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  1. @pluto8 I didn't realise the hand posture was so important. I don't usually do the loop (Gyana Mudra?), only occasionally for yoga. I normally do Dhyana mudra, right hand over left in my lap. More out of habit I suppose, from when I practiced Buddhism, now it's just comfortable. Probably the loop stands out more in public though.
  2. Well, round here in the UK, meditation, yoga, mindfulness etc is becoming better known and respected, so seeing more people doing it helps to make it more mainstream and plants seeds in some people's minds about starting or renewing a practice. I've sometimes meditated cross legged in the remote countryside while nobody was watching, once while meditating by a river, some people did see me. Nothing much happened apart from triggering some stories in my mind, as a by product of my anxieties about what others think of me.
  3. So true, sadly, but racism becomes a problem in stage orange societies which just need good educated workers and race is irrelevant to profit. Immigration becomes a hot potato between blue and orange.
  4. Historically yes I think you have a point, but now with modern technology we rely less on physical evolution.. I can wear sunscreen in Kenya, or take vitamin D supplement in Greenland, for example. Mixed / inter-raciaial relationships are now common and accepted in industrialised countries.
  5. Yes, it's not here actually, but it it is here imaginatively. And that imagination creates this whole drama which I’m trying to defend. The whole of human history and evolution sprang from it. Without it, what would life be like, a SD turquoise human species, is I suppose what I'm trying to understand.
  6. Reconciling the apparent opposites such as: unity and diversity, wholeness and separation, peace and conflict, freedom and security. Etc.
  7. True, but ... without my ego I have no survival instinct, my parents wouldn't have worked so hard for our family, I wouldn't strive for mine. So, yes, ego is conflict, but without it, can the human race survive?
  8. Depends where you live, and if you mind what reaction you get. Somewhere multicultural and liberal, chances are no-one will bat an eyelid. Conservative and monocultural areas, you'll get some looks and name calling, but how would you react to it? Might get some funny looks if it's cold weather lol! I think its a great idea too btw, but not sure if I'm brave enough
  9. No problem at all, as long as you see the difference between the actuality and the belief. The territory and the map. The problem is, we spend so much time in abstract beliefs, we're asleep to what's real. Awake to what's actual, what the word points to.
  10. @VeganAwake Good explanation thanks. Where I need to spend more time is around this apparent distinction between Imaginary and Real. For if we accept the existence of Imagination, that implies an opposite which could be called Real. The borders are a creation of mind; the unity on which the borders are projected is presumably not imaginary? This duality of real vs imaginary reminds me I'm stuck in relativity, in thought. When I'm meditating, I'm not thinking about it like this, so it's not a problem. I'd better stop rambling now, I've already side-tracked this thread enough (sorry @BipolarGrowth )
  11. @BipolarGrowth Respect! You're a pioneer I'd love to hear how you get on. I'd say you can expect some opposition from people who believe in a separate God. Good luck!
  12. Non-real isn't quite the same thing as non-existence. Non-real includes the category of imaginary things, as you say, so his imaginary friend does exist, in a sense. Are you a realist? Do you really exist, the bricks in your home, the trees etc? Is physical stuff more real than imaginary stuff? Is it all imaginary, as idealists believe? If you say that something doesn't exist, you must have thought of it first, imagined it, to say that. So it does exist in an imaginary sense! BTW I'm not trying to be clever or prove a point, or beat anyone in debating here. This is just an inquiry.
  13. @BipolarGrowth how do you get on with other Mormons when you talk to them about nonduality? If you do mention it that is, or do you keep it secret? (The secret at the source of all religion!)
  14. aren't you therefore creating a separation between real and not-real?
  15. yes I remember that thread ... I seem to remember that vegan got grounded for a while for it how does it relate to this one?
  16. Release feelings by accepting them and giving them space to be, and go through their process, working in they way they need to. Then they release themselves naturally. Also gives you the chance to contemplate and see what you are mourning for. Life is the process through birth, growth, decline and death many times over - I wonder if this mourning is for you previous self, as in the passing of your childhood or youth - sorry I don't know how old you are and I'm too polite to ask I can relate to that, if it is the root of your feeling, as I'm going through middle age externally, but on the level of pure awareness I feel ageless. Strange that ? (PS An aside - I just discovered all these other cool emojis apart from the basic ones on the toolbar at the top! Been meaning to ask someone where they are ?️ )
  17. Sorry to hear you're going through this. Stress, brainfog and vagueness is not unusual, but a slit in your skull is not one I've come across before - I'm assuming this is a feeling you have rather than an actual wound in your skull? Even so it seems pretty heavy to send you to a psychiatric hospital, are they doing some investigations to get a diagnosis? Are you there voluntarily or not? This sounds like anxiety and stress building up to a panic attack. If that's what it is, they are not so unusual either and treatable so please don't worry and I'd recommend working with the professionals and giving your diagnosis and treatment a chance to work and help you. Meditation and relaxation, healthy diet and exercise, good sleep pattern, are all beneficial too and most progressive therapists these days should approve.
  18. This is a theory until you experience it for yourself. But my current level of understanding is: No 'body and mind' as separate things. There is body-mind as a single thing, but appear as two when we're in a dualistic state. Therefore, when I glimpse nonduality, the awareness and contents (thoughts, feelings, sense perceptions etc) are one with the awareness. That is, reality is self-aware, panpsychism if you like. "can i notice awareness ?" Try. Can you create a layer of awareness, above awareness, looking at it as an object? If that's what you mean. The ego thinks it is separate and capable of this, but I've never managed it. I end up like a dog chasing its own tail
  19. You have values and principles, care about other people, not manipulating them for selfish reasons, that's good, you have empathy and see it from the other's point of view. Good again, it's not just about the money, you have found something you like doing. The thing is, freedom to run your business doing what you love comes at the price of insecurity. You are working in the free market, with no limit on how much money you can make, or lose. If you want a safe income, security, you need to give up your freedom and be a wage slave working for someone else (like me ha ha). But that's an illusion anyway, or at least the security is only relative, we can lose our jobs. Ultimately we have to lose everything in the long run when we die. In the meantime we need to know ourselves well enough to see what lifestyle is the best fit for us.
  20. There's plenty of millionaires around who are still insecure about losing their money, health, looks etc. But you're young and insightful enough to avoid falling into that trap of negative motivation (I need to get money because I'm afraid of being poor) rather than positive motivation (I'm doing what I love and getting rewarded well for it). What is your motivation for your life choices? Is this (university, job, landlord) your life purpose, your passion, or are you doing it mainly for the money without really enjoying the work? Did you choose these things yourself, or were you influenced by other people like family, friends, teachers? No judgement of you or anybody, we all need to earn a living, but it helps to be in touch with our inner feelings which inform our outward choices. By the way, you've got lots of positives to celebrate, being financially independent and standing on your own feet at a young age, you've learned some awesome life skills already
  21. The Biblical sources have a way about them of multiple interpretations, sometimes because (like this quote) they're cryptic to begin with; othertimes because they are in the form of stories & parables. I like the meanings already given, I'd just add the Buddhist idea of impermanence. Trying to cling to your life and make it permanent in an impermanent reality causes you to suffer and lose the happiness you have. Instead, to make a good life we need to dive in and surf the flow and waves! I'd also compare this quote with the parable about the mustard seed (I forget the Bible reference) but essentially the seed needs to die to its form as a seed, in order to carry on living as a mustard plant. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form
  22. @afy355 Greetings and welcome to the forum Sorry to hear you've been going through this, 4 years is a long time. I'm no kind of expert at this, but if the LSD caused this problem then I'd recommend avoiding any non-prescribed drugs and trying natural methods as your therapist suggests like meditation, yoga, etc. Out of interest do you do any competitive games or sports? Just a thought that competing could emphasise your sense of self, while being outside in the world - as well as getting some exercise too.
  23. This is like the relation between duality and non-duality, or relative and absolute. We are still 'Being' whilst in the middle of 'doing' but for me anyway, these feel like separate states. In reality (or so I believe), the absolute contains the relative, non-duality contains duality, being contains doing. However for now, I practice Resting in Being as a meditation technique, as if it's taking a break from doing. Even though I schedule a time slot and everything so it looks like doing something!
  24. Hi, yes I've been following your journal through the breakup, took a while to reply because my life's pretty hectic too! Sorry to hear you've been going through this, it's a tough time I can tell. But you're doing great at reflecting and contemplating your way through it; my advice is to continue this learning process and don't feel you need to rush into anything new, on the rebound, or to fulfil anyone else's expectations until you're good and ready (I'm still learning after 15 years married!) You're already complete and perfect as you are
  25. Too much red meat is known to be unhealthy, is linked to bowel cancer and high cholesterol. But a modest amount in a balanced diet is fine. I used to be vegetarian and vegan for a while, but got fed up with other people telling me what I was allowed to eat. I don't know much about farming effects on wildlife, but all types destroy habitats to some extent don't they? And use up water + other resources.