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  1. I swear this section of the forum never grows its always the same 3-4 people posting the same shit over and over this conversation is nearly identical to discussions had over 2 years ago by the same people, nothing productive will happen here
  2. Boot camps from mainstream PUA's or coaches you don't know personally are 100% a scam the best tried and true method, join a dating / pua forum make an account, log a couple of experiences you have and add value, see who the top guys are, organize a trip to do a week long or 3 day bootcamp, take a plane ride or commute to get to the lead guy, do a lot of approaches under his "mentorship". I did this when I was deep into my PUA days and got to do a "bootcamp" with one of the advanced guys (150+ lays) and 2 other friends I made, it cost around $700 dollars total for a week (this included living accommodations, going out, and a kick back to the guy leading the camp)
  3. @Miguel1 I second this every week make time to record for 30 minutes talking about whatever interests you. Review your content and watch the way you would watch any other creator. You'll learn a lot on how to speak and use body language in a more engaging way.
  4. @jimwell What happened to her? Was she banned
  5. Let him be, some people don't change, theres no advice you can give him besides asking him clarifying questions
  6. Malls are quickly becoming anti cold approach, in my local mall theres a sign that says "No Harassing Strangers" in the entrance, theres a lot of weird shit thats been going on socially and in the news that have people on edge. If you going to approach focus on the stores, particularly the clothing ones avoid really "public" areas like the mall asiles and food courts b/c thats where the security guards are and once they notice a guy spam approaching what seems to be random strangers you'll become a target.
  7. Its not often I come across a video in the space of dating / relationships that I'm genuinely blown away by, but "Hoe Maths" (lmao) new video explaining relationships zones is one of the best foundational pieces of content I've watched on how to navigate dating. The interesting part is that it seems balanced as he also gives advice on how women can maneuver themselves in the dating market to find their ideal guy vice versa, without the angry Red-Pill dogma thats so strong in this space. It gives a high overview on how attachment and attraction plays for both men and women and provides nice explanations on the different relationships zones each person has when dating. This is a good video for beginners, it lays out a nice overview on how the dating market works and provides several verticals you can work on to improve your success. Check out the video
  8. Every couple of weeks I comeback to this forum with the anticipation of reading what insightful wisdom @Someone here posts truly an enigma
  9. A few ideas, first what skills have you gained from chess that you can extrapolate to other career fields? I used to be a heavy gamer but was able to funnel, that creative, competitive, problem solving into programming. I started of learning how to mod a few of my favorite games, to building smaller basic games, to hackathons and then ended up becoming a software dev, it was not in my plans at all but I didn't see gaming as one skill but an outlet for skills I already possessed. Second, look into content creation, its 2023, people can make part-time to full-time income by creating a community about things that align with their passions. I recently watched a video on how some guy increased his chess rating from 0 to 1700 Elo in 1 year, that video got over 500k views and it came from a small channel with less than 5k subs. You can make similar videos like that, you can make a beginner series for people just starting off with chess, theres so many options. The bottom line is your not being creative enough stop thinking linearly, the people who make big money doing "passion activities" are either extremely gifted or have some other unfair advantage. If you don't fall into that camp the best thing to do is to try building a community around your passion by uploading interesting content (usually remaking content you already watch on the subject.) I have a friend that loves solving Rubix cubes, hes been to a few tournements and was able to place in the top 3 rankings for some of them. Theres no market for solving Rubix cubes, so obviously the compensation was shit, but he started recording his solves and uploading them to youtube. Then his followers started asking for tutorials on how to solve the cube, more advanced methods, tricks to get 15sec solves ect. This was close to 1.5 years ago. He recently opened up a patreon where he gives coaching to beginners looking to improve their solve time scores and also does custom solve reviews. He only has 12-15k subs Hes not at a full- time income yet but he was able to quit his job and do uber part-time, which is a much more enjoyable life than what he previously had.
  10. Depends on your job honestly if you work warehouse/ low skilled jobs it doesn't really matter from my experience, for high skilled, high income jobs I wouldn't recommend, office politics could be a real problem if things go south.
  11. Have to disagree here hight PLUS a good body on average tens to preform best in night clubs from my experience.
  12. Online is frowned upon because you don't gain any skills as a man. I have a friend who has been with over 60+ women strictly from online, he's good-looking, 6'2, white, athletic, but when we go out he is socially uncalibrated, awkward and seems uncomfortable around attractive women. He mostly dates women less attractive then him and struggles with women who are better looking. Being friends with him, is a constant reminder that looks isn't the only piece of the pie when it comes to dating. I tried to get him to come out for some sessions back in the day and he didnt see the point since he was consistently getting his sexual needs met and didnt see the point in "constant rejection", but would complain he wanted "high tier girls" Most people dont really care about game or getting good with women they just want to find a girl that likes them and move on, which is fine but thats a definitive reason why most people look down on online game.
  13. If we're talking about tribal times I would say it would mostly be harems. "Might is right" seems to be the ethos of that time period. A chief and his underlings would probably have access to most women and the rest would have to settle for what was left. I don't know if I would call that "primal" though as if you were physically capable enough you could just take what you wanted. Im pretty sure if women would have a say back then they would prefer longterm monogamy as that would ensure the best chance of their offsprings survial.
  14. Being concerned about a woman body count often comes down to your own insecurities about having limited sexual experiences. Gaining more sexual experience and having more platonic female friends helped shed a lot of limiting beliefs i had about them. Lets do some math, say in high-school a girl has 2 partners, then she goes of to college and experiments and has 4 partners she graduates and moves to new city and gets with another 2 before finding someone she can have a longer term relationship with. Is being with 8-12 partners over a 10+ year period that bad? I live in a western country so maybe dating culture is different here but there are lot bigger flags to look for in a woman besides body count. I will admit that a woman with a higher body count than 20+ partners is 90% going to have mental health issues that they channel by being promiscuous. This also applies to men, when I was heavy into PUA again 90% of the guys I met were not suitable for long term relationships and had mental health issues they channeled through getting validation with bedding women. Its possible to have a high body count and be mentally healthy but its rare, as pursing a high body count often comes from bad mental health.
  15. Arnt you the guy who got kicked out a bar for saying inappropriate things to girls? Going up to women and showing them tik toks of weird hypothetical scenerios regarding male female dynamics is almost always going to end up awkward, especially if your intent is to build some sort of attraction. You can go down this route once you already past hook point and you can feel a vibe but even then its sub-optimal game, why introduce "controversial" topics to a stranger? You know its weird because it took you multiple replies for you to even explain what you were showing the women. Your line of thinking in this thread represents someone who is bitter about women and if you don't think that is showing up when you show these women your tik tok videos your socially uncalibrated. Also go to a male therapist who has some understanding of dating dynamics and its still "in tune" with younger people. Your therapist should has some life experience solving the problems you've faced.