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  1. To be honest so far nothing has changed for me lol.. I go to work, read books, do my practices and go out in Nature. Never been a very outgoing person and nothing I enjoy more then being with myself one good thing is I dont have to tell my friends I don't want to hang out because I already have other stuff planned ^^
  2. thanks for letting us know
  3. Yes small doses 5-MeO are comperable to high doses LSD and if you don't intent to breaktrough you probably gonna benefit more from LSD for example. Anyway if you want to try it why not?
  4. It can go both ways in my experience. You can kind of mess up your energy if you don't really know what you are doing but you also can unlock blockades and release stuck energys if you let it flow.
  6. Yeah I also use the vapor genie for NN-DMT and 5-MeO Love it! But some people say a dab rig is even better especially for NN-DMT and it’s not really expensive.
  7. Yeah I heared that too. I didn't try it but leo did and he said never again because it burns like hell. As far I know the best way is to vape it. In an other forum I read they use dab rigs to smoke it and that it should be the best way.
  8. You can do it that way but you waste lots of dmt
  9. Sadhguru is shitting on psychedelics of course he is not awake
  10. A cheap and easy way is the classic oil pipe (crack pipe) you put the dmt in and hold the flame a bit a way from the glass so it doenst touch it. While doing that roll the pipe around with your fingers and do this for like 20 secs until the dmt is all fluid. Then put the pipe in your mouth and keep heating it while taking big hits. You need to train a bit to get enough of the smoke in your lungs. yeah but it varys from 30-50 mgs. 70mg is really alot
  11. If you need 70mg to breaktrough you do something wrong. 30mg is enough to breaktrough with NN-DMT if you do it correct. Take big hits and hold the smoke in for about 15 secs and dont burn the dmt directly with a flame.