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  1. The Zen master has learned to release a little more DMT than the rest of us, LOL. The zen master knows how to stop a bad trip, IDK not too much of a difference I guess.
  2. The true self is the atman. And to answer your question I think it depends on how you define "affected." I think it's possible to affect the atman by drinking too much. Not in some ultimate way, but it could turn into long term repercussions if they get into a car accident or lower their vibration by drinking too much. For instance I am of the belief that if someone is blown up by a bomb or gun then they must evolve in the afterlife as individual pieces of consciousness. So in that case yes the atman is affected but not eternally effected. I've also heard that there is a matrix which holds us together and prevents us from loosing our soul if something like that happens. So who knows for sure.
  3. The song that heals hearts, but opens wounds. Idenline - I Pray And I find this one to be mesmerizingly soulful and healing. Make sure you wait to at least midsong. He's got an other worldly voice singing in such high octaves. VITAS Dedication VITAS Dedication [Live 2003] 720P
  4. Oh and people in silicon valley are using psychedelics to help them fix problems creativity. I think they are microdosing LSD or something like that.
  5. Yeah I think so. Leo is a prime example of that. I know even Doctor Oz and Oprah was pushing meditation.
  6. Just finished watching the video. But I wonder what his personal thoughts are of ayahuasca. Like would he do it again? Does he want to do it again?
  7. It's fine to take some time off just make sure you go back to college or find a decent paying career. Remember robots will be taking our jobs soon, so don't depend on many jobs in the coming future. We have to plan and adapt to the coming problems with advanced AI robotics.
  8. So my neighbor is a pastor of a church here. I am currently a universalist, and as an ex-christian I totally understand where he's coming from. Problem is that I haven't thought about these things in so long that I am rusty on how to debate a christian. I don't really agree with him on a lot of things. So one of the things that came up is that I believe in relativism. But I don't really believe in that but I am not sure how to rebut him. Any thoughts on this or how to deal with Christians in general or relativism? Thanks.
  9. This is the technique that is used for astral projection, except you keep doing it going inward and eventually you will find yourself in the astral/afterlife.
  10. You live in separate realities partially because most of us don't have a strong form of telepathy. I would also say because people have different genetics which makes us predisposed to certain traits.
  11. I had a dream from my higher self from 1 and a half decades ago that predicted the general outcome of my future. And I got to say that it was very very hard to change course from what life is giving you. And from the looks of my projected future it's' pretty much in line with my dream from my higher self.
  12. Expert investigates 10-year-old’s reincarnation claims
  13. Your right. Viewing things objectively is like thinking in a detached way. This is good, it's the goal of meditation.
  14. @Mert We are multidimensional beings. So basically it's your essence that reincarnates, not your ego, and your current self as you know it to be. But your underlying essence is what reincarnates.