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  1. Now
    Take just a minute, right now, and write down what you want, and tape it to the wall. 
    Start talking about what you want, and doing things you enjoy. Do things for yourself that you like, that feel good to you. Doing things that feel better to you, causes you to feel better. Recognize, acknowledge, know that better feeling. Your perspective will begin to change, and you’ll want things that you aren’t aware of yet. Write em down. Tape em to the wall. You’ll notice interests which you aren’t aware of yet, check them out. Keep in mind, you’ll be feeling better for having done things that you like, and your perspective will naturally be better. 
    You’ll notice thoughts arise about what you want, and thoughts arise about it’s absence. Choose the thoughts about what you want. You are getting more of whichever end of that duality you’re thinking about. What you want arises from within you. It also arises in the physical sense, from within you. If you ‘get stuck’ with choosing a better thought, just choose a little bit better feeling thought that is true for you. As you do more of what you enjoy, and choose better thoughts, you’ll continue feeling better, and your perspective will really open up. You’ll be wanting things you had no idea you’d want, and you’ll feel better than you ever have. Fun, and exciting. 
    People, things, opportunities, will come about in accordance with what you want. Continue choosing thoughts about what you want when these present themselves. They are what you asked for, nothing more, nothing less. They will come in ordinary everyday appearances. 
    Sensation is guidance. Listen to it. If it doesn’t feel good, go back to choosing thoughts about what you want. You’ll easily learn not to be stubborn, because you’ll be loving how you’re feeling when you listen and align with sensations, and choosing thoughts about what you want. It is literally the good feeling you are aligning with. This good feeling lifts you up to perspectives you’ve not yet seen. I’m sorry to be the one who is breaking this to you, but, that’s what you’ll need to do. Stuff you like, that feels good to you. (Sorry for this)
    What you want is going to come from what already is, so loosen up, relax, be flexible with things. Choose the thoughts about what you want, over thoughts about what already is. What is, is old news. The Source of you already knows everything you’ve ever wanted in your entire life, and is always giving it to you. Now that you’ve dialed up the emotional scale, you’ll start receiving it. You won’t be ‘getting in the way’. You’ll feel good, and you’ll allow it to come however it is, appreciating that it is coming, and feeling great.
    You’ll learn to ‘zoom in & zoom out’. If you get off track, if things seem intense, think more general and simple; puppies, blue skies, humor, the universe is loving me, anything will do which gets you feeling better, reconnected. Take a minute to notice, each day, your paper on the wall. Remember the bigger picture you are wanting. Allow the feeling good of knowing it is coming, recognize feeling good actually equals feeling good, and feeling good naturally brings things you want and elevates your perspective, which leads to discovering more that you want.
    At this point, you’re pretty dialed into some feelings that feel flat out exhilarating, unstoppable really, invincible. You’ll be used to connecting more often and more deeply with these great sensations, listening intently to the guidance with more sensitivity, appreciation, and gratitude for how great life feels. (Sorry again about that).  
    You’re thinking about what you want, doing things you like, taking care of yourself, noticing some intriguing coincidences and profound opportunities coming around. This is what you want, coming to you, and you’re feeling so good, so deserving and worthy, so accepting, that you are willing to receive it. Which is great, because Source has been wanting you to have it. 
    It becomes really clear that these sensations are your connection to Source, to The Universe, to Everything. And everything you want, comes from everything that already is. Like magic. As if it was made for this, as if you were designed for this experiencing. As if all the wants themselves came from everything that is already,  the very same everything which everything you want is coming from. You will be astonished. Agape. You will be so mesmerized by Source’s love and generosity, and ease of alignment at this point, that you will tell others about this, and they will say you’re nuts, and that they would have to know details, and that there must be more to it.
    There isn’t though. There’s just choosing a better thought. 
    You can do this, and you can only do this, now. In this present. 
    “We come whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle, and in the middle we dance.” Rumi