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  1. Yep there is just everything. And within this everything there seems to be a separate person lost in the minds endless identification games. Awakening is the disentangling from the socially conditioned mind matrix of thought identification. So there is always only this now everything it's just whether it's recognized or not ❤
  2. "Liberation refers to the clear, unambiguous and direct realisation of the absence of a separate self. Because not everyone, perhaps no one comes to the Gate without at least some degree of latent tendencies, what we refer to as liberation may not be what you expect of it. Seeing self for what it really is - a story, does not mean that your life is suddenly upgraded in every conceivable way. Old habits, beliefs, programming and conditioning will very probably remain in place. Awakening from the story of you allows old patterns to drop away quickly. The foundation upon which these patterns were based is gone. In this sense, liberation is just the beginning". -- Liberation Unleashed ❤
  3. A lifting of the veil to see clearly what was already the case ❤
  4. Loving Illusions is what it is... nothing right or wrong with it. Although claiming that as true awakening would certainly be a misunderstanding.
  5. Duality/separation isn't real. Like imaginary lines on a map. The separate individual in the body is an illusion. There is a conditioned seperate body. But the identification as this separate conditioned body is Maya illusion of the self. This recognition makes the concept of any real separation in unreal from the start. "the separation never occurred" -- A Course in Miracles
  6. There is a conditioned body-mind organism. Call it yourself or not!
  7. There is nothing to really grasp ahold of. This is why awakening is challenging. The ego/sense of self requires identity. When its let go of it feels like freefall or floating in space with nothing to stabilize. Good luck!!
  8. Is there actually a 'YOU' that wants to awaken? LOOK for him or her. Is she in the head? Is he between the eyes? Is she in the arms or legs? Is he in the chest or stomach? Where the heck is this so-called 'YOU' that so desperately wants to Awaken? Trace it all the way back to its origin.
  9. Awareness alone is Curative. It's Unconditional love for exactly the way things are. Its seeing and understanding how you were unwillingly born into a society and essentially conditioned according to that societies standards. An identity was slowly created over the years and taken on as the 'ME'. The story is the 'you', what's not to love about it, it's incredible!! ❤
  10. The ego or sense of self desires fearlessness because it believes it will put it at a better vantage point. What it can't grasp is that the very cessation of itself that constantly desires for a better vantage point is what leads to lasting freedom. The VERY last thing the ego wants to hear is that nothing needs to be done because this puts it out of a job... it will fight tooth and nail to keep you identified and keep the search going(hamster wheel effect) "the ego says seek but do not find"
  11. ❤ it's a wild and crazy Runaway Train And language cannot do it justice and simultaneously the language is also the everything and nothing.
  12. This is fun 😃 Yes it seems quite nonsensical to hear that the ego or sense of self is not real... because it sure does seem to be real right? And of course then a question arises, so then how exactly do 'I' wake up if the ego and sense of self are already unreal. This is where there's a lot of confusion because it's a real and unreal experience. Real in the sense that when there is an identification with mind as the separate sense of self or ego it feels completely real.... "I am here and everything else is out there". Unreal and the sense that when this identification with the mind ends, it's simultaneously and for the first time recognized as being a completely illusory experience. This is why the best word to describe this apparent debacle is ILLUSION ( something that seems completely real but utterly lacks in reality) like a mirage in the desert that keeps you walking for water. The sense of 'I' that wants to wake up is literally what goes bye bye when Awakening occurs. It's not as drastic as it sounds because remember it's already not real 😂
  13. ❤ that's awesome and what's being experienced there. The word experiences implies there's an experiencer. The experiencer is the dream character in the dream story. The universe doesn't necessarily experience anything.... it just IS (because the experiencer is unreal). Have you ever seen a lion or hippopotamus have an aha moment? For whatever reason at this point in evolution, the mind of the human being is capable of creating an illusory identity unto itself. This self-centered experience places an overlay over top of apparent reality and operates from this separate 'self' perspective(The Mind Matrix) ('me' here and everything else out there). When actual Awakening occurs (and not just a mystical experience on psychedelics or meditation) this entire self-centered experience of reality collapses and is simultaneously recognized as having never been.... it was Maya illusion of the self. See after actual Awakening there isn't an individual left to buy back into the identification game of the mind as being now the higher self, higher consciousness or God and things like that.... what remains is what was always the case... the unknowable pure emptiness or void. It's Liberation Freedom Paradise The Kingdom of Heaven Samadhi... It's Enlightenment but for No One!! ❤
  14. When Awakening occurs there is still a conditioned character it's just no longer identified with or strongly attached to any longer. For example if you have been a crane operator for 20 years and have an Awakening you don't forget how to be a crane operator. Sure your Ambitions and motivations may change but that could have happened anyways. Or you might realize that hundred dollars an hour crane operating is very beneficial to your family's survival needs and continue doing it. So yes after Awakening a normal life can still continue with less suffering and attachment to outcomes and circumstances. "It's fair game after enlightenment" And it's completely unpredictable what will happen until it does ❤
  15. Ego Transcendence is the clear understanding of how it was created, identified with and has essentially been running 'YOU' like a software program. Watch from 10:05 - 12:05 ❤
  16. Well it is true that nothing will die, but not because it's infinite consciousness... it's because that which believes itself to be infinite consciousness is a completely and utterly total illusion. So in that sense death is already the case because nothing was alive to begin with. This is actually what Peter Ralston is pointing to in this video although I'm sure it's misunderstood time and time again.
  17. Awakening,Liberation or Enlightenment is the disentangling from the socially conditioned mind matrix known as 'ME' or the knower.
  18. Is there a 'YOU' actually thinking the thought "Do I have free will to do it", or do the thoughts just arise?
  19. Then that will be what's happening apparently. What happens if a meteor annihilates the planet Oh Wait, we will be cosmic consciousness.... Swuuw, 'I' got nervous for a second. Hehe jk ❤