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  1. Oh I guess that isn't too damaging. Don't worry, taper it off responsibly, and your system will clean itself in less than a year. Hope you don't have any severe sexual dysfunctions. Best of luck man
  2. Hey man, I'm extremely anti-medication. I have a lot of science behind that. Would you like me to send you all that? They do you more harm than good unless in extreme acute cases where it should be used for a short short time, just to tranqulize the body-mind and give it some rest.
  3. @Keyhole sorry, dopamine or ANY neurotransmitter imbalance in psychosis and schizophrenia is just a hypothesis. This medication does a lot more to the brain. Dopamine might be tok excited in the mesolymbic system hence the "mystic" experiences. If I make the map the territory, and call the neurotransmitter that I have as a certain sensation in my experience as dopamine, then, yes, whenever I had a spiritual experience a lot of dopamine was being released. You need to take into account that psychiatry's main quest is to remove symptoms (agitation) and to actually tranqulize those who don't comply to social norms. Mental hospitals are usually incarcetation and coercion. Also, the money in the game... Pharmaceutical industry. You know the amount of charges pressed against Lily for Zyprexa, the most popular antipsychotic? They tried to sell it for everything, then they figured, hey, the crazy man is not screaming anymore. Let's make a scientific hypothesis of how we fixed him! (insert science and neurotransmitters)
  4. So root of delusion is fear and ignorance and the root of hallucination (perception out of the norm of perception) is...???
  5. Of course it's just a construct, but there are some regularities in "symptoms" so we can give it a name. To grt diagnosed with it, you need to have more than 2 out of 5 of these : hallucinations, delusions (okay) trouble concentrating (LOL) incoherent behavior and speech movement disorders Alright. So what the fuck are hallucinations? I'm not naive realist so I'm not asking that. I'm asking, why is this person's experience different than the majority? Is it anything spiritual? A greater sensitivity? A person who gets a diagnosis of schizo would be a medium or a shaman (if spiritual work) and be revered and exalted in a different culture. What are delusions? How do they come into being? How can you start believing that the government is spying on you in paranoid schizo? I want to talk about it in general, from more aspects. When somebody is deranged, my theory is that it's all emotional problems, I can't fit hallucinations in that web of belief. I want to talk about it from a spiritual perspective, psychology as well. I decided to be a clinical psychologist a few days ago. Before that, I met my first person with that diagnosis. She has an extreme sensibility for art even though she is underage, a sensibility for life actually. A greater reverence of it. I admire her.
  6. Here in Serbia life coaches are usually hoax or new agey. I talked to this guy over the phone and he sounds okay. I got a free consultation because I was on a retreat with his partner. How do I make the most use out of this time?
  7. Why does it hurt THAT much that you want to end it and just not go along for the ride Shaun?
  8. I'm from Belgrade and now I see you live there too wow oh my god. now I feel excited.
  9. @RendHeaven Masculinity is having a mission that's priority no 1, females second or third. Codependency kills attraction and relationships
  10. @RendHeaven@Rilles Sorry but no. Not me in any way. @RendHeaven accidentally @'d you up there. Can't erase. Uh. The problem is we've spent almost every day together for the past 5 months. Big problem. If we didn't see eachother, we would phone/text. She is my best and closest friend, and I had a tough time so I was communicating with her a lot. Then we got into a relationship and I just extremely enjoyed spending time with her. The problem is I've grown attached to her so much, that I can't imagine myself starting martial arts or something without her. Ghhh... Exams ended and I got 3 months of summer without obligations that aren't self-imposed...
  11. @RendHeaven We're close friends for 3-4 years now. Became closer this year - everyday intense communication. It's just scary how a perfectly good fit we are.
  12. Is this a sign of becoming codependent? I'm starting to feel unbearable loneliness when I'm away from her. She is the feminine to my masculine, a perfect fit. I want to penetrate her mind 24/7 and share my entire Being with her. I want to become one with her. When separated, I feel like I'm incomplete (codependency alert???). I feel lonely, but not like I need her. Together we're an entire new being, so much that being separated feels lacking, like Plato's soulmates. When I was doing the life purpose inquiry, I figured that the most important thing for me in life is a quality companion. A week later I found one. With her, I feel complete, but I repeat, I don't need her.
  13. His facebook profile picture is > grim reapers meme with "I don't feel like existing anymore". He doesnt have an add button for new friends. Several classmates approached him and he was neutral -> negative. I would like to get past his shield.
  14. My consciousness is so dim. My essence is yearning for more. But no matter how much I meditate, I never feel really present, nor aware, maybe just vaguely mindful. Like a cloudy hazy deep sleep. Even in states of meditation do I feel just concentrated, but still sleeping. When and how the fuck do I wake up?????? I want to wake up!!!!
  15. are there long term usage studies?