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  1. @Mindflow Actually it’s your gift. And how you use it. How you use it means how conscious you are. And you (everyone) don’t ever know what you’re missing now in term of consciousness itself. Expanding it. There are ways to the ultimate truth, salvation, intelligent, love and so on. Do you know what? I don’t know how solid it is but I did ask a guy on this forum and at that time he was in the God mode. — Why you created magick? “So can you find God”, said he. — Something is higher is the missing. The higher is beyond the what-you-have-known-now. And Actualized.org is the great place to expand it - consciousness. I did describe some my limited knowing. Down-to-earthly, I think you have had a certain spiritual experience but it is still needed to develop, you need to develop yourself to live in the advanced modern world of technology. I don’t know where your stage at Spiral dynamics or the 9 stages of ego development, it is needed for everyone to develop to the highest level as possible even for spiritual seekers (it’s much more needed). Your post is not really clear what you are tempted to point . You need both, spiritual and science. Science itself is a great way to help people in the human-animal capacities. Biotech can hack human. So how about what-is-not-human in human? That is spiritual. Let me share my insight about this work. First, It is to experience your own experience. Second, why you think there is something because in somehow (that is what I have been spoiled a lot that I* am* God*) you (not your body or thoughts) are so alone. Doctor (contributor) is not the most healthy person but it needs to be the most healthy person to be a doctor (contributor).
  2. I am sorry because I haven’t learned in university but: 1. You are always with your Life Purpose. You are not studying the wrong major yet. One major, many jobs. And one job, many majors. But actually this is the bigger picture only. You have the choices in your one choice. 2. Try to have fun by your intention to study your major that you are learning now or have another instead. Have fun = get good at it = delete your hates about that major. Think about how it could bring you further and the same process for thinking of changing to another (how that major could bring you further). 3. Learning everything related or spirituality, scientific, personal development (if you want). Learning the connection between your major now and your what-you-want and so you have both. Find interconnection. 4. You don’t ever know what you are missing now. So that is a sign to not overthink about that because you are still missing something (even you think you have that something right now) now and your mission is to find that ‘something’ by doing something. 5. Be ‘slowly’ flowing. Don’t be panic so much for why it’s not right for you now. Even you have got the best solution but that solution ifself is not your process of keeping going to find something worthwhile. You are going, and nothing as a place to stand forever. — Actually I did think about my major and my university (I will go to the university in next two weeks) and to choose one major to keep going to find something that is waiting in somewhere that I am missing now. So I did contemplate it and hope my insights about choosing the major could help you to overcome this challenge. And some insights come from my workflow and it is flowing pretty good so again I am really hope this can help you at some points.
  3. @Registered Actually I did being blown by @Mindflow’s thread. Read it meh? Research for it meh? The notion you got itself is your favorite one only. And even that no one cannot tell that is right or wrong. I don’t know. You did have some answers so why you are still keeping debate on every answers that you got. You are keeping that for what? Asking will be not enough to experience. I don’t know.
  4. Why you want to know it? That is the answer. Ask yourself.
  5. I don’t know whether I have your books in the future. I mean you are having a lot of things that even I am considering me as a little bit of spiritual talent but your experience is wonderful. I love that you can develop yourself more and more to contribute what you have experienced in the most contributing way to the world. I am too. Waiting for my books in the future. And live with love. It’s all hah?
  6. I did have it 2 weeks ago. It is breaking what I have believed in physical itself and anything. It was that as you explained. But it now is a thing I really want to ask you since I had that realization. What is real?
  7. It is blowing my mind. I am speechless. I hope you all the best. Thank you.
  8. Can I write a little bit of my experience? It was just yesterday, and it had been that too. I am not telling this experience as the same to yours but by the way I want to stress this quote from my book about buddhism. "Think by heart, feel by mind" Actually do it, it is what it means. No abstract. No visualisations. Feel that you can think by your heart and use the mind to feel the whole body. It took me back for a long time that I could not feel anything even orgasm.
  9. I am so sorry to you that I cannot understand 100%. So let me ask you a couple of questions. Thank you. 1. Recently I did research some evidences of the existence of dragons. I am really opening to know more about your insights about your last sentence. What your insights about your last sentence? 2. I did google "Materialization" and so I just know that is a paranormal ability. Can you explain it more detailedly?
  10. I have a genuine question for you guys who have Siddhis. Why you want it? I am curious about that. Every answer possibly is okay. I am opening to hear that.
  11. @calibrate I really want to hear your perspective about it. P/S: I mean more detailed.
  12. You have the choice to choose in that spectrum of being gentle and being not gentle. You have the choice. It means gentle = people pleasing but the people pleasure don’t have the choice to be not that pleasing. Gentle means you are living without any needs to please anyone but the choice here is being gentle and humble yourself. And that means you have choice. You even don’t want to be gentle if you can have choices. Pleasing people is not bad as the media telling to you but overall you limit yourself to experience the other sides of non-pleasing as a bad experience. It is not a path that you can go all-the-time to this journey of self-mastery that you could choose or not. Your explorations of all possible ways will lead to the knowing what you can choose and can’t choose. There are a lot of aspects.
  13. @kagaria
  14. Thank you. To me, that is not really to stress on yourself to have great things or ways to do/make/create. It’s in the future. What you really need that is what you do every day to be better. « A day is long and a year is short » That means you even don’t know what you can do in the next 5 years. Maybe you will not have that or you will be extraordinary. You don’t know! What you do today? What do you do today? Don’t tell me you don’t know too! Of course, everyone needs a sense of purpose but is it too pragmatic or too strategic? It is needed but are you sure that you have done the checklist for today? Is it following your bliss or a boring thing? There is tons of way to make your day better. And do it and sometimes you can post that showing how you dealed with abc and xyz in that self-investment process.
  15. Thank you but now I don’t have any questions for you as I did recall back to it. And I am now able to say that nature inside that is not really this Raja breathing. And maybe sometimes I will ask you about that.