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  1. In his last podcast he said it's much better than it was a few years ago, but still his sleep could be a lot better. According to him, he has to live with that.
  2. The German language is next level, there are so many cool words and phrases, I collect a lot and will make a topic about it in the future. For example when i went for a walk in the forest a few days ago and someone came towards me, i was aware that there was nothing but me and she greeted me with "grüß gott" which translated means "greetings god". Old people in Bavaria often say that as a greeting. Another one I really like is "servus" which means something like "I am your servant" or "I serve God".
  3. @Nilsi Dude King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard are playing some shows in Germany this summer just so you know I'll be there .
  4. 👏💓 thanks leo
  5. Most of my friends say that too. For me it's a significant upgrade, often even better than LSD for contemplation.
  6. @Leo Gura You should read Terence McKenna's datura trip report, he smoked DMT on it. Pretty sure it's in his book 'True Hallucinations'.
  7. LSD and THC are great for that.
  8. You've clearly never been to a psytrance festival or a dead show
  9. I did twice, once in Germany and once in Colombia, but I was on psychedelics both times. Still, it was a very different experience than the usual visual effects you get during the high.
  10. True. I think Leo once said in a video that at one point he had to take a year off psychedelics. And now everytime you do 5meo you awaken? Or do you still go to the void sometimes? It can still happen on psychedelics. But it's different, as you said, I'm more curious now and try to observe what's going on.
  11. I am here with you brother! Your latest post how mental illness sticks hard hit me deep. I appreciate you sharing this and I'm glad you are getting out of it now.
  12. Same! I empathise a lot with you. It's better to let at least a week in between doing dissociatives, better two weeks or a month.
  13. Yes I went through that too. I remember my first thought was, "Oh no, my whole life was a lie, I'm forever alone in the darkness," and I wanted to get escape the experience right away. After that for about a year every time I relaxed, this existential terror would creep in and I would have panic attacks, it was horrible.
  14. Learn to stay conscious during your trips. Practicing meditation and concentration helps