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  1. We have like 5 very different streams, and every one of them have significant power and wants to push the ship towards its direction. Our society is highly heterogenic, more than most countries! Actually most of israelis citizens don't want settlements (islands-like within judea and samaria montains). Some think its unfair, and some think it takes hugh amount of money and energy to secure it. 40% of Israel society is not different from USA or even western europe at all in their value system. And Israel society as a whole, is similar, in the value system, to any north mediteranean country (Italy, Greece, etc.) At least the vast majority for sure. We have to understand Israel governary method which is problematic. Why? Because the prime minister must maintain a coallition of 61 members (half +1 of total 120 knesset members). Even if Netanyahu wanted border and total seperation between us and the palestaines, he would have hard time in doing that, because than, even one tiny party of 5 members that opposed it, can retire the coalition in such that Netanyahu will no longer has 61 members, and the government will collapse, which means we cant do anything and we have new elections. Its significantly different from the USA method. In average we have election every 2-3 years because the prime minister can be squizzed very easly. If he had a large coalition (it is possible) it would be easier but stiil not so easy. I dont know if Netanyahu wants that seperation or not or he is struggling, he probably doesnt want it strongly enough and his chair is surely more important to him. In september 17th we have elections and I hope he will loose and we will have a more developed government. Please be less unambigous and a little more complexity-considerate in your speaking when you mention Israel or 'zionists' in your videos ??
  2. I find myself in arguments with family when I try to explain how psychiatry - because of my personal process of reducing the drug - and other domains in western health treats our health in a simplified way I cannot agree with. Also I tried to say how our body is smart and can do amazing things to repair itself, under a correct lifestyle, and sometimes I feel that maybe they don't understand it. Maybe they do, but they didn't respond to that and for sure weren't merely as passionate as I am when I said that. Responses I get: 1. "The brain doesn't strive to maintain homeostasis. You give it too much credit" (in refering to the tolerance i said the brain developed to drugs). 2. "We can't rely on nature. In nature people lived only until age of 40yo". 3. "You dont believe in science and you are arrogant." 4. "You think you know the best. Better than psychiatrists and better than people who that is their proffession." Also an elephant can be triggered by these responses. My questions are: 1. What (the hell is) the emotion they feel inside, which makes them defend the western attitude all the time? What they feel inside that makes them not want to rely mainly on nature/on themselves but rather put their trust mainly on doctors? I really want to understand the emotion of the other side better. 2. How can I go meta in those arguments and let go of my attachment to the "natural self care" agenda, and make the conversation more constractive to both sides? I feel emotionally very attached to my view that it feels to me very difficult to really go meta here. Just to say that I know that western attitude can save lives in acute cases and it has its valid in this kind of things. Also I know that the body can't correct itself in every case. I still think my view is much better and more true than their, but i want to bridge between me and them and make them understand me better, and to understand them more.
  3. Of a situation, an emotion, a thought and of what you tell yourself in each case.
  4. I think it doesnt has to be problematic at all if we give only general direction (socializing, therapists, nutrition, mindfulness in moderation, exercise...) and not any specific road and also finish the message with a recommendation to also go to see a doctor.
  5. OCD

    Ok you have to reduce only one drug at a time. The first drug to reduce has to be the accelerator one (paxxet) to make the sedative ones (ariprizol, kiviprid) to function as a buffer from the withdrawal symptoms from paxxet. Start with it, But not without guidance from the site open a user there its an exellent site. Also try to do it with a doctor. BUT - in every collision between the reduction phase the doctor will offer and the phase the site will offer (max 10% for every 4 weeks) you must choose the slower one. Also know that nutrition is a crucial ingredient in the succes if the process and for that I recommend you the site "the withdrawal project" and the chapter "the role of nutrition during psychiatric drugs withdrawal".
  6. OCD

    @Rishabh R You have to reduce no more than 10% of the drug at a time and wait no less than 4 weeks after every reduction. Every redaction has to be 10% of the last dose (not the original) so the reductions have to exponentially get smaller. If it will be ok, you may try to reduce the holding time. What the drug's name?
  7. when?? For how long?
  8. I think its more about just to give a general direction to those people in terms of nutrition, physical activity, meditation techniques, detoxes, recommended therapists, life style changes, give them unconditional love etc. Not any sharp recommendation but only show the possibilities and give an healthier direction.
  9. Its difficult to say how much left there is becaue there is a center-left sector that thinks very similar and the "left" is a word people in israel afraid to identify with because of the Netanyahu toxic propaganda during the years. So its better to start from the right lol ? The Right wing, or conservatives, within Israel is like 55% I think. Within the Right there are: Far right which wants to settle in the whole land without any compromises. Moderate Right ("Bibizm") who are not so into the settlement (a little) but still conservatives and traditional. Soft-Right, at least this is how we call it here, which is Right in the state and lands issues but Liberal and much more open to diversities in people lifestyle. Close to the center-left sector. These are the people I saw that moved to the opposite sector to co-operate with during the last years so its not just a name its practically important. The Center-Left sector, or Liberals, is like 25%, but together with the soft right is just a little less from the Right wing sector. Within the Center-Left sector there are: Center-left (surprisingly) which is exactly like Liberals in US I think and not far at all from western europe values. very pro gays, pro minorities... everything you want. Left who wants to get back to 67' with some changes. And there are Arab parties represent 20% of the population who I am much less know about their values but its kind of a mix. Means - The right wing sector is a little bigger but thats enough for him to win election time after time especially with Netanyahu who is very charismatic and plays people minds. But these days more people in the Right stand against Netanyahu because of its extreme low values during the last years so there is a hope. And now we have that military operation which I think the main responsible for the acceleration process in Jerusalem which lead to the current war is Netanyahu after the Center-left almost won him (until the current war). Of course the world see mainly the negative things, overlook the complexity, and cherry pick the Right and the Far Right (the "aphartide" is maybe-maybe only the far right which is just 15%) and decides that this is "Israel". No this is not.
  10. I am not justified the right wing attitude within Israel, but you have to be more nuanced here. There are forces within Israel who are trying right now to establish a left-center government and they are not any less developed than your biased opinion you have just wrote.
  11. The mentality gap between the palestinine government and the Israeli center-left attitude is very high. The palestinine mostly can't understand the language of equality and civil rights and all of that. Therefore we need to meet them in the middle in a purely orange attitude with an economic peace, and only than there is a real hope for the both sides to get closer. Unfortunately Netanyahu chose to throw oil to the fire exactly during the days when the center-left tries to establish a government after he has failed. and the current war is (a big part of it) obviously for political reasons.
  12. I feel Its a very big barrier from reaching stage yellow. The more I get deep into green, I see how even "Libarals" are not really liberals. After their "justice" protest, they go home, watch TV 2 hours, trust only doctors that will cure them, don't understand their mental problems, don't understand themselves, aren't connected to nature. Therefore the fact that they blame our leaders in corruption is a little hypocrisy, because they are themselves corrupt because all that I mentioned above. That's makes me want to be more multi-perspectival in politics as I feel I have already exhausted the liberal POV I was in during the last years. BUT - How can I do it, if I know that Blue (for example) POV is so far below? I want to be empathetic with Blue and justified him sometimes, but I know that he is like a 18yo boy and far for me, and I can't really connect with him genuinely, and so its disappointing. Yes... blue can teach us discipline, work ethics, order, but thats all? That's all the super-flexible being-in-the-moment yellow approach can suggest us?? I want to find real evidences to make me feel that Blue can sometimes really understand me in places orange not! There are such places? I don't want to feel always far from blue. I want to give him more credit than that. And another general question: How can you be yellow if you know that the deep-green POV is 10-times better than all the other views? not liberals, but the real green people which are 10% and has also natural and health awareness. Again. blue teaches us what I mentioned above, orange teaches us that sometimes its right to get help from western medicine for short periods, red teaches assertiveness... OK but again, this is all the yellow multi-perspectival-ism has to say? it still little, and deep-green is still 10-times better than all of this together. change my mind.
  13. Its all good and fine, but I still don't see here the "Insect-eye" of yellow which finds many partial truths in what lower stages say in many situations.
  14. Thank you very much! By "distinction" you mean to points you can learn from lower stages too when you talk with them?
  15. Can you explain what you mean here? What do you mean here that Orange does?
  16. stage brown ? probably a depressing stage...
  17. I want to clarify its not meant personally for Leo, but for the solipsistic attitude itself. First of all I wanted to say that this "Aloneness" topic is hard for me personally. Maybe its because I went trough social rejection on-and-off and social difficulties that accumulated to couple of years when I was a child (I'm 33 yo, just look younger) and it was I think a trauma for me, and maybe it affects my attitude towards this Aloneness Ideology. I think thats also the root cause of my ocd and anxiety and the need all the time to "prove" my validity and it affects my self image, BUT I'm in an healing process and also in withdrawal from AD that I felt did bad for me during the last couple of years (out of 10) I use them, and I have to say that Leo's content helps me a lot in my process and I learn to love myself more and more. So maybe I am emotionally biased here, but yet - this is true for everyone. Everyone have their own biasies which affect their worldview and depends on their psychology and their past. I think Solipsism is an INHERENT pitfall of stage Turquoise. Inherent, built-in within the turquoise (mainly turquoise of course) package, for the good things this stage has and for the bad things. But it still important to make a dinstinction here. If its meaning is that the whole universe is a one deterministic unit, one organism, one thing without seperation (becuase nobody is really in control) and you are / everything are all together in this as the GOD head, what I admit I am just starting to see in my direct experience, then its OK an valid. But, if you (everyone, not Leo personally) say that even when I choose to define myself as a limited human - if you say that even then I'm alone in the universe, and Me (as Niv) exists, but my parents aren't - sorry but now you are dogmatic and taking it too far, and in that point I lose you and thats the point when Turquoise enters its unhealthy zone. Someone here said its smells like a dogma and maybe it is. PLEASE keep in mind that a Blue person ALSO thinks he got the absolute. Yes, Leo is obviousely more advanced, but remember that its still RELATIVE. In the future there will be more stages and every stage thinks he got the full picture. I have a lot of respect for Leo and for what he says that we have to do the work and valid the thing for ourselves. I think he is one of the smartest and most consciouse people in society. surely in the cutting edge. I learn from him a lot and even agree with 90% and even more of what he says. I aware of the need to do cross-sources investigation. I do this, and I read many books of also other consciouse people. Its all came from genuine positive intentions and desire to keep leraning from and say what is important for me to say. Again not about him personally but about this specific dogma. Yes, this sneaky dogma called solipsism that can be also dangerous, which I wanted to address here.
  18. thanks!?? I would love to talk and also raise awareness about what doctors don't know/don't want to know about AD. Just couple of months until around summer. Thank you! Thank you and good luck to you too in your journey. With this I agree. A very wise comment, and I agree. I will have to read it couple of times more.
  19. thanks An interesting way to cope with the root of the problem. I have not think about it. thank you I will try it.
  20. Exactly! Thats what I think the healthy version of this. You described it great. We understand each other Either is me who didnt ask the question clearly enough, Or is the teacher didnt know how to explain it in a way that will bridge between his thought and mine. Or both.
  21. yes. the thing I imagine when I think about "aloneness" its probably not the same thing Leo meant. Thank you ? This topic triggers my anxiety and I am also in withdrawal and healing process please Leo be gentle with me. a hard topic for my sensitive nervous system.
  22. 100% so there is also no a first person to be alone. Nobody is alone. Full circle. Lets go the circle till its end without cherry pick.