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  1. Psychedelics can give you the schizophrenia experience. I have read reports from people with schizophrenia who took lsd and they said before lsd, the voices they heard were angry and hateful, very negative but after they took lsd the voices became loving and positive. If you do it take good care of set and setting and have a trip sitter for her. I think it's worth a try but she probably has to go off her meds to be able to trip.
  2. Amazing interview with Adyashanti about his path🤯
  3. I saw a UFO once in South America but I was high on psychedelics so I dismissed it. Still think about that experience from time to time..
  4. classic haha beautiful report thanks for sharing
  5. Timothy Leary Culadasa Richard Alpert (Ram Dass)
  6. yeah I am reading his book right now and he wrote that he used weed and lsd
  7. common breaktrough dose for N-N DMT
  8. Yes, exactly the same thing happens to me too. For example, sometimes when I smoke cannabis at the peak of an LSD trip and I go back inside to sit down, I've already forgotten that I smoked cannabis and sometimes I also forget that I took LSD. This is when it gets really weird but I've learned to give up at this point because otherwise the trip is not enjoyable anymore. So in a way the weed forces me to let go and once I accumulated to this new state it's pure bliss. I don't understand what you mean with that. Which judgement?
  9. I've done many different drugs and nothing is as addictive for me as weed is, not even opioids or stimulants. To work with weed in a healthy way I have to be very disciplined with myself. My rule is that I don't do it more often then 1-2 a week but sometimes when I am weak, I smoke for a week straight and then when I stop I can't really sleep for 3-5 days... Weed is an amazing tool and I want to use it for the rest of my life but I don't want to be depenend on it. What I really like is to combine weed with other drugs like lsd, mdma, ketamine, speed etc. It kind of takes the edge of so I can let go easier.
  10. Yeah I also felt that I lost a bit in the process. I hope that I get the full dose when plugging next time! Sounds wonderful brother 🤩 thanks for sharing your thoughts! very inspiring for me, now I can't wait to go deeper
  11. No not yet but I did snort it. I only took 8mg as a first test with the new ROA and it was great! Light effects but very pleasent and meditative, much better then low doses vaped. The problem is I have freebase and it burnt real bad in my nose... like every breath hurt lol Next time I'll definitly will plug it and I think I'll go straight to 15mg, what do you guys think about that? I am an exerpienced psychonaut but haven't done much 5-MeO yet.
  12. It’s really good for beginners but it barely covers the basics. If you want to learn about Hatha Yoga I highly recommend this book:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Hatha+Yoga+Book&qid=1618425343&sr=8-7
  13. Jordan Peterson is an example for very low Integrity ^^
  14. 2C-B might be the best beginner psychedelic. LSD and mushrooms are also very good but start with low dose like 100ug or 2g Ketamine + weed is perfect for this!