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  1. Nice to put a face to a name! You Russel Brand bear man!
  2. I won't get to watch this one for a few days, so I'm not sure what he says. I've just seen a bit of it. I will say that if you're comparing one statement to another or whether someone is more correct then you're dealing with concepts, symbols and relative truths. Concepts cannot capture Truth. It's like taking a cup to the ocean, scooping up some water and saying "look, I have the ocean in this cup." You kinda do ... but not even close. Existance and non-existance can both be held as concepts and then there is the deeper reality that is neither and both. My position is none of this. Mine is more like: "MAN IT'S GOOD TO BE FREE!"
  3. Oh, come now, don't be daft! There have been plenty of other mighty fine computers along the way. Hidden Figures
  4. Read it, great one! Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. I've just finished his book "Letting go" I haven't read "Power vs Force" yet but I definitely want to check it out now. The letting go book describes this process very well. Definitely check it out if you haven't already. I caught onto it after watching this vlog: It's one of the best books I've read all year. Also, wtf is this shit. You're 16!? Subbed!
  6. @Limbo This pie smells like Truth:
  7. It depends how you interpret the word "simulation". My current understanding is that reality simply "is" of its own accord. You could think about it like this: For reality to be a simulation it would have to be subject to a simulator and its limitations. But that simulator would itself be a part of reality. So reality is it's own simulation and simulator with no true limitations. My point with the post was that new tech could empower questioning for the average person. Questioning is something that is lacking and there is very little impetus for it for most people. They are caught up in survival and relative practical truths take precedence. You could think of a brain in similar terms to the simulation example. Most people think of a brain as kind of like a "simulator" in which consciousness is generated, but the brain is subject to the reality that it is conscious of, so there is no separation between it and consciousness and reality. You could ponder how it is that your brain exists in the universe and how the universe exists in your brain at the same time. Psychedelics and simulation tech may open up consciousness from its limited perspective in which a brain is the centre of consciousness, or something like that. The brains relationship to consciousness and reality is no more (or less) significant than that of a rock that could be used to impale it, but most people can't see that because they only see that a rock impaling the brain would be the end of survival. Survival = reality to the average person and that colours their interpretations, perceptions and experiences significantly. You need a brain to survive.
  8. @Iiris I bought a guitar a week after listening to this. It's a cult classic in the fingerstyle community. Your authentic self is the BOMB!
  9. @Zigzag Idiot Three great books on dealing with shame that I've read recently: Radical Self Acceptance - Tara Brach Healing The Core Wound Of Unworthiness - Adyashanti Healing The Shame That Binds You - John Bradshaw They each comment on how the idea of original sin has permeated western culture and desensitized us to toxic shame. They compliment each other nicely in their strategies to deal with these issues.
  10. WTF is this sorcery!? Your music is amazing man! Definitely bumped up more than a few plateaus in skill. Holy shit. Dude, most excellent!
  11. Your "higher self" image seemed so familiar to me: Then it hit me: (Sorry if I'm not supposed to comment) Edit: just saw you'd posted a galantis song earlier smh.
  12. Evolution in action. I like what Musk said about "humans being the biological bootloaders for AI" on his Joe Rogan interview. The implications of new technologies like these will be huge for human consciousness. I've been wondering what some of those implications might be. Apart from increased creativity, connectivity, productivity and the general list of benefits propounded by stage orange materialists, what do you guys think tech like this will do for us, or could mean to us in the future? What could be some negative effects? I imagine us being able to control "virtual bodies" that have much more complexity and interfacing ability than our physical human bodies. When I was a kid I remembered spending time trying to consciously control parts of my body that seemed unreachable like moving my ears individually or my shifting scalp or twisting my tongue in both directions; things the average person cannot do but are quite useless. We could have "imaginary" () body parts, or perhaps even additional simulated sense capacities beyond our 5+ human senses within simulations that we could learn to control in similar ways. (I think some people define things like proprioception and temperature gauging as additional senses) Consciousness could move beyond the limitations of being human! I also believe it would make it easier for people to move beyond the materialist paradigm and force more openmindedness as the lines between "material" reality and the simulated augmentations we begin to inhabit become indistinguishable or as the simulations become hyper real. It would be a bit like how psychedelics change people personalities as in the big 5 system a person is likely to move one standard deviation higher in openness after a mystical psychedelic trip. In other words people will be forced to question reality like this on a large scale; shifting millions into second tier and above: Idk, food for thought.
  13. Introvert problems huh?
  14. Some emus pretending to be bushes I saw the other day: