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  1. Yeah that poor guy has no game lol... the cartoon girl is kind of cute 😂
  2. You really should do your own investigation on this...❤ Our minds try to rationalize everything and make it appear as everything's in control... There's nothing in control... It's wild chaotic Boundless Energy... But at the same time there's nothing special about it.. Its just WHAT IS ❤
  3. I understand exactly what you're saying ❤ The message that nothing really matters feels threatening at first to the separate self. Later it's recognized that it's pure boundless freedom and unconditional love. The separate self knows nothing else but to seek.... this constant seeking perpetuates the belief in its realness and on and on running on the hamster wheel endlessly. It will even turn not seeking into a form of seeking. "The ego says seek but do not find" - A Course in Miracles The thing to recognize is that one way isn't better than the other, it's all happening within THIS...and its WHAT IS ❤ you are absolutely perfect just the way you are nothing needs to happen. What is being communicated is, sometimes this illusory separate self falls away and it's recognized that it never existed. It's important for you to find your own truth about this... do not just take my word blindly... check it out for yourself ❤
  4. We think that if our body freezes in time, the world will freeze with it. The world doesn't freeze, it just goes on doing its thing without us being apart of it. The make-believe story of the individual feels so important... everything has perfect equal importance... a perfect balance of zero 😃
  5. There is no right or wrong answer, you are free to do whatever you want. There is not a controller, I think it's just Boundless Energy doing its thing infinitely. We are it and it is we 😃
  6. This was really 👍 ❤
  7. Yep you got it ❤..... it's always been in plane sight, just overlooked. Yes words simply cannot come close..
  8. I've seen this before yes it's funny... it really shows how limited language is in explaining the nonduality communication. ❤ thanks for sharing
  9. I've had Direct experiences revealing that there is no Observer big or small... nothing directing or dictating anything it's just simply Boundless Energy doing its thing... Crazy right this is Boundless Energy communicating to Boundless Energy.... Its 2 wild lol
  10. What's being explained is there is no my story and there is no your story, it's just stories being shared with no one lol... It's completely incomprehensible and wild...❤
  11. Yes there can still be a message shared but it does not belong to a separate individual because the separate individual is an illusion. Liberation is the end of suffering because it's recognized the individual suffering was an illusion. 😃
  12. I've been going through a 3 year gradual Enlightenment experience. About a year-and-a-half ago, I stopped seeking and turned within and recognized the self created ME character was simply an illusion compiled of energy, thoughts, beliefs, ideas and perceptions about myself. I began shedding the layers of the illusory self. The ME character fell away and it was simultaneously recognized that it never existed. I untangled from social conditioning and snapped out of The Matrix... At this point I would consider myself completely liberated from the prison of the mind. I'm a senior equipment operator first class in the US Navy Seabees on active duty. I've been in for 18 years... I'm stationed in Port Hueneme California. I have more free time than most people in the military because we are currently in Home Port and I just manage and make sure people do their jobs. I really don't do any practices any longer because it feels like a constant meditative state.
  13. Maybe It's tough to become conscious of because it isn't happening...
  14. "There never was a you, it was simply a bunch of energy thinking it was a somebody that had free will and choice hahaha" - VeganAwake
  15. Our minds create an individual story... Our minds create an overlay that's placed on top of reality and judge it according to our conditioning. If it's something that helps the story of ME or goes along with my beliefs it's labeled good. If it goes against my beliefs it's labeled bad. This ME characters story is called Maya the illusion of the self. It isn't real. If we were to remove the thinking mind out of the equation it's just existence happening for no one. There would be no purpose no meaning nothing to do and nowhere to go. Just existence happening the way it happens....its THIS! Duality is an illusion, there was never any separation because there is no one actually here to be separated, it was an illusion(Maya) Note: This cannot be understood by the dualistic thinking mind, typically an Awakening needs to occur before this is seen through... After non-dual awareness is present the line between subject and object blurs because it's recognized the separation never occurred. It's simultaneously recognized that Free Will and choice is also an illusion. Things are just happening regardless of whether we are creating a personal illusory story about it or not... ❤