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  1. Your making this way more complicated than it is attraction comes first when building a relationship. Sorry to tell you this but you can have the perfect guy but if he doesn't meet your attraction threshold it won't work out. This works both ways man and female. Anyone who has to close their eyes and imagine a different parter sleeping with them to get off is a major red flag . I would contemplate breaking things off and not spend anymore time with him as your also doing him a disservice by being in a dishonest relationship.
  2. Even protein powder?
  3. Stop being a pussy lol in this case its better to get rejected than having regret
  4. Very interesting video, I'm pretty new to eating healthy and longevity. I've always had a relatively good diet but now that I'm diving into bodybuilding i've become more conscious of what i've been putting into my body. One of Leos, (guy in the video) biggest key to solving his autoimmune Disease was going through an elimination diet and zoning on what works for him. Luckily i'm a healthy person and can digest most foods properly with no issues so my question would be, how would I go about running an elimination diet? For people who do practice style of eating what time frame do you give yourself to test a diet 2-3 weeks or more?
  5. Didnt she run someone over and not pay the family for doing so, holy god the Kardashians are something else
  6. Don't post personal stuff on the forum unless its in your journal, its ok to do it sometimes but making a habit out of it paints you in a certain light and opens you up for attack also you seem to give Leo a lot of your authority in some of your posts which can give people the impression that your just taking his words as an ideology and not taking the time to contemplate and implement the stuff in your own life
  7. Go have sex with a guy and see if you like it
  8. If theres anything I've learned from this journey is that humans will be humans which means they'll always have blindspots no matter how many times they have "awakened" Chew the meat spit out the bones, you must learn to be your own guru.
  9. Get off porn its killing your drive and make a plan to meet new chicks and get yourself laid your only young once
  10. Top guys who game can number close about 50-60% of the time it is literally impossible to to get a higher percentage of cold approaching a stranger. These guys are above average in terms of smv, and have good social freedom and calibration, as long as you express intent with the girl your talking to, you could say anything and get a good response. You don't see the hundreds of approaches it takes to not only get a good response but a good reaction for their youtube vid. Don't be so easily fooled
  11. Its legit, just dont burn 50k in college debt to learn it
  12. Sigh... getting into incel culture and looxmaxing is one of the most toxic ideology's you can develop especially at such a young age, you don't understand how quickly your mind can adopt a worldview especially if theres trauma you experienced to reinforce it. Unsubscribe from any forums or yt channels you watch, distance yourself from that bs because it will only get worse as you get older The only way you'll overcome "blackpill" or whatever the hell terminology you use is to get real solid irrefutable evidence that that ideology isn't true. You said you are 5'10 and look average thats more than than enough to attract chicks if you actually improve yourself. You need to give your mind a reason to believe your confident or else your just lying to yourself, if your getting bullied learn how to box, join a gym, buy some gloves and practice hitting a punching bag, work on lowering your bodyfat percentage to maximize your facial aesthetics and body, eat clean to feel better and learn english. Not being able to communicate properly will leave you in your head and have you second guessing yourself. I know youve seen people who look worse than you get good results with women and appear confident, that should give you a hint that you can change your circumstance. I dont wanna sound like an ass but your 18 you need to wake tf up, you don't wanna be having these issues when in your 20's or else your going to end up hating women and other people.
  13. @Karmadhi
  14. @StarStruck Congrats bro keep us updated on your journey
  15. Dont worry your only 15, you can fuck up for the next 4 years and you'll still be young, go full throttle on this and learn the lessons that come from it