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  1. Enlightenment doesn't answer any how's or why's, rather it bluntly confronts the apparent questioner with "who is asking" What is this 'me' character that wants to KNOW so badly, what does it consist of? Like taking a fresh outside look at these inner behaviors and needs! ♥
  2. The seeking for something called Truth ends up being a completely egoic driven endeavor..... it's always about "if I know the truth MY life will be better" and it will even disguise the purpose of said endeavors as also making everyone else's lives better as well! The sense of self is the constant need or desire to try to make things better than the current experience. The seeking literally makes it seem like it's somewhere's actually hilarious when the whole apparent predicament is seen through! There's nothing right or wrong with being content or discontent.... yep it's that free! ♥
  3. Bahaha..... this is why I love this forum! I f****** love leo's brutal honesty sometimes. Should do a Q&A episode of people on The Forum asking questions and you answering them. ♥
  4. Well it's just that it's not a teaching or a belief system, it's the end of a "you" in which could hold or have a belief's the freedom from those conditioned and conceptual belief systems. Enlightenment is just not a something that a someone attains or reaches after enough meditation or spiritual practices. It's the clear recognition that the very individual attempting to find or become awakened in the firstplace, isn’t real & never actually only seemed to be!! It's the end of the veganawake character that would dislike a post. It's fairly rare from what I've seen 🤔 ♥
  5. It's the physical and mental experience of being a real individual(me) localized as or within the body. That very same illusion of self will also identify as the higher self or as god or whatever it needs to keep itself intact. ♥
  6. Empty and full Empty of meaning/purpose, full of everything!
  7. There isn't a you that's confused or could become awake! That's the revelation....that's the freedom! ♥
  8. Reality is infinite and described often as singular or one because there never was a real separate individual to begin with.... not in this body and not in any of them, it was just an illusion of self, an illusion of ownership and doership! Reality is unknowable in the sense that it can't be described or put in a box and checked off as understood or hung on a nail. And there is no answer to why that is needed! ♥
  9. Yes it's as if it places an overlay of meaning purpose and value over top of reality and functions from that perspective.... Everything feels personal! The sense of self will create all kinds of mystical and fantastic stories about what enlightenment is or would be like....& it thinks there will be a firework show when it's finally attained! ♥
  10. Nah bro that's just spiritual ego which simply can't fathom its own unreality! Enlightenment has nothing to do with learning a bunch of spiritual concepts/beliefs and attempting to make sense of it while convincing apparent others of its truth. It's the end of those attempts through the clear recognition that the attemptor was never real from the start! The biggest problem for the ego is death, so it will create any kind of delusion in which it can convince itself of its eternal existence! And the cosmic joke is it's already not real! ♥
  11. Well it's not actually a feeling, it's more like a clear recognition that the "sense of self" within the body isn't a real thing. It's the bodily sensations and conditioning which seem to make up this important experience called life. Without the conditioning saying it's this or it's that,'s just an empty appearance seemingly happening for no one. It's full and it's empty! ♥
  12. That it's just what seems to be happening! It's not that consciousness or awareness doesn't seem to be happening, it's that there isn't a real self experiencing it.... the experiencer is the illusion of separation! ♥
  13. Got to break that cycle you're putting anxiety on top of anxiety. Find something you enjoy doing and can also make survival money. The not doing is causing more anxiety than the doing! ♥
  14. It's signifying all the seemingly different things happening within everything. The apparent separation within the whole of everything(duality & nonduality) ♥