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  1. Anything by Tony Parsons or Robert Wolfe.
  2. "Taoism and Buddhism believe that the universe is created or originated from "Nothingness" or "Emptiness". It is interesting that the modern science also proposed that there is "nothing" before the creation of universe. ie. Before time and space exist, there is "nothing". Buddha had all sorts of quotes on emptiness or nothingness. Jainism also points to nothingness as ultimate reality. Check out: AjataSunyata project by Robert Wolfe ❤
  3. There isn't relatively either. Just concepts placed on top THIS..
  4. @assx95 What are some examples of what you are doing that's toxic? And what was realized during this awakening?
  5. No need for rather. Something is nothing simultaneously. Real and unreal... Dancing emptiness... ❤
  6. Thanks for the share. Could it be possible that the 'Self' that thinks it's literally talking to 'Itself' is just a story?
  7. Yeah man I feel ya, seeking (aka the journey) is extremely exhausting, it's like being in an invisible prison sometimes. There was a character named travis that was diligently seeking for something, he didn't know what it was but there was a willingness to either go crazy or die to find whatever it was that seemed to be missing. Then one day he listened to a video with Adyashanti discussing how enlightenment was not something attained but rather a falling away of untruth. The seeking energy seemed to flip in on itself and inquire into who or what this character consisted of..... there was nothing to be found. ❤
  8. What's being pointed to is the end of the knower. The knower places an overlay of meaning purpose and value over top of reality. This setup seems to create a dream story in which the dream character experiences. THIS is unknowable, empty and full, real and unreal, everything and nothing. Maybe check out "The book of not knowing" by Peter Ralston Or "Emptiness" by Robert Wolfe on the ultimate teaching of ajata/sunyata ❤
  9. Identification is the root cause of suffering. The Emptiness is the fullness that you're searching for.
  10. Those laws don't exist and neither does the dream story created within those parameters. It's complete Anarchy & Paradise for nobody.
  11. Ahh gotcha hehe. Well existence can be recorded, watching someone robb a bank for example on a recorded audio/video. If you ask the people involved I'm sure they will tell you it was quite real. I mean you can break it down to the brass tacks saying it's just energetic movement or a dream and nothing really happened, but you end up right back at THIS. Whether that experience truly happened or not?.... it seems more like perspective than anything else.
  12. Test it out, close your eyes and walk directly towards the tree at a fast pace and see what happens. You may want to wear a football helmet.
  13. It seems to be hidden by being Everything but "you" are looking for a something. And everything cannot be found because it's already the case, as in it was never missing. Nobody looks for something within Everything and then says why can't I find it.
  14. Or recognize that which believes it's a mountain of s*** isn't real and has no authority on dictating what is s*** and what is not. To the sense of self there will always be s*** that needs to be gotten rid of, there's always another step that needs to occur. That's how it keeps itself alive(hamster wheel effect) " the ego says seek but do not find" - A Course in Miracles ❤
  15. Yes its everything, And it's not a denial or detachment and simultaneously that can seem to happen within THIS as well. There are undeniably uncomfortable or undesirable situations that arise such as your mother on her deathbed or your best friend getting murdered. There can be acceptance of this situation and there can be resistance. The acceptance and the resistance are both THIS, but they feel entirely different. The resistance feels like a heavy drawn out nagging bitter suffering experience, while the acceptance feels lighter and although still emotionally upsetting feels much looser and free. "If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences. No excuses. No negativity. No psychic pollution. Keep you inner space clear" - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now
  16. The seeking can kind of flip in on itself and ask who the f*** is this so-called seeker anyways? What's sometimes revealed can be quite shocking and simultaneously ordinary.
  17. Which is also THIS...hehe Racking the brain and diligently seeking is just as much THIS as sitting on a beach enjoying a corona with lime. What a trip right ❤
  18. Good looking out and that's actually a great thing to point out on a thread like this...❤ Yes absolutely, nothingness or emptiness can be turned into a concept or ideology to attach to, or into a form of detachment or denial. But that's not what's being pointed to here, what's being pointed to, transcends the idea of there even being an individual or a something that could cling or attach to a concept or belief. It's an attempt to slice through the illusion at its root. (identification as a separate individual)
  19. Reminds me of an interview with Osho. Interviewer: What belief are you trying to convey to everyone. Osho: I don't hold beliefs I'm trying to get people to stop believing in beliefs, I'm trying to deprogram them. Interviewer: what about the belief in not having beliefs. Osho: It is not a belief, it cannot be a belief because it doesn't lead anywhere, it's simply leaves you empty, pure, no writing on you.
  20. But that belief doesn't take you anywhere. There's no real meaning purpose or value behind it. Whether it's intelligently guided or not doesn't seem to matter in the sense that you don't know how many fingers I'm holding up behind my back or what the neighbor had for breakfast or what's happening at the Quickie Mart in Japan. The mind just incessantly goes in circles trying to figure THIS out and you end right back at THIS. If there is a discovery of other planets with habitable life-forms that's what's happening. If you discover there's a cosmic controller dictating everything that's what's happening. If you believe this is a computer program designed by complex alien species that's what's happening. Simply nothing matters absolutely nothing. It always ends up being just what it is. ❤
  21. There seems to be a survival strategy engrained within biology such as cells, bacteria, plants, animals, humans struggling and strategizing or adapting for survival(survival instincts). But also look at natural disasters, for example what happened to the dinosaurs? There's evidence of giant floods thousands of years ago. Maybe a meteor did hit causing an ice age and choking off life. Who really knows right. Seems random here but what do I know.
  22. Infinite energy being infinite can seem to localize in the body and feel like an important center point. This energy seems to be without agenda or meaning behind it. More like a runaway train. This energy seems to be real and unreal and completely unknowable ❤
  23. Exactly!! ? They don't conceptualize it as 'lucky me' or give meaning to pleasure and life either. They just live. ❤