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  1. Great thread! Definitely going to check out some of these teachers
  2. @Don Wei Hahahaha remember these days kid, it will be something funny to look at once you get better at stuff like this. This date is most likely not going to go well and so will the next 5. The problem isn't "you" but simply you just dont have enough experience. One of the biggest lessons I learned from pickup is that if your afraid to "lose" the girl your actions are going to be congruent with that frame. You give off a "Im not used to girls showing me attention" vibe and they have a 6 sense for it. Handling this part is the most essential key for getting women to be attracted to you. They only way to combat this is to talk to many many girls its as simple as that. Find a way to go out and meet girls whether at a venue, park, social gathering, tinder and just TALK TO THEM. I see people on this part of the forum giving terrible advice to guys who don't have any experience with women to "work on yourself and let them come to you" but this just isn't true. No matter how much mediation, working out or whatever other self improvement you do, if you want to get good with girls you must have a plethora of infield experience. Ofc to get the best results you need to work on yourself but going out and talking to a lot of women will solve like 80% of all of your issues.
  3. Agree with @Michael569 take this very serious as there could be a serious underlying issue, stress with your doctor or whoever checks you to do a through examination to make sure anything isn't wrong. I doubt if you have it since this has been going on for a decade but start with looking into testicular torsion then work from there. I had it 2 years ago but caught it early so both my balls remained. Testicular pain is not something to play with.
  4. Ive been putting off watching her work only because her teaching style turns me off, but many people keep recommending me to watch her videos so I think ill give it another go. @Origins @Mesopotamian Which of her videos do you think transformed you to the most?
  5. Honestly old RSD material was a goldmine no other PUA material goes in-depth in terms of attracting high quality women then them. Tyler and Julian were the best instructors. Their Yt vids got taken down and there doing a mass scrubbing of all their old content but if you look up "RSD Tyler Megalink" on reddit or google you should find hours worth of life changing content
  6. @Thestarguitarist14 I see where your coming from but you've gotta understand that your saying this because you've spent time getting good with women, how could you expect a guy who has never gotten laid or is not good with women to believe, "I can be in a healthy loving relationship with myself." I believe every guy should go into a healthy form of pick until they feel confident in their ability to attract a partner, then focus on other things.
  7. C'mon man you gotta realize what your doing lol
  8. I stopped watching Leo because I thought his stuff was impractical to my life then I watched this this video and soooo many pieces clicked together it, was really beautiful won't forget it.
  9. What sucks about is that I get the feeling most Americans are like this, decent people who just get by paycheck to paycheck, this is why I value education and developing proper life skills so much. Its way too easy to be manipulated when you don't even have the education to know better
  10. I mean if a person is able to hire 10-15 workers I'm assuming the company must be doing good, so what's to stop them from banning together and suing for sexual harassment and get a settlement from it? I dunno about you but the possibility of getting sued and paying out a large settlement isn't worth 20min of happy happy fun time.
  11. @Joshi3 Did you get to the part with Guru Pathik, I recently re-watched Avatar a few months ago and was blown away on how the creators of this show snuck in a turquoise level topic on a "kids" show. Really its such a good show
  12. Your long awaited pick up stories would be cool to hear, but as long as you end the video with your famous 30min speeches I'll be happy, also make it your longest video.
  13. Im relatively new to American politics so I don't know all the cause and effects of stuff like this, but what does it matter that if the Republicans get their judge and make it 6-3 what would that do to the average citizen would it really affect them that much? Is the death of RBG really that influential that everyone would lose their shit?
  14. I actually second this as well, it may seem like common sense but in order to bust through limiting beliefs you must both understand them and actually "force" yourself to to come up with better and positive beliefs and only focus on them. Its difficult but you must train your mind to act in this frame. I recently went through this a while back when I told my clients my price for my services are being doubled. It took a while for me to believe my work was good enough for this price, but I kept challenging my beliefs and actively looked for ways to make them positive and come from a place of abundance. Questioning and understanding your limiting believes and then beating the shit out of them with positivity is what I found works best.