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  1. There are better subforms on reddit to ask those types of questions r/seduction is pretty good for people who are new to this kind of stuff last time i checked
  2. @Someone here I remember when you'd make posts explaining how you'd never find sex or a woman, now you have the problem of having to much sex, now thats called self improvement! One thing you can do besides setting boundaries is to build anticipation around sex. Instead of having full intercourse, eat her out, finger her or talk dirty to her while she masturbates in front of you. Sex is much more than physical sensations, taking breaks from intercourse or full on sexual activity makes sex better.
  3. @Emerald Hmmm im not into the idea of being cucked, but what if its just a fetish, like women who roleplay in bdsm or other kinks, I think your take is a little judgmental and narrow minded
  4. I cant believe this thread is going to get over 1000 replies is that a record or something on this fourm? Crazy how Tate has been able to infiltrate every platform, from forums to social media even in jail people still talk about him
  5. If you've consumed porn on a regular basis since a young age and spent years jerking off your dopamine receptors are most likely fried, to the point its effecting other areas in your life. I found out about no fap my junior year of college tried it to various degrees of success, but never stayed consistent. For the summer of that year I decided to quit porn, go on nofap, and practice semen retention even during sex, I probably cummed only 5 times that summer, (while dating a girl btw). One of the most productive summers of my life. The main benefits I experienced, was higher levels of focus, I could sit down for hours at a time and work on tasks that needed to get done. Also my dopamine levels were "reset" as my brain wasn't used to the instant gratification of porn which lead to me getting rid of all instant gratification addictives like social media, and garbage entertainment. This is honestly the best benefit I got. The only analogy I could use would be like an alcoholic finally quitting alcohol and started seeing the world in a sharper way. I also got much much better at sex as I got to practice different ways of bringing the girl I was dating to orgasm without constant penetration, (although something interesting I found out, is that women don't like the feeling of participating in sex and not seeing their partner "get off", this actually led to a few arguments although she understood why I was doing what I was doing) As of right now im not as extreme and will probably jerk off 2-4 times a month and occasionally watch porn or my own tapes as I still have a high sex drive. Ive come full circle to the conclusion that jerking or watching porn isnt bad at all but if you cant quit for at least 30 you might have an addiction or have a fucked up dopamine system.
  6. @ValiantSalvatore Is that where Pretty went? I always thought she moved on from the forum
  7. @The Mystical Man I personally enjoy the memes you make don't listen to the mooks on this thread, clearly cant understand a joke lmao
  8. @Someone here I love reading your posts you never fail to make me laugh, one story after another btw you can make your dong bigger buy an item called a bath-mate and do jelquing exercises heres a good reddit sub-forum to get you started
  9. Good do that again, handling insecurities, limiting beliefs, learning how to build a "dgaf attitude" is much more rewarding than getting a phone number or a lay. Getting good with women, counter intuitively doesn't come from learning what tactics or words to use in a certain senerios, its by overcoming so much of your own bs you ooze a relaxed authentic aura which women will be drawn to. Remember pick up = self-Improvement, lays are fine but the real juice is the person you become one you build good social freedom
  10. There was a guy on this forum who made a thread about sticking a flesh-light on his mirror, putting a vibrator up his ass and looking himself deep in his eyes whilst going in, he was yapping about ultimate self love or some non-sense, this thread gave me that same energy for some reason
  11. How are you able to use ChatGPT the website is saying its currently down
  12. Gotta cash in on that clout before its gone eh
  13. @Eyowey wtf were you typing up lmao
  14. The only way to find out is by getting the exp, do sets where you stay for a short time and sets where you stay longer than you should even if its awkward. Action is clarity when it comes to game not sitting around theorizing especially for newbies.
  15. @Thought Art Lmao thats my favorite album, cant believe such talent can spew this bs kind of sad when you really think about it