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  1. @RobinOntwikkeljezelf I did it for some time and wow what a deal breaker this technique is actually when you understand WHY it mus be done. The deal with this technique is just to observe what ever comes up. You free up some time and let the mind and body relax. Then you just sit and wait, for 20 minutes. Thoughts will come up like usual, but you just observe what ever comes up. The main thing is just to purge your inner stuff. You might remember something you had to do for this evening, or the up-coming weekend, maybe a birthday party or something. If a thought like this comes up, you observe it, think about it, resolve it and let go. And another thing will come up, resolve that, let go and wait for something more. Believe me you will be blown away for what kind of stuff you will be able to remember or resolve, past traumas, past shit what haunts you today. This is the kind of purging meditation.
  2. @IndigoGeminiWolf You become pure awareness. Awareness catches itself. The awareness becomes aware that the true self is the awareness. It's as if awareness see's itself in the mirror for the first time.
  3. I've been interested in Reiki also. Would be really cool to hear some of your stories who have some experience with it. Also how it feels and does it actually heal?
  4. @JonasVE12 It's super hard to even explain this stuff to people, I've tried it myself and failed 99% of the time. This requires a person to already have enough consciousness to even begin with. So I might not bother to even talk about it. It's also abstract as fuck. I would have to teach it to people for like 3 months straight to even get them even started on the theory, but then again they have their lives, their problems, their interests etc. You can't make people awoke, they have to awake on their own. My tip would be just concentrate on your own inner work, and if they come - they come.
  5. @nowimhere Gamana + J.C. they correlate
  6. @Yoshy Meditate/do yoga and on the second weekend smoke weed and do your yoga. Careful it's addictive
  7. @ardacigin True, its difficult even to distinguish focus from awareness, because people 99% of the time think that they are the same and making a separation between them sounds stupid, but when it comes to the practice, when you do it, it makes a huge difference.
  8. @SQAAD there is a difference between the focusing point and awareness. You just see is as the same here, but there is a difference. I do believe the "TMI" book that @ardacigin has recommended for you talks about this and then you understand what the hell are we talking about. I understand why you see awareness and focus as the same, but this is next level stuff my friend. Google "Om Japa Chakras" maybe you will find some info about it and you could understand it more, its a bit tricky at first, but once you grasp it you will be a littlw bit amazed.
  9. @SQAAD you have to learn this. There are exercises in Kriya yoga which does that. This is only developed. For example you can focus lets say on the 3rd eye, meanwhile you are still feeling/noticing/are-being-aware-of sensations in your body. Like the inner voice, breathing, feeling presure on your but, etc. But you still keep FULL focus on the 3rd eye. It's hard to do at first, but with practice you learn it. Also it's hard to understand this concept even. But it's explainable.
  10. @khalifa I feel you, but I noticed that people need to have A LOT of awareness of their mind. Unchecked mind + psychedelics can really fuck you up and you can do bad things to yourself. But I noticed that if you have good awareness on your thoughts you can trip really well. Just start low and work your way up with time.
  11. Do a test - breathe without pauses and see how long can you do it. If you notice this kind of breathing is not sustainable, you'll get tired. Do pauses 2 seconds atleast. The breath should be calm and relaxing