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  1. I love things being impersonal, you know what I'm sayin, I love things being impersonal, and if loving things being impersonal is wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right!!
  2. These feelings/emotions can arise but the difference is there no longer arising for someone. There's no longer a self-centered energy taking ownership. The need for things to go a certain way ends or the resistance to the current situation ends. The stickiness of the self is gone so nothing is held onto. Emotions and feelings become like clouds, they arise pass by, sometimes they linger for a bit but eventually dissipate. And it's a recognized they were never your clouds. Everything is an impersonal happening ❀
  3. ❀ πŸ‘Œ It's kind of like eating a mango... You can be told all day long what the experience of eating a mango is like, but until you actually eat one, it's all just imagination. πŸ˜ƒ
  4. @beastcookie the issue is the illusory experiencer is trying to rid itself of its illusory experience of separation and incompleteness. But see the belief that there is a separate experiencer that could do such a thing only perpetuates or keeps alive the illusory experiencer's experience of separation. This is why Ramana Maharshi was big on self-inquiry. It needs to be seen clearly that the separate sense the Self/Ego(seeker) is an illusion and there is nothing that needs to be found because everything is already whole and complete (nothing was missing in the first place) I’d like you to ask him to explore this SENSE of self very-very thoroughly. Not by thinking about it, but by FEELING it. Keep the focus of attention on the sense of self and inquire: Does the sense of self have a location? Does the sense of self have a shape or a size? Does the sense of self say or communicate anything? If the answer is yes, how does the sense do this exactly? Does the sense of self have any characteristics or attributes? What is the sense of self β€˜made of’? An image? Sound? Taste? Smell? Sensation? Thought Arising? If not, where is any Direct or Actual Experience of some sense of self?
  5. Absolutely the authenticity shines bright in this read... thanks for the link will check it out ❀
  6. Yes...❀ there's plenty of wisdom there to be had.
  7. πŸ‘ nice one...yeah I think Sean Connery read this book to me on Audible... or maybe it was Terence Stamp...πŸ˜‚
  8. Just finished this book which was recommended by Guru Fat Bastard in High Consciousness resources. It's also on Audible. Wow wow I don't know what else to say other than wow. Here is a quote from the book: "Consciousness is all there is, flowing, streaming through these instruments in a manner which, in accordance with the perfect unfolding of totality, is perceived as discreet individual entities autonomously performing actions, but in truth this is not the case. There is no individual, no entity, no separate self here to do anything or to be anything, awakened or enlightened included." -- David Carse, Perfect Brilliant Stillness
  9. Yes that's it..πŸ‘ The Middle Way or Middle Path is the term that Gautama Buddha used to describe the character of the Noble Eightfold Path he discovered that leads to liberation.
  10. THIS is it πŸ‘ ❀ I wasn't trying to disrespect your thread topic or Rupert... there's plenty of wisdom there to be had. Thanks for sharing btw ❀