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  1. All the insights here are coming from my direct experiences rather than belief or wishful thinking. Now I get it why Leo has mentioned a lot of times that psychedelic could be one of the most important tools for consciousness work. Well, if you don’t have a reference experience of what’s actually being truly conscious, or being conscious of different aspect of consciousness, it’s brutally hard to grow yourself from the deepest lever. I mean the real growth, so called “breakthrough growth”. How can I be sure about it? It’s because I become conscious of my growth and a lot of fundamental deep changes that it’s too much to share them here. Direct experience is all we get, and psychedelic is one strong tool to give you the reference experience that would seriously transform your life afterwards if you also contemplate in your so called “sober state” while you awake. ( make contemplation your passion my friend !) well, at least that’s what I do . I contemplate as long as I’m by myself or stay awake. I would say responsible use of psychedelic with serious contemplation and the building of the foundation (ground work) can seriously grow you from a deepest lever. At least from my own direct experience. anyway, thank you Leo for showing me the way.
  2. Next time your wife and you should go to the Costco
  3. Anyway Im glad that Connor’s used his channel with nearly 3 millions fan base to spread and our Leo And yes, Connor, beware of Zen delivery
  4. Hahahahahaha Leo you got this!
  5. @Leo Gura After watching some of Obama’s interviews, now I can confidently say that he is not black. He is Yellow
  6. Next time try to look at your dick while you’re high on LSD You’ll see dancing mushroom
  7. Your wish becoming real someday for Trump might be harder than me becoming fully enlightened but hey, let’s show some love here anyway
  8. Nobody does it better than Leo These simple four letters contain the Purest Love
  9. Dear Trumpet you’re the chosen one Oh.. wait
  10. @Leo Gura agree! Personally Google’s made my process of discovering Love so much easier
  11. @Florian Everything you said and questioned is based on deep fear, but these fears are legit, ain’t nothing really wrong with that. So go do you but you haven’t mindfully suffer enough yet This path will be appealing to you if you consciously suffer a lot and try to be open minded at the same time. Or just go take some psychedelics, and you’ll know what it is all about, if you dare Psychedelic has been the best fuckinggggg thing ever that I’ve encountered in my life. Thanks to Leo Well, nowadays I still pursue all of my previous materialistic goals, ain’t nothing wrong about that. It’s just now I’m doing in a more conscious and loving way. Life is amazing. cuz in the end , you’ll be God/ be in Love no matter what. Peace.
  12. Just leave Leo alone if you really watched his video, he simply tells us that just stop emailing or giving bunch of advises to him. He’s probably tried more stuffs than you could ever imagine He only needs some space. that’s all
  13. I’ve followed this YT channel for a while and I’ve watched this interview couple times already and every time it makes me near tear the only thing she needs is LOVE I WANT you guys to watch this