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  1. Do both, work on your limiting beliefs and get good with girls, don't only do one you won't make much progress
  2. This is a very naive thing to say I hope your joking, not every country has the privilege first world countries has. Escaping might not even be an option for him at this moment
  3. @soos_mite_ah Theres actually a whole subreddit dedicated to finding stuff like this out believe it or not, it's called TrueRateMe. In my opinion the place reeks of incel and Redpill culture but their template on rating looks is one perspective to think about if you're interested. The general gist is that in terms of facial aesthetics a 1-3 is on the lower end end of the spectrum 4-6 is where most of society lands is 7 is your local hot chick or dude and 8-10 are model like status. This is the Rank system they use for Men~ This is the Rank system they use for Women~ And this is how they determine those metrics~ My take on it is that there are certain traits that all human beings find attractive and unattractive. One person may see someone as 5 but to you see them as 8 because they have certain preferences you enjoy (hight, build, race ect). This model does have its limitations as beauty is subjective but only up to a certain point. A 1-2 stands out just as much as a 9-10 does
  4. Funny story, before I found out about this forum I used to idolize Leo because of the amazing work he puts out and imaged him to be this "Wise guru who could do no wrong" only to find out I don't even think we could be friends in the real life lol. His honesty about his personal life is also quite eye opening because he doesn't "act like" your "typical celebrity" and honestly I wouldn't want to have his lifestyle at all. In the absolute sense your projecting your Ego-Mind onto your favorite celebrity giving them qualities they don't have and choosing to ignore the obvious red flags. Im pretty sure if you saw one of these instagram influencers you would just keep walking by and not even notice.
  5. I can actually give a unique perspective on this, my mentor isn't a celebrity but is extremely successful in his own right and the "vibe" you get from these people is on another level. You have no idea how "average" the people around you are (even that is an overstatement) until you consistently hang around people who have achieved massive success. These types of people are some of the most happiest and psychologicaly developed people Ive met and my worldview has expanded so much because of these interactions.
  6. @Leo Gura Interesting thread, since your on vacation you should reminisce about your pua journey and put it on your blog, I feel it would help put some pieces together for younger guys who were once in your situation or the men who have this victim mindset on the forum. What was your "Wow this pua stuff actually works" moment? Every person I've met who went through their pua stage have all this moment, just curious
  7. Man history class is gonna be entertaining af for the next generation of kids
  8. If it makes you feel better Alexander the Great conquered like 1/3 of the world at 20 so...
  9. Ive never really understood why people do this, he gives good relationship advice and seems like a generally good person, so what if he likes Trump that doesn't mean he's a bad person. Everybody has some believes or options other people might not like. Also I'm starting to find out most people on this forum don't really understand spiral dynamics and just lump people into a certain category based on some common stereotypes. S.D is not a good measure when looking at individuals
  10. I dont know why everybody is hating on Cyberpunk, from experience its pretty good game.
  11. Jesus $6000 I love the dedication, but from my personal experience the biggest bang for my buck came from doing bootcamps a good bootcamp from a good teacher costs around $2000 but man does it skyrocket your results. Having people who studied game for years break down what you're doing wrong when talking to women, correcting your vibe, reading social cues, frame gives you a much deeper understanding on attraction. Going out with experienced people to clubs, bars, ect is one way to speed up your results, if money is an issue try looking at pick up groups near you and try to link up and go out with them but if it isn't pay the money and go out with a "professional"
  12. At least have a few sexual encounters with women before making this decision. You've never been with anybody so how do you know you dont need anyone? Your creating a limiting belief which can easily turn into redpill or incel ideology, (not saying it will but its easily to fall into one of these paths if based on your story) I don't want to pressure you you or anything, but I would encourage you to start taking dating serious, (at least 5-7 partners over the next 2 years which should be easy enough) and then make your decision. 14-24 is where most of your socialization skills develop. Its hard for the average person to honestly get better past this age at dating as your faced with more responsibilities in life and can't delegate as much time and energy into dating. Wait until this whole Covid situation is done and then start hitting the streets! In the mean time write down any limiting beliefs that you believe is preventing you from attracting women to you and genuinely contemplate on them.
  13. Ive never really understood the no fap craze. Most people Ive talked to who have a fapping issue stems from porn addiction, like if you take away the porn most guys literally can't get off. if you can't go 2 weeks minimum without jerking off you have an addiction. You're not supposed to feel drained after you bust you gotta give your Johnson a break.
  14. @GroovyGuru Can layout what your typically do in day? (time block) How much of your time is spent doing focused work? Just curious.
  15. Hahah, this is the RSD I remember that took my game to another level, if the product is anything like this and touches over main attraction sticking points like vibe, frame, congruence, paradigm, overcoming limiting beliefs ect. This will be the only course you need when it comes to building attraction, buy it