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  1. I watched an NDE account where the person who had an out-of-body experience saw what he described as creatures or parasites on people's bodies. His observation was that the sick people had larger parasites. They would latch on spots where defence was weak and drain energy. Is this a known phenomenon? How to check whether one has it?
  2. Which one is true? Leo says "I am God", but nonduality teachers like Tony Parsons say there isn't anyone at all, there's only THIS, which is not observed by anyone.
  3. Hi! I am an international student doing an MSc in resource economics in Canada. Because I depend on the department for funding, I need to work as a research assistant. The project I was assigned to is about improving the beef industry using genomic information. I don't like the thesis because the rationale of the project is how to make the beef industry more efficient. I hate it because I know about the harms of the beef industry, and I am turning towards a plant-based diet myself. It's hard to motivate myself to work on this topic, so I have issues with procrastination. I have this moral dilemma. Should I drop the project and ask the department for something else? If I do, I won't necessarily find a new project because other profs may not like what I did. Also, some new incoming students will compete for those projects as well. Another option is to leave the department and apply for something else, but I don't know who will take me with this background. The ultimate downside is that I will have to leave Canada. This program is a good foothold in North America for me. Resource economics wasn't ever my heart's desire, it was a way to escape from my country. They pay for the program and I have some money left for living. The good news is I am debt-free. I am still looking for my Life Purpose. I study Data Science stuff on the side and also am checking out the local business incubator. What would be the right thing to do in your opinion?
  4. I think it's better now. Thank you all, and sorry for disturbance
  5. ok thank you Jed, I was just worried if that's bad for the lungs as I'm coughing it out right now. It's not crazy bad, but still I'd rather ask if anyone knows anything about it
  6. No, I accidentally inhaled the powder without vaping it
  7. Hi guys, I accidentally inhaled a very small quantity of 5meo freebase half an hour ago, not vapor. Now I'm coughing it out and a bit concerned. I know it was stupid. Should I be worried?
  8. @ivankiss I was in Sri Lanka for 6 weeks in 2013, loved it there. I lived in Mount Lavinia area. Do you live in Colombo? Also about friends, I also found that I have many more friends than I had thought. We can be friends too
  9. @LittleMaslow Thank you very much brother