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  1. I don't think solubility a big problem anymore. Just need to stir it a bit longer, maybe heat, and let it sit for a while. Mine almost dissolved, even though there are still microscopic particles just barely visible. It feels as potent though
  2. Just tried <10 mg. I definitely experienced the same effect as on HCL at a similar dosage. But I have a stomach upset 5-10 minutes after. I don't know if the substance was the reason.
  3. just got some, haven't tried yet. It does not dissolve in water as well as HCL, even after stirring and heating, there are still distinct crystals there.
  4. If God is the totality of existence, ethics should be wrong. So lying is just as good as telling the truth. Do you agree? But why do I still think that lying is bad?
  5. Love your posts man. I do feel like shit is just non-linear. You want it for free? You will get it for free, sooner or later. You want to work by the sweat of thy brow? You'll get it. Now that I think about it, things come so easy to me in life, but I just need to want it and aim high Thanks again
  6. I think that we as people are deeply confused, bathing in this soup of ideas, concepts and meanings that we cannot ground ourselves in. Whenever we do, we get disappointed as it falls apart. So some of us take it in their hands to protect their illusion, desperately, out of bitterness and frustration. But as Leo says, you cannot ground yourself in anything, but Teotl. So I think that maybe these massacres is just reality trying to wake itself up.
  7. I just did self-inquiry practice, and my heartbeat just increased so much, similar to my low doses on 5meo. It followed by me calling out myself on being that "I", which was uncomfortable. I also had this flush of tingling sensation over my body. Is this going in the right direction?
  8. I have a sort of crazy story for LOA, I am almost convinced it works. I visualized working for a big 3 company. I did a matra - just a list of 20 affirmations on how I get the job and work there. I contact a friend of a friend who works there, and in a couple of days he offers me an internship for about a month. This shit is crazy
  9. If God is omnipotent, can it choose to not exist, or is it trapped in existence? Is playing in duality God's second best? Would it much rather have "real friends" if it could? How does God exercise will in non-duality if it lacks agency in the non-dual state? When or how did it make a decision to play in non-duality? Was it a decision?
  10. Thank you for the book, I downloaded it into my kindle
  11. Thank you @Arthur for this bit of inspiration
  12. this is poetic Good luck, whatever it means in this context. Looking forward to hearing from you