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  1. Your on a good path building, that foundation of just being able to approach people is a great skill to build, just something to keep in mind don't take the girls who ignore you too serious, being approached by a stranger can surprise most people and their first response is usually to disengage, theres no issue with that, never take these personal as the other person could just be having a day or is in a slump weave all been there.
  2. Also look intro using TOR Browsers if you want to go into the extremes of internet privacy. Many Journalist that live in extremist countries use TOR networks for anonymity as well. Go down the internet privacy rabbit hole there's a lot more you can do besides buying a VPN that can help protect your privacy.
  3. @Fleetinglife If i'm understanding your question correctly your asking is it worth using a vpn if your outside the U.S? If that's it then yes I recommend everybody uses a vpn it costs less than $7 dollars a month in most cases and you can use it on all your devices. Theres too many benefits to not use a vpn considering how easy it is to install, also go to other forums and reddit and learn more about internet security as were moving on in technology you'd be surprised how much info these big tech corporations have on you it's ridiculous.
  4. It seems your really interested in her and leaving her wouldn't be a good option for you. Try just having an honest conversation, as simple as it sounds bring up the issues your having with her and and see what she has to say, if you want any chance of making this work you have to lay out your issues regarding your relationship and your beliefs and pay attention to what she says. Going back and forth with other strangers on the internet about survival agenda isn't going to help you at all, do this first and then assess whether this relationship is worth pursuing any further
  5. You should be fine reading body language and eagerness is crucial when pulling back to your place. If you guys start making out and try to escalate things and she feels uneasy back off casually build some more rapport/comfort then try again, if she stops you or she doesn't really seem that eager to continue end it and treat it like a casual hangout, don't make a big deal about. After the date is over tell her you had fun and try to reschedule. Girls feed of your emotional energy, if you make something a big deal she will pick up on that and feel uneasy.
  6. It really is sad. There are many paradigm shifting moments when in comes to pick-up but by far the biggest ones comes from gaming a 9/10, 10/10 stunner and having her receptive to you, hanging off your every word, it doesn't even feel real. A couple months ago I went out with good friends/wings to a high end club and approached this absolute bombshell we engaged the group and I left with her contact info. Later on in the night I saw her again and decided to re-open, her friends gave us space and we talked for about 30-45 min. I usually don't try to pull at night clubs because logistically its too complicated and not worth the effort when you can get a high quality number instead, but I could feel the attraction for me radiating of her. We were talking about food and I told her there was this great burger spot I had to show her right now if she was down, and began to lead her out the club, she went back to her friends told them she was leaving then bam that was murder she wrote. During pillow talk I come to find out she's a fitness influencer on Ig with over 2.5 million followers, didn't end up contacting her again but once again completely shattered my expectations on how far you can go if you go out consistently and push the envelope. Every guy needs to experience something like this
  7. 80% of your game should not be explicitly implied being up front and telling the girl you like her without building anything up only works if your in a setting where you can heavily screen girls and not have it bite you in the ass, like cold approaching or online game, if your in a setting where being to forward could have repercussions like social circle game, work, a place you visit often then you have to be more subtle. Its not that complicated is just social calibration.
  8. @Everything Bruh ask her to send a picture of herself holding a spoon covering her left eye, but anyways none of that matters if a chick is already asking you to pay her money before you see her the dynamic of this interaction is already a lost cause. If she's not a catfish tell her your not interested in paying for a meet up and would like to see if there's chemistry first and see what happens from there
  9. Not sure if this is your personality but this seems really disrespectful to your bf, imagine he went on some forum and talked this way about you how would you feel? Getting your sexual needs met in a relationship is very important its not something to be put aside. There are ways you can bring your needs to his attention without being confrontational about it. Watch youtube vids /books/ read other forums and come up with new things to try in bed with him. Properly guide him and instruct him on how you like certain things, ask him if there is any new things he wants to try personally. Ideally you would want the guy to know all of this before hand but thats rare especially if hes time crunched doing other things If he really checks off all your boxes and you don't want to leave have a respectful conversation about your sexual relationship and bring ideas to the table to try, dont be passive and expect him to read your mind. Address this sooner rather than later, theres a possibility you may end up cheating on him if another guy comes along and can make you feel a certain way.
  10. Your biggest problem in this situation was failing to recognize her interest and immediately seizing the opportunity You need to learn how to be more decisive and quickly establish intent when you find a girl attractive. Usually the longer you wait the more "out of place" it's going to seem when you try to make a sudden move. Flirting, teasing, a little sexual innuendos, work great to build that vibe, the chick has to know if you two were in a room together you would "make a move" and not just have a platonic interaction. Now context obviously matters if you find she isn't reciprocating, you lay off and be more cordial/professional especially in a setting where things can end bad for you if something goes wrong. There are some things you could have done better when she came over but your attempt wasn't that bad. Next time you must screen harder for sexual compatibility and make sure she understands this isn't a platonic met up. Even if shes alone with you there's very little you can do to convince her to have sex with you if she isnt up for it. I don't know how far you got but next time build up the foreplay when your trying to make a move for the first time don't expect to immediately jump into it. Look up some stuff on kino escalation to better understand. Good job not trying to push the interaction farther, maybe something could have came from it but in all my experiences nearly every time I "pushed it" and we did end up having sex I would get ghosted or there would be a massive lost of interest. If a chick isn't excited to sleep with you or you feel its like "pulling teeth" to get laid, you messed up somewhere, maybe you didn't build enough attraction or rapport. Try to reach out and see if she's down to still meet up, this time don't back to your place and treat it like a normal date. Honestly learning to navigate through things like this takes a lot of different experiences so don't beat yourself up too much of your new to this. Like Leo said if you really connect with a girl it will be hard to not catch feelings, but you have to realize for your mental health if you get caught up on a chick that doesn't reciprocate your digging your own grave, its ok to feel into the emotions but understand letting go is much better than believing in a fairytale. Also you need to have options, you should set up your life to where your always meeting women, make social friends, join different clubs, try dating apps, do some cold approaches ect
  11. Patrick Bet David hes a full blown stage orange guy and runs a MLM but his valutainment channel has really practical and sound Business/ Entrepreneur/ Financial advice
  12. You can date attractive girls as an average guy I've seen many times in my experiences and most people know someone who is dating someone "above their league" so it is possible. For long term relationships though you going to be with someone that is around your level of attractiveness mabey 1-2 points higher if you lead an interesting lifestyle
  13. @B222 Volume and try to meet the girl in person asap after you get the number you guys should meet in 2-3 days. Theres nothing wrong with being aggressive especially when its online just don't be a creep. If shes giving excuses why she can't meet or things don't seem "on" stop wasting your time trying to game her have the mentality of screening girls out quick, when it comes to online game your talking to pixels on a screen everything is imaginary until you meet in person.
  14. @johnlocke18 Dont be so judgemental he's probably a hard case and is new to talking with women its good that hes going out and making approaches, trying different things and seeing what works. @Hardkill I remember I used to do something similar like when I was in college, I wouldn't out right insult chicks like you did, but I would see how far I could neg her before I got blown out of a set. As others have said pushing interactions to the extreme is necessary when learning to get good with women because it deepens your social calibration. Also women do respond well to "Assholes" but not the way you think, being authentic, relaxed and enforcing boundaries is what gives that vibe off not "insults or acting alpha." You never want to explicitly try to convince a chick your a certain somebody with words she should feel that vibe off you
  15. @Leo Gura It seems John doesn't view you in a good light either, in recent interview with Spenser Cornelia he said you were "known as a creep in the community because you were too RSD Flashy and it would turn off girls" Yea John Anthony is not a good guy guy to follow, he has a few good concepts that helped me but if you follow this guy long term you start to develop a cold, robotic, salesy approach when dealing with women which feels off. Find teachers that teach you to be better man that also dabble in dating.