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  1. @zeroISinfinity thats a great thing to aim towards next time
  2. @kag101 I see why this is true. Very young children are curious with a clear mind. The fake identity is weak and their hearts are big.
  3. @Omni "Beyond ideas of good and bad there is a field, I'll meet you there." ♥️ -Rumi
  4. I tried to sit down and love. Love everything present. I didnt know that I had a lot of emotional baggage and Love released a lot of it with a powerful force. I'll will do this much more often from now on. Maybe Leo was right about "just go for Love"
  5. @Conrad @Inliytened1 So scientists are right relatively. Only within the physical dream. A tiny tiny part of the whole reality.
  6. @Conrad I consider this physical experience another dream within dreams. The content is physical but its made out of consciousness.
  7. What it means is that the content stays the same the context changes. Photons hit the eye but there is no objective material world out there for it to take place in. Its subjective experience.
  8. When we say science cannot understand reality we mean the whole dream itself. Imagine you had a dream where you study the dream itself and try to find out how it works and its mechanics. Scientists are just doing that but in this physical dream. Useful for conceptual and pragmatic work. But the whole dream is actual and beyond physical. Humans try to find out what reality is made out of by zooming in (which might never end just like zooming out) it will lead no where close to actual direct experience. Yes, having a brain and sense organs and how things are made out of atoms and all these scientific concepts are stories but they are based on actual experience. This dream works in physical rules. This cant be denied. In actuality, only this direct thing we call reality exists but there are photons hitting the back of the eye and causing signals in the sensory system. Even if it's a story. On this layer of experiencing it doesnt seem that way.
  9. @EvilAngel it's not wrong to want pleasure. Everyone needs at least a bit of it But realize the thing you call happiness is not happiness. It's excitement. Happiness is unconditional love and being. At least in my vocab
  10. @CMacD the blog video about infinite love. https://www.actualized.org/insights/infinite-love-awakening
  11. It's called the Tale of the Flute. The flute talks about how it was separated from its home and the reed (Godhead) and says humans are separated from their original homeland and all they seek is going back there again. The flute sings and complains about seperation (duality) and it makes people cry because deep down they want union. هر که را جامه ز عشقی چاک شد او ز حرص و عیب کلی پاک شد Anyone that embodies love, becomes pure of all greed and hatred. He also uses fire as a metaphor of God's Love. It burns falsehood and ego. هر کسی کو دور ماند از اصل خویش بازجوید روزگار وصل خویش Anyone who becomes seperated from their original form, always seek it and want it back.
  12. If you raise an object from a ground, it resists because of the gravity. Homeostasis is there to stop too much change in the system. I think suffering as resistance. If you stop resisting suffering will be gone. Also things happen in life that you dont want (Conditional happiness) so you create suffering as a reaction to the things happening. Like you partially want to suffer because things dont meet your conditions of happiness and you partially want to change them because the suffering you create is not pleasurable (unless you create it pleasurable) In my view suffering is there for no reason and its just a by-product of not being conscious enough. Also I dont count pain and sadness as suffering. Suffering is like an added layer up on them.
  13. @Mikael89 I identify as this guy called Pouya and I am starting to find some Truth in my experience. Being "enlightened" is a very very big word for me. So why would you think I can handle the face burning?
  14. @nightrider1435 I feel like that too. Can't really bullshit myself forever after this.