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  1. From where you have this information? MDMA is a relatively safe drug, even in official PTSD therapy they are doing a therapy session every 2 weeks. The dangers of MDMA come with the party settings (being in a hot room, sweating a lot without drinking enough water, taking large amounts and combining it with alcohol)
  2. did you just make an other account to agree with yourself lol xD?
  3. @LfcCharlie4 thanks so much for posting this! I am almost 4 weeks off caffeine now and it's totally life changing for me! Better and longer concentration, better sleep, calmer mind, more meditative just generally feeling much better Gotta say the first week was pretty hard and it took about 2-3 weeks to go back to normal but more then worth it.
  4. Of course you can cultivate it.. The first step for me was to realize I don't know anything and from that on I became very curious about things.
  5. The time I smoked weed on the peak of 500ug lsd and inhaled a nitrous ballon after that I am still not sure what actually happend lol
  6. Here is a page from "The Psychedelic Experience" by Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner It's for the re-entry after ego-death but it also helps in other confusing states. It always helped me so far! Basically its a concentration exercise. O (insert name) You have still not understood what is happening. So far you have been searching for your past personality. Unable to find it, you may begin to feel that you will never be the same again, That you will come back a changed person. Saddend by this you will feel self-pity, You will attempt to find your ego, to regain control. So thinking, you will wander here and there, Ceaselessly and distractredly. Different images of your future self will be seen by you; The one you are headed for will be seen most clearly. The special art of these teachings is particulary important at this moment. Whatever image you see, Meditate upon it as coming from the Buddha- That level of existence als exists in thhe Buddha. This is an exceedingly profound art. It will free you from your present confusion. Mediatate upon (name of pretecttive ideal) for as long as possible. Visualize him as a form produced by a magician, Then let this image melt away, Starting with the extremities, Till nothing remains visible. Put yourself in state of Clearness and Voidness; Abide in that state for a while. Then mediate again on your protective ideal. Then again on the Clear Light. Do this alternately. Afterwards, allow your own mind also to melt away gradually. Wherever the air pervades, conciousness prevades. Wherever consciousness pervades, serene ecstasy pervades. Abide tranquilly inn tthe uncreated state of serenity. In that state, paranoid rebirth will be prevented. Perfect enlightennment will be gained.
  7. Thats not true. You need to put a Liquid pad like this: in it.. I use the gvg for years and I never put any herb in it.. I also used oil pipes but the gvg is much smoother because you dont burn the substance at all and you can take much deeper cooler hits
  8. that should be leos signature lol
  9. I recommend the book: Man and His Symbols by C.G Jung It's basically about the symbolic language in our dreams (pm me If you want the e-book)
  10. most of the time I do nothing but sometimes when I find it helpful to focus on my energys while relaxing the body
  11. thanks for the report! I like how you structured it like a real german lol did you have tolerance or no?
  12. I always think about that it would be really interesting to see how many Moojiji and Sadhguru follower woke up but there is no way to know that I guess also Sadhguru always says he never touched a substance so I doubt he done psychedelics
  13. Yes it is truly magical.. You know I could write whatever I want but it wont explain what I mean, maybe substance is not the perfect word but its the best way I can describe it from my experience. I also cant deny that it when you say love is a feeling because everything is love.. I am not saying love is a higher form beyond humans.. what I am saying is that humans are made of infinite love. You could connect the word to a warm feeling or the way your mom cares about you but love is infinite and once you stop holding on and let go you will explode with love for no reason. How could it not be available for everyone if its your nature? You dont have to master anything as I said let go of fear and you will see that you are it
  14. Love is the substance from which everything is made of "Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and the most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery." Rumi Beautiful how he describes the things you cant put in words