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  1. I've never been in the same situation as you, so I can't really give you advices unfortunately. But I like your story a lot, so I'm bumping the thread to give you more visibility. I only wish you the best
  2. Hi! I've done a lot of progress during the Life Purpose Course, but something caught my attention a few episodes ago. I'm currently at the beginning of the Life Purpose Exercices (episodes 57-58). My answers are typically converging between 2 or 3 subjects. How do I know that these 2-3 subjects are really authentic? For all that I know, I could be coming back to those simply because I'm uninspired about finding new ones. There could be thousands of interesting domains of study out there that I don't even know about. How do I make sure my answers are really authentic to me? Am I going through the exercices too fast? Have I skipped a step? How have you guys dealt with this kind of uncertainty towards the progress you've made? It's fucking with my mind...
  3. @Winter As @Amanaki and @Aimblack said, try to remove some weight from your shoulders It's normal to feel like meditation isn't going anywhere, it happens to everyone. Try to get that 20 minutes of very great meditation consistently for a month of two, then move up the spiral. Results will come by themselves, don't rush it
  4. Did you slowly progress towards that 1 hour of meditation or did you sit right away for a complete hour?
  5. Notice for anyone wanting to buy 5-MeO Oxalate : having a high precision mg scale is IMPERATIVE. The oxalate form seems to have a much higher molecular weight. While 30 mg of HCL will fit nicely beside a coin, 30 mg of oxalate only looks like a 5-10 grains of sand...
  6. Interesting insight from reddit that got posted today :
  7. Wow those are quite high dosages
  8. @Arthur Just for my personnal knowledge, do you remember what where the quantities that you've taken in mg? What's a small dose, a medium dose and a heavy dose for you?
  9. This is quite THE post. Thank you for the time you invested in this
  10. I've always been fascinated by lucid dreaming. I managed to become lucid 2 times in my entire life, but the dreams weren't stable so I woke up. On the lucid dreaming subreddit, some people claim to use the techniques for personal development. Having direct access to your subconscious can't really be a bad thing after all. Things that could be discussed in the video : What is lucid dreaming How it can be used for personal development Lucid dreaming 101 - how to get your first lucid dream Doctors HATE HIM - lucid dream so fast you can't even SLEEP! Etc. I'm aware mastering lucid dreams are something very challenging. Feel free to comment below if the subject interest you!
  11. As said earlier it's entirely up to you! Let's say you're doing Vipassana meditation. The "goal" of this meditation is to enter a state of deep concentration and mindfulness. Over the years Buddhist monks and such found that, for the majority of people, the ideal posture was sitting upright. That doesn't mean this position will please everybody. If you find that the best way for yourself to enter that state is on a bench, go ahead
  12. What is this? I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years now, here's a list of the things I didn't have when I met her : A car Normal clothing A job An apartment Degrees Hobbies beside video games Ex-girlfriends Being extroverted I'm not sure what kind of expectations you have here, but let go of those. You don't need anything special to please a girl, there's no absolute best way to make a girl fall in love with you.
  13. This thread is pure gold Here's two I liked so far :
  14. I think any age is good to start meditating! More and more schools are teaching students to meditate from kindergarten. Hey @Ampresus , how are you doing? Tell me more about what made you start your meditation practice
  15. @kieranperez I heard that in the buddhist scriptures they recommend keeping the tongue glued to the palate. I've never personally tried it myself since I don't have this problem, but some says it help with keeping saliva out of the throat.