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  1. Why not go to a club and look who is also "on the hunt" then just go up to him and talk. I see lots of dudes trying to hit solo on girls when I am going out
  2. what channel do you mean? I got the technic from a book called "The Multi Orgasmic Man", very good book!
  3. How did you heal your trauma? Was there a realization about the situation or something?
  4. Yeah I do a hour meditation every morning and also other exercises. I now want to get into Sexual Kung-Fu that seems like a more usefull way of doing it.
  5. Lol that made me think back and I realized every time I had something with a girl they picked me up Not sure if thats good or bad
  6. I did 100 days once and it didn't chance that much. Sometimes I had lots of energy not a huge difference
  7. I quit nicotine, weed and caffeine in the past and caffeine was definitely the hardest one to quit for me. Check out this thread
  8. Love shpongle, saw them live the vibe there was insane.. you didn't need psychedelics to feel high. Are you Shpongled? Is my favorite album and I also like lots of Raja Rams solo stuff, he is at ozora every year and still looking good @Carl-Richard you should look into the Grateful Dead
  9. Yeah let us know! I also want to try plugging freebase, so far I have only smoked it. Someone here also said he just snorted freebase maybe I will try this first. With what dose you start plugging freebase?
  10. Maybe im wrong (haven't tried it) but I remember that Leo said it here.