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  1. @Blackhawk tapping unconsciously. Happens to me from time to time, very mystical. Sometimes I just feel like my friend is coming home and I just unlock the door for some reason without even thinking about it. Feels like I just received a message in my phone that he is coming. And one time as he was going up the stairs I unlocked the door and he was like wtf how did you know that I'm coming, and my reply was "Idk I just felt your coming"
  2. @CuriousityIsKey Nice, thanks for sharing.
  3. @Focus Now I'm very aware of those kind of people and can smell them mile away. If you ever meet a person like that for the first time and see that he does some kind of negative stuff at work immediately say it to his face and repeat again if needed to the point where either he changes or you get into a fight. If you go by it blindly after some time you will suffer My CEO wanted to fire the guy and asked our manager if it needs to be fired and my manager had no balls to make a decision and just kept the guy still. In my frustration when I heard all about it I just fucking quit.
  4. @Focus Oh wow this topic is totally relatable with me. I had a coworker like you described. He was such a pain in the ass to work with that it literally broke our team and I just quit my job all together because my boss had no balls to tell the man that he is just a horrible worker/person. Those kind of people are like a cancer to the company. Oh and also that person is a Stage Red/Orange (Spiral dynamics). Constant lies, manipulating others to not do so much work, very "alpha" male thinking, wants to be the "best". Oh boy I totally understand the frustration you have to go through while you have to work and be near him 8hours/day.
  5. @Jaja57 Update this thread please. Hope you are OK.
  6. Yeah you kind of start to depend on someone for your help which can become a crutch, while talking to God is on your own. I think it's way more deep to talk to God than to a therapist, because you can be honest to God which would make you honest to yourself because you are literally talking to - yourself.
  7. @Droo_ Yes, very. The body can just shut down, you sort of are being put in a state where your body might feel like it's sleeping, but you are conscious. I will be trying to trip inside the tank in the near future. Will post the results.
  8. In my understanding addiction boils down to not having enough WILLPOWER. You have urges to do something, be it smoke or masturbate etc. but you don't have the willpower to stop the initial urge. When it pops into your awareness just be aware that you want "insert your addiction here". While maintaining awareness on it it will go away, just try to not react to it immediately, just observe the urge and it will slowly fade away. Practice meditation and put some effort into it. After a week or so you will grow some willpower and with enough effort you will drop it if you REALLY WANT TO.
  9. @Forza21 Im gonna do my best to answer you from my experience. You are still in the ego mind thinking. Early stages of oneness can be hard on your psyche because all your life you saw yourself as separate, now you are breaking the illusion and loosing meaning that was built on the ego mind. Actually now that the illusion was broken through you will have to re-build your purpose towards what is meaningful and this may take some time. Recontextualization from separate self to oneness can be either hard or blissful. You will probably get a period where everything will be meaningless, you will slow down everything that you are doing, questioning everything. But later you will adapt it and be happy, just trust that it will come. Dark night of the soul can be hard. Just trust and keep on doing the work. Don't back down, I've been there, it happens to everyone eventually.
  10. @Fkdel I can relate to this. When im hungover a bit I feel like im tripping the whole day. I couldn't explain why it is the way it is, but it's funny though that you could get mystical experiences through drinking.
  11. @Eren Eeager When I start to see this my ego always says: Take me back, I wanna be material again!
  12. Thank you all for your guidance. 🙏
  13. I guess I'm stuck in logical thinking about this. Will definitely contemplate it in my next trip.
  14. @Breakingthewall and it mindfucks my mind also just to think about it. I bring up this ever lasting moment of Now and contemplate how can it exist. Was it all there all along? If it is, it baffles my mind how.
  15. @Gili Trawangan I understand that. Now is ever present. But how Now is forever. How did Now start?