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  1. @Something Funny Of course. I myself have changed a lot in the past 6 months with Kriya yoga. Do it in the morning and in the evening up to 1hour each time. Also do physical yoga, this will help you a lot. Don't over-do it though. Be moderate with the time you put into this. That being said you have no chance of significant change in 3 months, if you do it DAILY and not miss any days then you should see growth very fast. But you will want to jump back when things get going because of the inherent nature of how this works.
  2. Spot on - just one more bone that you are chasing.
  3. I just realized that when you are going into meditation it's yet another distraction from Truth. Or am I wrong? What are your thoughts on this?
  4. @Illusory Self How does this accountability partnership work?
  5. Are you talking about EGO not surrendering?
  6. @Bob Seeker If you're having a difficult time I can write a great quote: Some people are looking for food, but this food you don't put in your mouth that goes into your stomach. This food is words that go in through your ears and it can nurture your soul and renew your spirit.
  7. I've been there. Just go through even though you might not feel grounded for some time. This karma destruction is very hard to live through, that's why very few people actually go all the way. Remember that you are doing something that not a lot of people are willing to go through. And it's hard for a REASON! It's like God is testing you out to know that you really want this.
  8. You will see this as stupidity when you develop your consciousness enough.
  9. @Ninja_pig My only one concern with psychedelics is that it just blasts you off to Consciousness at the level of an Enlightened being who has done the work for decades. And as you can see your psyche and the level of development that you have is not ready to accept Truth. That's why DOING THE WORK is so crucial. Don't just play around with these substances, take them seriously with huge respect.
  10. @Rishabh R Don't share it with people that you are watching it, it's your business not theirs. The less you speak about it, the better your life will be.
  11. @Emerald I know all the niuanses you just mentioned. I just wanted to speak about one aspect and that's it, why flood this thread with things that everybody already know. Re-read my quote.
  12. @r0ckyreed There are plenty of pros to having children and those will be said by other people here who comment, but I only want to say that you don't Love her ENOUGH believe me, when you reach the highest levels of Love for a woman it overflows into the need to have children with her. I have a phrase that goes like "I Love you so much that I want to give you children". When a woman is SO in Love with her man, she wants to somehow materialize that Love. When you asked your Mom and Dad where did you come from they almost always say "Daddy Loved Mommy, and Mommy Loved daddy and then you came into being" they weren't lying, that the ACTUAL formula for you! It's LOVE! If you want to be a good philosopher then actually experience what's it like to be SO in Love with a woman that you WANT to have children with her
  13. @The Blade How do you want me to explain my Direct Experience of how I see reality? You can't. When a business person walks through the city, he can see money everywhere. Same goes for me, everywhere I can see Love, God. I wish I could just give you the glasses of consciousness which I perceive reality with, but I can't. It's not possible. If it's a waste of time for you, that's just your opinion. It's nor bad nor good. You choose how you want to live your life. If you have interest in these things then sit down, meditate, there are techniques given by people who attained Enlightenment/Awakening. Give a couple of years and you will reach it and then you could argue if it's worth your time.
  14. ADHD right here. Reading every sentence in your post just reaps with ADHD. I feel compassion for you my friend. I've been stuck, and am stuck to a degree the same as you. Just live life not in a perfect manner. Shit happens. Observe stupid people and how happy they are not thinking about how bad they are. Learn to do mistakes and not judging yourself too much, this will kick start your journey. As I understand you are successful, have everything you need. But I see that you lack the capability to not think in this "negative" manner. Learn to live and think differently.