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  1. @Serotoninluv most arguments I see online go along the lines of “ that business man has worked hard and earned that profit, taxing him and giving it to the poor is literally theft.” I personally think being a billionaire is immoral but beside the point it’s hard to get to that level of wealth without devilry. are there good and kind billionaires yes in theory but hoarding all that money is dangerous. It doesn’t do anyone any good besides to reinforce a class structure. unfortunately communism is what is demonized, and while state ownership of everything would be too extreme for this day in age, I would like to see how it could be implemented in an extremely highly conscious society. I think capitalism works so well because it promotes greed which is rampant at stage orange, like The point Leo made on his Venezuela blog that socialism could only work in a green + society. and then in his chart of political systems on the spiral, world government is yellow, something about world government screams communism esque, but the good parts of it. the best way to have a thriving economy is to have income equality, and it would be radical but it could work with the right consciousness.
  2. Bangor, Maine, USA
  3. Yea man I think we should throw it all into space. The stuff that can’t be biodegraded and recycled. He also says that like 90% of potentially recycled materials aren’t being recycled. I really don't see the downside to it. How could you pollute space?
  4. Yea absolutely. I mean I think this a position that should be taken seriously. There is like very minimal downside to it. It would cost $$$ but think of what you’d save.
  5. I hate to demonize Mississippi because I actually have seen some great VICE documentaries on the states people who are simply destitute. I think it ranks the lowest in most polls of the countries infrastructure etc. You have to think if sanders is elected president that he will do some damage (as much legally possible) to corporate media outlets like fox and the like. sorry for going off topic but I just think there is going to be a revolution if that man doesn’t win. i think plant based companies like impossible foods and beyond foods were smart targeting the fast food industry, sad thing is that their are HUGE stigmas against vegans and vegetarian maybe even more so than communists haha. I was openly vegan for 6 months and am mostly vegetarian now but trying to go back, but the hate I received from literally everyone for speaking out was ridiculous. It was like a mother talking to her child in that clip, he literally sounded like a four year old and she sounded like a genius. Invest in alternative meat based products if you haven’t already, they are too expensive right now but they might be cheaper when the recession hits. I can only see those stocks going up. It’s not surprising his stance on endangered species, no wonder the bald eagle attacked him. i think it’s clear who nature wants as president 😊
  6. And people say trump isn’t a fascist. This is a great point that proves what you’re talking about @Leo Gura when you say that the left and the right isn’t created equal. This is where the level of consciousness is apparent. If you destroy your own backyard and endangered species (which aren’t useless in any sense) for capital gain. Literally money over the lives of sentient beings. Another good point is I never see that many (or any) right wing vegetarians or vegans. Maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t come across a vocal one in my anecdotal sphere.
  7. Hey all, been reading the forum for a while now and excited to finally post. So I subscribe to YouTuber called Meta Sage and definitely identify him as a stage turquoise+ individual. Basically this video is a criticism of pollution and of stage orange capitalism. What caught my attention was the solution he has for all of this which he words in two brilliant questions. Now I’m no scientist and the ethics of these proposals/statement are up for debate but logically it makes sense to me. #1. What if we could turn waste (any type) into literal currency? #2 Why don’t we launch our waste into the outer atmosphere aka space instead of burying it? (Non recyclables) ...”space is literally made to occupy junk” haha, this will also incentivize space conscious society and could potentially help attract alien life. Sage and I may be way wrong in this question but I’d like to hear some perspectives on this and why it’s not seriously considered today? Here is the video