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  1. They've been watching your videos...
  2. yes but I think there's a much more sinister political undertone from kanye.
  3. I don't think connor murphy ever said he liked hitler. dude was fairly unpolitical
  4. Boxing is way worse than mma. In boxing you can continue the fight after being almost knocked out. You can take multiple shots that would have ended the fight in mma, With mma, if you take a shot hard enough that you can't intelligently defend yourself, the fight is over. MMA also has more shots to the body and legs as well as subimssions that don't cause long term damage (as long as you tap quickly enough)
  5. Yeah I know, but that forum is somehow more toxic than actualized. Most of the activity is just hating on Leo or spirituality with more culty undertones. The most popular thread is the one laughing about how Leo got molested which is kinda low. I still visit there when I want to detox from Leo's teachings. Many of their critiques of Leo are legitimate but its clear he's living rent free in their heads. The site has some really good spiritual advice and has much less of the toxic masculinity that actualized has. It just turn to shit whenever the topic is actualized.org
  6. I enjoy speaking in rhyme helps pass the time
  7. Kinda miss Mandy tho. She gave some really good advice
  8. Looks like you've grown a lot! well done and good luck for the future!
  9. I agree with you, My main point is that this hypermasculine self guru, Exploits feelings of inadequacy to sell you their product while denoucing inner work too. If you follow these gurus, you will feel inadequate no matter what you do.
  10. Has this experience changed your political views or views around masculinity?
  11. Thanks! It's a funny meme that accurately describes by spiritual journey @Ulax I agree with you on the relativism part but I also think the relativism only makes you more open to spirituality but won't make you spiritual by itself. I also think online teachers like Leo and others have really made spirituality more popular on the internet allowing for spiritual ideas to be shared with more people.
  12. I saw a survey on philosophical positions of academic philosophers and there was a slight percentage decrease in materialism and a slight increase in idealism. Are people becoming less materialistic and more spiritual? Is this part of a larger trend or just a random bump?
  13. Unpopular opinion: twitter has always been the worst social media platform and it actively makes politics worse. I'm glad its going up in flames and hope it gets completely destroyed.