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  1. I enjoy to play. Preferably I play in person using a beautiful wooden board together with a good beer. Nowadays, my friends and I only play Chess960(Fischer-Random) where the pieces in the back are randomized. I think it's more fun and there is less advantage to gain from studying, so no one really bothers about studying openings. We just play. Anyone playing Chess960?
  2. Thank you @Chew211 @Emerald @Surfingthewave Today I am activating myself and my son in the local football club. I have a lot to give there, and it's an excellent healthy outlet to put my energy into that many can benefit from. I am excited about it.
  3. My strategy is simple. It's to buy Bitcoin with $ I don't need in my foreseeable future. Then continue adding as life goes on no matter the price against the $. Keeping my keys in a safe place. My head. Forget about it and continue life-ing. The squirrels are not constantly digging up their nuts to put them back in the tree. They are only digging them up if they run out of food elsewhere. If anyone wants to try trade the price swings. Good luck. That's a tough game to play.
  4. I love your title.
  5. @Roy There is no life coaches. Just life. Possibly life guides and lifeguards. Was this too mean? @Preety_India ?
  6. I hope you don't mind that I'm commenting in your Journal. You have put it down, so I'm sneaking in a comment when you are not watching. I like your new avatar. It's pretty. And I love the song. Perfect for some dancing. * And... I am in love with the shape of you.
  7. I also realized that I maybe never have to pay taxes on my Bitcoins. We will see. Because. I will spend my Bitcoins directly. Directly to the creator who created what I want. This is community. We'll search for a deal that suits us all. Nothing is needed in between us. Except for a little space to breath and maybe a coffee to find all benefiting solutions. If I want to sell my bitcoins for dollars, for whatever reason, I am free to do it. * I'm happy to give to the community. But not trough taxes. I want to know where all my energy is going. And with a tax system it seems like a hard task. But maybe it's possible to create an elegant tax system that suits all of us. I will listen more to have a greater chance of finding out. If you have thoughts about what I said or want to share insight. Feel free to reach out to me with a private message here. * I believe that Bitcoin is useful where complete trust between two beings is lacking. Like long distance purchases over Internet. Like @Leo Gura life purpose course. An automated system can be put in place where. When Bitcoins are received ->The digital product is sent or given access to. Ultimately I hold the opinion that something digital should be free or extremely cheap. Because you can copy it and sell it how many times you want. I can't copy Bitcoin. Because I can't copy a community. All I can do is to try to create a better one. That's what all the alternative coins are trying to do. Maybe some of them will fit into some nisch-cases. But there are over 6000 of them right now. That's some tough competion. Bitcoin is the bridge and the strongest horse by far. *
  8. *Is thanks to you.
  9. @LfcCharlie4 Love what you said man. I am having a perfect day today. And I totally relate with what you are saying... And it can definitely be It can't actually be improved. LMAO
  10. That is what makes it such an important invention. You can only sell it for love. LMAO
  11. That's though man... There is only one real rule with Bitcoin... You can only sell it if it's for something you love... I'm going to spend some of mine now for something that I love. Even though I know that Bitcoin will go to millions of dollars per coin...
  12. The best day of my life. Was all thanks to you. If you are reading this. I just want to say. That... I love you.
  13. I wanted to share it with you guys. In a way I already am. But you know. Sometimes it is nice to say it. I already said it to the girl I Love. She has not responded yet. But I know she will... You know... What I mean...
  14. All I can do is dance... This is becoming clearer and clearer to me. Today I had my first perfect day.... It was unimaginable indescribable. I was or I am right now in the flow of the Universe. The flow of ME. There is nothing that can be said about it. Except for... That it's fucking beautiful...
  15. It's a bet. Agree. I see it as saving energy instead of "investing". Also agree with what you said about the alt-coins. They are very high risk.