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  1. Apparent moments in time are part of the illusion..... but it's actually a survival strategy of the body/mind organism to break things up into periods of time so it can learn, improve and ultimately survive longer to continue passing along its genes. ♥
  2. Similarly to how Jesus was told he was born the king of angels or conceived within mother's body by a higher power..... that belief will create an experience like no other but that still doesn't make it true! ♥
  3. Personalized perceptions, concepts or belief systems about who,what,when,where or why reality is the way it is, does not make it so.... granted it's a belief (illusory experience) occurring within apparent reality.... but it's nothing more than just that "a belief" (illusory experience) That spiritual ego energy claiming to be God, is an illusion of self. But don't take my word for it, look at it and see! ♥
  4. "There's only what seems to be happening" - Jim Newman ♥
  5. It's just not a particular something to get or achieve. It's a clear recognition usually followed by an energetic shift away from upholding the meta_male identity. But it's not replaced by another identity like the higher self or whatever. It's the end of identification that was never real from the start but seemed to be. The end of the illusion of self! ♥
  6. To know everything would yes be a radical experience but it would probably quickly get boring also. It really just seems like an interesting fantasy. deep down everyone probably knows that they actually don't know anything but they don't want to admit it & feel that vulnerability or ungroundedness! ♥
  7. I would try to unplug for an hour a day out in nature away from technology & the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Get to know the local wild birds and squirls...or whatever! Nature is free medicine/meditation ♥
  8. @Someone here hey bro! 👋 Maybe also check out from 06:16 about unknowing..... these two videos are hilarious! ♥
  9. @StarStruck Hi there, The ego is the entire sense of self construct, the important ME character. There isn't a you and then another thing called your ego, they are the same illusion of self just in different clothing(wolf/sheep). In other words, that which attempts to transcend the ego, is the ego itself. The ego is the entire experience of "I am real and something is lacking or incomplete and I need to figure out what that is and fix it. There is nothing right or wrong with the physical body earning fame/success......the ego/self is that which claims it as "MY success". If you look close enough at this claimer of success(me) which is never satisfied, it's unreality can be recognized. ♥
  10. Bahaha I like that....yep just a belief also.....weird huh 🤗
  11. @Wisebaxter The very idea that there are healthy ego's (good) & unhealthy ego's (bad) stems from the ego itself! But if there are habitual patterns that you claim to be unhealthy, then start different patterns/habits or ways of handling things. And what's the best way to do that? Practice!! ♥
  12. Yep totally, the me character lives in a world of purpose and meaning....thats all it can do! ♥
  13. I have a friend that believes all that same stuff, especially about the Jews LOL. Notice nothing matters also means there's not a problem with cleaning up and enjoying life with companions also. Usually when there's behavior like this there's underlying issues, anxiety, need to escape reality, trust issues, addiction, past trauma ect. "Nothing matters" is pointing out that there's no real meaning, purpose or value. There's not an end goal which needs to be obtained in apparent life. The freedom to do or not do! ♥
  14. @Vibroverse I understand what you mean! The first half of the post was mine and the second half I found on a little zen website about good & bad...... it just really resonated so I decided to share it! ♥