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  1. Take some time away from them and become a more valuable person, hit the gym join different clubs, learn new hobbies your in college don't let 4-5 people weigh down your experience. Your getting disrespected because you don't have the boundaries to stand up for yourself, this usually comes from low self-esteem get out there and experiment!
  2. @OneHandClap Your right also these types of channels spend days/weeks compiling film often doing dozens of approaches to get the reaction they want and do a massive edit to get the good reactions and run with it. I have a friend that has a pretty big prank like channel and have learned many things about the "Youtube world" just by shadowing him and recording a couple clips for him don't be fooled by these videos you don't know how much work goes into these videos.
  3. @Leo Gura Didn't you live in an apartment for many years and recently moved to your house, how come you didn't get a house even though you could have easily afforded one?
  4. Your judgments are your ceilings watch what you demonize yoll only develop a shadow that will close you off from deeper introspection. Also jut because she's confident in public doesn't mean she accepted herself or feels secure in her looks, it seems your just projecting here. A good exercise to practice is to write down a list of everything you find bad about her and ask yourself "How can i love this" notice your judgements that come up and explore it
  5. Not surprising they give good attraction advice but some aspects should be taken with a grain of salt. If you think this is crazy you should see what they used to post on the forum, there was a legitimate reason they got shut down before
  6. I actually disagree if the job being offered pays 4x and its something you can stand doing and your young I would do it at least short term. What are you going to do with that free time thats what really matters
  7. Not surprised 90% of people would do this if they were in their position, I wonder if humans will still act like this 500 years from now, how does a society even begin to correct people who think like this?
  8. Whats his incentive to do so? You don't have to be ripped or muscular to be healthy being a little overweight or underweight is fine as long as you have energy, have decent cardio health and feel good. Be honest most people workout out to look good for others or themselves theres nothing wrong with it but its the truth, mabey owen has no incentive to improve because he beliefs his body isnt going to get in the way of what he wants
  9. I suggest you track your sleep just because your in bed for 10 hours doesn't actually mean your sleeping for that long, you could be only getting 7 hrs of sleep which could be light sleep, not even getting into the deeper stages of sleep. I bought a Oura ring recently that tracks all this stuff and its one of the best purchases ive ever made
  10. Before you can think about fashion you must have a good canvas, whats your body type, do you look good or decent without clothes on? Are you underweight or overweight? After you do that start looking at men who style you like and go down that rabbit hole, start of of with quality form fitting black and white t-shirts and tapered jeans and then build from there. Also without an image of what you look like it would be hard to give you advice some people look much better with shorter hair than longer hair vice versa its all relative.
  11. just go to the club grab a drink sit down listen to music and watch a few people then get up and leave. Exposure therapy is very importat in a situation like this take very small steps. If you approach any girl with that mentality she will sense your energy and it will 100% kill the interaction
  12. Try posting some youtube shorts of you executing a certain workout those usually do good numbers and you can start building your audience
  13. This, another bit of advice it's going to sound woo woo but go into the interaction by "giving off positive energy" imagine your a source of good vibes and you want to share it without any expectations. Mindset is really an important factor to dial in when cold approaching and will often auto-correct your behaviors so you can have a more natural flow
  14. Also check of Todd V his current stuff is alright last time I checked but his old stuff would be great since he's really analytical and it seems thats your style. Just go to youtube and type "How to cold approach girls" and go explore what you see
  15. i don't know you but a large majority of virgins biggest issue is there not properly socialized, go to events or clubs that interest you and engage in small talk with at least 5 people there before you leave it doesn't have to be girls at all keep doing this and keep adding up the number of people you have to talk to before you leave You have to train yourself to be social thats how this works. If you do this enough times you will find 2-3 friends you can meet up with at these places, organize group events and from there you guys can go approach other groups and keep improving. The naive thing to do would be to think you can approach a random stranger at your level and try to chat her up take baby steps and feel comfortable and healthy in your life before you start pursing women.