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  1. Weed can be very useful, but it can also get you stuck if you don't outgrow it. If you are doing it every 1-2 weeks in a spiritual context with serious intent, I think this is the way to go. But it's not easy, at least for me, to regulate it that way.
  2. Yeah listen to the podcast I posted. He is into psychedelics, mysticism etc., super interesting guy.
  3. cool podcast with blake and duncan!
  4. Yeah I think you're overreacting, doesn't sound like a big deal to me. As your therapist said, this situation is a good thing for you to work on.
  5. Lemon Tek is best ime: Grind the mushrooms into a fine powder and squeeze 1/2 - 1 lemon depending on how many mushrooms you use. Mix the shrooms with the lemon juice and let it soak for about an hour, stirring from time to time. Add some water and then just drink it
  6. 10-15 ug is not bad for social interaction but sometimes I can't get out of my head on a microdose (maybe would be same without) caffeine in form of green tea or espresso works best for me
  7. If you get confused listen to the music play I'll lock this topic since it's from 2018
  8. @OBEler You don't have to breathe when you're in the middle of it . Investigate it yourself, no amount of information you can get here will help. But yeah, I think some basic meditation/concentration skills are helpful in situations like this.
  9. My scariest trip was my first ever full blown ego death. I was at a psytrance festival and decided to take 250ug LSD (I know wtf?) and on the way to the stages I smoked a spliff (again wtf?), even grabbed a beer (I don't normally drink), before entering the dome. When I started dancing, the LSD peaked and I had the time of my life. My friends said they had never seen me smile like that and for me there was just the movement of my body flowing with the music. I had my eyes closed while dancing and suddenly it became very dark in front of my inner eye and these bright white jigsaw pieces flew in as if from "outside". It looked very cool and I was stunned. When the puzzle was complete, I saw that it was me, in lotus position made out of this incredible glowing white light. Then it was like I'd inhaled or swallowed myself (the puzzle) and let it all out like "paahh". In that moment it was like a mirror broke, my reality shattered, death, there was nothing and then for some reason I opened my eyes. When I looked around there were all these people and flashing lights etc and I was immediately so confused it was driving me insane. My friends said I stopped dancing, turned around and ran out of the dome (stage). I don't remember that, for me from the moment I opened my eyes I entered eternal hell. It was like an endless corridor with all the moments from all my lives when I screwed up or caused suffering to another being in some way. I was there for eternity and at the same time I was still stuck in this other reality. I remember seeing other people from the festival and they were talking bad about me and at some point I thought if my friends don't come in 10 seconds I'm going to run to the forest. Then one of my friends patted me on the back and I told them I fucked up. They took me back to the campsite and it helped that they were there, but I was still in infinite hell. While we were walking back the trance music was still playing in the background and to me it sounded like the sound of Windows 99 startup and shoutdown sound at 2x speed: but in an infinite loop and with that it was like my brain was constantly rebooting. At that point I was sure something was terribly wrong with me and I'll never be the same again (true) and I'm imagining all these horror stories of how I have to tell my parents when I get home and that I I'll be in a psychiatric ward for the rest of my life, etc. To put it in a psychological way, I had total derealization and depersonalization, but it was way worse than that, infinitely worse. There was nothing to stand on, I was totally lost, it felt like I had broken reality and there was no way to fix it. My friends tried to reassure me, but their words were empty to me and I wasn't even there to listen, like I was infinitely far away and this body was just a shell of my former self. At some point I decided that I would go into my tent alone and listen to music or whatever. I remember playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon to calm me down (lol) but it only made it worse. I don't know how much time I spent alone in the tent, but after a while I left because nothing changed and it was hot and uncomfortable there. My friends looked at me with pity and one of them said if I didn't want to try meditating as I often do. I tried and started following my breath and it got better very quickly. I think I only meditated for about 10-20 minutes and was pretty much back to normal. Still a bit ungrounded of course but it got better by the moment and 1-2 hours later we were dancing again and I had a great time for the rest of the festival.
  10. Psychedelics are like a compass to navigate through life, you just have to learn how to use them properly. Just like a compass will send you in the wrong direction if you can't read it, psychedelics will confuse you if you don't know what you're doing.
  11. I'll try again, so far I haven't been able to get used to anime.
  12. I do not think so. It will naturally increase as you burn through your karma imo.
  13. Weed is tricky, I agree, but one of the trickiest drugs to quit? Even caffeine and nicotine were a lot harder for me to quit than weed. And opioids or amphetamines screw you on a completely different level. You can stack tolerance with almost any drug but only for weed and opioids there are no negative physical side effects.
  14. It depends on how strong your desire for truth is 😂