fake but the fenomenonolgh exists.
  4. It is a classic idea in spirituality. It basically means enlightment is the end of desire so if you are doing something to reach enlighment you are doing it wrong because it is a desire itself. It is a paradox you have to deal with in your spiritual path.
  5. This is a common problem. Our society is very mental. Practice more grounded work (body work) like holotrophic breathing or bioenergetics. Also, maybe it is good for you the do nothing meditation (this is actually not a meditation, when you mediate you want to do something, here you dont have to malipulate things at all). Just sit and let everything happens happens, be aware you dont´have control over antything. If what happens is monkey mind all the time is totally ok, is how God decide to manifest, you cannot choose it Self enquiry is for advanced people. If you are still highly neurotic, probablity is not the best exercise for you.
  6. Yes! You formulate the problem very well. I could formulate the question of Love/suffer in a different way: Is life worth living if you're not elighten? Is God in the daily life of people who live in their ego? Is there brightness in their lives? Does your view of ordinary people's lives change when you reach enlightenment? If yes, is this change in your point of view genuine? RIght now I think their lives are suffer. Now I guess more non-dualistic rethoric. Why don´t you people can be humble and say "I don´t know"?. No, it is not all about subjectivity, it si not all about non-duality. The words exists, the relative world exists, others exist.
  7. You are answering yourself. Pyschodelics can produce mystical experiences. The you need to work through meditation to ground that experiences.
  8. It is useful to learn AQAL, otherwise subjectivism can be a problem to face reality, as we can see with extreme modalities of posmodernity these days. For example, in a cartoonish way: - Student: Professor, which is the speed of light - Professor: There are no speed or light, can you experience that concepts? they are just concepts created by society Of course the professor is right, but he is inoperative. But yeah, I get your point, it could be bad for the spiritual path if you take that map in a metaphysical way . You just need to know that it is a useful tool but is not very deep stuff and ultimatley there is no disctincions of any kind. Both approaches are useful.
  9. I disagree with that subjectivitic view. I don't think mysticism explain everything. Anyway, I am open to all that possibilities. This thread was a little bit playing devil’s advocate to see how the people answer to the question so I could get any insight. I will try to go deep with all the stuff you teach and I will see what happens.
  10. You cannot use language to grasp the Absolute. So why are you writing in this forum?
  11. You are right. It is all about experience, categories are not useful. But then, what is the goal of your videos? you are transmitting ideas, thoughts, words, categories, there. If ideas are not useful all then why do you do that? Maybe they are actually useful in some sense and worth the effort to work with them instead of answer typical non-dual answers. Language is a tool and the goal is get the closest you can to reality without "broken it".
  12. It makes all the difference. It is the most important question of the history of philosophy since Aristotle. It is classically expressed as the relationship between the Absolute and the relative. It is the final piece to make sense of the Being, is there a "good" or "neutral" essence? Let's see in the future how can I see through the eye of others. I would really like to believe that suffer is just a manfistation of Love too. In some sense it is like homeopathy, you need to believe to be healthed. Good night.
  13. so love and suffer are the same? suffer is also a expression of Love?