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  1. Banned the best user of the forum. Last months I was login into the forum only to read the posts of that guy. .
  2. I have been evaluating my goals every day for the last 15 years so I don´t see there is much to find there. I am not confused at all. My path is clear, but my feelings don´t align.
  3. Yes, my procrastination tells me that I don´t really care about my goals, I don´t care about anything, relative things exhaust me so much. I just want absolute freedom, I want nothingness, no more hindrances. But for the other part I feel that is not correct to abandomn the world and I have to upgrade my characater...
  4. My life alternates between this two opposing principles.. On one hand, there are my goals, whose steps I have to complete to achieve them I dislike. On the other hand, there is the immediate appetite, which is to do nothing and be lost in my mind, consume dump content on the internet, sleep, etc. For many years, I have gone through phases where I work hard to reach my goals, but eventually the desire for pleasure wins and I stop. Later, I feel guilty for not pursuing my goals and start working hard again. This phases can happens all in a single days or in different periods of time. There is always this constant struggle between what my mind wants (principle of reality) and what my body wants (principle of pleasure), which is extremely draining. Is there a way to escape this cycle or make it more manageable? Or am I doomed to struggle with it forever?
  6. You remember what interests you. If you are not interested in that matters, maybye you don´t have to read the book in the first place.
  7. It is recommended to smile when you open or talk to a girl, so you look friendly, happy and not creepy. However, I feel more authentic when I am serious face since it is how I really feel, and many times I feel that authetiticty and coherence with my feelings is well recieved by the woman. Sometimes I notice I am rejected because of my "sadness" but I still feel good since I feel I showed my true self. So for the moment I am going to keep avoiding smiling if I don't feel like it. What your experience on this?
  8. So, did you get a job? No. Why? Because you don´t have a degree so you can´t even get an internship job. Keep studying and stop fantasizing.
  9. Am I the only one that doesn´t know how to answer most of the questions and whatever answer I give seems fake? I don´t feel I am a character with a single orientation as questions suggest, it looks fake to me. I feel I am psychopath and a saint at the same time; all that tendencies inhabit in me. All I can describe are what I dispaly in reality instead of my subjective tendencies. From an external POV I try to be nice and educated with people and I don´t hurt anybodoy. I think that´s what matters.
  10. What prevents you from doing pick up an treat woman humanly at the same time? don´t get your point
  11. Or just go to the gym and start doing cold approach and stop playing manifesting mental games. Get in shape solved my social anxiety problem when I was young and getting good at pick up multiplied my self confidence. This are the two more direct and no BS ways to build strong ego.
  12. I also don´t see the point. I think he is brainwashed by this american protestant ideology of being the best, work very hard, get achievements, etc.
  13. sounds, thoughts, sensations, etc? or awareness always need and object to be?
  14. You are mixing a lot of stuff. 1. If you are in a role of power you need to take some "inmoral" decisions to avoid big problem. Maybe a government has to kill 100 people to avoid that 100.000 die. So what? 2. Elliot Hulse is powerful from an "animalistic" pov, like Tate, you put him in a group and he probabliy fastly become leader and woman will turn towards him. 3. Everybody has a "fundamental" intepretation of reality, he is a chatolic; Leo Gura has spiral dynamics, etc. You need a bias over reailty to be funcional in the world, otherwise you will be vegetal or static in a cave like Ramana Mahasi. You cannot be in the Absolute all the time and need some Relative interpretation of reality. The most generous people I have meet were chatolic, so why do you say being a chatolic fundamentalist has not very high standards for "morality? You and can find moral people in all religions.
  15. There are ways to express that thirst for power and masculine energy without becoming a sociopath like Tate. Elliot Hulse is an example, he is a powerful guy but has moral standards.