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  1. @pablo_aka_god I wanna add that on a Daily basis when you have some time bring those insights from your trip to mind and contemplate about them, it will help you integrate them faster. After my trips a couple of week after I still get insights when I think about my trip and what I saw. That's integration! After you have build up some of those insights then do more. But give yourself atleast 2-4 weeks between trips.
  2. @pablo_aka_god Always notice and think about why there is that space in that trip, later you can contemplate it and integrate the experience in sober every day life. You need to understand that those experiences can be integrated and it feels so wonderful to live life filled with Love that you practiced for so long. You saw what you need to do, now do it, build up and later take more.
  3. @Adodd Just don't fap for a couple of weeks, then unload it and see how you feel.
  4. @Illusory Self Do you work out? Like on a daily basis are you fit? I have the same problem, finishing too early. I also had a "Tantric" course about sex from a great guy and he teach me a great technique for just that thing, it doesn't take much time to do like 5~minutes daily and it works after a couple of weeks of doing it. But you gotta do it for it to take effect. Contact me personally for more information.
  5. NOPE
  6. Depends on the person. I just sit in bed and see what the trip will offer me. Long lasting psychedelics often aren't done with you before you are with them. Proper preparation. Eat clean that week, look at what moon phase it is now. Meditate well for concentration to not get lost in thoughts during the trip. Work out, make your body happy. Don't masturbate for a week before the trip. Keep your energies high. You no longer question your insights. If you do then they are not complete. I had numerous times where the insight wasn't complete, later I got them, but it took some time where you re-question yourself over and over until there are no questions, just a insight. You might be wrong for some insights as they are not the "Highest Level" you might grasp some Truth, but that may not be complete.
  7. @Cykaaaa Good Job. Next time question "What is Love?" just that. It could help you to understand "What is reality"
  8. Never thought that I would ever find the meaning behind reality, but yet Love is the only reason for EVERYTHING. Beautiful trip report. Gratz on discovering Love!
  9. @axiom And yes, resistance in itself is love taking the form of resistance omg
  10. Holy cow. ? Just yesterday Started to contemplate "what is Love?" wow does it go deep.
  11. @bambi You are doing the same mistake I was making, thinking logically, wanting a easy understandable 1, 2, 3 answer. God does not work in those ways.
  12. @Matt23 I've experienced ego-death one time and that was enough to understand what the ego actually is. I had numerous awakenings and understandings that the ego doesn't exist, that's just an idea of a separate lower-self "you" as this human-animal-being. Without the ego this body would not care if it is alive or not, so the ego is a very well build and "programmed" thing to this reality, it's there for a reason. Your higher self doesn't care if this body is alive or not, but the ego does care. It's not the question that I don't understand the ego, it's how can I make these experiences smoother and go in deeper, how to not get lost in the fear, what to notice in those moments.
  13. It's the ego. I just need a better understanding of what it is actually. This was the problem from the start, right from my 1st awakening. It's always like that, fear comes.