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  1. Omg I'am so back to my ego, but woooooow, that was the 1st time I done yoga while smoking. Damn and I thought I knew wtf is going on, never did I expect that to be even a posibility. But how to know if that is truth? I observed everything as if it was comming out from a mind, it was like manafesting itself into existence also with myself, I felt inside of 'it' and 'it' itself was me, but it was like a 'play' a game that 'it' was playing it and the end game is realising who you are with tapping into infinite intelligence. Its such a perfect creation. Perfect everything, magnificent, amazing, powerful and just wooow..
  2. It's as if the higher self, when doing kriya, numbs the human side of me down so it could take control of this body.
  3. It's like intelligence can't be measured, how do you understand it without a direct experience of the creation itself.
  4. It's just an intelligence without a substance, damn I just said oh my god so many times because its so amazing just wooow, its just shockingly intelligent..
  5. Omg omg omg, iam so intelligent.. oh my goooood, its possible cause its intelligent and its nothing, omg..
  6. @moon777light you freak out because your mind thinks you will die, thats why you stop. You actualy can die doing Kriya.
  7. @moon777light Face east every time. Also when the moon is full try doing Kriya at night time, you will notice a difference. About the personality - nothing is permanent, everything changes.
  8. My mid backs right side hurts from doing kriya. Its like a very tired muscle pain, ant it gets to the point where im doing my kriya that it just burns me so bad that I just stop on the last part - concentration. Are there any exercises that can help me strenghten this section, or will it just get stronger by itself?
  9. Actualy you werent aware of your desire to do the sabotage (which, when you think about it deeply, you were conscious). Also all of this was created, think why and how are you responsible for this. Also I could say that all of that is just an illusion which also you will definately encounter in the future, but I think these kind of answers wont help you. My tip is just look how are you creating all of this.
  10. Sometimes I wish enlightened beings would speak in a lay-mans language, cause it alienates a lot of new members. As Leo himself mentioned he could do the videos using academia terms, what would sound really "smart" and "geeky", but he understands that would be an instant block to newbies. The info he is communicating itself is really hard to wrap your head around it, add science terms on top of that and you wouldn't understand a bit of what he is talking about, especially when it comes to new foreign subscribers.
  11. I would do the course while the books arrive.
  12. @Michael569 How long did it take to finish it?
  13. A question to the people that already gone through the course.