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  1. Nahm, 'I' know there isn't a 'you', 'you' don't have to keep repeating that. Again they are words used as expressions for communication purposes... (when I said you, I was referring to identification with a thought or thoughts that believe it knows. Yes there's nothing for the sense of 'me' to get because it never was. Yes 'you' can't really take an ego/sense of self head on because it's mere identification with conditioned thoughts, sensations, belief's, concepts, labels, and contracted energy in the body (this again was an expression for communication purposes).... and the recognition that they don't equal a "ME" is the awakening. No I actually meant rain as in the ego rains down on others with its toxic moisture....joking ❤....yes I meant reign thanks...its my talk text use that makes me sound like a robot and misspell.
  2. Love that ❤ 👍
  3. @Nahm it's okay bud, you simply don't get it and that's fine ❤ Egoic love is a sneaky wolf in sheep's clothing. It's sneaky in the sense that it appears to be selfless but underneath the mask is hidden the clever egoic agenda that imbues meaning purpose and value as its top priority to satisfy its constant specialness requirement. And the very last thing it wants to hear is that 'nothing really matters'. This leaves the ego without a leg to stand on sorta speak. It's the spiritual ego and it's a tough cookie to crumble if you take it head-on... Awakening is snapping out of the Mind Matrix and disentangling from these conditioned beliefs and patterns. It's the complete dissolving of the sense of self within the body that believes its life is Meaningful purposeful and valuable. If there is any kind of Drive or feeling that something needs to be done, this is the ego re-inflating itself to once again rain. ❤
  4. It's not a personal accusation... exactly!! Awakening has simply not occurred there, and with Mu either. What's not being recognized is "you both"(as in energy identifying with conditioned thoughts) are potentially misleading "others"(as in energy identifying with conditioned thoughts) into even more identification with conditioned thinking.... so in that sense you're actually not helping anyone to awaken... it's actually hindering and misleading. ❤ It's a selfless recognition!!
  5. Exactly and words such as someone, you, me, them...are just expressions used for the purpose of communication. It's pointing to the energy that is identified with thought and believing it is a separate individual. Otherwise the communication might have looked like this: Identification with conditioned thoughts should not be attempting to guide identification with conditioned thoughts on this section of the forum period.
  6. Bud, he has a clearer understanding than 'you'. “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.” - Daniel J. Boorstin You have built up this illusory concept that you are in some way a reliable source on these subjects... All you have done is adopted someone else's beliefs, identified with the thought that these are the end-all-be-all (TRUTH). All I'm saying is intellectually understanding and agreeing with someone else's belief's and getting your name put in green as a moderator on a forum does not mean you automatically understand non-duality and what Awakening actually is..... you are simply not a reliable source in these areas whether you believe you are or not.... I'm guessing you are in your mid-to-late forties or early fifties and are completely stuck in your belief system.(you grasp tightly to keep them intact) It takes someone to be completely selfless to recognize they may actually not be helping but confusing the situation worse. Someone that is not awake should not be attempting to guide individuals on this section of the forum period.
  7. "The biggest obstacle to Discovery is not ignorance, it's the illusion of knowledge". Its because they get there head filled with concept and pursue from a full glass starting point. You know this, don't u? ❤
  8. Exactly, there is no path...just what is. So stressful events may occur, and that's what's happening. The minds exaduration's are endless and unneeded.
  9. Your not going anywhere. But not because of the belief that you are eternal or God/whatever, it's because 'you' doesn't exist....'you' is illusion!!
  10. Nahm its a communication issue on your end. I have mentioned this to you before.(we can't read what's in your mind). Don't take your frustration of not understanding non-duality out on others. Mu as well.
  11. "Bahaha... my labyrinth of illusion is working perfectly.... they believe there real and trying to find something solid and concrete(knowing) in that which is infinite...bahaha I sit on my high and mighty throne and watch you peasants dance in duality...Bahaha There's no solution because there never was a real problem, the perfect illusion...bahahahaha" -- Lucifer
  12. So if everything is infinite and constantly changing, wouldn't it also make sense to see existence as unknowable? Absolute Truth of that which is infinite...can you see a possible dilemma in this line of thinking. It would seem more conscious to recognize that it is truly unknowable, endless, What is, THIS, boundlessness. You're not making this happen it's just happening whether it's real or not. It doesn't matter!! You can spend your whole life trying to unlock the mysteries of that which is infinite or you can sit back and marvel at what an amazing display. It simply doesn't matter nothing does ❤
  13. Everything is it... It can be called consciousness, infinity, god, reality, truth, this, that, awareness, pepsi, dirty underwear, isness.... the possibilities are infinite because it's infinite. So there can be infinite inquiry into the infinite. So what is trying to be found in that which has no boundaries? ❤
  14. "I' will have to sort it all out before moving on" is just another conditioned belief. 'I' have many things to reflect about = buying into a conditioned thought. STOP believing just STOP!!! and LOOK ❤