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  1. It seems that the tate is on a different path now though ... https://youtube.com/shorts/fItTtV4aqD4
  2. @JuliusCaesar if you want vivid lucid dreams, just drink a lot of apple juice before sleeping. Look it up, thank me later
  3. If aliens exist, wich is very likely, they will be also very likely stage turquoise beings, and maybe beyond that. They will see us as them, and will be benevolent. The reported sightings are part of the acclimation period. If there is no acclimation period before clearly revealing their existence, this will have a negative impact on humanity, and they may be met with fear, and hostility which is not really the goal. When humanity reaches a stage that will make their existence being known without a doubt a positive thing, then it will happen, but it will be happen gradually
  4. @Eren Eeager have you tried Niacin ? That's what a lot of people with POIS use to nullify or decrease the post orgasm symptoms Check this thread for example: https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=307.0