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  1. @Leo Gura Why do people have micro fears? Why people fear about what others think of their apperience and behaivor? Why people fear failure? Why people fear Truth? Why would someone fear discovering Truths by himself/herself? Why people fear being lonely? Why people fear lack of validation and approval? Why people fear being fearless? (I'm really scared of being absolutely fearless, because I think it will make me hurt myself/others and be disfunctional) Why do people fear accepting who they are? Why people always want to change because they fear staying what they are right now? Why fear lessens when one becomes aware of it? Is fear emotional or thought based? Or both, emotion fueled thoughts? How people fear change when they also fear being who they are? How facing fear gradually solves the fear problem? Is fear based on belief? Can you not believe somthing and fear it? Why dettaching is scary? Is anxiety a form of fear? Why I don't fear when I am only being? How to form a practice to learn surrendering and to learn Love? (Love seems to cure fear, as they seem opposites) How devine Love can be scary? How can people fear that? How to be productive and have motivation without fear? How to cultivate discipline without fear-bullshitting myself? How to have goals which doesn't rely of fearing the concequences of not achiving it? Why being responsable brings more fears and how to be responsable without it?
  2. Thats exactly what I thought @Monkey-man Look man, I got your point. You might get suspended for using all caps and spamming, so take care. There is no religion recruiting here.
  3. @shahryar Rumi and Sufism is just realizing Truth with Love. Very Lovely pieces of art. تا نگردی آشنا زیر پرده رمزی نشنوی گوش نامحرم نباشد جای پیغام سروش -Hafez
  4. @Monkey-man wow man, i have no words for these.
  5. @Aakash I mentioned above, the books are simplistic at times. Not nessecary. I'll go for what nondual practices they have.
  6. @Aakash That thing alone is so powerful no one needs to go through religions Awareness of Awareness is really intense and enlightening. I'll contact when I need help, thank you
  7. @SoonHei Every religion has it's deeper layer of mystisism which is unfortunately ingored/dismissed. I mean I wouldn't mind practicing Mystic Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Shamanism and many more like sufism in islam. Islam itself is a limitting religion. One can become a "good person" but not truth realized with it.
  8. @Aakash I'm not intrested in theories anymore. I've got enough to practice for 50 years. I like the love and surrendering aspects od sufism and I will give their practices a shot.
  9. I see practices about devine Love and Acceptence in Sufism. Pure Surrendering to what is. Directly experiencing Allah/God personally and becoming one with it. And I see topics of "Die before You die" and Lucid dreaming/dream work in it as well. And the recurring themes of "We came from the devine source and when we die we go back there" and "Humans' deep love for God" specially in Rumi's famous poem "Listen to the Flute". The thing is the practices and Rumi's wisdom could be very helpful on this path, but there is a emphasis on reading and learning Quran. I don't think that's nessecary. Like half of Qoran is stories about the prophets and stuff that could be taken as metaphors for their deeper meaning. And the other half talks about the classic afterlife and how to live human life as rules and stuff. Only some verses discribe God like "Towhid: Oneness". Allah hasn't been born and doesn't have a child. It has no needs and it's absolutely free. And there is only one God, not many. What do you think about Sufism? I think It is the mystic side of islam and many muslims might not like to follow it.
  10. @Rujan Mehar Bajracha I was 16 when I was introduced to actualized.org by the meditation guide video. It's been 1.5 years. No problem to be young. Don't make huge decisions and choices based on nonduality yet. We tend to get immature when we see truths in young age. Remember you can work on this for dacades starting from now. Don't rush it.
  11. @Jin Kyu Park one of the reasons that spiritual seekers don't have mystical experieces is chasing the truth, for experiencing huge bliss or running away from their suffering and get unconditional happiness. But the problem is that you created a condition to be happy which is becoming enlightened. Forget about becoming enlightened. Focus on growing spiritually. Growing mindfulness and curiously inquirying what you are, because you actually want to know and expeirence yourself. Not because it will make you always happy or you never suffer. Don't do practices to reach enlightenment. It's running circles. Unconditional happiness comes when you forget about it and just grow yourself within. The more you chase happiness the less you'll get. The more you run away from suffering the more you'll get. Aim for being mindful all day long. Aim for getting insightd about reality and your mind. And when you watch videos about nonduality or truth (for example leo's videos) be radically openminded and find that experience in actuality. Actually experience what is being said. Realizations and awakenings will come one by one. Dozens of them
  12. @Key Elements @tsuki After contemplating this fear problem more, i see that full detachment is unimaginable for me right now and until I get there (50+ years) I can't judge how it might look like. My relative view of this is just temporarily and instead of worrying about "What if"s I better work on gradually developing.
  13. @tsuki I agree fear makes people blind and they can do things they wouldn't think they could. Btw that automatic response to danger is itself very intelligent and complex too. It's nature's beauty to make such a intelligent mechanism. But this a new belief I found out today that i have which says "fear makes humans functioning". I need to work on it.
  14. @TrynaBeTurquoise 1.5 years. Great results in my opinion. Contemplation (not nessecary writing it down everytime) is my favorite and most effective practice.