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  1. LOL, this idea of one life is what is ruining this entire earth.
  2. @khalifa Seems like you have blocks in your system. Have you ever done any yoga practices?
  3. @Ima Freeman Fear of death is the biggest challenge to overcome. It's why we are alive, because of fear, fear is very crucial in order to survive, so you should not be afraid to be in fear at those moments. Everybody has a limited amount or prana given at birth. Even if you live a healthy life and your prana is done even thunder out of clear sky can strike you and your body will die. Car crash, heart stops etc, can happen. When I do yoga, at the end there is one more pose left, the corpse, or shavasana. In there you let go of everything, you relax your body to your max, and when body scanning, I let go of my arms, legs so much that I tell myself "I don't need it anymore" as if I was going to die. If you can surrender very well you actually smile and accept "death". And I noticed that I no longer am afraid of death compared to how it used to be. But don't worry if your body dies, which it will, you will get a new one at some time Knowing what WILL happen after you die makes it more acceptable of one's death.
  4. @meta_male of course, I had my fair share of time online watching gore videos when I was a teenager. Then I thought that it hardens you, like a MAN! But watching this for extended periods can make you feel bad. My friend once told me he was watching a netflix series "How to get away with a murder" (it has a lot of murder themes as you can tell :D) and told me that in two weeks of watching it, he had experienced depression, a mild one, but it had a impact. He discontinued to watch it after he noticed this.
  5. @meta_male Oh how could you......!!!! I understand that you can argue with my idea. There are a lot of objections that one can say, but you need to ignore those and just take in what I said. no need to make a point out of what I said, because it's very abstract and we could go on forever about this.
  6. @Growly Of course there are no benefits. You just make yourself more desensitized that's it. And also do you see gore when you are living your life? Probably not. So stop it, it's not reality if you watch them on the phone or computer. Understand this - reality is your waking life, without any videos or movies. That's why viewing instagram/facebook etc. is stupid, because that's not reality. Photos doesn't show you reality, even if it might seem so. This is very subtle and a lot of people can argue with what I said, that's fine, you can do so, but if you ACTUALY realize what I said then it changes how you view stuff online. You probably rarely see sexually dressed woman in society while walking in the city, but you can view so much of them online. It's not "REAL". Same goes to gore/porn videos.
  7. There is a wonderful mantra: "Aghoranna Paro Mantra Nasti Tatvam Guru Param" "No mantra is greater than aghor mantra and no element is greater than guru." (there is no higher purpose in this worlds other than to be a Guru)
  8. @Circassia To Rostov You do not have enough consciousness to see what you ACTUALLY are. Which you are the "soul" or what ever you wanna call it, soul/spirit/consciousness. So you choose to accept only what you see and wrap your mind on. Believe me looking at the world this way is very limiting. Blaming "God" or this "loving deity" that you are talking about, is just wrong. You don't understand how reality works. There are karmic rules put on this reality right as God was creating this universe. Once you awaken to such things you understand that God was very intelligent about this when creating reality. He doesn't punish you per-say, but you get what you deserve according to the laws of KARMA. Very few people actually understand this, because you need a really deep awakening into what karma is in order to understand what is being said. You hear it all the time, but you don't know if it's true until you understand it / have experience of karma. I have reached such understandings myself and it humbles you to watch out what you are doing and you try to interfere with this LAW OF KARMA to the minimum. As I see drunk/homeless people I understand that they are living their karma, they are there for a reason and it will take them thousands and thousands of lifetimes to "clear/clean" that karma. I didn't have a father and was stupid my entire life. This isn't the fault of my father or anyone external of me, I earned this because it's my KARMA. And I own and accept this Truth. I don't blame God or anyone else but ME. I got what I deserve. This is very hard to accept because the mind wants to point fingers and blame everything else but yourself. It takes integrity to accept that you get what you actually deserve. All of this sounds woo woo, but if you can't accept what is being said then it's your problem.
  9. You know what you are, your good and bad sides. Other people cannot know you for 100%, never. Only you know what you are. Replace the "What other people will think of me?" with "I don't care what people think of me, I know who I'am" and practice this from time to time. Eventually you will be out of this people pleasing mindset. And also authenticity will arise.
  10. @Hibahere your awakening has started. Kundalini is quite present in your system. Do not ignore pranic practices and help it travel in your body. If it gets "stuck" somewhere you might encounter problems.
  11. This forum is meant for helping others guide the path that you already walked. That's why a Guru is so important in ones life.
  12. @matoriii I'm just gonna speak my opinion, but you should on pass that. That whole program and his philosophy is not that great. IMO that program is for simps. Just do the work yourself, meditate, do yoga and everything will come. You're better off not wasting your money.
  13. @Majed Eat healthy - one reality, eat shit - different reality. Everything, to even the hormonal levels, changes your perception. Even a bad night sleep can give you different perception of reality. I even wrote down a phrase when I had this insight during my meditation, and it goes something like "To be a saint you have to walk a very slippery road and not slip even once" It doesn't translate that good from my native language though. But you might get the point. When you are deep in this work 5years+ you start to understand how fragile your state of consciousness is! I myself always notice my consciousness going dark as soon as I eat something that's not good for my body. And after I go to the toilet to shit out what I ate the day before, the bathroom sort of lights up in front of my eyes LOL, and that changes the state of consciousness.