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  1. Hello! I just created a journal on finding my Life Purpose, and I remembered how much I enjoy having these self-actualization journals going on. So I'm doing another one! Plus this is a thing that I really need to be working on. I'm going to focus on three daily habits in this journal: Meditation Exercise Consistent sleep I'm trying to keep it really simple because I already have this Life Purpose stuff going on and I don't want to overwhelm myself. I also have a job which takes time and energy. I consider these three very important habits and I think they're going to support my LP journey as well. Another habit could be having healthy diet, but my diet isn't terrible, and I live with my parents so it's not very convenient to start being too picky about what I eat. I've done meditation inconsistently for about 2 years. Exercise, mostly hatha yoga, I've been doing inconsistenlty for almost 4 years. I've been slacking off on both of those when I'm having a bad day, week or month. And my sleeping habits have been total shit lately. Some nights I watch Youtube videos until it's like 5am and then I have a mental breakdown when I realize that I have to wake up in two hours and I'm tired as hell because last night I slept too little also. I also have a crippling perfectionism and an unhealthy all or nothing -kind of attitude about life. It makes me slack off and keep going through the same cycles over and over and over again. If I fail one thing, I give up on everything else. And then I start again. And then I fail one thing and give up on everything else for a while. And so the cycle continues. The deeper problem here is definitely that I don't accept myself as I am, and I try to be perfect so I could feel like I am enough But yeah...I hope and believe this journal helps me to be consistent with at least these three habits and help me let go of the perfectionionism a little. I'm going to start defining the details of the habits later, and they're probably going to change throughout this journal. Don't know how much I'll be able to write about only these three things. Might be a very boring journal, or might be just a bit boring one. I might write about other stuff too Here's the LP journal: Thanks for reading, wishing you all the best in your journeysI Comments are welcome
  2. @Zeroguy ❤️ Hah yeah I wondered too if you have time to study that in a university. I did the ❌ thing when I hadn't gone to bed and tried to sleep when I was supposed to. Didn't matter if I fell asleep or not. My goal was to just be there before midnight. Now I try to go there from midnight to 1.
  3. Definitely it's helpful. Do it for sure we can talk about this stuff together then I sleep alright. But I'm afraid I can't and that makes me keep discipline Yeaah. Well you can still let it out privately.
  4. @Zeroguy You will study psychology too really And yeah this habit journal helped me too with discipline for a while, then it just stopped lol. The insomnia thing actually helps with that a lot now. I would probably need to do some expressive journaling.
  5. @Zeroguy Ha yeah that's about the important stuff. So that's now like the foundational habits journal you were planning to make. I'm ok. I've been just trying to meditate a lot.
  6. @Zeroguy Thank you. I’ll try to do that. You’re awesome too.❤️
  7. @Zeroguy Ok good luck with that. Love you too
  8. Sorry about that No idea. Might make a new one might stay with this one might stop this altogether. I've indeed been a mess lately I'll figure it out later. Toxic masculinity is always great A bit confused but you're welcome. Glad to help.
  9. @Zeroguy Love you too. Thanks for staying again.
  10. @Zeroguy Ok thanks I don't know when it starts exactly I have to figure out all that. In the beginning of fall.
  11. @Zeroguy It was the grades I got in since I got the psychology grade up. Didn't even do the entrance exam. ❤️❤️
  12. @Zeroguy No problem I really do understand. I can't go to spain or anywhere this summer I got a summer job. But maybe I could next year or next fall. I'd also like to do some volunteering abroad thing.
  13. @Zeroguy You too❤️
  14. I got in So yeah I'll be a psychologist.
  15. Sleep has been going alright I feel really stable and sane and it's great. I still wake up every time and sometimes can't sleep but I've kept messing up my sleep schedule so I'll put it on that. But this feels like it's slowly getting better. I only take the 1mg melatonin now ALSO I got my psychology grade up!!! I got full points so I kinda couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't even get my finnish grade up but that doesn't matter I think I have like a 50% chance of getting into university now.
  16. Exams went alright. I might get my grades up. But maybe not. I'll see in a few months. I especially studied psychology a lot, I'm happy about that. I'll see also what happens if I stop taking sleeping pills now. Or well I've already gone without a few days. Slept about 6-7h but I've also gone to bed too late so maybe it's because that. I overreacted when I went to get them in the first place but I was so tired I couldn't really think. Also I'm not taking naps anymore there's too much sunlight for that.