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  1. Even Steve jobs wouldn’t let his kids use these things I’ve made so many changes in the last couple of years but here’s the next one. To sell my iPad. I have tendency to watch YouTube in bed and I just get the sense this is not in accordance with building a better me In fact too much YouTube as well. Will go to shit with this Ai anyway. I can listen to Leo on podcast! Just thought I’d share that. Sometimes the small unconscious things you have been doing for years need reevaluating
  2. @Ishanga I say that because the transcendent dimension goes beyond the limitation of form. When you are stuck in form you suffer. This is my direct experience of it To be human is a concept
  3. To accept suffering completely is to ultimately transcend the limitations of your human form. You will suffer as long as you stay human
  4. @Buck Edwards they’re based on a very narrow form of intelligence based on our scientific and rationalistic orientation. There’s a deep bias. It’s why STEM subjects are often valued more than creative or emotional roles I don’t think these IQ tests account for emotional or creative intelligence so I wouldn’t read too much into it
  5. @Butters If by mystical you mean a profound moment in time I would say yes they are For me these can be moments of deep connectedness with reality. They can also be challenging moments in time that lead to deep insights
  6. @rd5555 I think some are stage red given the kind of partners they seek. The kind of women that would seek guys like Andrew Tate are stage red because it’s just so low down in terms of connection. Very status driven Though it is unfair and a bit arrogant to assume they are all stage red. I would say many are definitely stage orange. Very materialistic but then the majority of people are actually
  7. @Davino I think you’ll do well I can feel that. Maturity and vulnerability in your question I find nature is the best way to feel grounded or just feeling deeply into the body. Changing perspective as well to recognise the inner turmoil is there for a reason. It is asking you to look deeper Infinite blessings to you 🙏
  8. @matoriii It’s a tricky one. Check to see if there are any yoga groups around. They’re pretty spiritual
  9. @Actualising Check out Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It’s the first step into the eastern wisdom that’s wrapped within a therapeutic treatment model Bottom line is you are not your thoughts. If my mind wants to think of a purple elephant it just does. Hell I’m not in control of that, so who the hell am I? Awareness
  10. Tbf I get what Leo is saying though I get it. I’d personally actually rather not have a load of stock footage rolling constantly. It’s like with those inspiring speeches that have the dramatic music in the background. It’s just annoying. The person’s words are enough I do not need background music. I am not a child I most commonly consume Leo’s content on podcast anyway. I don’t see much value in watching Leo himself when I can just hear the words and take it in that way
  11. @matoriii Do what I do. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk or bike ride also remove news and social media apps
  12. @James123 Very interesting actually. I like it
  13. This is a long shot but I play guitar but I’ve developed this metal allergy where I flare up with what is called pompholyx eczema. I believe it is the nickel frets or something on the strings but determining is not easy and why it just shows up on just my right hand I do not understand Any ideas? I’m wondering also how to reduce an over reactive immune system which is a primary trigger for eczema. I know getting enough vitamin D is critical It’s pissing me the fuck off
  14. I think this is an important topic actually to get right. A lot of guys think to be detached means to suppress which of course leads to dysfunction It takes years of development
  15. @mr_engineer for the detachment this is advantageous in the attraction stage so I don’t mean in an actual relationship So for sociopaths yeh they have an easy time hitting on women because they do not have the same emotional connectivity though in relationships I can only assume they cannot connect at that deeper more spiritual level I say to detach not by numbing myself but by being more connected with the divine so I do not need though I may only want the material goodies of life, the experiences etc