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  1. It's fine to take some time off just make sure you go back to college or find a decent paying career. Remember robots will be taking our jobs soon, so don't depend on many jobs in the coming future. We have to plan and adapt to the coming problems with advanced AI robotics.
  2. So my neighbor is a pastor of a church here. I am currently a universalist, and as an ex-christian I totally understand where he's coming from. Problem is that I haven't thought about these things in so long that I am rusty on how to debate a christian. I don't really agree with him on a lot of things. So one of the things that came up is that I believe in relativism. But I don't really believe in that but I am not sure how to rebut him. Any thoughts on this or how to deal with Christians in general or relativism? Thanks.
  3. This is the technique that is used for astral projection, except you keep doing it going inward and eventually you will find yourself in the astral/afterlife.
  4. You live in separate realities partially because most of us don't have a strong form of telepathy. I would also say because people have different genetics which makes us predisposed to certain traits.
  5. I had a dream from my higher self from 1 and a half decades ago that predicted the general outcome of my future. And I got to say that it was very very hard to change course from what life is giving you. And from the looks of my projected future it's' pretty much in line with my dream from my higher self.
  6. Expert investigates 10-year-old’s reincarnation claims
  7. Your right. Viewing things objectively is like thinking in a detached way. This is good, it's the goal of meditation.
  8. @Mert We are multidimensional beings. So basically it's your essence that reincarnates, not your ego, and your current self as you know it to be. But your underlying essence is what reincarnates.
  9. 4 Strings - Take Me Away
  10. Feminist versus a Buddhist. Feminist “I’m so TRIGGERED, OMG I’m so offended, did you hear what they said?” Buddhist “You silly, you must empty your monkey mind first, then you will find peace.” The end. LOL I'm kidding in as much as feminists don't get “triggered” by differing opinions.
  11. Yup it's true, learning meditation is like riding a bike. So once you make progress in meditation it tends to stay with you more or less throughout your life. You may get a little rusty, but the bulk of what you learned will stay with you. I've been practicing meditation on and off for quite a few years now and I notice that every time I quit and go back and I just pick right back up where I left off. When I first started meditation I wasn't all that good at it. But from years of practicing on and off, I've reached the point where I'm pretty good at it despite not being consistent. I bet the same goes for astral projection practice, but I still need to work with astral projection a bit more. In fact I googled this and found that I got 27,100 results for "meditation is like riding a bike" So go ahead a knock yourself out, go for meditation as much as you can knowing that you can save your progress for next time regardless of what happens. I also want to give a shout out to the calming meditation mineral that is vital for health and good sleep, magnesium. I've started to take magnesium recently and besides multitude of other benefits I surprisingly found it helpful for meditation. I can just sink into meditation now, because magnesium is known to clam your nerves and muscles. Magnesium helps relieve stress. And since magnesium is the counter component of calcium it's important if you take a lot of magnesium for a long time that you eventually take calcium with it. So if your having trouble relaxing during meditation or astral projection practice consider magnesium as an aid in your practice. Good luck! Love, Peace, and Light!
  12. @Shin Welcome to the world of astral projection. Spirit Science 9 ~ Astral Projection William Buhlman on OBEs at Monroe Institute Professional Seminar 2014 Out of Body Experiences, the Astral plane and the Afterlife -William Buhlman
  13. Yeah they say that the more you do psychedelics the more effective they become, which partially explains why your trip was so intense. That is why Leo's 2C-B trip was so powerful. It looks like your well on your way to becoming an overcomer.
  14. Try some natural supplements to help clam your nerves. Tea like rooibos tea, chamomile tea, magnesium, TMG, st. John's Wort, etc.
  15. If you meditate a lot you will find that you will automatically go into meditation mode in everyday life. Well at least that is what happened with me.