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  1. Yep, full scale identification with thinking.
  2. The mind/ego projects the problem outside of itself as a distraction to keep itself intact. It's literally a subconscious survival tactic of the mind. As long as the focus is outwardly it can keep running the rat race.
  3. Nothing good or right exist either. The idea of anything being good/bad; right/wrong are just concepts of the socially conditioned mind matrix known as the 'ME'. Its the dream story! ❤
  4. It certainly is radical. Stacking nothing(labels) onto nothing, and it still ends up being nothing. In that sense THIS is utterly unknowable. It can't be pinned down because it's already everything & nothing. Its like trying to sit on a cloud, or catch a fart in the wind.
  5. Osho had talks of this understanding. Its not that the illusion of ego is bad or wrong, it's that it simply causes an illusory experience of separation/suffering...which is also neither bad or wrong. When the idea of good/bad; right/wrong is transcended sort of speak....where can a real problem arise. ❤
  6. Well nothing is really a big deal but thoughts can sure make it feel so.
  7. The cessation of self(so-called enlightenment) transcends the concept of enlightenment and samsara simultaneously because its clearly seen there was never anyone to be illusioned or disillusioned in the first place. It literally makes it not applicable. It's the Transcendence of Concepts such as Heaven or Hell good or bad right or wrong. Freedom is the best word. But for no one!! ❤
  8. another way to say it might be, There is an experience of an individual that with enough searching can hopefully one day realize the truth and be set free.
  9. No because the meaning of collapse is pointing to the recognition that the Duality/Separation never existed in the first place.
  10. Yes, there pointing to the same freedom, but can be easily misunderstood by the 'ME'. Yep, no one detaches, defends, notices, or appreciates. 👍
  11. Correct, But there is a subconscious belief that adopting this outlook will benefit someone. THIS isn't about denial, detachment or adopting a "it doesn't matter" attitude. Its clearly recognized by no one that the beneficiary was an illusion. Nobody becomes enlightened, no one awakens. Nobody enters the gateless gate.
  12. Yes, there are no ME's 👍 Its so under the nose that its already the case.(the cosmic joke) There is no one to convince already. Keep LOOKING at one is getting very warm.
  13. It's adorable yet gets old fast for who? There isn't a " "...😃