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  1. @Breakingthewall Now the God realization just becomes a memory in my mind, but more than a memory I should say. I’m no longer conscious of how I imagine this whole universe now, but the insight I got from yesterday’s realization will carry me throughout the rest of my human life. And this, perhaps, is one of the biggest rewards for doing this work. And the insight is: I’m God. I create this dream out of love. I create this dream because I want to experience the joy of realizing I’m God. This dream is necessary and beautiful, so enjoy this dream and enjoy the process of reawaken to yourself as God. You never know when you’ll reawaken, but you’ll know when you do. And this whole process never ends. This is consciousness. This is God.
  2. And of course now I’m back to my human self and I’m no longer conscious of myself as God, but the god realization is still so valid and profound that it changes me completely. You know, all states of consciousness is valid. Doesn’t matter you are in human consciousness or god consciousness. As I’m in this relatively low level of human consciousness now, I’m conscious of the fact that it’s necessary for consciousness to be limited and forgetful. One of the functions of consciousness is to forget and remember. The reason you are in this current state or you are not conscious that you are god is that you want to remember again. Everything you ever encounter, the people, movie, food, music and so on, are the bread crumbs you leave to yourself to one day remember/realize you are god. it’s just like the symbol infinity ♾️. The left circle is god consciousness and beyond, the right circle is the human consciousness as I’m in right now, or whatever state of consciousness that is not god consciousness. And the god realization is the threshold point in the center! And this whole symbol, this whole dynamic is consciousness! so basically yesterday I cross the threshold and realize all this. As unbelievable as it sounds, this is the most certain thing in my mind now. This is one of the structures of consciousness! God is playing this whole game right now. and this is the only game in town.
  3. @BlessedLion some day you’ll realize you are THE only being
  4. @r0ckyreed it’s very paradoxical and mind fuck. As I typed the words yesterday I knew the fact that I was typing these to share to myself. God creates this dream to share this joy of discovering itself as God to itself. How did I know it? Cuz I was conscious of it! And the moment you realize you are God, it’s the so-called breakthrough moment in this work. I had a lot of profound experiences before from LSD and 5 Meo dmt, but yesterday’s trip was really the breakthrough. It’s the first time I realize I imagine everything, and the purpose is only one! It’s because of Love!
  5. @Schizophonia you’ll never know unless you are in the god state of consciousness. it can’t be proven, but you can be conscious of !
  6. The point of life is to do whatever the fuck you want to do, until you reach the point to realize that you create everything. and this whole process is God realization
  7. I’m sorry guys I might sound a little unreasonable now. but I just can’t believe it I have to write it all down. I’ve tripped a tons, and this is really the BREAK Through moment. I have to write it down.
  8. I still can’t believe omg the god realization is just to awaken that fact that you imagine everything!!!! Literally everything!!!!! You realize you are this immortal being who imagine this entire show right now. the only purpose in life is to let you self to awaken to the fact that you are god, and you imagine everything. Omg literally everything The whole journey of life is just to let you to realize you are god. This is it.
  9. Omg I can’t believe this. I’m literally the only being who imagines this whole thing. There is no one I can share this Insight toward other than me. Omg Sorry guys I just can’t believe it I have to write it here to let myself see.
  10. Leo, you are right. the End Goal is to realize that you are me, I’m you, and we are one. Therefore, I’m god. God-realization is this whole process. I’m writing this right in my break through LSD trip I’m literally conscious of the purpose in this life now. It just to let you to awaken to yourself as god!!!
  11. @SQAAD You need to tough it up and bite the bullet. Ultimately what you wish is you want to find some easy solution for your current situation. However, you know that there isn't this the case. Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't. If staying in your country or moving to another country are both challenging, you still need to pick one nonetheless. So tough it up. By being victim only makes thing worse.
  12. @OBEler Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll follow your method and see how it goes! Actually I'm very excited for tonight. I've mixed MDMA and LSD once (candy flip) and it's one of my most memorable experiences. Even though I won't mix 5-MEO and MDMA but still excited to see how far they'll lead me to! Will definitely report!
  13. Sup guys. So I am planning to do a self-healing retreat using 5-MEO-DMT (plugging) and MDMA (oral) tonight. I have already had around 15 5-MEO trips at 30mg-40mg, and at this point, there is no fear or resistance, only pure bliss and love during the trip. So, I have finally decided to trip again tonight and am curious to see how adding MDMA will deepen my understanding toward love and God. I won't do them together at the same time. Instead, I'm planning to plug 5-MEO first and then take MDMA after the trips end, but I'm still wondering if there are any potential risks or damage when doing them on the same night. Has anyone done this before, and what are your thoughts on it?
  14. I hope I can somedays comprehend God as deep as you have so that I can confidently say these words out loud in public. Someday: I REPEAT! Nobody on this planet comprehends GOD except for ME and LEO!