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  1. @Peter124 I'm sorry for that. That is a subject to work on and self-heal, anything from visiting psychiatrist to doing shadow work. No one loves another one unconditionally, but can love in lesser conditional ways. The one that loves unconditionally, has no one else to love, it is only it.
  2. @Peter124 Realize why there is form instead of formlessness. When you do, you will just become divine absolute Love. Ego isn't evil, ego is nature's gift. Love the illusion.
  3. @Jacobsrw Leo and Rupert come from their mystical experiences. That is the similar part Before watching Leo I listened to Rupert Spira and Adyashanti, but now Leo goes much deeper that them.
  4. @Exystem Wow... haven't look into "hell" like this before.. Really profound insights. and yes, there is always a deeper level of enlightenment and consciousness. Stopping won't help. But what happened to the body after that much scratching? be careful about that from now on.
  5. @Nadosa Address why that state is uncomfortable. Why do you feel uneasy when you can't find where you are? Maybe it is how you actually are in an absolute sense. But in the relative everyday things, "you" are where your body is. That's how the culture agreed to think like. But instead of suppressing the no-place-you, use it for more contemplation in your quiet time. More insights and realizations await you
  6. @sunny33 Smack that ego with silence and it'll learn
  7. yeah I agree with that. I'm much more comfortable with voice recording and voice massaging that writing. It can also include more emotion in a voice recording!
  8. Search "Meta Sage" and watch his oldest videos. Really great teachings. https://www.youtube.com/user/SageBodisattva
  9. Sit down and plug in your earphones. Close your eyes and become very aware of the moment. Listen with great attention and consiousness. Stop asking. They will get you no where.
  10. @UnconsciousHuman Wanna out grow islam? Go study at least 3 other religions. Their philosophical and metaphisical claims and their beliefs. You will realise that all religions are incomplete human constructions with no use in TRUTH. You will naturally pursue the thing that unites them all.
  11. @actualizing25 In my experience the only thing i needed was one video and a shit ton of contemplation. That video is Leo's ACTUALITY video. Learn what actuality is. Everyday sit down for an hour and become as actual and consciouss as possible. Then contemplate what you are or any metaphysical topic you want. Your only assumption should be: TRUTH IS ACTUAL. Science, religioun, philosophy, your ideas, goes right out the window! You have to start from a place of genuine not knowing. "Having no idea" You can meditate any way that works for reaching a state of no mind gor more concentration. Be aware of your assumptions. Question materialism and objectivity. It will become obvious that objectivity is nothing more than a concept. After you've had a bunch of huge insights watch more videos of Leo specially on metaphysical topics. Just see what he says and then sit down and contemplate it to confirm it. You will assume that it's 50/50 chance that he's right and only way you can know is contemplating it yourself. Later on you can start slowly on psychedelics if you want for much more growth. I haven't done them, but might do them in the future. Books and videos of more teachers are an extra but you don't need them. 90% of my insights we're from my own practice not teachers. (Except Leo which help me contemplating topics) Also: Stop being a seeker, don't pursue enlightenment for its benefits for "you". There won't be that "you" there but let's say, another different you. Seek it because you really want to know. Like actually understanding it. and be very curious.
  12. @Mongu9719 Dude, stop posting, go on pursue what you want. Enough bullshit.
  13. @RareGodzilla thanks mate And you know what's the funny thing about Iranians? They fucking love people from other countries. Eastern or Western, we just love meeting them and visiting them. But see how are Iranians portraited, angry nationalist people who hate everyone It's like saying all Americans are the redneck christian stereotype. That's just limiting.
  14. You might consider Iran a less developed country (which is true to some degrees) but the last dacade there is a gradual but reletively big movement in Iranian culture. Specially the youth like me. The problem here is that the islamic regime is very defencive and treditional, a blue/red stage goverment. But the people are evolving into Green and it creates a huge gap between people and the authority. Feminism and LGBT movements are popular in social media, women are protesting against Hijab, most iranians are secular and athiestic and became very anti religioun, people are not falling behind from political correctness and free speech, and as you might have heard, people are protesting the currupt goverment lately. How they react? Shoot people in the fucking head! (They brought mentally unstable and fragile units with AKs to kill people, 1500 and more died this year) 40 years ago the 79 revolution was Iran's devolving from a secular orange country into blue dogma. Just check out how people looked and lived before and after 1979 here. And there were very strict beliefs about sexual relationships and virginity, only being legal in marriage. Now the youth is more liberal and sexually open. For example being virgin at 18 is very normal here but that age might be lower in your country if it's western and first world. And now around 70% of people are not voting next year, because every time we get disappointed by how different poeple and the goverment thinks. People want stable economey and jobs, they want to destroy Isreal and preach islam. And if you see people saying "death to usa and isreal" please remember, they are the bottom 30% (at most) of developed people. Most of them are dogmatic or doing it for financial benefit. People see Iran the same as Iraq or Saudi arabia, but if you dig a little deeper to see how people actually are living their lives here, you'll see there's a very obvious difference and cultural gaps in many ways. I really think of my country as a big joke. The more I know about its history, the more funny and tragic it gets. But at least things are changing a little bit. I hope Middle-eastern people get more consciouss and aware of the bullshit that's going on here and make a huge leap into being more nuanced and developed.
  15. @arlin You said don't answer with spiritual/existential ideas. That's ok, but the answers you'll get this way will be limited by just human experience and human life. AND dude 20 years old is totally ok, you don't have to avoid these just because you're "too young". I got into actualized.org and serious enlightenment at the age of 16 and I don't even think that its too early! Didn't took me years and decades to get serious results, because I actually care and love to contemplate and get closer and closer to Absolute Truth. So, Why live if we are going to die? If there is nothing after death and you just stop existing as you, what to do? Live your life to experience the most out of it. Go for the best quality life in terms of money, relationships, social relationships, jobs and get yourself to a point where you can actually travel and see things unimaginable and beautiful in this world. Check out the self-actualization section in the forum which has more practical and productive oriented stuff there which might be really useful for you. Spirituality is kinda extreme for some people so stay safe and good luck check out POSITIVE NIHILISM specially on youtube.