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  1. ^this guy knows what's up
  2. I had a full blown enlightenment experience after unburdening a heavy part in my heart chakra. A huge infinite space opened up in my heart area and my sense of self dissolved. A few parts of my ego were scared and started to panic but this quickly dissolved with the light of awareness. I merged with an infinite field of consciousness extending in all directions. The energetic field of my body was simply a drop in the ocean that was my true self. Was an interesting experience. I was not on any drugs, except maybe a tiny bit of caffeine from the coke I drank earlier as well as some L-theanine and CBD I use as a supplement. I was pretty depressed from some family drama for the past few days but all the heaviness in my body is gone. I'm also getting kundalini awakenings more frequently now. Which may or may not be a good thing considering I haven't really burned through my karma yet.
  3. Here on actualized, they talk about god and infinite intelligence but they forgot to remove the 'I'. Which is the most important part since it's the ego that block truth in the first place.
  4. You can meditate every day and integrate it into your lifestyle. This can't be done with psychedelics due to tolerance and the fact that they cause your life to become dysfunctional. Also certain meditative practices like shadow work will increase your baseline state permanently. And its interesting because Leo does not teach shadow work at all. Psychedelics also result in a huge spiritual ego Leo and most of the forum being all the evidence you need. He hasn't made a meditation video in years. And in case you haven't noticed, his spiritual ego has only gotten bigger. Which tends to happen when you only take psychedelics and neglect the other aspects of spirituality. And as I said multiple times, neither do you. Yes. I never disagreed with that.
  5. you're roasting about 90% of the forum here
  6. If it was baseline improvement, it wouldn't go away after 3 months it would be permanent. It happened with me as well. I got crazy enlightened with psychedelics but It went away after a few months. It's interesting because those states are where you have highest access to truth. He used to be like that. Now he has vastly shifted towards the psychedelic end. Pretty much none of his teachings are about meditation, yoga or shadow work and he is mostly talking about states he experiences on extremely high doses of psychedelics. Lol. As I said before, unless you are tripping balls on 5-meo or decades of meditation, neither do you. You can speak all you want but they are empty words. Pointers made by someone who doesn't actually know the direction.
  7. No but someone's access to the truth is absolutely an experience. If you disagree, then why do you need a fuckton of 5-meo to realise truth? If it isn't an experience, then why do you need psychedelics? Why do you need literal chemicals floating through your brain to realise truth? Reaching peak states means very little if you can't integrate them into your life. Any understanding will fade once the drugs wear off. They are not the same. Leo's work: Take extreme doses of psychedelics repeatedly to get temporary peak states. Everything else is useless. Everyone else: Use meditation and other various practices to increase you baseline state of consciousness. Psychedelics are just a glimpse. Again, unless you have direct experience of the truth right now, your 'truth' is a meaningless construct. You can play whatever games you want but you aren't awake and know nothing about truth. These are Leo's words not mine. I can talk about god realization and solipsism and infinite love, but they are just mental games unless I am awake. The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
  8. During an IFS session I encountered a really angry rage filled part in my solar plexus chakra which stemmed from childhood bullying and abuse. This part is dangerous AF and would have led me to become a murderer or school shooter had I not suppressed it using multiple parts. It literally wants to brutally kill anyone who violates my boundaries. When I was communicating to this part I visualized beating everyone who had ever bullied me to a bloody pulp. After unburdening, it simply became the part of me that enforced my boundaries. Damn, I guess I'm scarier than I thought... Also I unburdened my fawn response as well as my bullied exile in my solar plexus.
  9. And yet, the realisation of that is temporary... If it were that easy, everyone would be enlightened.
  10. Unless you are directly experiencing truth this very moment, it is just a peak experience. No, Leo is encouraging people to chase peak experiences using psychedelics. If he wanted to elevate humanity he would be teaching how to increase your baseline stage of consciousness, which is far more important for humanity since in peak experience, one can no longer function as a human.
  11. How is it a false dichotomy? what good is the truth when you only experience it for 10 minutes and go back to living in illusion?
  12. I think this is the core of the conflict between you and other teachers. To most teachers, living from a place of high consciousness is more important than simply reaching extremely high states. And more important than just understanding is bringing it down to earth to help awaken others and raise the consciousness of humanity. In the future, if humans evolve in the right way, the alien consciousness you talk about could be someone's daily baseline. But we have to get there first.
  13. Buddhists and nondualists have different goals to you. Your goal is to reach the highest level of awakening, while their goal is to bring awakening down to normal life to elevate themselves and humanity. in other words your goal is the highest state while their goal is the reach the highest stage. You have probably reached insanely high levels of awakening but do you really live from there? If you stopped taking psychedelics, would you stay at the god realized level?