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  1. What axectly does this video have to do with meditation or consciousness or enlightenment or spirituality or psychedelics or lucid dreaming or alternative healing or paranormal or new age?
  2. @wk197 1. Yes, it's okay to smoke DMT as an effort to improve your life. Although, the insights you might be far off from what you are looking for. Taking lesser psychedelics might be a better idea if you want to focus on basic personal development. 2. The majority of people smoke it. Some people in this thread suggested plugging it, but as Leo and others said, plugging 100+mg of a substance might be tricky. Another good technique is IV, but please do not consider this if you don't have prior experience with the technique. 3. Set and setting. Are you in a safe environment? Do you have dangerous objects close to you? Do you have an experienced trip sitter with you? Are you mentally well at the time of taking the substance? Etc. You can't really "prevent" a bad trip. Sometimes they happen out of the blue, when you expect it the least. All you need to do when this happen is surrender to the experience and learn what you can from it afterward.
  3. @LittleMaslow 5-MeO is non-regulated in Canada, which means it's in a gray state between legal and illegal. You cannot get it over the counter. Most suppliers are online shops that deliver the product to you by mail. No shops need a license to sell the substance, they just need availability. There are some retreats you can make here that give you the opportunity to try 5-MeO, but I don't have a lot of knowledge about that so I'm reluctant to say anything about it. Hope that helps
  4. Some of you might have seen the price of the book go up a notch in the past year, going from about 100USD to more than 800USD. I'm really interested in getting a copy of this book myself, but not at that price tag... I've been looking around the internet for a website that may be offering a e-book version of it, but got no luck finding such place. I was wondering if some of you guys did?
  5. @Shin Thanks Shin, I'll be sure to check that out
  6. @Etherial Cat Looks nice! I might purchase that one, it seems great for the price tag. Thank you
  7. Sex is something that is absolutely incredible, and I want to become extremely good at it. It's been on the back of my mind ever since I first started personal development. I wouldn't say that I'm bad at sex right now, but I'm simply nowhere near as good as a man can be, far from it. I don't want to just be alright, I want to excel at it. In your opinion, beside Leo's videos about the subject, what are the ultimate best ressources to learn how to have amazing sex? What has worked the best for you? Any book recommendations?
  8. That is a very elitist point of view. Self-actualizing shouldn't be reserved to those who have money in their pockets. Live and let live, find the topics that are interesting to you and don't bother with the rest. Of course not everyone will have the same interest as you do, but that doesn't mean their interests aren't legitimate.
  9. Is being conscious of itself a fundamental property of consciousness? If so, are animals conscious of themselves / conscious that they exist? What about bacteria? What about that rock over there?
  10. Comparing the first moments after the shift of perspective, is there a difference between an awakening experience and an actual enlightenment? From what I understand, the ego structure crawls back after an awakening experience but it doesn't after an actual enlightenment. Directly after the shift of perspective, will one be able to tell if his "experience" is a awakening or an enlightenment?
  11. Abolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing this with us
  12. I see you post here once in a while, I sincerely hope your situation gets better one day. Remember, rough times always comes to an end. Hang in there brother! I'm thinking about you.
  13. Even won't escape lobbyism
  14. Thank you for this post Leo!