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  1. I know they are making ayahuasca which has also 5-meo dmt in it but I dont think what you said exists
  2. wow beautiful report, I could feel it
  3. I could imagine it to be traumatic for the soul or whatever
  4. 1. Timothy Leary 2. Martin Ball 3. Nicholas Sand 4. Terance McKenna Politics of Ecstasy and The Psychedelic Experience are my favorite Leary books and they are mostly about the LSD Experience
  5. ush I did so much research on this topic and literally the last thing I thought about it was that it has spiritual reasons ^^ But now I think it could be because of something "spiritual" because: About 2 months ago I did 400ug LSD and it was one my best trips ever. After I kind of purified myself for 3 hours trough letting the Energy's flow I was in a perfectly balanced state like being fully in my body and in the Moment and as long as this went on (like 2 hours), I had complete silence in my head, there wasn't any sound at all just pure silence and it was so relaxing oh my god.. I don't really now since when I have these sounds in my head (first noticed it when I started meditating) and most of the time they don't bother me because they are pretty quite but of course I would love to have this pure silence if its possible. So now I am thinking that it could be that I kind of fucked with my Energy's (in many ways) but also with psychedelics because I took them long ago before I started meditating and all that self improving stuff. Now that I am getting to know about Energy's and all that I start to realize how unconscious my Experiences where before. I would be very grateful if someone could give me a reason why I had perfect stillness in my head only while high on LSD. sorry for using your topic but I didn't want to create a new one with this already existing. pls help
  6. I used to just wait and then do it when I felt like I really should do it now But nowadays I have a routine of doing it every second weekend and I am getting a lot out of it. Sometimes on a set day, I wake up and think to myself: "oh no I shouldn't trip today or its not the right day to do it", but then I do it anyway and I have to most amazing profound experience and basically the time of my life lol. And sometimes I wake up like: "dude its the perfect day to trip, today will be so fucking awesome", and then its not that special xD. I also had fucking amazing trips when I had a great feeling before and the other way around. So I just do it when I set a day to do it, no matter what my mind is telling me on that day. Maybe this works also for others
  7. Did you smoke cannabis on the day you took the DMT? Dont worry about permanet brain damage or so from cannabis use at that age its more likely to fuck with you mentally (like you being paranoid about brain damage)
  8. It depends on the dosage what I am going to do. Let's say I take 100-200ug, I probably have the best time walking around in Nature and listening to Music. Also there are a cool books to work on such doses called: "Psychedelic Prayers: And other Meditations" and "The Psychedelic Experience". They are very much based on Buddhism but connected to the lsd experience. I would recommend them, I had amazing Insights and profound ego-death experiences because of them and its very good if you dont really know what to do in the beginning. And when I take higher doses like 300-600ug, I usually meditate the first half hour after I took it to calm down. Then I set up everything (Music, lights..) and for the next 2-4 hours I just lay down on the ground (kind of like jesus on the cruz) and let it take me. Lots of Energys and Vision come up and I just let everything flow trough my body and mind. I tried lots of different stuff and like this by far I get the most out of the Experience, but it also can be very exhausting. If you like to smoke weed, smoke as much as you can about 2 hours after you took the acid You need to find your own way to do psychedelics. Experiment alot, try out whats best for you. Be humble, use it with respect.
  9. interesting and crazy that it can stay in your body that long I wouldnt be to worried about your brain
  10. I think Alan Watts was enlightenend right? And I am pretty sure he was addicted to alcohol and tobacco
  11. No, I never really had any health issues. thanks, it kind of make sense to me. I stopped smoking tabacco two years ago but still smoke weed, gonna stop that for a while and see what happens.
  12. Yeah I already worked on all the common things. I eat no more 3 hours before I sleep and drink maybe 2 hours, also I eat healthy. Before I go to sleep I let the whole room fill with fresh air and turn off the heating
  13. Hello everyone, I am not quite sure if this is the right place to post this. I can't remember when it started, but for a very long time now I wake up every Night at almost exactly 3am. Around 23:00 - 24:00, I go to bed and then really stand up at about 7-8am. At that point I can't sleep any longer but I dont feel as fit as when I wake up at 3am in the Night. Could it be that I only need to sleep until 3am? That would only be 4 hours and it seems somehow wrong to me. While writing I realized the best way will be to just try it out and I am gonna do that but still maybe someone here knows more.
  14. hahha awesome