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  1. I know that, I mean immortal in the sense that you don't have to reincarnate or ever go to hell. A very high level of spiritual attainment.
  2. There are different levels of spiritual immortality. I just want to know what level he is at.
  3. The rainbow body. Look it up.
  4. I think I remember him saying that he became enlightened. Does that mean that he became immortal? What I mean by immortal is that he wouldn't have to reincarnate again. I know he doesn't believe in reincarnation but perhaps an immortal would think that. LOL
  5. @DrewNows Thank you David Hammond, David Hammond, DrewNows for chiming in. And yes DewNows it's a fine balancing act. I guess when I say working with beliefs and psychology. I am not talking about it in an egotistical way. I am talking about in a more selfless way of trying to find the truth. With the ultimate desire of attaining the highest truths, not just fulfilling ones ego.
  6. In being on this forum viewing the responses many of you seem to have the belief that psychology and beliefs don't matter. Like I post about different spiritual concepts and there isn't much interest in it. But this is why I think that is a bunch of BS, and why psychology and beliefs do matter. Besides the obvious fact that beliefs and our truths shape our reality, being enlightened doesn't automatically make one do good. It's only by actually believing that we are more than flesh and blood and actually doing good in this world that we can evolve to true enlightenment. If we don't help relieve suffering and add meaning to our lives and others by believing and evolving through higher and higher truths then we don't actually create good avatar synthesis. We don't actually overcome. The only way to do avatar synthesis is to work with the meanings of our beliefs, intentions, thoughts, emotions. I know some of you believe that we don't have free will, so doing this is meaningless. But for the universe to be created itself would require free will. It's only by believing that we can overcome anything by taking on full and total responsibly for our actions and thoughts that something deep in us rises up to free us from our animal nature. Overcoming every single obstacle and attaining our highest potential isn't a blank state of nothingness. When the masters came here and reincarnated on earth like the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna or whoever, they were not blank states of conscious nothingness. These are ordained people sent by God to bring a message to a generation. If you don't believe in God can exist as a being then you need to read the near death experience book by Eben Alexander (neurosurgeon.) So theses enlightened masters knew how to work with words ideas, concepts, emotions, and thoughts at a fundamental level, It was inherent in their very nature because of all the previous good deeds that they did. Doing the right thing was so deep in their being and consciousness that nothing would stop them from doing it. And so what is it that separates these enlightened masters that only do good from those that do wrong and bring suffering to the world? We can we say? That at least fundamentally for now in this reality and time-frame for now these enlightened masters are doing something very different than those that cause suffering on this earth. That is why I believe in free will. Free will requires that one have the right mental constructs in order for them to even start to make truly selfless choices to bring love and peace to the world. Thoughts? The Avatar of Synthesis BTW Swami Satchidanand is one of the few permanently enlightened masters in this world. EDIT: I guess I would just add one more thing, which is, I believe that if a a pure consciousness reincarnated here but didn't have any avatar synthesis then it would just fall apart in our world because it didn't have any past experience to deal with this type of reality. That is why we need to learn to choose the right thoughts and actions. Especially when it matters most.
  7. I figured this would be a good place to post this because I tend to think of the people here as deep thinkers. I just created this. The ouroboros of truth and reality. “LIfe's Mysteries” which manifests as “Self Evident General Truths” which leads to “Many Paths” that all kinds of people take. Next this leads us to find our own self in this craziness with the synthesis of “curiosity” and “Critical Thinking” which when distilled creates “my path” which gives “my truth” which inevitably feeds back to “Life’s Mysteries.” LIfe's Mysteries > General Truths > Many Paths > Curiosity and Critical Thinking > My Path > My Truth > Life's Mysteries Now we can overcome deception in others peoples "paths" by looking directly at "life's mysteries" or "general truths" thus bypassing the "many paths" and even "general truths" other people use. But to do this we must use a lot of nuance, philosophy, and thinking outside the box. The only caveat is that we should learn what all the main paths are first. Because it's very difficult to understand pure mystery by itself. It has to be contextualized and grounded in practicality. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Only once you have looked at all the main paths of life can you start looking at mystery directly which is very powerful. Now that I think about it children can directly look at mystery and use it because their mind is so agile. As we grow old though we get out of touch with mystery. But we can always find it if we look hard enough. Like I just did here. All this is a deep realization I had through many years of trial and error. It's almost mind-boggling. I feel like I figured out a math formula or something. If anyone has anything to add please do.
  8. Your drowning in beliefs, your whole world is constructed with beliefs. You can't escape it. Even the Buddha had beliefs. He just wasn't moralizing about it. I think your belief that beliefs are helpless is just a easy path away from discovering the truths of the universe. Part of the path to enlightenment is gaining discernment of the truth. Discernment is not something your born with and it's not something that you can gain just by meditating. It has to be cultivated through trial and error and reason.
  9. What nobody here believes in reincarnation?
  10. It's much easier to switch focus in the mind while your eye's are open.
  11. Near Death Experiencers have been saying for decades and longer that reincarnation is real. And this testimony just added more evidence to reincarnation being real. Expert investigates 10-year-old’s reincarnation claims
  12. So I don't like to meditate with my eyes closed because it causes me to want to fall asleep. So here I will write how I do seeing meditation with my eyes open, or naked awareness meditation, or seeing meditation. No other meditation has worked better for me. In fact today I was feeling pretty depressed most of the day then I did this meditation and wow. The ego really lowers and I could feel the presence of consciousness under my awareness. I could sense consciousness on the edges of my perception. I was soooo relaxed. It was amazing. The key is use your peripheral vision. Many people don't consciously use their peripheral vision often but during eye's open meditation your peripheral vision is king. So what I do is put on some meditation music on my computer using spotify. Keeping my eye's open I focus on my peripheral vision meaning the vision that encompasses my whole field of vision. I wear glasses so sometimes this is aided by focusing my right eye in the right field of my glasses, and my left eye focusing on the left field of my glasses. But do whatever it takes to make your peripheral vision stronger. Once I get a good focus on my peripheral vision I then focus on my breathing. Feeling each breath "in" and then "out," over and over. The focus of my mind might shift but that is OK the main thing is that you focus on your naked awareness and the breath. You might want to become accused to different ways of using this naked awareness and that is good and OK to experiment with. Keeping my focus of vision as peripheral and unattached. The ultimate goal is to focus on the consciousness just under your perception, by being mindful. You can aid this by focusing on your body, feet and hands, arms and especially the breath. You might move around the main focus a little and that is OK just bring your main focus back to as much of your perception as you can with the breath. Eventually the ultimate goal is to dissolve the mind, (I have not done this fully yet but have pushed the limits of my perception). But before you do that you have to focus on pure naked awareness, that is key. I have done with meditation with great results.
  13. @Sharp Ego is good in a limited way. Having a healthy ego is necessary in this world.
  14. Let me ask you, do you believe in reincarnation?
  15. You have a long way to go. Look at the ascended angels they are not nothing, they work through the power of God. Gods will becomes their will. Do you want to see someone that attained immortality his name is John Chang, or electric eel man. And even this guy admits that we have undreamed of powers. And I assure you that these powers are are not nothingness. John Chang - Mo Pai Nei Kung I know about Tom Campbell he's a highly advanced astral projector and ex-NASA physicist. As you advance spiritually you realize that even advanced teachers disagree with each other on some of the more abstract spiritual ideas. Don't hold that against him. He's doing the best he can with what he's learned spiritually.