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  1. Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Of course it's not good for your lungs. All vaping is terrible for the lungs.
    Yes, DMT vapor is very harsh when it is very concentrated. Although I find weed way worse.
    Also keep in mind that if you burn the DMT by overheating it, it produces a very nasty harsh burnt vapor. You need to avoid that. It is not easy to always vaporize the DMT properly. This takes skill. Proper inhalation also require skill.

  2. Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Help vaping N,N DMT - no effects
    Lol. Yeah, of course! That's the real shit right there. To get high you gotta inhale that thick white vapor deep in your lungs and hold it for 60 seconds until your eyes bulge out of your head. And you do that multiple times in a row until you're dying.
    Or you can be wise and just take it orally with harmala.

  3. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    And I thank GOD I did. What a racket. Dodged a bullet there.
    Compare me to Lex Fridman and you see the clear difference. I would kill myself before trading places with him.
    That's the whole problem. The definition of corruption.

  4. Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions
    One of the best things that could ever happen to you is getting rejected by one of these Ivy League idiot schools.
    The whole Ivy League system is run by corrupt human fools.
    Going to Harvard or MIT is a curse I would not wish upon my children.
    Seek a decent education but do not chase after status. Status has nothing to do with proper education. People have utterly lost sense of their priorities in chasing these Ivy Leagues. It's embrassing. You should feel better about telling Harvard to go fuck themselves than actually going there. If you don't, you got things backwards. Have some respect for yourself, for fuck's sake.

  5. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    I have heard a chemist say that only white DMT is pure. All yellow DMT comes from extracted sources and contains impurities. At least if he is to be believed.
    I wouldn't say that yellow DMT is bad, but if you can get white, I would go with white.
    Most pure sythesized tryptamine chemicals are white. Most DMT is not synthesized, it is extracted from Mimosa bark.

  6. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    Found an interesting community on reddit. They have a cool collection of DMT related communities in the sidebar. If it's good enough for Reddit, I hope it's good enough for this site and doesn't fall under sourcing or something.
    And here is also a photo of my vape, Ain't it pretty? 


  7. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    OMG! This is THE method. Flawless, one-click launch. It was all true, no exaggeration, the best thing.
    My setup is iStick Pico + knock-off Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA + VandVape mesh 150 316L + I have had to buy 510 to Ego/510 adapter to make space for the RDA, because the Digiflavor is too big for the Pico. It's better to buy Aegis like in the photo posted by @TheAlchemist, but if you have another brand of vape it's good to know that maybe you can fit the RDA on it with an adapter. Found some glass tube and mounted it with a rubber on top.
    The smoke has no taste, nothing, just goes into your lungs, puff, it's gone. Like breathing normal air. You can see through the glass pipe exactly when to stop inhaling. No recrystallization. Digiflavor is easy to load, can't vouch for other RDAs.
    My settings on Pico are standard TC-SS mode, I don't know what TCR value is set in that mode, but not the right one for that 316L steel mesh, for sure, haha. But it works when set to 160C degrees
    I am kind of sad when I think about how much spice I have wasted by trying to make the ceramic cup method work. But there's no reason to be sad anymore because I have found Love. 
    eMesh gang unite! Make yourself visible and comment on your experiences.
    I have bought my stuff from AliExpress. Works in Europe, might be not available in the USA.

  8. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    Oil pipe and torch lighter is so simple and easy. The only challenge is holding that shit in your lungs as it stings.
    Work on your inhale technique. That's key if you want to take big doses. You need to fully exhale and then inhale very slow but deep. The DMT is useless in your mouth, you must suck it deep down into the lungs until it stings so bad you can barely stand it.
    I think the inhale technique is more important than the pipe you use. A tiny oil pipe can generate more vapor than your lungs can stand.
    Work on your inhale technique. That's the key. Practice taking inhales through a straw for 30-45 seconds straight, and deep into your lungs.
    And then hold that shit in until you are dying. Do not let it out of you until you are gasping for air.
    Watch out! Deep inhales are a whole new ballgame. You will blast out of your skull.

  9. I vaped 70 mg of 5-MeO-DMT
    I vaped 70 mg of 5-MeO-DMT
    Sounds about right.
    Welcome to spirituality.
    The trick is getting over your fears and exploring ever deeper. All the coolest stuff is blocked off from you by walls of fear that must be broken down, if you dare.
    Be careful though. Going that deep gets dangerous.

  10. How often should I do 5 Meo DMT ?
    How often should I do 5 Meo DMT ?
    I've done it daily.

  11. Leo: Why not DMT?
    Leo: Why not DMT?
    I don't like brewing some nasty vomit-inducing sludge.
    You can eat pure N,N-DMT + harmala, but that requires observing the MAOI diet.
    DPT gives a solid 3 hour trip and it's super visionary. I imagine it's similar to Aya. And you can plug DPT and it has no tolerance.

  12. Leo: Why not DMT?
    Leo: Why not DMT?
    I haven't done DMT yet in large doses, only small doses.
    I have been busy exploring and integrating other molecules.
    No doubt DMT is awesome. But 5-MeO-DMT is awesomest
    One of my biggest gripes about DMT is that I don't like vaping things. The trip is too short and it's bad for your lungs. So I was looking for good methods of taking it rectally or orally, but that presents complications. I have yet to perfect my DMT method.
    Also, once you discover the power and perfection of 5-MeO-DMT, you will be so happy you will want nothing else. It is literally perfection. I have to force myself to explore lesser molecules.

  13. Is 10k rule bullshit ?
    Is 10k rule bullshit ?
    10,000 hrs rule means 10,000 hrs of deliberate practice, not 10,000 hrs of punching in a clock.
    You also have to take into account that people have widely different strengths and talents. Which is like a 5x multiplier on your hrs.

  14. What are the main reasons people don't succeed?
    What are the main reasons people don't succeed?
    #1 reason: Lack of ambition

  15. Simple test to check whether Leo is biased against Trump
    Simple test to check whether Leo is biased against Trump
    In the case of Trump the problem is not his actions but the core of the man himself is utterly rotten. Any good actions from him are just a dangerous masking of the monster underneath. That's what bad character means. No amount of pointing out some of his good actions will ever compensate for his rotten character.

  16. I hate women because of too much negative experience
    I hate women because of too much negative experience
    after every interaction with attractive women I get frustrated to the max. In my opinion women are dumb, too emotional for proper communication and extremely arrogant, especially attractive ones. I think that our society is fucked because of social media. Attractive women get way too much validation from stupid needy men, so they don't even have to work on themselves. No one cares when they behave like assholes. But men have to bring so much to the table to stay attractive and this pisses me off.
    Until I was 19 I had nothing sexual going, no kisses, nothing. I rejected many girls because I wanted the first one to be "perfect".
    First girlfriend with 19 then was extremely toxic to me, she had borderline, bulimia etc. Long story, but I guess you can image how she behaved with the mentioned disorders. 14 months pure torture, I was way too needy because I thought she was perfect. But the only thing that was perfect was her looks.
    After that I was dating about 10 other women through tinder because I was too shy to approach women in real life. But this was just for fun, I didn't want a relationship. Then there was another attractive woman with borderline and she broke me again. And after that I was dating a woman who was relatively thick and I thought that it was impossible for me to be with someone like that in a relationship, but we matched really well and I was surprised. I wanted to start a relationship with her and she broke me as well. She had red flag written all over her like all the other women I have dated before. But I was naive, nobody told me what red flags are. She basically went into a relationship with a "friend" of her.
    Only my second and last girlfriend was able to communicate good. She wasn't doing too many shit tests and our relationship was easy-going as it should. Unfortunately I had to leave her because of some things that disturbed me, frequent weed smoking and other drug consumption. Plus I didn't find her attractive because of the way she behaved and her looks, I'd say she was a little too "masculine" for me. I just got into the relationship because she forced me into it and I thought why not. After six months I had to end it and we are still really good friends, feels like a brother and sister connection, nothing sexual, she even has a boyfriend who really loves her and I'm grateful that they have found each other.
    I've done many therapies, had three months of coaching for 3000€ and it went pretty well. I can finally approach women when I really want to.
    I've finally come to the conclusion that I am not the issue, that's what I always thought before. I feel like society is only getting worse as I mentioned above. Women did not have any rights in the past, now I feel that they have too much power, it's unbalanced. We went into the other extreme. I think it should be 50/50, but it isn't. And I'm not sure if this is going to balance out while I am still alive.
    That's why I have suicide thoughts way too often. I've never tried killing myself and I hope that I never will but if that does not change in the next few years, I'm not sure how I'm going to feel in the future. All this work, all this self improvement and pain, I really have made much progress the last few years, especially the last year but it hurts that it does not get recognized by women. Only by myself and my friends, you may think that this should be enough but for me it isn't.
    I know that there are really beautiful women out there with top tier character, but I feel like they are way too rare or most of them already in a relationship. At least in the cities I've lived in, in Germany.
    I just want to be more attractive to women so I can have some fun, go on dates and finally have a girlfriend that fits me.
    I'm eating well, I do sports, built some muscle, look good and I try to approach women here and there. But somehow I'm not attractive enough for them, I either get no response via chat or they annoy me because of too many shit tests and I know they wouldn't do as many tests if they were sure that I'd be good enough for them.
    So... enough crying, let me ask a goal oriented question: How can I accept this mean and unfair world? Or how can I change the way I think about the world? I'm missing positive experience with women.
    Sorry for this negative talk, but this is my mind and I have to live with it every day.
    I just want to be more of my higher self and connect more with women. Thanks for reading.
    Best regards,

  17. is porn like real sex ?
    is porn like real sex ?
    It's very different.
    You might be surprised to discover that porn can be better than sex. Because sex is not nearly as visual as porn. But sex has other great qualities you cannot get with porn. The tactile feel of a naked girl is hard to beat. You can't get that with no amount of porn.

  18. Should you hot approach women if you're broke?
    Should you hot approach women if you're broke?

  19. First 5-MeO-MALT Trip
    First 5-MeO-MALT Trip
    Dude, after I took my first bong hit of weed, I couldn't walk straight for the next two days. That's how deep my trip was.
    Don't worry too much about it.

  20. Is This What 5-MeO-DMT Salt Should Look Like? My Experience & Seeking Input!
    Is This What 5-MeO-DMT Salt Should Look Like? My Experience & Seeking Input!
    Hey fellow psychonauts!
    I recently acquired what was claimed to be 5-MeO-DMT salt, and I'm a bit perplexed by its appearance. I wanted to share a video with you all to get your thoughts on whether this is how it should look.
    As you can see in the video, the substance appears to be extremely insoluble, almost like small crystals or chunks. Is this consistent with your experiences, or does it look different from what you've encountered? I'm curious to know if this is normal for 5-MeO-DMT salt.
    Now, onto my experience. Despite the unique appearance, I plugged 29mg and 31mg of this substance on two separate occasions, hoping for a strong effect. However, I didn't experience the intense effects that are often associated with 5-MeO-DMT. Instead, I noticed some mild perception changes, but nothing too profound.
    I'm reaching out to this community because I value your knowledge and experiences. Has anyone else encountered similar-looking 5-MeO-DMT salt? And if so, did it produce the expected effects? I'm wondering if I received a less potent batch or if there might be some other factors at play.
    Your insights and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Let's engage in a discussion and share our knowledge to better understand this intriguing compound. Thanks in advance for your input!

  21. For people who think running on a treadmill is different from running on the ground
    For people who think running on a treadmill is different from running on the ground
    Real-world running is quite noticably different than treadmill running. Real-world running is harder. The treadmill just spins under your feet, that's not how real running works, where you have to push yourself forward more. On a treadmill you are not pushing forward, you are just lifting your legs.
    If you train on a treadmill a lot, and then try real running, you will feel weak at it.

  22. First 5-MeO-MALT Trip
    First 5-MeO-MALT Trip
    It's hard to go wrong with a 10mg first dose on any 5-MeO class substance.
    20mg+ is where things start to get challenging.

  23. Should I go organic or wait until I have business success?
    Should I go organic or wait until I have business success?
    In my experience you will NEVER feel any difference between organic and inorganic.
    However, that doesn't mean it won't affect your health over decades. You can't notice something that takes a decade to build up.
    When something finally goes wrong with your health you will not even know why. You will be confused as fuck about it for years.

  24. What is self-love ? really do not understand.
    What is self-love ? really do not understand.
    Because I am also doing other things.
    Yes, it will be the most advanced thing I've seen.
    Yes, information nobody knows.

  25. Clubbing without alcohol and drugs?
    Clubbing without alcohol and drugs?
    It's possible but you gotta be serious about it. You should act fast.