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  1. Like Rupert a lot, will do! My notebook I'm aware of a notebook, but I still don't get how the notebook is made out of awareness. Tbh I don't know anything, this is all belief and no experience for me at this point. More work to do for me
  2. It may be one of the most repeated concepts in spirituality, yet I somehow don't think I get it? Of course I can pause for a second and see that I am aware of my experience. I can also be aware that I am aware. But it's not clear to me that I am only awareness. If all I am is awareness, how come it feels like I'm in control so much? I can move my hand, I can walk this way, run that way, say particular words in a particular order, etc. I just don't get it! There's also things I can't do, like make my mind stop, instantly get rid of my addictions, make emotions arise/dissolve at will, etc. But I don't know how this fits in all of that. Does this issue need an awakening experience to be resolved? Any help on this? Thanks!
  3. Hope and help for your nerves by Claire Weekes. I used to have bad panic attacks, and this is the book that helped me the most!
  4. Where is all that water going to go?
  5. You did not microdose, you ate a random amount of mushroom of unknown potency and had a full on trip! It's okay, a full on trip is needed from time to time, but if you want to get into microdosing you'll need to be a lot more methodical in your approach. Buy a good mg. scale, get your chemicals in powder form or tabs from a trustable source, learn about volumetric dosing, etc. A microdose should barely be felt, almost placebo.
  6. You guys are pathetic
  7. Give any women 30mg 5-MeO and she'll have a non-dual experience, period. There's no difference between men and women... This post is completely absurd...
  8. @Kalki Avatar You are bragging living on astral plane and have a picture of Jesus with wings as your profile picture.
  9. What even is this? How does this relate to Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment and or Spirituality?
  10. There has been reports of great earth awakenings for multiples years, what is different with this one?
  11. This ain't no mmorpg my dude
  12. What would be the advantage of plugging LSD versus sublingual administration?
  13. Good point, I just assumed I guess
  14. That seems odd for you to say, would you elaborate on that?