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  1. Yup the number of matches I got using the free version versus paying the subscription was quite substantial. They suppress your profile and give higher priority to those who pay. If you look like a GQ model or really attractive it doesn't matter but for most guys you'll notice a difference if you upgrade. Remember Tinder is a company its here to make money and will optimize itself in the best way to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. What I do know is that they definitely suppress your profile when you use the free version.
  2. Any information on how you came to this conclusion would be interesting to look at. Thats a pretty bold claim your making saing "toxins, chemicals, bad diet" could be the reasons of these disorders other than gentics
  3. @7thLetter I agree with this. Why don't you go out and create an event or fundraiser that can help the people your trying to target. You don't make change by yelling at the government, you make a difference in your community and then people will follow you. You probably sound like these "woke" leftist who just parrot the same ideologies without offering any practical implementation, that can get annoying really quickly. Go create a youtube channel educating your people on finances, spirituality ect, something positive for your community, get creative. The problem with that though is that its much easier posting memes about your government than actually going outside and making a difference in your community. Your ego mind wants to feel like its making a difference without doing any of the work very sneaky..
  4. Really think this out before you pull the trigger, if this guy has influence and money i'm pretty sure he can afford the lawyers to make sure he doesnt face any penalties, making a powerful guy your enemy without a solid plan to put him away is a terrible idea. Police don't just put people away for being a shitty person especially if the guy can get good legal representation. Calling in and giving a tip off about the guy isnt going to do anything and can only put a target on your back.
  5. Online dating works fine for me its a good supplement for meeting more women. Heres a trick that jumped my matches by 5-10x hire a professional photographer to get multiple shots of yourself in different outfits or find a person who can take high quality photos with a real camera, actually pay for the services don't use the free versions there useless, and do a slight photoshop on your pictures. Photoshopping and getting professional pictures was the missing piece that jumped my results online. Be Careful not to go overboard you still want it to be realistic so you don't look like a catfish just rid of the small "imperfections." Its superficial but hey its online dating its cutthroat if you don't reach a certain looks threshold.
  6. @Leo Gura What studies have you looked at to come to this conclusion do you mind linking some of your sources?
  7. Find spots in your area with a lot of foot traffic and go there also for night game you have to be more loud and expressive you cant be as chill and laid back as day game, your not going to get a lot of engagement
  8. You guys derailed tf out this this thread, I never knew how strong the survival bias fallacy was until spending some time on this side of the forum. There isn't a lot of practical information here but from a meta view its fascinating seeing how far people will go to defend their survival bias. From a higher perspective I can now see why people can do the most huranoues things and still go to sleep at night, it just fits their particular survival bias. If I was born a woman i'd probably be bashing PUA and making numerous threads about it like the ladies on this forum trippy...
  9. @StarStruck Do you have social circle, other guys you can talk to about this stuff? Dude doing cold approach pickup as your main source of meeting women is one of the most painful paths to take. The flake rate is ridiculously high considering your entering a stranger's life with no social proof. The only big advantage of doing cold approach is that it quickly builds your social skills and calibration, I would take the skills you learned from cold approach and go create/find a social circle you can be apart of. Don't fall into the trap known as "the lone pick up." You will feel like shit 80% of the time. Its much more fun going out with other guys, and hitting on chicks or even hosting your own events you will stand out more because you have social proof. I personally don't know what your trauma's are but you keep bringing them up as a scapegoat for your actions. If its really that bad you should leave the pua stuff behind and fully dive into healing this part of yourself, any relationship you attempt to build will be corrupted by this and im pretty sure you know this already. Seriously think about from her perspective, you are a random stranger who entered her life, tired to meet up with her multiple times with no avail, and because she may have been going through something or wasn't possibly interested in you anymore you leaked her number. Theres something very wrong here, bro just take a break from all of this and really focus on yourself and then build a social circle.
  10. @electroBeam Rejection is common when trying to attract women in your life, but after you've had a few experiences and approached enough you reframe rejection as "screening out." Most of the time its never something you did wrong its the female, maybe she's taken, has other guys she's talking to or god knows what, never forget that when it comes to dating, women easily have 50-100x more options than you do so their paradigm of thinking is going to be different when interacting with men, they will be more fickle. A good number to keep in mind to "close" 1 out of 10 women that are attracted to you. This is what's considered "advanced game" and from my experience and some of my wings if you reach that number, you'll never have issues attracting women. That means for every 10 phone numbers you get 1 girl will be compatible with you it's a difficult standard to reach and takes a lot of trail and error, but at least this quantifies things and gives you a rough model to compare to. Also understand the difference between cold approach and social circle game. You cant use the same approach for both settings. With cold approach you can be more direct and screen for sexual compatibility harder which gets you quicker results but more flakes, but with the later you need more social calibration and to ease up on the screening, it can be slower but it feels more "natural" which is what I prefer. Be direct in both cases but make sure your socially calibrated based on the setting, which comes from running a lot of volume.
  11. @fopylo This is good you need more experiences like this, this is what builds your social calibration, try to set up another group meeting and do it again. You must be comfortable in these types of situations if you want a good social life it's not going to magically happen. Also meditation and watching Leo's videos has nothing to do with building emotional strength that only comes after putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation repeatedly until you overcome it. Its easy to sit on a comfy chair and do nothing for 20 minutes, but how does that translate to the real world? It seems you lack social experiences and the people you hang around have much more than you do so fix it. Action Action Action, stop the mental masturbation you already know enough.
  12. @SageModeAustin Hmm seems fishy don't have enough context, try sitting down and talking with her in person and express how you feel see what comes of it and don't expect vague answers. You also have to tell her she cant randomly break up with you and then ask to get back together that sounds pretty manipulative.
  13. Theres a difference between conceptualy understanding meaningless sex won't make you fulfilled but its another thing to go through the act of having "meaningless sex" and then seeking out a more high quality experience. Most of the guys on this subform who make these pua threads are at the beginning stages of learning how to attract women in their life. Its irresponsible to tell them "Meaningless sex wont make you happy" when they cant even verify that out for themselves. Thats like a millionaire telling somebody whose poor, "Don't worry man having money doesn't make you a happier person." Theres nothing profound in this thread, its common sense pickup is only attraction theory and you cannot build a healthy relationship out of attraction. Once your in a good place you then can focus on relationship building skills. You guys also have the wrong perception of pick up its does not equal "approach random girls and harass them", thats the type of vibe I get from you ladies when you speak on it. Its about being able to express your desire in an authentic, attractive way to woman you meet anywhere whether in your social circle, online or at a bar. Theres so much more to it then just cold approaching girls and you would know this if you were a guy that was actively dating women. Pick up is only the beginning stages a man has to go through to develop the abundance mindset needed so that if a woman isn't a good match for him he can leave and find better. Women don't even understand how many options they have when it comes to dating they think the same applies to most men, when that cannot be further from the truth. As a young guy even if your confident your options will pale in comparison unless you learn what attracts women and force yourself to take action to gain experiences. I don't care how self developed you are if you don't believe you can attract the right people in your life you'll never develop the right boundaries needed to have a successful relationship. You must go through the experience of dating and sleeping with multiple women to understand this. Its foolish to bank on the probability that the first woman you date is going to be the right one for you. What you find out as a young guy that has no experience dealing with woman is that its pretty difficult to attract women you want in your life thus some men will turn to pick up and those are the lucky ones. The rest just live a live of quiet desperation believing there's nothing they can do and settle for toxic relationships because they cant do better. To the men who are in the pick up stage of their life, embrace it and go through it don't let the other members on this subforum gaslight you into believing its not necessary to develop if done correctly it will be one of the best experiences in your life that will positively shape your character.
  14. Yea what you did is perfectly fine just don't do this the first couple times you guys sleep together or you'll most likely come across of as a creep.
  15. I dont even understand the purpose of these types of threads, ofc to any woman the notion of "pick up" is going to come across of as slimy or manipulative. Some of that I do agree but its all on how the person goes about implementing the information. Unless you've dated/slept with multiple women and had to overcome hundreds of rejections/flakes/failed experiences, you don't really understand how attraction works. I'd like to see the ladies on this forum give practical advice on how a 17-23 year old should go about dating and getting their sexual needs met.