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  1. @Salvijus To be honest your participation to this thread so far as been absolute shit Get lost @Tistepiste Thank you for being a normal human being
  2. @Salvijus I have not @Anton Rogachevski Thank you for the answer
  3. Let's say that I'm sitting on cushion meditating, when suddenly I feel anxious. Should I simply notice the feeling and move on to something else? Or should I investigate that feeling further, trying to determine what is causing me to feel anxious? I'm a bit lost here.
  4. @Eric Tarpall You shoudn't expect girls to show interest in you. Girls have nothing to prove to you, nor to me, nor to anyone. If you want a girl to be interested in you, then YOU should be the one taking action first. Live your life according to the 100% responsibility rule. The majority of women are sensitive by nature. If you want to be able to relate to a women, you need to develop your sensitive side. No girls would want a partner who isn't able to understand her. I don't know how to begin with that last paragraph. Your views on women are so animalistic, it's like you don't see them as actual people. Make some effort to jump into the 21st century man. The only thing it will do is change your life for the better, there's nothing to be lost in this.
  5. Actually, if I really think about it real hard, the first thing I would do right when I feel like I'm dying is create a post on an online forum for sure!
  6. Want are you looking for exactly? You want to stop being in bliss?
  7. Think about what you're saying for even 2 seconds... Let me help you review your argument : "I think homosexuality is a coping mechanism that people use when they don't have access to bodies of the opposite sex". What about incredibly attractive homosexuals? An incredibly attractive homosexual guy will have "access" to "bodies" of the opposite sex very easily. The opposite is also true : an incredibly attractive girl will be able to have intimate relationships with guys very easily. "That's why prisoners turn to each other." You're implying prisoners jack each other off simply because there's no women around? No prisoner in existence ever had sex with another prisoner willingly? "I had sex with a male when I was sixteen and I didn't enjoy it." I tried playing football in third grade but didn't enjoy it, so naturally NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD will genuinely enjoy football right? Please don't say "bodies" when talking about actual human beings, it sounds very depraved...
  8. @Enlightenment Nirvâna isn't the cessation of consciousness. The definition of Nirvâna is "extinction", the extinction of all desires. When all human desires fade away, all you're left with is awareness/consciousness of the present moment.
  9. This is great, thank you for sharing!
  10. So what you're saying is the the supreme entity of the universe in terms of intellect has nothing better to do than brag about the size of his brain on an online forum? You're literally a chimpanzee that learned how to add 1 and 1 together...
  11. Have you ever taken any psychedelics yourself?
  12. 5mg boofed 5-MeO oxalate trip report : Felt nothing except maybe a bit less mind chatter than in my everyday life, and a slightly faster heartbeat. Wanted to start small, was disappointed. Will do 10mg next time.
  13. An insight I'm having right now, this applies to others as well : Why am I thinking about stuff like this? This is just concepts, mental-masturbation. Why am I not meditating right now? Why am I not doing self-inquiry? I'll never reach enlightenment the way I'm on right now! What in the fuck is a single 20 minutes of meditation daily gonna do to me? Absolutely fuck all. Why am I not serious about my practice?! I WANT to be disciplined, I want it SO MUCH. I'm aching inside just by thinking about it. Becoming enlightened should be my absolute top priority goal, at all times. From summer to winter, healthy of sick, hungry or tired, I should have my eyes fucking pointed in that direction. You'd have to be mentally challenged in order not to wanna reach enlightenment! Only a fucking retard would prefer a life of suffering to a a life of eternal bliss. Everything I should do in my daily life should reflect towards that goal. From this day I will make massive efforts to get farther on the path. I'm showing my middle finger to my lazy, waaaaaaaylower self. Let's not meet again.
  14. @Mikael89 The bullshit meter is strong with this one
  15. Of course that isn't something I want to experiment on haha I'm simply curious as to whether this would be possible or not.