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  1. Please read this:
  2. Its not yellow because its about engineering the crowd thinking. Super corrapt red/blue mentality. yellow would never do it. One yellow book I think is really good is "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson. Also I think a lot of books from Leo's list, and NLP books as well.
  3. @soos_mite_ah As I see it, if you do active things like reading many books, learning about yellow attitude, meditate etc you can reach at most 25-33% of yellow. The rest 2/3 or 3/4 (66-75%) is going to be only from passive yellow development, which is the most natural and authentic one, that occures as a natural result of satisfacting the more basic needs from orange and green and exhausting them. Only then your mind will be really free to think about the next step and be grounded in more 'being' state. That is the more subconscious kind of development but the core of it.
  4. "5Meo says your physical body doesn't matter" "God says another races physical body doesn't matter"
  5. 👍👍👍 Also, everyone has his dark nights and the backward rationalization that some people here do into thinking that everything they hear is (at the end of the day...) perfectly right no matter what is oversimplification and absurd. Leo's perspective even with his great achivements and wisdom is still limited. like all of us.
  6. Maybe YOU want to think that and you corrapt 5Meo into your paradigm. Remind you that you can take 5Meo and still be stage blue thinker if you states rigid "facts" like this.
  7. I disagree. The fact that Leo is more conscious than 99.9% of this forum, doesn't mean all concerns about him are "projection". They are not. Part of the concerns are fully legitimate and valid.
  8. COME ON. think for yourself.
  9. @louhad Wow thats great. Thank you very much you helps a lot! I will start to make conversations like this.
  10. Could you tell what you did? I'm interested to know because me myself struggle with this issue and want to influence people. Thats an interesting point!
  11. But even if He will be more smooth in his attitude. How it will make our society go greener faster than what green will do? Maybe we NEED conflicts to make our society grow up in the tough ways and yellow's bridging tries will just hinder us?
  12. Assuming absolute truth is not communicable. When we speak about the relative trute in society and politics: What is more true than green? For example: Equal humen rights. What can be "more" true than that? Equal rights only to 98%? gay rights only 99% as straights? I mean, it feels to me that green is a hugh leap above orange, but above green there can be only cosmetic improvements and thats it (in society and politics!) At least today, yellow have almost nothing to offer in politics. maybe in the future when green becomes dominant - we will need yellow. but today, green is still the tiny guy in town, therefore we need only more and more of green by now and the more is the better. Yellow in politics today seems to me almost useless because even the yellow guy will say that today the system needs more green, and after that we talk.
  13. "eating correctly" is a black hole and almost nobody eats really correctly. Neither I of course... Until... next month when I start 80/10/10 raw vegan (with a little little bit legumes). We have to eat as nature want as to eat. Any diet that is away from nature (99.999% of western world diets and all the "healthy" diets) will make our brain be dysfanctional in the way our individual genetics weaknesses are. Crucial to remember - our behaviour in life will determine which genes will be turned on and which will be silent.
  14. @SageModeAustin Ok great. Also reconnect to nature to heal your brain thats my project this year. Regular sunlight exposure, walking outside, walk in nature, eating at least 7-9 organic vegetables and fruits. Next month I'll start 80-90% of 801010 diet. I read people say it saved their life from severe mental illnesses and physical too. Coming back to nature is a must do to heal our brain that has been damaged from the modern lifestyle and the results are ocd, anxiety disorders, depression etc. Of course do your own journy, I just put it here. Good luck and update!
  15. Can you commit yourself to 15-20 minutes of mindfulness EVERY day? My psychiatrist ask me do to that daily and it kind of saved me. You don't have to sit down. you can do it as you walk with cup of tea and eyes opened. I don't like to sit when I practice it is anoying to me so I just walk and observe thoughs. What medication you take and what dose? What was the previous medication you have taken and how long have been you taking medications so far? Did you see the video "How to meditate deeper"? And "Do Nothing" method?