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  1. Let me rephrase. Let's say someone experiments heavily with powerful substances like 5-MeO : will this person ever be able to become a Buddha, a arhat, totally freed from fetters?
  2. Hey @Serotoninluv ! I've asked this question in a couple of places now but never got a clear answer. Let's say someone experiments heavily with powerful substances like 5-MeO : will permanent awakening still be possible for him? Am I even asking the right questions?
  3. Have one person ever been permanently awakened simply by psychedelic use?
  4. The majority of psychedelics are amongst the least neurotoxic recreational substances known to man. Albert Hoffman lived 102 years old.
  5. Wow this is next level hahaha I like it
  6. Ethan, I've already replied to you on reddit. No, you shouldn't take any psychedelic or any drug that acts on the serotonin receptors while on a SSRI medication. And please don't take anymore meth, you're just trying to find ways to screw up your life at this point... Take care of your health, you are important and your life matters. Please don't be afraid to contact me if you need to talk, I'm all ears.
  7. Pretty self-explanatory : how to set an intention for a psychedelic trip? Let's say I want to tackle an addiction in my upcoming trip, how would I go about setting an intention for that? I searched online a bit but didn't really find anything useful. Thank you everyone!
  8. The best way is to use them orally. What happens next could be confusing.
  9. Great thread! Tripsafe Beginner level information about the most popular psychedelic substances. Good for something who is just starting out his journey into the psychedelic world.
  10. @Leo Gura Do you think permanent awakening/unconditional happiness is possible after heavy use of powerful psychedelics like 5-MeO or DPT? I'm sorry if the question got already asked in the past.
  11. @krockerman Here's 2 studies for you : Psychedelics not linked to mental health problems or suicidal behavior. This study was done on 135000 persons. Classic psychedelic use is associated with reduced psychological distress and suicidality in the United States adult population. This study was done on 190000 persons. Do you have a history of mental illness in your familly? Do you show any kind of mental illness yourself? If no, then you are most likely fine. I'm not saying there is no risk, of course there are, but following a strict harm-reduction protocol reduces them dramatically.
  12. @Nahm Thank you Nahm, I really appreciate it! @TheAvatarState If this is one of the necessary sacrifice for this kind of work, I am ready to go through it. @Serotoninluv <3
  13. I measured my dose, ate the pill, put on my shoes on and started walking towards the beach. Pre-trip anxiety is always present, but I ease it down with some music. I sip my ginger tea to help the impending nausea. The substance starts to kick in as I am halfway there. Intense color shifting happen, the gravel path seems purple to me and chromatic aberrations are very present. The grass never seemed this green ever in my life, almost fluorescent. I also notice some auditory hallucinations, which I never experienced before. The stream of water beside me echoes in my hear in a very pleasant way. A roe suddenly flies beside me. I wasn't scarred a single bit, but was very intrigued my his behavior. I sit down for a bit. I ask myself : "Is this it? Pretty colors and weird sounds?". Thoughts loops are very present and I'm taken hostage by a general confusion. I notice my desire for control and quickly dissolve it only to get back into the present moment. I get up and start walking again. I finally arrive at my destination. I sit down again, unaware of what I was going to experience. I was contemplating how psilocybin mushrooms were being successfully used in a clinical setting to help patients with alleviating their depression, when suddenly it hit me : I became conscious of the way mental health problems were affecting them. Some people suffer so much, some people live in constant pain. I became aware of their suffering. I became so deeply aware of their suffering that tears started rushing down my face. I cried so much that tears started dripping on my shirt and onto the sand below me. As I wept, I saw some people in the distance. An incredible feeling of love made me want to reach them, hug them, tell them how much I love them, that I understand their reality and that I cry for their suffering. I loved them so much I felt like I could melt into them. I thought about my girlfriend, how much she means to me, how happy and how lucky I am to have her in my life. I understood that a having an intimate relationship like the one I have right now with her is extremely important for me. I only want the best for her, and to know the feeling reciprocal is a source of comfort so immense that it's literally ineffable. I exit the beach with a monumental feeling of compassion for those who live difficult lives, as well as for all the people that are close to me. This was my first experience with this dose of 4-AcO-DMT. I've tried lesser doses in the past, but never had this kind of effect with the substance. I still had some doubts about the therapeutic effect of psychedelics in the past, but this trip shattered those doubts. Overall, this trip was a difficult but very beneficial experience. Those who made these drugs illegal and contributed to their demonization clearly didn't do it for the "good of mankind". This is pure devilry. I talked earlier about how I wanted to share my love with the people walking on the beach. It is such a shame that, to their eyes, I'm just a junkie, a punk who does drugs. I hope that in the near future this stigma will end and people will be able to use these amazing substances for personal and spiritual growth.