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  1. Mods you guys allow crap like this to be posted?
  2. @Yali Every time you post your asking Leo a series of questions about dating only for you to come to the conclusion "I am god I dont need girls" lol this forum man
  3. My morning routine is simple Wake up drink water Do some sort of exercise, either run around my block or do some punching bag cardio Shower/ Get ready Do a mixture of 3 short concentrations practices Reflect on goals Begin day The secret to having a good morning routine is having a good nights sleep and also having a day worth preparing for. Its hard to maintain a morning routine if your not looking forward to the things you have to get done that day.
  4. You should explore polyamory if this is a big deal for you. If you crave sex with other woman mabey a traditional relationship shouldn't be your priority right now. Ask your girl if she would be down to experiment with other women together. If shes against it all and you dont want to give up your porn then the answer is pretty clear. On paper it is a reasonable request on her end, how would you feel if your gf was watching other guys and masturbating to that fantasy would you be ok with it? Relationships are a two way street, some things you have to compromise on to maintain the integrity of that relationship.
  5. I read in a post somewhere that he has 125,000 students in his HU program at $50 a month, even if were conservative that's over $6 million dollars a month and considering the business is online i'd guess almost all of that is nearly profit. He also has an upsell into his mastermind called the war room that charge $5,000 every year and he has reported theres over 2,000 people in that program. If you add everything up thats 85 million dollars a year, fucking crazy and I thought Alex Jones's 50 million dollars a year grift was impressive you can say what you want about the guy he definitely knows how to make money.
  6. Thats the nature of cold approach try doing your approaches in venues where its more acceptable to be social, like school events, outdoor gatherings, ect.
  7. Being rich won't make you happy by itself but its a lot easier when you can hire professionals to coach you through things, being able to move to nicer environments, not being around negative draining people, not worrying about paying unexpected bills, working on projects you care about, being able to travel/have nice experiences often. I don't know why people try to cram this message that being rich wont bring happiness. I have a mentor who Im currently living with right now who runs an info product business generating 50-60k a month. When we attend networking events, parties or personal gatherings most of the people are happy, have fulfilling projects there working on, and carry themselves with a care free mentality. People who often quote this message usually dont make money or don't personally know people who make money and are speaking from theory its two completely different worlds.
  8. Every perspective does have some truth to it but some ideas are so filled with shit its not even worth digging into. Do you really believe the holocaust itself was fake? If so what exactly is your argument?
  9. @ShardMare You don't thats what you do, this blackpill rabbit hole is much deeper than "if your not a chad you wont get laid" its such a sad and depressing view on the world that rots your personality, the best thing to do is avoid people like that and time do the rest. The worst thing for a black piller or incel is when he's in late 30's and realize he's wasted his youth on such a shitty world view instead of getting quality experiences.
  10. @SQAAD You got some insecurites/shadow work you gotta take care of I see your posts often in the dating subforum and they reek of bitterness and passive aggressiveness, the world is not some kill or be killed battle ground Not everything ties into "evolution psychology" which is a flawed perspective filled with very convenient biases, women arnt value robots leaving well built relationships to seek out the most high status or wealthy men. In the real world most women are pretty loyal to a vault Much more goes into building a strong relationship than just materialism, the deeper relationships you form with women / educate yourself on proper relationship dynamics the more silly all this redpill/blackpill crap becomes.
  11. @ThePoint Ive also contemplated on dealing with hate/dislike from others, the realization i've come to is that if you're successful at anything you will have people who strongly dislike you for numerous reasons ranging from different believes all the way to insecurity especially if you build an online brand. Here's an experiment search up your top 5 favorite content creators on youtube or google and add the word "exposed" or "scam" see what nonsense your going to get its impossible to build a brand and not have people dislike you. Imagine those creators had the same mentality as you and gave up because a small minority disliked the brand. Focus on your impact embrace the people who follow you and focus on your craft. You dont want to be 60 years old or on your deathbed and think "if only I didnt care so much about what random people thought of me I could have done something great." Only you can know the place where your coming from and where your heart lies try to be open to criticism from people you respect and you'll be fine
  12. Too much drama life is already complicated dont take on other peoples burdens especially if its your first couple encounters.
  13. You got plastered when you decided to introduce yourself to her family? Thats funny, apologizing is the first step in fixing anything the next might be addressing your potential alcohol problem.
  14. Start any type of online venture, content creation, consulting, marketing services, or dropshipping are really good places to start from.
  15. All suffering can be used for growth it depends on how you relate to the experience and what you can get out of it. Your mentality is whats more important