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  1. when the dose is too difficult, Isnt it sometimes wiser than stopping the round totally which causes more redistribution? explain below: Right now I am doing a round with 1mg and I feel its maybe makes me stressed and its a little difficult. I dont know if its real or only psychological, so the only way to check this is to take 3-5 times higher dose in the next round. Otherwise I might be stuck at a psychological barrier without knowing I can do much more. So say the next round I will start at 3mg and it will be really too difficult, in this case if i will stop I might cause an obvious redisteibution of heavy metals in my body. But if I will decrease in 0.1-0.2mg every 3 hours until find a dose I can tolerate, Isnt it wiser and will cause much less redistribution? I am assuming that, maybe, the protocol is written strictly for the "dumbs", without advanced nuances that can be better sometimes, but can't be communicated to not complicate the things too much and confuse people. What do you think?
  2. @The0Self Thanks for the very interesting answer. I think I will take it every 2 hours also in the night I will pre weight the capsules before and it will be very easy just to swallow. I have a question, In how RS-ALA (50% R and 50% S) different from R-ALA in its action in the body? And why andy cutler opposed to take R-ALA? How can I know that ALA isn't also connected to some other cort mineral or other essential minerals in the heart for example and doesn't pull them out from the heart and change the relationship of minerals there? I know this is not a scientific claim, but it still scares me a little like how can anybody knows the full complextiy of what it does. At least in the R-ALA form I can know it is fully natural and our body already have that so I feel safer cause I know that it doesnt do that. But when we combine the S molecule syntheticly how can we be so sure it doesnt behave differently?
  3. I understand. At this time of this message I was around ~36h, but I felt I couldn't keep more with 1mg, so I reduced to 0.9mg and stayed until 48h and then reduced to 0.8mg and stayed until now (80h) and I will keep going with the 0.8mg until tommorow I believe. Yes I reduced a little but this is much better than if I would stop cold turkey after only 36h. Next time I will do as you suggested, and I consider to choose a dose, take 66% of it but every *2* hours to ensure very stable blood level of the ALA.
  4. If every finish of any round causes (more benefit but) also a damage because we stop, then why not after the 72 hours, decrease the dose graduately? This must be gentler to the system. For example: 1mg for 72 hours, then 0.9mg (75h), 0.8mg (78hr), 0.7mg (81hr), 0.6mg (84hr) .... 0mg after 102hr. I will try even though the effect is accumulating and I don't feel it fully at the beginning. I do it, but at 1mg the copper built up has to be very minor and be offseted easily but the zinc, isn't it?
  5. Its not bullshit its relative. If you feel side effect so easily that means you have a lot to be done and even very low doses will make a significant change. The reference point is the side effects and not the absolute number of mg. Every one is different.
  6. I have read that EDTA can bind to calcium and bring calcium to a dangerousely low level. My concerns is that becasue Alpha Lipoic Acid is a chelator agent, it is a binder and maybe might also pull calcium out the body. I would like to hear from someone who is well informed about this issue that can prove/disprove my concern. 2. How much mg of ALA our body produces naturally in average?
  7. @undeather Wow thank you very much for the in depth answer! Sorry for the late in my answer. About the withdrawal, unfortunately this is only true if you have been on the med for couple of weeks/1-2 months. But after years on medications one must taper slowely in a time frame of many months or years. Sadly most doctors dont have a clue about withdrawal.
  8. and can make withdrawal of pharmacological drugs easier for me and for others. I am tapering down an antidepressant drug called cymbalta to get off the drug in the future. In order to make my body adjust better to the reductions of the dose, I try to keep it as stable as possible during the month I hold the dose after every reduction. One of the things that I do is to make the maximum distance between the drug and food, because I have read that food can decrease absorption by couple of %, and I know that even 2% of day to day change in absorption is still really significant in withdrawal. but I still have some concerns about the stability issue ,so my questions are: 1. What do you think about that? 2. How much time it takes until the drug bypasses the stomach and reaches the small intestine? cymbalta has gastro resistant capsules with hundrents of enteric-coated micro beads (my current dose) to delay absorption that has to be in the small intestine. 3. Is there a concern that if I take it when the metabolism is very slow - before sleep/too early in the morning or when I keep lying in bed after I take it - that the capsule will partially dissolve in the stomach? 4. Can we say that maybe it is important to eat something even a little bit to make the stomach move and ensure the drug will pass the stomach in one piece? Or that all these parameters are negligible? 5. Does my drinking habit during the day affects the absorption phase and I should keep it the same as possible every day? or this is negligible? 6. anything else from your knowledge/experience that can help the dose be more stable?
  9. The ego doesn't just point to the everyday material desires, but also to our most deep and profound of our authentic-self desires, which many of them are subconscious. Not just about survival, physical and psychological, but much more than that. I think the whole point of the spiritual journey is to be more and more connected to our authentic self and thats have to be done mainly through processing our desires, emotions and thoughs. The mind is already intelligent enough. Why do we need to do things against his natural tendency? It doesnt mean not do to meditation or yoga but they are not the main path in my opinion. The main path is to already go WITH the non-linear messages of the mind. Yes, it is not easy, and it will require you to face your fears and shadows and keep listening to your subconscious messages, but what is more direct than that? This is the most direct form can ever be. Everything else can also be very helpful and valid an provide great insights from time to time, but cannot replace the main and most direct path. The "Dark night" as I see it (you do not have to agree of course) is not just the ego fights back to "prevent us from being enlightened" but a wise sign from our subconscious mind we do something wrong and are too much against him. I had hundreds if not 1000-2000 hours or more of contemplating about my mental 'condition' (anxiety and 'ocd') and last winter I had a breakthrough that improved greatly my situation and thats occured only after I started to drop away the condition term and treat it as a process of symptoms appearing for solid reasons. Thats why I think today that the term "mental illness" will be grasped as a dark ages term in the future and its a misleading term. Yes yes yes of course... genetics are highly important in determine the general structure of the thoughs and emotions but a structure does not equal suffering or problem. Much more other factors (events, traumas, bad nutrition, heavy metals, drugs, nutrotional deficiencies, and more) are required to make the stracture become "on steroids", affect the volume of the signal of the symptoms and turn it into a problem. But the original source of the symptoms is highly intelligent and the path to enlightment must go through them. BTW are there Israelis here? ?? I will really love to know more Israelis in this community so if you are I would like to make contact with you. Of course everyone else too, but I mention Israelis because I really want to maintain a more day to day physicall (to actually meet and talk) connection of more people who are into spirituality and this is more realistic and accessible for me in my country.
  10. Also I think that you are not supposed to ever think about the yellow triangle, because it has to develop spontaneously when the time is right. If you try to reach it consciously this is always going to be too fast/too soon in my opinion.
  11. I just had a conversation with my mom when I said I don't need to clean the dust on a fruit on the tree we have in our garden (100% organic obviously), and she said "You have to wash it!". I then said that in nature we didnt wash the fruits. and then she said "In nature people lived until age 40". Why people don't trust nature? Ok thats true that the technology helped a lot to fight diseases and provide emergency treatments which are very important. But still, why people think that in nature we couldn't reach age 90 from time to time? This is an issue I want know better. Beyond all this it pisses me off that familiy members/friends are so discredit nature. Isn't it low consciousness to discredit nature intelligence? What do you think?
  12. Ok this makes sense to me i agree. But why you said in your first comment nature is the problem? I mean that It seemed to me that you connected between the need to wash the fruit and the brutality of nature.
  13. Because your purest, unconnectable (language transcended - cannot be put into words) inner-child's desires will keep chasing you until you will be conscious to their presence and listen to them. And you will also feel unexplainable pain as long as you cant see them clearly enough. Therefore shadow work and authentic self realization are one. What all this things are? EGO. You may say 'no this is not exactly the ego'. But they are connected to the ego wants, just that these are the most profound wants. Maybe ego is just a word, but this is not just a word game here but a real issue, because if you underestimate the ego you also suppress your much deeper self expression wants to be uncovered.
  14. When it really done like this it seems ok to me.
  15. I disagree. Ego is not just a survival mechanism that opposed to enlightment but also rooted in the so to speak higher self. Every anxiety/depression/other mental symptom will first of all wants you to survive for obvious reasons of responding as fast as possible, but it also has a more profound reason one level deeper rooted in your authentic self wants, but the trick is that it is less trivial to see the subconsciois reason.
  16. I mean that also the action of trying to weaken/dissolve the ego is also wrong.
  17. This is too extreme and paranoid. this is a fucking fruit from a tree.
  18. @gettoefl Why not the other possibility which is to be as connected as you can to your ego most profound messages and desires? Why not to go with him?
  19. @Kksd74628 If you want long term egoless/less egoig state even then I think that the right way is to go with him and his instructions and not against.
  20. @GreenWoods Nothing can replace the #1 tool to development which is processing your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Not meditation and not psychedelics even tough they are still very helpful but can never replace the primary tool. I really think there is no "final stage" and every awakening is also just a stage. I agree that spiral dynamics is limited but it can evolve and will be.
  21. @Carl-Richard Luckily ssri's are not addictive in this definition but they dependence forming. You can have withdrawal for months and even years if you reduce them in the phase doctors advice you. Benzos are addictive I think.
  22. Green does not respect the inner logic and the intelligence of the thinking and actions of other people and their connection to one's authentic self and inner child. They only respect them if they come from green's values. "I think you should try to do this and that" No. He needs to do exactly what he does right now and make his conclusions for himself (the only exception is a dangerous situation).
  23. Always process the UNcomfortable thoughts and feeling you have. Nothing else can solve your problems from their root, no matter how many psychedelics you will do.
  24. Be fucking interested in the other person genuinely. If you are his/her type, then the attraction will happen naturally.