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  1. I know what you mean...but the question assumes there is Currently a person that is anxious. There already isn't an anxious person. Only anxious patterns of thought being identified with as 'MY' thoughts, and thus creating a seemingly anxious experience.
  2. @JayySur well because there is an experience of being an individual which lives in time and values meaning and purpose. This illusory identity has become an entity unto itself. It doesn't have the capacity to recognize it's own unreality because it subconsciously knows that recognition will be its demise. "the ego says seek, but do not find" -- A Course in Miracles It literally stays intact by the belief that a separate individual(the ME), will one day find a better experience in the future, and finally find that which feels like it's missing.(the hamster wheel effect)... It's endlessly needy. So then the big question arises: Q) So how do "I" fix this apparent "ME" issue? A) There already isn't a "YOU" and nothing was ever missing. Look to find out: What is the YOU? What does it consist of? Can it be located? ❤ Watch 5:18 - 10:00
  3. I know what you mean ❤ The experience of relativity is also IT!
  4. Yeah it's like hunting Sasquatch... I guess some of it is awfully exciting though 🏃
  5. Absolutely and when the fog lifts and you turn and look back, the cave was never there 👍
  6. Are you sure this isn't imaginary also? Maybe a sneaky trick of the ego/sense of self to keep itself alive. LOOK closely and see what's found or not. ❤
  7. I gotcha and nothing taken personal at all.❤ just pointing out the idea of any act being high/low consciousness; right/wrong is simply a conditioned response of the mind.
  8. Everything is already the case. There never was a mystery to solve. The experience of NOT recognizing IT, and the experience of recognizing IT, are already IT...simultaneously. The difference between Bondage and Liberation is an illusory experience. Liberation is the realization that there never was a someone that could be bound from the get-go!!! ❤
  9. I get these emails after attending the nothing conference back in September, and they sent me these episodes to watch... found them quite interesting thought I would share ❤
  10. The distinction between it being right or wrong is imaginary. ❤
  11. hehe, that was pretty good 👍 Yep its everything and every feeling. The ordinary extraordinary ❤
  12. its so obvious that it seems to be hidden by being everything. There's no getting outside of it to point at it because the pointing is also it 😃 ❤ Its THIS!!
  13. Energy experiencing itself but no one knows that.