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  1. @Annoynymous Weed takes too long to work with. Also it has bad after effects, such as brain fog, and addiction to it. Either smoke it every few weeks to think about what is going on in your life. Never use it daily though.
  2. Ofc it's regular exercises. You won't even reach those peaks with psychedelics if you don't have a well developed consciousness/awareness.
  3. He actually talks about how he does it. It's an actually very well prepared climb. He has to feel comfortable in order to climb without any ropes. And yes I think he experiences fear as most of us do. He probably climbed for so much that he kinda attuned his fear with climbing. Also if you will see this video just listen to how frequent he mentions "I". lol
  4. @DreamScape Total non-duality shows what is God
  5. @DreamScape It wants to experience itself.
  6. @Yog Interesting insights. Your native language must of been built upon spirituality probably. Only the wise can interconnect these minute insights. Also my main insights about the word Enlightenment itself is this: once you go throught Enlightenment experiences it Lightens the self, like as if you are carrying such a burden from your ego that once you know the Truth your burden drops and you become very LIGHT internally, mentally, psychologically. If it's not enlightening (if this insight does not make you internally/mentally lighter) it's not Enlightenment. Enlightenment itself lifts you up so much!
  7. @Tony 845 Cool that you are going through such experiences, opening your mind to more direct experience of what is actually happening to you. My word would be for you to do more stronger practices like Yoga, it will help you to get a stronger internal body to cope with the running Kundalini energy. Lets say the strength of kundalini energy can be put in a chart from 1 to 10, and you have kundalini level 7 and your body can handle lvl 4 or 5 without any side effects (shaking etc.). It's very talked about topic in Kriya community where the kundalini can open so much that it leaves you with unwanted experiences and body sensations and the best thing you could do is more Kriya Yoga.
  8. See when you said to yourself that you are not ready it's as if God was saying you still need to build up your ego to later surrender all of it and become Enlightened. I myself have these insights that I somewhat want spiritual growth but in the other hand I still have some ego issues to resolve thus saying to myself I'am not ready yet. You still have to build up the ego to later loose it and you will experience it where you are ready to meet your true nature, to KNOW that you are GOD, but you still have this little ego which is not ready to accept the Truth.
  9. @DreamScape It's as if God is the ocean and it wanted to know who it is so he created fish from itself to know what the ocean or God is.
  10. @wk197 It's crucial for you to listen to those stages. It shows where you are at and where you should be going. It helped me to grow A LOT, one of the best works of Leo. I can't thank him enough for taking his time for that model.
  11. @wk197 You probably missed a few facts about "Stage Turquoise SD"
  12. @Germo I'll assume you are joking here
  13. I love when I break out of time and become the NOW. That moment is just amazing on it's own.
  14. @Preety_India Everything is relative. Being spiritual or being a drug addict is the same. If you go from being un-spiritual to spiritual its a huge shift from your now living reality or as you call it actuality. If anything changes it feels weird, not right, change your school, change your career, change the country you live in and boom you feel weird, differend actuality. Same goes to spirituality, it changes your actuality. Once you understand it you still do feel the weirdness of it but now you are conscious that it locks a person in one spot like a paradigm lock. Being spiritual and exploring consciousness is also leading to ACTUALLY understanding how the mind works, if you understand it very well you understand other peoples behaviour. Lets say that by being very conscious you understand how reality works, you understand the mechanisms which govern people, its as if you no longer see a video game but you see the code behind it. It can become booring and scary in a way because you are somewhat loosing your joy of not knowing what the hell is actually going on in reality. Lets say you just know too much. But that goes full circle, you go back being joyfull. Thats the magic of spirituality, you think that your going crazy, but then boom everything is beautiful again. Be sure you want to take the path. Its full of shit and you will step on it way more often than you think. Its like the part in the matrix where the pills are given, be very sure you are choosing the one you really want. You might not understand what is writen here, im not a native english speaker, but I hope im pointing you to something you are asking. Have a great weekend though!