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  1. @TheAvatarState Holy shit I just loved this quote, thank you. Actually this is more true. What is rationalization? Or Skeptisism? Just ideas and concepts. They weren't even actual Is this from the spoon quote from the matrix?
  2. @PlayOnWords Being is prior to reason and knowledge, so there was God, then there was relative reason and knowledge of humans. A relative thing cannot capture absolute infinity. Like number 1 to 10 cannot capture everything on the spectrum. Btw don't underestimate what ABSOLUTE UNLIMITEDNESS means
  3. 6 months ago, I sat down and tried to find every little thing I hated, about my body, my mind, my personality and my idenitity. I wrote down a page full of hatred and I just left it. Yesterday I found the notebook and read it. I was shocked by how I was thinking about myself. I haven't really changed much since then (so the changes aren't there to make me feel better about myself) but for some reason, I have become the exact opposite of how I was. Everything I hated then, I love it now. It just doesn't make any sense. So I contemplated about "Why I love the things I hated? Why people self hate instead of self love?" I realized that self love is so much harder. It's like the whole human psyche favors self hate more that self love. The reason is: Self hate puts oneself in a position of being a victim, being someone that life wasn't fair to. It gives the person a reason to not act, not change, stay stable (Homeostasis at work ) and always blame other things and people for their hate. (Ego is safe here.) The twisted thing was; I actually liked being a victim, being depressed and hating myself. I just wasn't mindful enough to see this. Like, inside, unconsciously, I craved being hated so I could have people telling me "No don't think like that" or "No you're very good please stop hating yourself." It actually felt great inside, but I wasn't aware. Maybe the thing happened here was because of Love realizations and realizing everything is absolutely fair and perfect. Maybe it was something else. Do you have this twisted desire for being hated? Are you aware of it?
  4. Basically this is how people go post rational, post skeptisism, post morality. Skeptisism/Rationality is really powerful for killing falsehood. Like cutting beliefs with a sword. But bending it to cut it with itself with break it. The end of skeptisism is being skeptic of skeptisism. That's how you get free from it.
  5. @Aeris There is a even more accurate metaphor for this, a dream. It not like there is a written determined future, but there is no will and free choice. Only God has absolute freedom because it is unlimited. A movie has a fixed story but a infinite dream is unlimited.
  6. What is it like to be a human living in a specific condition? What is it like to be a flying bug in the forest? What is it like to die trying to run away from a chasing lion? God is so infinite it has to have all possibilities within it
  7. It's a game. Just for fun. Survival has no significance and no importance. God just wants to play with infinite possibilities.
  8. @Commodent yeah it's like switching masks or characters in a video game. Who is switching the roles? Who is always there even without these egos?
  9. @seeking_brilliance I heard about it. I guess my tulpa is a alternative Pouya talking to Pouya. @pluto Time to recruit more people for the gang
  10. @Waken I'm good at communicating and talking to a group of people without a problem. Maybe this cause me to be more fluent. Like I'm actually practicing talking with someone. The only negative sides I see are I can waste hours just by me being alone somewhere, and people usually don't find it normal when they catch me doing it. I think I developed what I can Outside-Thinking. My monkey mind presents itself with talking not internal diologue. I guess almost everyone has continious internal diologue and mine tends to turn into talking between two characters.
  11. @iGhost I love Peter Ralston His main point here was stop chasing experiences. Just go directly for Truth and Wisdom of Truth. But why does he talk about "as a perosn" ? @Leo Gura Does Peter Ralston know about facets of God and has he tried any pcychedelics? Or is he more triditional nondual teacher?
  12. @Synchronicity They helped me communicate with many types of people. But this comes out awkward or weird to people when they see it happen. @ttom Yeah, they seems like no body is putting on masks to communicate. @Mikael89 I don't think that's a lack, that's just how you identify with and how it affects the behaviors.
  13. Like Imagine you had a close friend who knew literally everything about you. It feels like that. I love it.