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  1. Yes, that would be disruptive. That's better, but only something light. That would be best.
  2. Both are not suitable for beginners. Start them off with some shrooms or LSD.
  3. Media breaks. Don't use media for a month, it will change everything. Repeat after a few months. Socialize regularly, go out and meet new people. Spend time in nature. Sauna and cold exposure.
  4. Actual real life meetings so people have a real sense of community with like minded people. Share more of your struggles and hardships. Let's find out who Leo really is. I think a lot of people here are suspicious because they can't really judge you. Be more personal with the people who reach out to you. Try to reach them more individually. I know you try sometimes, but I'd love to see more of this. And I really like the guided videos, like the Guided Exercise For Realizing You Are God. You are very good at guiding people in this way, maybe you have more ideas for videos in this format. It's way more interactive and it gets much deeper then just listening the whole time.
  5. It depends. If you have a good sitter, use them, but that's rare. I slowly worked my way up. Learn to navigate 300ug first and if that's not enough for you, then take more.
  6. @OBEler In general, I would say God-realization is when you realize that you are God.
  7. I would say no. When it happens you don't have to ask.
  8. I think glas jars are better. Keep it in a dark and cool place that’s most important.
  9. Wow that's so cool! I have this golden glow sometimes when I have a God realization on psychedelics. But having that 24/7 must be amazing, congratulations on this great achievement!!
  10. I just saw this documentary on Netflix and I highly recommend it. It's about Phil Stutz Jonah Hill's Therapist. Lots of practical advice and just very touching in general. So cool of Jonah to put something like this out. I wish more personal vulnerable stuff was shared by people like this.
  11. Lol thats perfect 😂 I also agree on LSD. But very low dose like 10ug or even less and only once every couple of days.
  12. Yes, increase your dose until you have a deep breakthrough. I had to do a few 500ug trips to get there. Nowadays, 50ug is already enough to dissolve the ego.
  13. I think trip killers should only be used in an emergency situation where your physical health is at risk. But yeah it's good to have something up your sleeve and Alparazol is said to be a good one, I have it too but never had to use it. A few times I wished the trip would stop, but in the end I was always glad I made it without medication. There is a book called 'The Psychedelic Experience' by Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. It contains some helpful texts that you can read in such situations. That really saved my ass once... Leo also shared some good advice in his bad trip video:
  14. love him one of the best teachers out there imo
  15. It will not harm the body unless you take ridiculously high doses. 5-MeO will overload your energetic system to the point that all knots in your body will vaporize and you will die in infinite love. But after the experience they will come back and you can work on releasing them so it can definitely be helpful for the kundalini process. Your idea sounds good. Start low and increase your dose until you break through.