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  1. yes, it should de done that way so you and the girl have more privacy
  2. Very true. Chulo means cool but only for objects, for people means presumptuous or pimp so not good haha, the closest you could say is "guay" but still pretty wierd. Then second bar you mention sounds good for mixed groups, I take note of that.
  3. Thank you, that is very good idea! "What's the best drink here?" does not many sense at least it is a place where they sell rare coctels, otherwise I am sure people will cringe at me since all the clubs sell the basic stuff haha The other 2 are very good but don´t make sense transalted to my language since there are no way to translate cool withouth being wierd or gay. Please if some spanish speaker here let me know if you find some good equivalent bars! I'm good at improvising but definetly need some can material to break the ice.
  4. As you probably know, one of the thing that is recommended to nightgame is talk with everybody, woman and men, to enter in the zone and be perceived as a social guy. But I don´t know what to say to people. For the girls I want to pick up , I open with "I like your style" or just "I like you", but for rest of the people I don´t know what the hell say them at least they wear some custom or a shirt about something and we can talk about that, which is not very usual, otherwise I don´t say anything to people. Any idea?
  5. What I want is feel good. When I am with the girl I feel good.
  6. Your answer is so good. I will work in that direction. Thank you.
  7. The only possibility I conceive of stop desire and be fullfill in the Present Moment is trough getting a great physical-psychic. How? Easy. My default state is unpleasant so I desire to be loved by the girl I want because, based on my previous experience I feel a high pleasure in that situation. If I get a pleasure in the Present Moment higher than the pleasure of being loved for the woman then I would forget the last one and be chill in the present moment. I experienced this with drugs and it is exactly like that. But enlighemtment is not about pleasure right?
  8. I have never been able to digest this spiritual idea. How is it possible to feel that my crush is loving me, contemplating the Present Moment? How is it possible to feel the freedom of being financial free contemplating the Present Moment? How is it possible to feel the power of being high status contemplating the Present Moment? I guess the experience of radical solipsisms is need so there is no girl, no finance, no society anymore, to really get all I want in the Present Moment¿?, otherwise I don´t see how it is possible. I don´t think I can remove the desire of love and being loved for other persons at least I get to the conclusion that those persons are an ilusion, that they don´t exist, but I am not sure I want to get there...
  9. Isn´t is the same that people say in this forum? that Reality is God which is One or not separated (on an Asolute level) but at the same time they refer, at Relevative level, separe thing: me, you, it, etc.
  10. Man do you even know what a myth is? In the past there was not that differece between "objective reality", in this case history and "subjective/pschysical experience" that´s why religion made sense. Religion does not make sense anymore since the xviii century because civlization made a distions there between objective reality aka science and subjective stuff. For me nor the science nor the religion is true but I have to choose a frame to understand reality, chistianism is the better that current scienctific worldviews.
  11. God= Christ Holy Trinity is a theological tool that tries to explain the paradox of how God can be one and at the same time encarnate in Jesus. But it is something intelectual. In practice catholics don´t know much about Holy Trinity nor care about it. They believe in God, who at the same time is represented by Christ, end.
  12. Do you duties first. Read the Alchemist at the end of the day as a reward, once you have finished your tasks.
  13. I don´t understand the 2 reasons you give. God is one in christinaty and equeal to Christ. The Holy Trinity is a theological idea that tries to explain the relationship between Absolute and relative but not a core point in faith. However in catholicism there are a lot of virgins and saints, that are the evolution of ancient pagan cults, sometimes even more relevant to people that Jesus itself, some we could say catholicism is highly influenced by polytheism.
  14. Ok, I have tried the trick and it does not work at all, 0 likes, 0 matches. I don´t get I, I am pretty handsome, it seems like the app is restricting me for some reason
  15. I will try the boost trick he says, if it does not work either I will stop trying. I don´t know what´s wrong, I am good looking and girls like me in real life. Looks like girls are just in this app to boost their egos, not to actually meet guys. Probably need to hire a proffesional photographer as other user says, but don´t want to spend money in that.