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  1. @AprendizZo Thanks. I dont know why the sudden blessing, but I bless you back twice as much
  2. @Amit I don't care and don't know. To me, he speaks dogma, to him it's his experience. Also, there are things outside of his experience he talks about. Karma, past lives, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember this very moment. Dude if you wanna follow Leo and his ideologies and dogmas do so, there have been others here that waste as much as 8 years of their life only to come to the conclusion that this forum and Leo is the perfect distraction from actual spirituality because it is a distraction which claims it is spiritual.
  3. @AprendizZo First lie: telling me that I'm lying.
  4. @Amit To start, Dogma is anything you think is true that didn't come from your experience. Leo will talk about ego, karma, spiral dynamics, low consciousness, and a bunch of other shit.
  5. @AprendizZo I see you are trapped in a time strange loop, maybe doctor strange will help you snap out?
  6. @Amit Amit, my one and only Indian? Leo... I will leave this forum and never return. If I come back you will be the first person I message. But that won't happen because I see the lies this forum and "Leo culture" generates, for me at least, I can speak at least for myself.
  7. @AprendizZo This post has escalated into a swirling strange loop so quickly! Maybe you need better karma and a higher stage turquoise development to see the infinity of the strange loop.
  8. @AprendizZo I see you judging.
  9. @meow_meow Hahahhaha good analogy. I'm leaving the forum for 2 reasons, My thinking is not my own anymore, In other words, I'm dogmatic as a result of listening to the dogma of the forum and Leo. This fucks with my personal experience in spirituality and in life. I want to pursue spirituality and this forum holds me way the fuck back. Again because of the dogma.
  10. @Amit No, I won't be back. Nice profile picture, you're missing a black shirt & background, and a shaved head.
  11. Leaving this forum because of dogma. Most of you including me trick yourselves into experiencing what Leo says cuz you got that good of an imagination. This forum looks to me like a bunch of depressed and confused people that are latching on to non-conventional spirituality. You will not get closer to spirituality looking at Leo and the forum. You will become spiritual looking inwards and doing your own spiritual practices. If spirituality is something you want to pursue I recommend you change your email and password to something you don't know and leave the forum as well. The first step after leaving this forum will be to throw away all of the dogmas behind. Any idealogy or system of identifications. So, bye-bye guys, I did meet and interact with interesting people but its time to end it all.
  12. @Tom T Dude cringe to you. "I met a yellow thinker, dead inside, enlightened child, oh my god, he understands the cosmos" *squirt* Stop projecting onto him that he's a prophet. When I was a kid I went for piano lessons and was asked to close my eyes and hear a melody than after that I had to try and repeat the melody I heard on piano, I did it perfectly, my piano teacher started to have an orgasm while saying "OH my, such a musical child, he's a genius, it's like he's a musical angel". You're doing the exact same thing. @Leo Gura Cut the dumb idealogy. "karma", "you're born with a predisposition to be spiritual because of your past life". Tell me, how the hell do you know that? You don't. So stop vomiting out dogma. What's more the case is that this person was born with a configuration of brain set up for less monkey chatter and didn't have experiences that persuaded him into dogma and closed-mindedness.
  13. Wim Hof, meditation, exercise, work, and a dream board are a must for your happiness. Secondly, go on meetup.com and meet up with folks with similar interests. You should be able to stand without friendships but at the same time chose to have friends because it's fun and adventurous and supportive. You gotta aim for interdependent friendships. Secondly, If you're in a relationship, the need for friendships won't be as strong. So, in short, make the 5 things I talked about in the first sentence a daily habit and meet up with folks that enjoy the things you enjoy.
  14. You've focused too much on thought. There are 3 things in existence ever Perception Sensation Thought If you stop identifying with thoughts or in other words focus on Perception or Sensation you will become enlightened. I recommend you chat with @Nahm via PM.
  15. I hear you brother. I think your problem is that you used self-actualization and spirituality as an excuse to not take on the responsibilities of creating an ecstatic life for yourself. This includes: Creating: money, meaningful relationships, fitness & health, a comfortable living environment, career, hobbies, etc... To self-actualize is to work on yourself and make real your potential, and you haven't done that in those areas. You don't need less self-actualization you need more of it. Spiritual practices should take up a portion of your life not all of it until you have settled those aspects of your life then you could start to take spirituality more seriously. I recommend you leave the forum and Leo and pursue your own life. Keep doing spiritual practices but make sure they occupy a maximum of 1 hour a day, and the rest of your time should be spent on creating results when you have the results then focus more on the spiritual path. It is easy to fall for the trap you've fallen in, I'm sorry to hear that and I think its a really sucky situation to be in, but there is only forward from this point on, so look ahead, fix your problems and create your dreams.