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  1. If I let go I lost my straight posture and I go into daydreaming. I never understand the let go thing. The times when I went deep into awaraness was trough a combiantion of super efford to be straight and concetrated in the present moment + very very relax. Sometimes I am so tired of doing thing that I let go, I lost my straight posture, my eyes get lazy, my neck go down and my mind start daydreaming by itself for hours. But this is not awakening. This is the opposive. I become lost in mind and away from the present moment.
  2. By awakening I mean classic buddhist nirvana awakening, not alien stuff. If awakening is the end of desire: Why does Frank Yang create videos? Why does Angelo Duilio write his book? Why does Peter Ralston organizes seminars? Does´t it come from the idea of present moment A is not complete ok so I have to achieve something in order to reach point B which is better? What is the difference between me writing a book and Angelo Diuilio writing a book? If desire/craving is completely erradicated I don´t get how can someone can make effors to achieve something. If they are 100% ok in the presen moment, why would they want to achieve stuff?
  3. mm and how do I know how much do I have to fill the microscoop? Depending how much I fill the scoop it can go from 5gm to 30mg. It would be good to have an augmented photo and what the vendor considers a scoop filled.
  4. He was a google engieneer (you can check his linkedin profile) that drop it to scam people on the internet to join his free or almost free online coaching. Yeah man, it makes sense, you people are insane. Before defame people on the internet you could even make a bit of research and at least ask to people that he states he have direct contact with (Daniel Ingram or Frank Yank). You can also watch his youtube videos at look him in the eyes and, if you have a minium of emotional intelligence, you will se he is not a scammer. That´s absolutly disrepectful.
  5. Sorry for my misinformation and thank you for your clarifications, that takes are very helpful. So according with you definitions what is the difference between and Arhat and A Buddha?
  6. It is not something that I rationally believe. It is something it is deep in my susconscious and involuntarily arise in deep sleep every 6 months or mayby 2 or 3 years. That´s also the source of my pessimism towards life that I carry since I have memory and the source of my maniac impulse to get achievements (including spirituallity) to ran away from death. I also feel that the idea of dissapear after death is the same that the idea of I don´t really exist right now, I am holding my fake self alive trough the creation of mental content all the time , it is hard to expalin. Here I explained the night death experience: btw that night experience was the last I had. I did not have any again. I attribute it to my mind is less clear and entertained with regular life goals and deep existencial material is even deeper repressed than ever
  7. Yeah, I feel it is all about fully acepting that after death I will dissapear forever which is the idea that I am respressing so hard because it is too terryfing (sometimes it arise during deep sleep and I wake up screaming like crazy), and all that repressing is my ego construction. I am doing hours of that buddhist exhausting meditations everyday and I feel like I am just playing games and it doesnt´do anything. I wanted to do it the "soft way", but it is not working at all...
  8. What is the best I can do right now in that direction of enlightenment? Artem Boytsov Spiritual teacher at True Freedom Teachings (2019–present)Updated 4y Right now? Nothing. The best thing you can do right now in the direction of enlightenment is try to do literally nothing (beyond what your body needs to survive such as eating). It will probably be very hard. You will feel restlessness, boredom, anxiety. You will start thinking that it’s all very silly, stupid, you are wasting your time or jeopardizing your chances in life to get ahead. How long will it take? What if I run out of money? Then you will start seeking excuses to do something to relieve yourself from the discomfort of simply being with yourself, with no goal, no agenda. Observe. Can someone reach the enlightenment while living a busy lifestyle inside the society? Artem Boytsov Spiritual teacher at True Freedom Teachings (2019–present)4y No. Sorry, not possible. Enlightenment is focusing inwards, you can’t be both focused inwards and outwards at the same time. The busy lifestyle inside the society will invariably disintegrate, if only temporarily, and the period of isolation is pretty much universal. You have to be ready for it. Once it’s complete, you can return to society but the society will no longer be a part of you That is not very helpful... You are basically proposing going sucide (metaphorically) mode. I always have the intuition that it is highly effective but I don´t want to ruin my life. It is a very hard decission. I still think I can follow a regular mediation routine towards elighment and keep goin with my life like Frank Yang or Daniel Ingram did.
  9. @Artem What is the quickest way to progress in the spiritual path towards enlightment? Also, do you have some blog, youtube channel or something where you publish content?
  10. He is right. Arahats are not affected by pschycodelics, confirmed by arahats: Daniel Ingram, Frank Yang, Michael Taft, Shinzen Young, Erhart Tolle and the Ram Dass histroy about Neem Karoli Baba.
  11. brother I have been doing holtropic breathing for the last 7 years, it is a child game, it is the same that LSD or MDMA, it gives you the emotional release and all your body buzz after you do it but after some hours you go back to your default mode, it does not cure me I stop doing it becuase the amount of efford that requieres to breath that hard for 45 min is not compensated for the results.
  12. I see the only practical tool they offer in their videos is creaming. And it is not even possible to do if you live in an apartment in a city. Also a point I want to make regarding this "social conditionaing battle" this people are proposing. I truly believe if I set free my emotions and what I really want to express, I will go full demonic and I will ruin my life, I will get arrested for public scandal, people will reject me for being a weird maniac and I will lost my job. I have aanger and agression agains society reprresed inside me but I feel I can´t release it because I will hurt me and other people. I tried energy work, holotropic breathing, LSD, etc, but this little energy relase looks "fake", what my body ask me is real release in fron of the eyes of society (it is like masturbating but what you really want is sex). I am still trying to finding out a "healthy way" to release this energy without making a fuss and fucking my life. Goin demonic/animal mode feels super good but it can very easly ruin my life.. If social condition exists is for something. In my path towards de Absolute I feel I need to embrace this "demonic" part of reality, otherwise there is alway a fight, a duality between what society expect me to do vs my animal feeling, but I can´t find a healthy way to express it... Maybe I need to take risk and kick a couple of asses? Idk
  13. Maan, and the the murderer's desire to strangle the victim to death is a a desire of release trough the death of the vicitim, which is projection of his desire of disolving his ego into the Absolute and stop suffering. But this does not make murder something good to pursue. What kind of reasoning is that haha
  14. Actually, I feel they are contradictory... To get into the Truth you need a very very strong intention to get into the truth, into the present moment, whatever it is. If you are in the orange path you are entertained, you are addicted to the improvements your ego is making and you put aside existential/spiritual issues. I got massive spiritual improvement 5 years ago, in a bad life moment, when I put everything aside and my only goal was Truth, 24/7. I suspect that this orange shit is just evil to make us keep rolling on the wheel of samsara.
  15. I am oriented towards spiritual pursuit but my ego is goal oriented. This, lets say, spiral dynamics orange cravings can be summarize in 1) money 2) status 3) woman abundance 4)aesthtetics and muscular body 5) be recognized by society for something I have produced/I am I try to combine this two areas. I do holotropic breathing, I mediate 2 or 3 hours per day, and, in the other side, I work to build my business, go to the gym to get muscle, build my social media to pick up girls, etc. The problem is it does not seems to work since my Orange craving seems to obscure the spiritual path and when I am meditating my mind just want start thinking about how can I get more chicks the next day, work more efficitely in my business, etc. Recently, I am very driven by this thing since they are working good and my meditation is worst every year since I don´t really care about it too much anymore, the other things are more appealing. However, deep in my heart, I know the most important thing to do is spirituality. So the two solutions I see are 1)Quit spirituallity completly for a couple of years until I complete everything and I burn all the karma and that ego thrist is not appeal anymore -this is an option that Leo recommended- or 2) Really fight and reject this desire and extra focus on spirituallity.