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  1. @khalifa Yes, you can use 5-MeO Oxalate rectally, but as others pointed out, Oxalate doesn't dissolve in water as well as HCL does. Be sure you use hot water and stir the mix a while longer so it really dissolve completely.
  2. @pluto8 Yes, vaping is generally considered safer than smoking because there is no carbonization involved. While the amount of nicotine contained in a Juul cartridge is about the same as the amount contained in a 20-pack of cigarettes, or so they say, here's a few other things to consider when using a vape : Vaping is easier than smoking. Before you can smoke, you have to dress up, put your shoes, go outside, sometimes in bad weather, get yourself a cigarette, light it, then finally smoke it. If you use a vape, you only need to turn it on and vape it ; the gratification you get from the nicotine is obtained a lot faster. When it becomes too easy to get pleasure from something, you tend to get addicted really quick. Vaping is still causing harm, we simply doesn't know the extent of it. Juul oil in particular contains a couple of volatile organic compounds, lots of flavouring chemicals, and every vape contains some amounts of formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance that may form if e-liquid overheats or not enough liquid is reaching the heating element. It cost a lot of money. Let's say you smoke one cartridge per week, at 30$ per cartridge that's about 1560$ in a year. If I gave you 1560$ right now, what would you like to do with it? Go on a trip, buy that nice computer upgrade, invest in a car, or buy some Juul? Aside from that, one of the very first things you want to do when starting personal development is eliminating addictions. Everybody has addictions. In some people they may be very apparent, in others not. Addictions really weight you down in your day to day life : you can't think clearly, there's always some part of you that's distracted and thinking about doing the activity you're addicted to. Battling an addiction is not an easy thing, I'm struggling with some right now. If you're just starting to use nicotine, please take a moment to contemplate what you're getting into. Yes it might feel good right now, but try to picture yourself in four or five years, trying to quit but now being able to. You have the power right now, right in this very moment, to save yourself from a lot of anger and frustration, and helplessness and suffering that could happen later in your life. I'm not saying you shouldn't take nicotine, you do whatever you want, but you doing this assignment would make happier than you think.
  3. No questions are ridiculous questions. @khalifa Here's the video in case you're still searching for it
  4. But I can say right now that the sky is blue, which is true. Wouldn't absolute falsehood prevent me from doing that?
  5. While I haven't encountered it yet, I'm starting to understand that absolute truth could be a "thing". What about absolute falsehood? Does it exist? What does it look like?
  6. Plain and simple
  7. I find that mindfulness helps me a lot in my everyday life. Since last year I've seen my life greatly improve with the help of my vipassana practice. I also have ADD, my mind is pretty much always in monkey mode. I've heard from various places that the "do nothing" technique works really well, better than vipassana meditation, when used by people who have ADD. So I figured I'd give the technique a try. Will "do nothing" meditation help me improve my mindfulness? Thanks
  8. Considering this forum's ideal administration route, this is just so wrong >_> "Time to see God my child"
  9. Weren't you the one who wasn't sure he wanted to marry like 14 days ago? You sure meet a lot of girls!
  10. Up to my 5th grade of high school I was always considered by others to be one of the nerd/geeky. It came from the fact that I always was hunched on my computer or playing videogames, etc. I mean, I liked it for couple years, but you get tired after a while. I wanted to change, but met the same fear as you encountered. It's like this social "tag" has been there for so long that it became part of what I was. It's like I don't want to change because if I do, I lose a part of myself. Because if I lose a part of myself, I lose the balance that I have right now. Things will get weird for a while, I'll have to explain to everyone why I wanted to changed, people will look at me differently at school, parents won't have the same attitude towards me, I bet I'll be even more sad there than where I am now, why did I even think about trying in the first place, no, I won't do it. I'm sure there was a version of this in your head back then haha. That's called homeostasis, you should try to learn about the subject, it's really cool. It'll help you in the future when you encounter other such blocages. Remember, self-actualization is 10% theory, 90% practice. Practice, practice, practice, things will come easily in no time.
  11. @winterknight I was simply curious, but I understand why you don't want to answer. I also think it's best to find the answer by myself. Have a nice day
  12. Do enlightened people have dreams while sleeping? If they do, are they different from regular layman dreams? Do you identify as the dreamer, as the dream itself, or something completely different? Thanks!
  13. @Bodhidharma Words below 4 characters doesn't seem to be accepted. It would probably be too harsh for the servers to handle.
  14. This puzzles more then anything, it seems the people that are “enlightened” are on this forum more then anyone 🤣 There's certainly lots of devils on this forum, don't make the mistake to confuse them with actual enlightened beings. People that are far on the path are generally easy to spot. As Leo said in his Ten Ox-Herding Pictures video, look out for people that are very humble, those are the one who will be able to help you the most in your journey. but honestly how is sitting on here arguing about enlightenment with people helping you if you are enlightened???? Let's say that after 5/10 years of diligent practice you encountered ultimate reality, wouldn't you be genuinely happy to be able to assist someone who is on the path? I think I would! Also how come all of the heavy hitter Main stream “enlightened” people aren’t on this forum? Most of these people already have a community of their own to handle. Some of them actively teach, some of them have a retreat center to run, some of them just aren't interested in participating in an online forum. And as always, I'm not enlightened myself, far from it. Take what I say with a grain of salt, forge your own opinions