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  1. My day of approaches
    My day of approaches
    You can flip this on its head by saying, "Don't worry, I've only said this to 100 girls today."
    If you're gonna be a player, you gotta own it. This will actually create attraction. Hot girls don't care if you're a player, they get attracted even more.
    It's all about your vibe though. You have to fully own it and be comfortable with it.
    What the girl is actually getting attracted to is not your words but your congruence and strength. The less of a pussy you are, the more attracted she will get.

  2. Legalization of Psychedelics seems like the only solution
    Legalization of Psychedelics seems like the only solution
    It's not just that psychedelics need to be legalized, even more importantly we need to build out an entire culture, education system, and support system for how to use these substances for deep spiritual work in a grounded, non-dogmatic way.
    A lot of theoretical foundation-building is needed within psychology, philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, and spirituality. All of this theory needs to be part of a serious education program. But that will take generations to gain traction. Actualized.org theory is that foundation. Ideally you spend 5 years learning all the basic theory, reading books, contemplating, etc. THEN you start tripping.
    There could be a certificate that one gets that allows one to become a psychonaut. Sort of like passing a driving test at the DMV. Of course it's gonna be hell to get people to agree on what such a certificate program would have to contain. It will be endlessly political because it is so threatening to the ego-mind.

  3. Should I give approval to girls?
    Should I give approval to girls?
    Most girls are super insecure, so your qustion should read: Should I give money to a poor person?

  4. Lost my fucking mind
    Lost my fucking mind
    I fell into the same trap at 16-19. Like @Leo Gura says, having your survival needs met and grounding yourself before going into deeper spiritual territory is really important. I was in quite a bad spot before I decided to let go of enlightenment for a while. Since then, working on my mental health and working on becoming a happy and functional human first has made my life a lot better. 
    Don’t underestimate the amount of joy you can already create by having things like LP, relationships, etc. figured out. 

  5. 25 and a virgin, much needed advice,
    25 and a virgin, much needed advice,
    I never drank once with going out 100s of nights.
    I don't enjoy going out or partying. I did it as a personal development project. If it was up to me I would barely talk to humans. I could live on a deserted island and be happy.
    Well, the fact is, the finite human self is a total fiction. It was never real.
    So is it possible to be self-less? YES! It's the only truthful option. Everything else is a lie.
    Will it be easy for you to surrender your self? Fuck no! That's the last thing on Earth you'll do.

  6. 25 and a virgin, much needed advice,
    25 and a virgin, much needed advice,
    It's okay. You are still very young, your whole life is ahead of you. All you need to do is make some effort to go out and socialize with girls.
    You do not need houses, cars, or money to socialize with girls and have sex.
    If I were you I would seriously consider relocating to a city with a great, busy nightlife, so you can go out every weekend to bars and clubs where the hot girls are. That's all you're missing. You don't need anything special to attract girls.
    But stop procrastinating and making excuses. Actually decide to take some serious action.
    When I started socializing with girls I was older than you. So age is not the problem here.

  7. What does it mean to say “the ego has no control”
    What does it mean to say “the ego has no control”
    Imagine if we programmed Mario to say to himself in a video game "I'm in control, I'm in control, I'm in control" until he started to really believe it.
    Is Mario actually in control of the game?

  8. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    It's important to distinguish attraction vs dating vs relationship.
    These are distinct phases. What I'm talking about here is mostly the first phase: attraction, without which nothing else is possible.
    Once the relationship begins for real (after a few times of sex), then things change.
    I recommend all guys practice what I call Conscious Relationship. Which is a huge topic which I won't explain here. Suffice it to say, you ladies would love it. It's everything you want out of a relationship and much more. It's the thing you wish pickup was because you're not concerned about the attraction phase much.
    I am by no means only about attraction and anti-relationship. I think there's lots of value in intimate relationship. But before we get there, we gotta bang There's a certain order of operations to the mating game.

  9. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    Of course women keep all of their inner demons locked up in a bottle until the day after you sleep with her. Then that bottle gets uncorked and the drama begins, LOL.
    Most women are what they called Ronald Reagan, "An authentic phony"

  10. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    Match is part of the process.
    Of course not every woman will be a match with every man. That's all sorted out in the field.
    It's not like if a guy has game he can attract/sleep with 100% of women. About 33% of women will love him, 33% of women will hate him, and 33% of women will be indifferent.
    There's always an element of luck and personalities need to match up. That's why he chats with 10 women, 3 get attracted, 1 comes home.
    A highly attractive man is actually more polarizing. Some women will absolutely hate him. But those who like him will LOVE him.
    You also have to keep in mind that not all guys with game are the same. Each guys attracts a specific subset of female personality types. Because game is expressed differently through different personality types. Game is not a specific type of guy, it's general principles of attractiveness which are incarnated uniquely by each guy, attracting different kinds of women. For example, humor is going to vary from guy to guy. Guys can have very different senses and styles of humor. But learning the general principles of humor will help every guy, no matter what his style of humor is. And all girls love some style of humor. Humor can be dry, witty, intellectual, sexual, subdued, bold, sarcastic, self-deprecating, dark, physical, nerdy, etc.

  11. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    Of course most guys doing game are Orange, and some even Red. I've known guys who do game who are flat out rapists with pending legal cases against them. But this is rare. Most guys are Orange. Yes, many guys objectify women and sex. But you also have to understand, this is not a function of game itself, this is simply how most guys today think about sex. A stage Orange man will objectify women whether he learns game or not.
    Russell Brand used to be heroin addict. So, yeah, people grow.
    Trump's "locker room talk"? Honestly, lots of guys talk that way behind closed doors. That's excessive Orange mentality. It's just hidden.
    You have too appreciate that pickup brings up into the open what has been repressed and hidden for centuries. Stage Blue repressed sex so much for so long that stage Orange swings in the opposite direction. There is still a social stigma about being open about the reality of dating and sex. Dating can be ruthless. Not just from the man's side from the woman's side too. Women are not angels in all this. They too are constantly manipulating to meet their survival needs.

  12. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    Hey man, I wonder if you ocassionally still game there in vegas. 
    Could you share your routines, habits, frames, style and mentors? I know you are not a player, but while we are one the road to enlightenment we still need some sex. Explain your game to us in a simple way, step by step. 

  13. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    First of all, you are far more needy than even you admit. Not just with online dates but offline dates too. When the opportunity for good sex presents itself, your mind will start craving it and clinging to it.
    Why are you so overthinking this? All you gotta know is: Do you want to have sex with that person? If yes, set up the fucking date and be interested in it, yet detached and non-needy.
    How do you become non-needy? By going on dozens of dates with dozens of people until it starts to feel normal.
    It also helps to have a decent amount of sex (with one person or many) so that you get your sexual hunger satisfied, at least somewhat. Most men are like starved dogs who haven't eaten in a month. Of course you will be needy for food in that situation.
    Look, the reality is, if you're just starting PUA you will be very needy for the first year or two. That's par for the course. Struggle through it and do the best you can. Try to contain your neediness when possible. As you see how your neediness turns off and loses you many hot girls, the pain of those losses will teach you to surrender your neediness more and more.

  14. Is the desire for Truth a core desire amongst everyone?
    Is the desire for Truth a core desire amongst everyone?
    If by everyone you mean almost noone, then yes.

  15. What Vape Do You Use?
    What Vape Do You Use?
    I find small lighters are simply so unreliable. Food torch is very reliable and easy on your fingers. Vaporizes in 2 seconds. Just careful not to get it too close or you'll burn the substance.
    5-MeO-MALT HCl will burn easily. Vaporing HCl is not ideal. For vaping you'd want freebase.

  16. What Vape Do You Use?
    What Vape Do You Use?
    Small crack/oil pipe is all you need. Costs $5

  17. I am so angry at this SAT *rant*
    I am so angry at this SAT *rant*
    Why are you playing their stupid game?
    The SATs are a game designed to rake in $$$ for College Board. And universities are a game too.
    You are sad over a silly game they rigged up. Their game was never designed to help you, it was designed to help themselves.
    If you are interested in real education, do it yourself. Only you can educate yourself. To great news is, there is no gatekeeper other than your apathy and laziness.

  18. Psychedelics vs "Natural" Enlightenment
    Psychedelics vs "Natural" Enlightenment
    Everything he says here is accessible through 5-MeO-DMT, and way more that he doesn't say.
    This idea that 5-MeO-DMT does not take you to enlightenment is pure horseshit.
    Now, does it make it permanent? No. It is supposed to be a short trip. 5-MeO-DMT gives you 60 minutes of enlightenment. That is the promise and that's what it delivers. I'm sick of people misunderstanding and misrepresenting 5-MeO-DMT and other psychedelics as if they are not genuine Absolute Truth and Infinite Consciousness.
    There is not a single thing that any meditator or self-inquirer has realized which could not be realized through psychedelics. The only difference is how stable it is. And guess what? Since time is an illusion, the stability of consciousness is totally irrelevant to the fact of consciousness. If you are in an enlightened state for even 10 seconds, it is still Absolute Truth.
    Also, no-mind is not at all necessary to experience Absolute Truth or enlightenment. You can experience it with a fully active mind, and that does not diminish Absolute Truth one bit, since mind is part of Absolute Truth.
    All these enlightened teachers think they are saying something special, but they are saying basic shit which you can realize by taking 2g of mushrooms. Nothing special about your self-inquiry or Ramana Maharshi or Buddha.

  19. Are psychedelics ULTIMATELY a distraction?
    Are psychedelics ULTIMATELY a distraction?
    Well, this will vary from person to person.
    For me, personally, psychedelics have not increased my baseline state much at all. But they have helped me understand reality at staggering levels of depth that no guru or video or book ever could. I used psychedelics to solve the ultimate riddle of existence. I became completely omniscient. The entire universe makes sense to me now.

  20. Is it common for people to take out a loan to put towards their investments?
    Is it common for people to take out a loan to put towards their investments?
    This is a horrible idea.
    You will lose that money and then you'll be double fucked.
    There is no investment that can reliably return 17-22%!
    The best you can expect from Wall Street is 10-15%. And then you gotta pay tax on top of that and there is inflation.
    If anyone is promising you a 20%+ ROI they are scamming you. That kind of ROI can only come from being personally involved in running a business. And even then most businesses fail.
    The best money managers in the world only aim for like 20% ROI. Aiming for anything higher will end up backfiring and losing you money. There's no free lunch. Stop expecting to leech value.
    Even if you could get a loan at 5%, I still wouldn't do that to invest in Wall Street. A credit card loan is an automatic loser. Only idiots take out credit card loans.

  21. Spiral Dynamics and Relationships
    Spiral Dynamics and Relationships
    An intimate honest relationship, lol.
    Consider what it would be like to be in an intimate relationship with a woman with no sex involved.
    Remove sex from the equation for just a minute.

  22. Ken Wilber — “an enlightened nazi”
    Ken Wilber — “an enlightened nazi”
    Here's some more fuel for the fire:
    In one video James Swartz (enlightened guy) talked about how if he saw a rat in his hotel room he would not hesitate to stomp it dead with his shoe.
    In 500 years, if spiritual people hear that statement they will wonder: how could this enlightened teacher be such a monster and not have a sense of animal rights?
    Hell, some stage Green unenlightened people have a higher sense of animal rights and compassion today than the enlightened James Swartz.
    And now, what is the fundamental difference between a Nazi killing humans he finds disgusting vs an enlightened master killing a rat he finds disgusting?
    If you kill a rat does that mean you aren't enlightened? How about a fly? How about a spider? How about a chicken? How about a tree? How about a human? Where does it stop? How big of a thing must you kill for the universe to revoke your enlightenment?

  23. Online dating destroying the principles of game
    Online dating destroying the principles of game
    That's basically how game works.
    You can effectively boost yourself from a 5 to a 9, batting way above your league.
    The great thing about being a man is that you can go from a 5 to a solid 10 if you really want. A woman cannot do that. Which is why women don't game. If game worked for women, they would do it. Which is why all women wear makeup. Makeup is the original photoshop.
    Online game should not even be called "game". It's not game. It's just lazy posting of photos of yourself.

  24. 5-MeO-DMT Freebase to HCL
    5-MeO-DMT Freebase to HCL
    HCl, Fumarate, Oxalate -- these are all salts. They are practically interchangeable. Does not affect the trip.
    You can plug Freebase as well. All of them plug pretty much the same. Freebase will be about 10-20% more potent than salt. Freebase dissolves poorly in water, requiring use of vinegar or something like light coconut milk.

  25. What does Depression mean?
    What does Depression mean?
    Loss of hope