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  1. @Gnosis I already agree with that. It just seems to me like Leo is becoming more attached to one particular view rather than tolerating more views. And it's not just me, many people who seem also loving, caring, and responsible are noticing the same thing. It's fine. You're welcome whenever you feel ready.
  2. @Gnosis Leo should take down all of his previous videos. His awakening was incomplete.
  3. I should re-phrase; So, I should just trust that every decision Leo makes is the best decision for me and everyone else on the forum, or say for humanity? Everything I'm saying is an attempt to get this forum to perfection, even though I am grateful that it's already perfect. Freedom is beautiful. Yet, mixed with responsibility and respect for other perspectives it's magnificent.
  4. So, I should trust that every decision Leo takes is the best decision? Assuming that you're speaking for him of course. Sure. I'm sorry.
  5. I would call that state a complete satisfaction of all the senses including the mind, or what we call 'ego-death'. I think awakening is a specific term for the satisfaction of the mind, although not necessarily alone. For example, I might have a moment of complete understanding, yet still desire food or sex. I would still consider that an awakening. In this context, a scientific discovery can be described as an awakening too. @Eph75 I agree with you on everything except on the distraction part. Without a destination, distractions do not exist. Is there a destination? For me, it's up to me whether I want to create a destination or not.
  6. @Enlightenment Is that a quote from Leo? @Bill W I don't think it's arrogant as long as there's a capacity for discussion. And I agree with you on the definition. Yes, although locking multiple threads of debatable quality for multiple users while high on 5-Meo does not give me the impression of much nuance.
  7. @mandyjw The fast food analogy does not fit here because we could easily draw scientific data to the table. With awakening, it's very different. If Leo is still seeking awakening, then he's by definition not awake. You can't seek the absolute, because all seeking is in the relative domain (assuming that there's an absolute and a relative). In simpler terms, Leo's personal truths are Leo's personal truths and my personal truths are my personal truths. At least, that's what we used to be told here. @Nahm Okay.
  8. To you, at the moment. Or so you say. Yes. And I'm reacting because history shows that it does not work out. To you, at the moment. Or so you think.
  9. And why is Leo the exception here? I understand that it's his forum, but that sounds hypocritical to me. Just because I own the stage does not give me the right to do magic tricks and then claim that my tricks are highest truth and all other tricks are inferior, or false and shut them down. If this is a free space for sharing information, then all information should be allowed. Sure, Leo is free to change his mind whenever he wants, but then I should get notified that actualized.org has become a religion and that free thinking is not welcome anymore.
  10. I love this! I'll share it in my thread if that's okay because it fits very well there.
  11. I think it's very important to emphasise here that the relativity is attributed to the person's point of view which is also relative. So, it's only misinformation and unconsciousness from Leo's point of view. From other points of view, it may be the exact opposite. There's a trap here of monopolising God and awakening, and I honestly don't like the sound of it, especially with Leo now pursuing complete awakening, it will make that trap even more tricky.
  12. In my view, there's nothing but awakening. It's not something that I need to "go and awaken to". Awakening is happening all the time. We are never not going deeper. Wouldn't you agree? Okay, but why is that?
  13. I've noticed Leo locking 4 different threads with the justification that the posters aren't completely woke, and therefore their insights are somehow incorrect or misleading. Let's take a closer look; An incorrect insight is literally impossible in Leo's dictionary, because an insight is necessarily true. A misleading insight sounds about right, but that's always the case, from religion to any other school, teacher, or teaching. Even Actualized.org is not an exception. This problem probably stems from the gap in understanding between two people, nothing more. What does Leo mean by "complete awakening"? And if he's already there, then why is he on a pursuit of complete awakening right now?