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  1. Depends on who you are and how long you are doing it as well as how you are doing it Shambhavi will align/activate certain dimensions of your energies, period. You will be more "grounded" which gives you a better "platform" to navigate the waves you create The question is why are you asking this? ❤️🙏
  2. This is my wife's cousin actually (not joking)
  3. Thank you for the info! I will dig some deeper and see what I will try first
  4. Could not agree more on that, well said. ❤️🙏
  5. Ah OK, thanks for clarifying this. Don't you think that what you are pointing at by giving it a name may not be relative, but by talking about it it may? My definition/reality of what non-existence is may not be what you are pointing it or vice versa. That doesn't change anything to what you initially wanted to point to though I find it confusing talking about such things, they are more "clear" in my feeling than in my head, than again, if one can not explain something in a simple way it is because he doesn't understand it well enough (Einstein).
  6. Hi, thank you for taking your time to post this! Much appreciated! Sounds indeed like a "Fun" substance Due to that this will go down the list, Fun is good but I want something else But only way to really know is to try it so yeah, probably will try a small dose to test it out. Thank you for the link, interesting and I can relate a little with it from what outlandish said. Thank you! ❤️🙏
  7. I don't think I missed your point. "there is still a difference when it comes to practical purposes of your life" ==> You are making the difference, the division by stating what you state. I don't say that there is not a dog, a human and so on, and I get what you are trying to say however you do not "need" to make these distinctions to have a practical life, that is a choice you can make, consciously/unconsciously. You can see/experience everything as it is (YOU), nothing added to it and still have a very practical life. That doesn't mean I say this is the best and that other things aren't, not at all. It's a choice you can make.
  8. That Mu => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_(letter) ?
  9. Yes I would. On a daily base I remind myself that whatever I am looking at, thinking about and so on, is actually myself. This reminds me to have Love for "others" hence Loving myself and not get to much entangled in other behaviors, which are fine, nothing wrong with anything I am not denying that there isn't anything "different", just like I am not denying my fingers make up my hand. But it is up to you what you identify yourself with Or maybe not ❤️🙏
  10. Who has any experience with any of these: - 5-MeO-DiBF - 5-MeO-DPT - 5-MeO-AMT - 5-MeO-MiPT And can you elaborate on how they are different from (5MeO)DMT ? ❤️🙏
  11. "according to the Medium" ==> What if they don't know that in the end, fundamentally, the "individual spirit" is yet but another expression of GOD, YOU, THEM I'am not saying you can't have experiences like you are talking about, or aliens or whatever else there is to describe for that matter, in the end, it's all YOU (and it isn't) If that is something that "speaks" to you, get into it, sit for a while, repeat that and see what happens. ❤️🙏
  12. To themselves => "Tadaa" (not joking actually)
  13. Good question Great answer
  14. I paid in € (euros) back then, it was about 110€ (i think). Price has gone up Enjoy it