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  1. Tell me about it, god's a twisted fucker. 😂😂 Yeah, we're literally working to kill ourselves. Sounds insane, but it's way more insane to accept this illusion as if it were real.
  2. @modmyth I find the word "imagination" to capture reality, possibly better than any other word. These are the definitions from the Cambridge dictionary. Imagination: Something that you think exists or is true, although, in fact, it is not real or true. The ability to form mental pictures of people or things, or to have new ideas. Imaginary: Something that is imaginary is created by and exists only in the mind. Existing only in the mind; not real. But of course, these come from the perspective of a materialistic universe or a human brain/mind. But it applies perfectly to god's infinite mind as well. So we can say, consciousness is the substance of which is imagined into shapes or a finite form to create an illusion of reality.
  3. And they yield the most love and integration too I find.
  4. @Victor Mgazi Exactly. But I guess you still have a sense of self and ego in the dream, if you were to realize you are all of the imagination in that dream world, then yes.
  5. @Dand Extremely powerful, 0.5g firecracker felt like 3g mushrooms lemon-teked. Most I've don't was 1g and it was terrifyingly powerful and felt like 6g worth of mushrooms. But I only work with them once in a blue moon. But when I do I try to do like 4 days in a row of continuous work. Then I rest them for about two months. They are great for integrating spiritual work since they're not as ego dissolving as other psychedelics, so you bring a lot back. But I've often gotten ego death on edibles, it just depends on the trip. They're pretty unpredictable.
  6. @Meta-Man As long as they are complex or wholegrain carbs, it's all good. Some seem to be able to function on no carbs, some can not at all.
  7. Yes, it keeps on imagining and imagines forever. The consciousness just becomes self-aware, so god knows himself finally. The self is the imagination, consciousness is all of it, and is the self.
  8. I'd consider him awake to the same degree as the stoics. But not enlightened, even though we can't say for sure, maybe he was.
  9. @VerballyHazardous Oh cool.
  10. Love Island, I think the channel is some sort of blue resentment on orange. Or it's just both unhealthy orange.
  11. Man, this guy goes extreme on everything! lol It all about controlling yourself.
  12. @LfcCharlie4 I don't like cutting them completely out, but keeping em low works very well for me. Especially if I'm trying to get low body fat and building muscle at the same time. I'd keep it at around 20-40g carbs per day.
  13. @Commodent Good luck on your journey!
  14. Was it anything like the indescribable objects people on salvia have reported seeing? Was it way beyond the dimension-hopping people manage to do on n,n, DMT? Was it maybe a peek into another imagined universe or was it beyond any such notions as a 3rd,4th,5th..., dimensional universe? Was it just free-floating imagination? I've heard people talk about other dimensions from DMT trips, but they still seem to be somewhat 3 dimensional, from what you said, it sounds like it was a legit glimpse into another dimension.