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  1. @Princess Arabia it gets nowhere simply because wherever you go there is no one there and nothing to get because seeking is pointless as the appearance is complete and whole already. Parroting a bit but yea something I do hear is “how can you arrive at what already is”
  2. Jim Newman often says “I’m not saying there’s nothing to do, I’m saying there’s no you” so apparently doing arises but it gets nowhere, this experience over here is dealing with the rug being swept out from under it yet again, even though there’s no me to accept it in the story of who I am it’s incredibly frustrating not having a way to go or something to seek but that is what’s happening and it sucks and rocks at the same time
  3. I see you Leo, sneaking your way onto Jeopardy without telling us
  4. I thought the whole point of making it real was for gods entertainment? *what does god want to do?* A: well it knows everything and it knows it’s everything, but it wants to experience that everything. okay but why experience anything at all if not for the fun/entertainment/ love of it? Why not just be a blank slate forever? I think entertainment is a big part of it and it’s what humans spend too much of their time doing as well. maybe I’m not entertained as much by suffering/struggle and not in love with that as a human. And that is obviously because I’m biased towards harmony/survival and evolution to higher states of consciousness but let’s be honest if we all knew the agenda of god then why even perform a single action as a human . you know how it’s all going to pan out, there’s no need to act unless you have a selfish desire or formulation for the world to be a certain way rather than it is right now and how god intended it there is a subtle ignorance in all of our assertions and my question would be if you disagree with this statement what is the agenda of god? seems like I was born in chains (humanity) and there is a need to transcend it. I’m not a fan of limitation and would never seek it out if there was a clear cut alternative which I believe there to be. I’ve graduated from school and rightly and justly would never go back to learn the same stuff. its very paradoxical. I just don’t get why you could have the awareness that you’re going to go back to struggle and suffering and then have any desire or violation to escape it in the first place. There needs to be a balance man my most charitable understanding is that suffering, “making life real”, struggle, bad thing and evil is all a device created by god for understanding itself more at a deeper level,love itself more, and you can call me biased but even with that understanding I’m not seeking that shit out. There’s a reason your development gets easier and faster when you live in a hospitable environment, some struggle is unavoidable but Sadhguru asks a simple question, “if you could create misery or bliss which would you create?” and the answer to me is unequivocally bliss and I don’t see how god would choose the opposite and no sane human would either
  5. it certainly doesn’t feel real to me. There an obvious creation mechanism which I can’t understand yet but I’m subtly aware of. And if it’s all relative and the absolute is already here there’s really not volition and time either and I’m not going back to “real” it just always has been and always will be what it is, and we are speaking in linear human stories as you guys said. There's no cycle or awakening to what already is. there’s just a hollow character moving through apparent appearances also I never thought that real and fake was a hard line which also is a duality that needs to collapse. Also what’s wrong with loving everything as god? I don’t see a problem with indifference to pain and suffering as long as you have empathy and understanding of the impact of it and maybe I am just weird but I have never wished I had suffering or struggle, not once, and I don’t like resistance and friction in reality/the dream, I’m actually quite the upopian and I’m disputing that god would ever get tired or bored of not having suffering and pain and want to embody into a fake character to experience it. The fact that it’s apparently happening now doesn’t change the fact that a more enlightened awareness would choose otherwise and I’m speaking from experience I wouldn’t choose that and if “you as god don’t see it as suffering” then it’s already a moot point because then that seems everything I value as human irrelevant too because gods true perspective trumps mine
  6. I don’t have a problem with mortality/survival the deception of life. But I really don’t buy that I would get bored of infinity and omniscience, just look at all the entertainment that mere humans can produce, you don’t think god could entertain itself without deception for eternity. Just don’t think that self deception is inevitable and a cycle of awakening and going back to sleep is what is waiting, god is too free or at least me as god doesn’t want that to be true. Makes you think if it’s all cyclical and there is no growth or permanent transformation then there really is no use to the struggle or meaning to survive. Just empirically. There’s got to be a higher understanding and transcendence of mundane survival and unawareness ignorance. I’ve never once sprained my ankle and been like jee I want to repeat that again And again for eternity. And if I told someone the truth and they realized it, it benefited their life from awakening to said truth, I would hate to see them wake up with amnesia and go back to ignorance if it’s the natural order of things fine it can’t be changed, but I would never willingly reneg on progress just to entertain myself. If you watch a movie for the first time it has a magic to it, the second time, still good but it’s lost something, which makes me think it’s not going to be the cycle forever. Infinity is too grand to repeat itself for eternity.
  7. I think its telling that if we understand "mental illness" so well why cant we come up with a sure fire treatment or cure? Seems to me that we don have anything better than symptom suppressants and all these labels while having a function aren't conclusive and really all it does it box you in/ disempower you, none the less the societal stigma around it. it may be obvious to spot that someone has something wrong with their stability and mental balance/function but how can you then give it a lifelong label that is just identification of symptoms without knowing the cause or really how to cure it? it may not be mental in origin, it could be the air/ habits/diet/ etc etc. this is a big area where western medicine fails. its too logical and trying to classify everything and label it beyond genetic defects and such i feel like its hard to really pin down what causes/cures or treats "mental illness" and dont feel like there is a solid understanding of it. which calls me to believe that it is much more spiritual in nature beyond just chemistry and taking a pill. bipolar, autism, and the like arent concrete at all they are labels of observable symptoms and behavior and the funny thing is not many experts would believe that there is anything metaphysical about them or placebo or self created and to me as long as they dont admit that, i cant take the system seriously.
  8. I think a country should be able to call itself whatever its people wants, as stated "India" was a colonial term forced upon the nation. Sadhguru made an analogy about the "technologies of domination" that slave traders used to do the same thing with their "property". The first thing that happened when you were sold into slavery was that they changed your birth name to something demeaning to insulting to demoralize you and make you easier to bend to their will. I agree that nationalism isnt everything, but you cant transcend nationalism until everyone is comfortable in their own authenticity and I think Bharat seems more authentic than India since India basically means nothing (river) and Bharat means "to be maintained (of fire)" to me its a no brainer, and its easy to judge from the west but people from Bharat seem to like that change and its a step in the right direction towards authenticity. From the Article : "I know a whole lot of the intellectual crowd will say, “What is in a name?” When you utter your name, you must understand there is sound. The meaning is only psychological and social. The sound is existential and has a power. “Bharat” has power. This power has to reverberate through everybody’s hearts in this country. And the idea of what it means to be an Indian must get across to every human being because if everyone’s aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don’t have a nation."
  9. Isn’t it too overly logical and anal to preach “get the job so you can get finances , get the finances so you can get your shit together, get your shit together so you can get a woman, get a woman so you can cultivate love and get your needs met, and get all of the previous shit so you can meditate and do spirtual pursuits, and maintain all of the previous shit until enlightenment.” I feel like the linear path of xyz as mentioned below is very wrong to apply to everyone and there is a vast amount of exceptions in actual reality and no other spirtual school has put such an emphasis on materialism. Ideally you can use anything as a tool to the divine why restrict yourself to such a narrow pathway? also this kind of thinking perpetuates and in a way validates a system which people are already highly critical of and not working for most people, I don’t see the fruits in preaching this gospel or method and would endorse a more free flowing way. saying you need all that shit to be an attractive man is like saying you need mala beads and an ochre robe to be spirtual, sure it’s sexy on the surface but it’s very risky too, I don’t think actual life progress is that linear, for example why can’t you work on your spirtual first and then come back to career or dating or just say fuck it all. Spirituality shouldn’t be gatekept by materialism ideally your job or career or dating sex life would be a spirtual sadhana in itself and not a bridge to it
  10. Yea I know I’m not realistic but I do truly believe like some masters say that if it’s meant to be it’ll be, existence will present you with a mirror/match of who you are if it feels you could learn from the relationship/connection. I have nothing against seeking out a relationship but sometimes someone will just walk into your life spontaneously and serendipitiously I am very allergic to lists of expectations and definitely don’t like dating and monogamy isn’t for me. I don’t really seek security I just enjoy sharing connections with women and all beings really I do think there is wisdom in allowing people into your life and letting them go when the relationship has run it’s course there is deep wisdom in that, but the intense desire for sex/security/pleasure at all costs from another being is ugly imo can safely say I wasted a lot of my life on that road
  11. Angelic—- if I thought I should pursue I wife it would be her haha
  12. After all my experience I don’t thin suppression is the answer but if you gotta jerk off I think it’s truly wise to always have the intention of transcending it, I agree with Leo, young men should masturbate but eventually it should get itself out of your system, you don’t want to be 60-70 years old jerking off, your body isn’t meant to be cumming your whole life, there is a reason why man become generally more impotent as they age, or so I think osho is the most measured but Sadhguru and Leo seem to agree, jerking off is a compulsion and you can either do it consciously or compulsively, you shouldn’t really just jerk off on its own, you should jerk off and also meditate says Osho and you should move from compulsion to consciousness slowly and not by force Osho also says that eventually if you keep jerking off AND ALSO meditating the desire and the compulsion will drop away but only if you cultivate the intention to drop it away eventually, that is a measured healthy approach imo and it doesn’t suffer from the problems of suppression or addiction because I truly do believe if you masturbate consciously the desire will drop away eventually and naturally without any effort
  13. I know we all want Dems to win and think Trump would be better to run against, but truly it would be better for the country if that man had to answer for his devilry, I dont like Desantis at all but I believe Trump shouldnt be allowed to run either, any sane person would agree, hes a danger to this country staying together and has called for civil war many times for absolutely bullshit reasons.
  14. San Fran, Seattle, New York, > Birmingham, Oklahoma City, Louisville