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  1. Haha all these comments are all very entertaining. 👌 Its that stubborn "sense of self" that can never get enough will never stop seeking, thats what it seems to do, & sometimes it can seem to fall away but it's already not there! Everything is seemingly. Nothing is actually taking place, but it sure as heck SEEMS to be 😆 There isn't a real purpose or meaning to reality because there isn't anyone actually in the body experiencing it to begin with......its an illusion or maya. Best illusion nobody knows ❤️
  2. Fair winds and following seas brother! I took a break for awhile myself!! Going to miss reading some of your posts.....not gonna lie!! 💙
  3. Hey old self, have ya heard the news. "You" were never there, rude, crude, dude. "You" thought you were, and so did "I" 😉 Greater illusion than trick of the eye. A misunderstanding its said, or brainwashing sport. But those are just stories of learning to sort. There isn't a truth or direction to go. There isn't a you, so there isn't a how. There's nothing to do and there's nothing say. Oh darn, this illusion thinks that is lame. Too bad for you. THIS isn't tame. Then who is talking and seeking the fame. There isn't a "you" to answer it now. Never is. Never was. Never going to be. CHOW!!!! ❤️
  4. Hi, The ego isn't actually real though. Its an illusion of self construct or separation. When you say "the days are counting for the ego" its like subtly reinforcing the belief that its real and needs to be gone! There isn't a true self, false self or ego.......there all equally the same illusions in different clothing! Crazy huh 😳 ❤️ 💙 💜
  5. There isn't a real meaning behind anything but there can seem to be! ❤️
  6. @PenguinPablo The cosmic joke turns out being that "nobody knows or becomes awakened because awakening is not an action or linear event in time for a real person. Rather its the clear recognition that this important "ME" character attempting to attain some kind of mind based enlightenment experience, is completely not real. Its an illusion of self....Maya!!! 😮 That's the real freedom that's being sought after but only by an illusion! It turns out that the very notion of actually knowing something is the real illusion or Matrix. And that is even just apparent stories 🤣 ❤️
  7. Right right, no hole is too deep or sloppy when you're driving a big johnson 👊 ❤️
  8. Surprisingly there actually isn't a "you" and then another thing called "your ego" Both are "illusions of self" which are completely and clearly seen through upon the so-called experience of liberation. Whatever happens after that is completely fair game. Action and non action or doing and not doing is recognized as one in the same or dancing emptiness!!! Empty and full simultaneously It's just not something that's attained or gained after a certain amount of spiritual practice or anything like that. It's not an attainment at all's the dropping away of that conditioned character that is trying to attain it or rather the revelation that it was never real from the start. Yep, just the clear recognition that this heavily conditioned "ME" character out running the rat race is not actually there It's kind of unexpected for obvious reasons. 😅 ❤️
  9. Ah gotcha, Yeah sometimes the sense of self/ego attempts to become silence/awareness which then makes things feel lacking or incomplete. And round and round it goes!! ❤️
  10. Hey there, My whole family went vegan for about 4 years from 2017-2020. My middle son is the only one left eating fully vegan now, but we mostly all eat organic Wife loves her shrimp though haha! We haven't purchased any dairy milk for probably the last 10 years or so. We do almond, coconut or soy milks instead with cereal and whatnot. I kept the user name veganawake anyways because that extreme diet change sorta kicked off the start of the spiritual journey here! ❤️
  11. Gotcha, Yes enlightenment is completely inclusive... It does not exclude or evade what seems to be happening. But This is already everything. It doesn't get any better. There are not any degrees to reality though. That is a human made concept which is exactly the kinds of stories that go bye-bye upon real awakening. Enlightenment has nothing to do with finding a better experience in the future. It's the end of the self illusion that runs around thinking that it needs to be found.... It's the end of the seeker and it's conceptual filtration of apparent reality. It's freedom from the very thing that simply cannot grasp, that freedom is all there ever was. ❤️
  12. It may have been described that way by some indian yogi or whatever, but there isn't a self that awakens period. Nobody wakes up! Awakening is quite literally the end of the very character that is trying to attain it. Or rather, it's the recognition that the me character never existed in the first place. It was only an illusion of self. An assumption that was never questioned(is there really a ME) When there's a character everything needs to fit in it's agenda. It's very picky and needy!!! The end of the character is simultaneously the recognition that it was never real from the start. There is no one left feeding energy or giving credibility to these chronic monkey mind thoughts. So the monkey mind tends to die down greatly. It can be a gradual dropping away of this unreal self illusion. It isn't always a POP like experience. It's Freedom recognizing that all there ever was, was Freedom. But the unreal self character made it seem like it was somewhere else or missing. ❤️