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  1. Sometimes it can break up these habitual patterns of feeding this so-called sense of self constant energy and attention... Sometimes when its clearly seen that this assumed identity isn't real, the energy that went into upholding this self structure can relax and dissipate on its own accord. There is no method though because there already isn't any real separate self. "Much ado about nothing"
  2. Yep the body can seem to have attachments and preferences...there is nothing right or wrong with that. There's nothing right or wrong with anything. Yes just habitual patterns of energy assumed as the 'ME'. Nobody awakens; Nobody arrives at enlightenment; Nobody comes out pure and free of attachments and desires. It's recognized the very one on this so-called spiritual path to freedom simply never existed. ❤
  3. See if the sufferer can be pinpointed? Where is it located? What does it consist of?
  4. Who would get lost? Ego/sense of self are completely unreal, which is only recognized when there is no one. It has nothing to do with perspective. When it's clearly seen, there is no questioner or question left. There are no correct or incorrect platitudes or believe systems. Who would deem them correct or incorrect? There isn't a real separate 'you' over there with your beliefs and different 'me' over here with my beliefs. The apparent separation is an illusion of self. Awakening reveals, there just never was a you or me or anyone else. Nobody wakes up. There's just what seems to be's not right/wrong; good/bad; higher/lower. It's THIS or exactly what seems to be happening. It's not somewhere else. ❤
  5. Yep, Can't get closer or further away from everything. Every direction or staying put is already it. There's only nowhere to get to.
  6. The unsolvable mystery because there was never a real problem.
  7. The ego and or sense of self are the same illusion. There isn't a pure unconditioned self underneath them. Nobody Breaks free because there was nobody bound in the first place... it is an illusion of self. ❤
  8. Exactly, instability has always been the case. Stability was illusion. Rest in free floating and yes things mellow out. ❤
  9. Whether it's infinite reality or infinite illusion, there is still no where to land, no way to truly confirm anything. Paradoxically the freedom is in not knowing which is already the case. ❤
  10. There isn't a you and nothing isn't something real
  11. There's nothing to find for the seeker so there's nothing to integrate either. The experience of loss is an illusion. ❤
  12. There is no purpose to anything. And nobody understands that.
  13. Exactly, Nobody breaks free, nobody arrives without a sense of self. Its freedom for no one because there already isn't an individual. Then it's just BOOM THIS without the stories of how or why. Unknowable perfection. ❤