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  1. @Aakash This is possible. Ive been thinking a lot about why I cant love people selflessly and what is it that stops me from doing it. I knew the things I said and the zen master said, but the elephant drawings were things that i havent seen anywhere
  2. @OmniYoga reminded me of Zen Devils. But there can still be true gurus. I feel like more self inquiry/contemplation is what I will do. I like their tone and using vipassana before them.
  3. @OmniYoga Maybe both sides have some truth in them. I am also someone who uses rationalization on everything (not so good tho ) but maybe it is true?
  4. My dream: I was inside a zen meditation room full of people meditating. I was out of breath and running into a door. I opened it and there was a old man with a white beard. I guess he was the zen master. I yelled: there are only two paths to the Truth, Love and Empathy. Then I picked up a piece of paper and a black pen and drew a group of elephants facing a direction but the one ahead of them was in light and others behind it were in dark and in shadow. He stood up and walked outside and drew the same picture but this time all the elephants were grey. He said there are only two paths to the Truth, elimination of falsehood and darkness and growing light and awareness. This wasnt a lucid dream which i could be aware and do stuff concsiously but after I woke up I remembered it vividly. What do you think?
  5. @Salvijus What if someone cant reach a guru? Going for other techniques?
  6. @Serotoninluv I have a view on yoga as a "woowoo" way of spirituality and I cant really understand how holding my breath and strecthing can help me with my false ideas and beliefs? You know, its like a ego resistance to ideas like chakras and mantras with complex hand positions. I dont know if it really works but apperently it works for many.
  7. @Serotoninluv @Salvijus many say this is so powerful and im interested in learning it but I dont have access to a guru or organization specially a true one. If few well written books can help, I'll go for it.
  8. @OmniYoga I think it can be a distraction for experiencing it but its better to have a vage idea whats on the other side to just run around thinking you have the Truth when you don't
  9. I see a lot of people answering this question with "you must have a guru. It has to be with a guru". Is it true?
  10. I see so many people try kriya yoga and claim it's so powerful and useful. I know about chakras (actually they led me to start meditating) but it's been a long time that I avoid spiritual concepts like chakras and astral realms. Because I think them as just ideas and can't take them seriously. And also I don't like chanting mantras. I do all this because it makes me feel like getting into another ideology.I mean my current ideologies are hard enough to deal with Is there any reason to start kriya yoga instead of or with contemplation and inquiry? What is it that it's very powerful?
  11. @Nahm Damn just listened to them. Amazing
  12. @Aakash There is no choice to close the thoughts. Mindfulness becomes habitual so it happens on its own most of the times.
  13. I don't know you are a fan of metal, but Forest and Aerials from System of a Down are my favorite songs that are related to enlightenment.