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  1. How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    What are you gonna do in 30 minutes? It takes that long just to drive to where the girls are.
    I suppose daygame requires less time. But it's hard to practice much with daygame.

  2. How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    You will never get good with this level of investment and seriousness.

    As a beginner, you need that 30 min for a good warm-up itself already.

    But if you seriously only have only 30 mins per day, see if you can do 2-3 hours for just 1 day per week. This way you can get a quality session in and tap into flow / state.

    A classic newbie mistake is expecting this to be easy because of your ego and because of all these PUA coaches selling it to you. This work is brutal, have proper expectations and mindset otherwise you will give up very fast. You will need to invest serious time, energy, and work into it. You will also need to invest serious time into analyzing your approaches after your sessions.

  3. Too Much Freedom Isn't Always The Best
    Too Much Freedom Isn't Always The Best
    The point of freedom is to use it to allow yourself to commit to -- and pursue like a motherfucker -- your top values.
    Freedom is not for sitting around playing games and jerking off. Freedom is about being free to be highly creative in the way that is most meaningful to you.

  4. How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    How much time per day do i need to work on my dating skills
    3hrs per night x 3 nights/week would be a great foundation.
    That would be the minimum you need to get good at game.

  5. How does MeO feel?
    How does MeO feel?
    It kicks in within 3 minutes. At the 4 minute mark it feels like you are in a new reality, although the room still looks the same. The shift in consciousness is so dramatic that you start to feel sick and nauseous. It feels like you are no longer yourself but some kind of higher-dimensional being.

  6. is the liberal mind wiser than the conservative mind ?
    is the liberal mind wiser than the conservative mind ?
    That's what is meant by higher level of development.
    It's not an accident that the more conservative one is, the more racist, xenophobic, sexist, and tribal one is.
    Liberals are generally more developed than conservatives. But there will be plenty of exceptions to this so be careful not to stereotype all conservatives as lower.

  7. Commitment-phobia marriage, pets, kids
    Commitment-phobia marriage, pets, kids
    This is common, especially for men, who value freedom.
    This is where getting very clear about your values is important.
    Yes, committing to big things like business, family, kids, marriage is a big deal. You have to really decide you want them, otherwise don't do it. However, also, don't be stuck in analysis paralysis forever. Sit down, think it through, then decide which path is most likely to align with your top values and start making some commitments.
    Kids is the most serious commitment. All the other ones you can pretty easily undo if you really change your mind.
    Remember, the point of being free is to be free to commit to the things you really value. Don't glorify freedom for its own sake. You can start by making a smaller commitment, like with a pet. And see how it feels.

  8. Self-Esteem is The Key To Pick Up
    Self-Esteem is The Key To Pick Up
    More precisely: Self-Love!
    Why would a woman want to sleep with a man who doesn't love himself? That would be so stupid of her, since a man is made or broken by his level of confidence. A man without confidence is like a horse with 3 legs.

  9. Leo, do you still meditate everyday?
    Leo, do you still meditate everyday?
    No, at this point I just follow my feelings. I do as I feel rather than following any kind of mechanical rules.
    With that said, today I meditated for about 3 hours. Because that's what felt right.

  10. Resentment againt women who desire succesful men
    Resentment againt women who desire succesful men
    That's actually the wrong framing.
    A spiritual woman would have too much self-respect to sleep with a guy who doesn't have his shit together. It's not about materialism. It's about having your shit together.

  11. My heavy metal results
    My heavy metal results
    I was doing the Keto diet, but my fat levels are super low.

  12. My heavy metal results
    My heavy metal results
    Below I attach my heavy metal toxicity results. I also take psychiatric meds such as memantine, Ritalin, and Olanzapine. Should I start chelating?

  13. Important! - Nobody On This Forum Is AWAKE
    Important! - Nobody On This Forum Is AWAKE
    Anyone here who claims to be AWAKE, or to understand what AWAKE is, or what GOD is, or what CONSCIOUSNESS is -- is fooling themselves.
    The only one here who understands these things is ME.
    This does not mean, however, that I cannot sometimes be full of shit myself. I can. I am not perfect. But not on this issue.
    Enlightenment is not AWAKE.
    Buddhism is not AWAKE.
    Nonduality is not AWAKE.
    No amount of meditation is AWAKE.
    There will be a lot of bitching and moaning over this issue. But I simply told you the truth.
    You've been warned. This is way more tricky than you ever imagined. My function here is to guide people through every trick. But the problem is, they don't want to be guided because they already think they've figured it out. Don't be that guy.

  14. Does this 5-MeO-DMT look good?
    Does this 5-MeO-DMT look good?
    That is an acceptable texture and color.
    Texture and color of 5-Meo-DMT can vary quite a bit. Depends on which lab made it. Depends on freebase vs HCl vs oxalate. But don't assume that all freebase or all HCl looks the same. There is still a lot of variety in texture and color. Some is like a very dry fine powder. Some is almost sticky and clumpy. Some is more crystal-like.
    None of that matters so long as it's 98%+ pure 5-MeO-DMT. Which it probably is if it's 5-MeO-DMT at all. If a lab is capable of making 5-MeO-DMT at all, it doesn't cost them anything to make it 98% pure. There is little point in cutting research chemicals with junk. It's not cocaine or heroin which gets cut with junk by a long chain of middlemen to drive down costs. The research chemical industry doesn't work that way.
    The biggest risk with research chemicals is if they accidentally give you the wrong substance simply due to mislabeling it.
    5-MeO has a subtle distinctive smell you can learn to distinguish. This makes for a nice easy sniff test. It's not fool proof, but a good way to make sure it's on the right track.

  15. Doing 5-meo-dmt alone
    Doing 5-meo-dmt alone
    I've done the toad. It's just a gross version of synthetic. Trip is the same. Just tastes nasty.
    There is no reason to use toads if you have synthetic.

  16. Doing 5-meo-dmt alone
    Doing 5-meo-dmt alone
    10-15mg is a good start.

  17. I am God
    I am God
    It's way more fucked up and twisted than you can fathom.
    Remember, your entire visual field is imaginary, including your body. Imagination IS reality. So there is no fundamental distinction between you imagining your friends, you imagining the world, or you imagining yourself. It's all imaginary.
    You are thinking of it like this: "Oh, well, if my friends are imaginary, that sucks. That means they aren't real."
    But what you're not realizing is that EVERYTHING isn't real. Real is whatever you imagine hard enough. So your friends are real in the sense that you imagine they are. But as soon as you stop imagining them, they will disappear. As will your own body.
    So it all boils down to how unconscious you are of your own imagination.
    See, Leo is a fragment of your schizoid God-mind. But you don't like hearing that so you imagine Leo is real, and therefore Leo is real for you, as long as you keep denying that Leo is imaginary. So the entire game of life is imagining shit while denying that you imagined it. That's how "reality" is created. Ta-da!
    The only question is, how deep do you want to see the Truth of what you -- as God -- are doing? How deep can you stomach it? Are you willing to realize that EVERYTHING is imaginary? Or are you gonna cry uncle and play denial games? Since you are God, if you decide to play denial, there is no one in the Universe who can stop you. Only you can stop yourself.
    Do you dare become conscious that you are imagining Leo? Or... is that too unnerving?
    See, the problem is that just by telling you this I'm already spoiling your fantasy. But don't worry, you will fall back into the fantasy very quickly. Just stop listening to me.

  18. Peter Ralston on Psychedelics in more detail
    Peter Ralston on Psychedelics in more detail
    Yes they will, if you use them right.

  19. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    Watch me do it.
    You don't know anyone because this is cutting edge stuff that has only been possible in the last 20 years. Someone has to pioneer it despite all the closeminded naysayers.

  20. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    Do 100 trips of 5-MeO-DMT and you will understand.
    I gave you a simple, empirical method for testing my claims. If you don't want to do science, that's not my problem.
    My empirical method is very clear and precise for anyone who is serious. Until other gurus, it requires no belief in me. That's the beauty of it. It's pure science.

  21. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    Again, be cautious. I am not responsible for your health or death.
    But the nice thing with 5-MeO-DMT is that you can plug a tiny amount of it and just feel minor effects and slowly ramp up from there. So you should be able to gently inch your way up very carefully and feel if there is any blood pressure problems or heart problems. You can even measure your blood pressure while you're on it.
    5-MeO-DMT makes my body feel good. It actually temporarily frees me of all my health problems. You just have to learn to surrender to it and then it feels amazing. The come-up only lasts from 5 mins to 15 mins. After the 15 min mark you will be tripping hard but the bodily stuff is behind you. Of course this assumes you surrender to it. If you resist it, oh boy... that might be hell. I'm too scared to dare resisting 5-MeO-DMT. Once that thing is in you, you better surrender immediately.
    I can foresee some serious heart issues if your dose goes 30mg+. That's when your consciousness will become so infinite that your heart will melt and explode out your chess in Love. There will be kundalini activation and all sorts of crazy shit can happen. But I never go that far. I keep my dose to 25mg max. Which is still crazy strong for me.

  22. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    Except my claim is that awakening IS a state. Some states of consciousness are awake and other aren't.
    I disagree. Satori is a state and you can only achieve it precisely because you lost it to begin with.
    If satori was truly permanent, you could not have been born as a human ego. The whole point is that God can lose consciousness of itself. In fact, that's mostly what it's busy doing.
    You can argue that you never lost it, that you've always been awake. But to me this is silly. You were not born God-realized. Of course you were not born at all, but nevertheless, you believed for most of your life that you were born. Thus you were asleep. If you were asleep, then you weren't awake. And if you weren't awake, then whatever "permanent" satori you get in this life, you will lose at some point.
    God forgets itself, God remembers itself. This cycle has no beginning or end.
    The only reason there are unenlightened beings is because some enlightened being lost his permanent state of enlightenment.
    Same goes for with it.
    Yes, I don't dispute this at all. By all means pursue a stable 24/7 satori. I am.
    But also open your mind to something beyond that.
    Like I said in my Outrageous video, it's not about me being more woke than others. It's about reaching the highest understanding of reality. If you don't question the wokeness levels of your teachers you will simply never reach the highest levels of understanding possible. You will settle for less.
    My concern is understanding/consciousness, not comparing myself to other teachers. The comparison is only there in order to show you that there is a deeper level possible, not to put myself above others. Ralston is very masterful, much more so than I. So I don't hold him as some inferior person. I respect him a lot and value his work. But what he says about 5-MeO-DMT is simply incorrect. And you can easily verify it for yourself. 5-MeO-DMT will give you a deeper awakening than you will ever get at one of his workshops or enlightenment intensives. This much I would bet $100,000 on. With that said, I still enjoy his workshops. He has a lot to offer. But you won't understand most of it until you do 5-MeO-DMT.

  23. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    The question is, to what degree?
    5-MeO-DMT can give you a such a satori that you will not even be able to walk around.
    Just because something is stable and functional doesn't make it the highest.

  24. Peter Ralston on psychedelics
    Peter Ralston on psychedelics
    It's way deeper than merely talent.
    It's more like I'm telling you that you cannot fly because you weren't born a bird. The bird isn't simply talented at flying. The bird has hardware that you don't have.
    Likewise there are many things you are not conscious of because you don't have the hardware.

  25. Peter Ralston on psychedelics
    Peter Ralston on psychedelics
    But, they will not be enough to increase your baseline level of consciousness.