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  1. @Megan Alecia either you are tired and need rest or you don't have enough will power. Some time ago I was so lazy that I had tough times to even check if I locked the door before I was going to sleep, I felt like aghhhhhh inside always. By growing my willpower things became easy.
  2. Orange business - low wage. Green business - ok wage. Now you can see how Orange is not sustainable in the long run. As more Green businesses arise people will demand a Green workplace and a Green CEO to run it. Its happening everywhere, simple evolution.
  3. @actualizing25 With my last mystical experience on psychedelics it totally showed whats possible. It also showed a way of living the Good life, the Enlightened life. It is a very powerful tool, but it alone probably won't do it. This work needs a mix of techniques. But psyches sure do help A LOT.
  4. @Dario1995 It just takes one breath to be there.
  5. @Espaim Weed gives you anxiety, stop mixing it with other substances. Ive been there candy flipping, you do not know where it could take you
  6. @Hsinav @Moon @James123 @black_math49 Thank you all. It even feels like this awakening is maturing as time goes by. Things happen to me, but I no longer attach to them anymore as it is so miniscule compared to the grand theme of life
  7. And only the need to share this to everyone arises. But it's hard to share such beauty.
  8. I find myself being in this state a lot, just pure bliss. Even when I'm Doing I recognize the Being inside Doing.
  9. @cobalto there are alcoholics which alcohol companies are surelly aware of. There are fat people which food companies are aware of. And then theres also weed, drugs and othet stuff. Beings get hooked on anything and I do mean ANYTHING. Its very nice to hear you are being honest about your own product which means you are Conscious about the negative impact which it might have. Im also talking to my friends who are smokers and they give me same negative feedback about it. But they are still addicted to it so they still use it to better their sleep which still is a problem. You can always grow CBD weed! I would like to try it out and see what effect does it produce over-all, does it change anything and is it significant. Smoking hash is way different compared to weed, it doesnt give so much anxiety cause of the higher CBD levels.
  10. @dflores321 Oh yes there is such a thing, the eternal Om of the cosmos. here listen to this now you will understand why zen temples have huge gongs im happy for you, you should dig deeper in this work!
  11. @OBEler oh I went through like 5 bad consecutive trips, frustrated and being sad about it this time I felt ok to try it again, also I did a trip, about 100ug, one week prior to the retreat. I actually just sat at home and observed everything, how I was feeling, what the mind was saying and how does the trip affect me in all sorts of way. I wanted to ACTUALLY understand what the fuck is going on, the intention was that. And I actually was able to have a good trip, my first one! I had no mystical experiences on that trip, because the intention was to see how strong the stuff was and if I still can handle it or I shouldnt fuck with it, so I just observed it, filmed myself talking about how I felt, what was going on, what thoughts come up etc. Like 10 short videos in an hour during the come up. But the best change for me was that I could handle the come down of the trip, which for my previous trips were horrible. The changing back to sober consciousness felt so uncomfortable filled with anxiety and fear. I poo-pooed psichedelics after my unsuccesful attempts, but still knew in the back of my mind that they are a powerful tool, because bad trips still taught me something, I had tons of insights, but the over-all trip was bad. You have to learn how to use them, and also have the intention for using them, not just doing them random.