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  1. @mandyjw I hope she's ok Btw easter lily flowers are Hermophrodite (male and female at the same time.)
  2. @Mikael89 I've heard that some plants feel pain (but obviously (?) they wont suffer mentally) And some animals doesnt feel pain, like some fish. But usually the human who eats is feeling guilty. Why doesn't a lion feel guilty for eating meat? (Some might say human kills animals unnaturally) The self created guilt causes suffering for the human so some people stop eating meat and they feel great.
  3. @Farnaby I always ask myself "then why kill the poor plants? Lets just evolve into a high level creature who injects artificial nurtients and stays alive without killing anything that lives." It could be intresting.
  4. I call sadhguru the modern guru Great for starting spirituality.
  5. @Serotoninluv If green spirituality could be an upgrade compaired to Blue spirituality, what would be the upgrades/differences?
  6. Does Truly authentic people go for ruling a country?
  7. Why does a goverment need spirituality? Tell me which one is better: A western secular gov Or Iranian gov right now (fully trying to be islamic but it is full of terrible curroption and filth) people here are becoming more and more orange but the gov is full Blue. Leo also mentioned "in a right way" What is the right way?
  8. @Shiva the teachers are different because they have egos. The role of the teacher. Can one communicate without an ego?
  9. @Jkris I love science thats why. I assume that more awakenings will distance me from science. Maybe I want to be neuroscientist because I really like it but at the same time question that "is there a brain?" Or can it actually help with it?
  10. @Shiva a curropt dictator could be pretty selfish for that
  11. @David Hammond @Shiva @SoonHei What if science is too conceptual for non duality? Maybe realizations make someone give up science (like a scientist gives up his/her job)
  12. Can a scientist become enlightened? Can an enlightened become a scientist?
  13. Never thought I could stumble upon such great oppurtunities. Sadly I see no matter how grey and nuance Leo and many wise people go, others judge and criticise. Maybe it should be that way
  14. @FoxFoxFox The mind is asking why here. I dont think mind is asking while in deep sleep. Who is aware of the mind? The mind itself? If not, I dont know.