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  1. Forget what enlightenment is. You already created what that feels/is like, and that's not it. All that activity is empty even if people say that you should do that or that, never trust people who have not seen the truth. None of the activities have more priority than the other, and believe me there is nothing to miss out in life. Its as if taking a shit is equally the same as having fun with friends. Pursue it still, with caution and slowly, it will come unexpected. Maybe when your sitting on the toilet lol
  2. The "ego" which everyone is talking about is a personality, a YOU which the mind creates. The mind itself is the whole ego (you will need a direct self-deception experience to understand the separation between the ego and the mind, then you understand which is what).
  3. Little do they know they are actually giving out answers
  4. @Hellspeed @universe deeply in love with reality!! you are acurate with that description
  5. @Inliytened1 Good point. When you know, you know.
  6. @Leo Gura god lied to god that it is not it.
  7. @Leo Gura but why did we forgot we are it?
  8. Im just curious of what are the actual signs that you have permanently awaken?
  9. During my yoga the past week I went into a deep meditation state. Doing Ujjayi Pranayama starts it, in the 7-8 breath it makes the body really calm and I can do the exercise very slowly and precise. Then I just feel my body just freezing in the asana pose, it just sits there with no effort with an erect spine. Then the body just feels VERY HEAVY. And I just become this pure awareness. The awareness feels like it goes deep into the body. Not like it feels when you close your eyes that the outside is just your eyelid length away. You feel like the awareness is about 20-30 centimeter deep inside your body. In that state I can sense the body (heart beating, breathing) and the mind (random thoughts), but I can't say that that's me, there are just thoughts and body functions. And the body sensation of feeling really heavy just awes me. What state of meditation is that? It happened last Saturday and yesterday. I've been practicing yoga really hard the past month.
  10. @andyjohnsonman Okey maybe I can explain. You concentrated on your gut. Feeling something good (wont go deep here) but maybe your awareness went too deep and triggered something in the gut which made your mind automatically respond in that being in front of a crowd feeling, cause you kinda imagine what would that feel like. Let me elaborate with examples: I used to smoke, and it makes your heart pulse faster, when I was smoking sometimes I felt social anxiety out of nowhere just by being alone smoking my cigarette, then I realized that my mind responds to my body in that way, it connects the random higher pulse from smoking with social anxiety. There were no physical activity to set the pulse higher neither I endured fear, so my mind just created some feeling/emotion due to my racy heart. Its like if you remember something sexy (porn, sex etc.) just randomly and you get horny. Or you touch yourself and trigger your body which your mind responds with pleasure. Hope you can contemplate this and understand why you felt that way.
  11. @jbram2002 must of misread, my bad
  12. @Aakash you cant ignore everyone. Even my wife aint there fully, even me. I strungle with my head all the time. I have good days I have bad days. But this is a process, yoga is a life-saver for me.