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  1. Infinite Boundless Energy can also seem to be localized and appear as a separate 'ME' within the body. There's nothing right or wrong with that experience, its just what apparently seems to happen.
  2. If nothing matters there is no problem with eating vegetarian/vegan, helping people or making the world a better place.❤ Upon death it's the same result for the psychopath the wall street broker and the humanitarian.... all three will not even know they ever existed.
  3. Yep, your memories or conditioning create the experience. Prior to your conditioned thoughts about everything, there is only an empty happening. ❤
  4. It just means there is no real right or wrong. Any answer would be a conditioned opinion. 8 people might say it's right and 12 might say it's wrong. They cancel each other out.
  5. But that which experiences itself as not awake is an illusion 😃
  6. There is nothing that's right or wrong ❤
  7. And simultaneously conceptualizing THIS and not realizing THIS as unconditional love is also THIS. There is nothing that's not THIS ❤
  8. What's not THIS? and how can everything be described... Infinite Boundless Energy, The Ever Changing, Absolute Infinity, The Real Unreal, Everything and Nothing, Zero. How could words describe everything? ❤
  9. Yes and there's nothing that's not IT. So in that sense real, unreal, infinite, story, concept, false, truth are equally all THIS. There are words that seem to point to THIS better than others, but regardless everything is IT. Even half of a word is IT.
  10. Yes, the dream and the void are as equally unreal as is the dreamer.
  11. But your infinite imagination has nothing to do with reality. Sure it seems to I'll give you that. You could be experiencing hell in your mind going through a tough divorce bankruptcy and erectile dysfunction issues..... meanwhile the grass is growing and the birds happily flying around doing their thing. In other words your interpretation of reality has no direct effect on it whatsoever. Only in the dream do you have a real effect on things. THIS appears to be an infinite happening with infinite potential but it has nothing to do with your thoughts about it. This is why it's real and unreal Real in the sense that you can have infinite projections or interpretations of what's Happening. Unreal in the sense that these interpretations and projections are only in your mind... they're actually all empty happenings and void of any real meaning purpose or value.
  12. Yep there is just everything. And within this everything there seems to be a separate person lost in the minds endless identification games. Awakening is the disentangling from the socially conditioned mind matrix of thought identification. So there is always only this now everything it's just whether it's recognized or not ❤
  13. "Liberation refers to the clear, unambiguous and direct realisation of the absence of a separate self. Because not everyone, perhaps no one comes to the Gate without at least some degree of latent tendencies, what we refer to as liberation may not be what you expect of it. Seeing self for what it really is - a story, does not mean that your life is suddenly upgraded in every conceivable way. Old habits, beliefs, programming and conditioning will very probably remain in place. Awakening from the story of you allows old patterns to drop away quickly. The foundation upon which these patterns were based is gone. In this sense, liberation is just the beginning". -- Liberation Unleashed ❤