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  1. No! You're going through deep pain, and you're asking for help. My advice is for you to stop your meditation practice. It is clearly doing you harm. Some questions: • Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? • Are you searching for a new therapist? • Does your family know about your situation?
  2. i like to share my experience with others. i used to be in a very dark place, and i've got out of it about 1 year. so i'm just giving my 2 cents to people who are struggling. nice topic, btw
  3. Good luck with trying to do that lol
  4. I think you should turn on the notifications.
  5. How many experiences you've had with men?
  6. don't underestimate how powerful the human brain is. your "little brain" has about one hundred billion neurons, and they're connected by trillions of connections.
  7. how many times has this happened?
  8. that's neurotic imo i see is the do nothing technique effective for you? when i try to do it, i simply get lost in monkey mind.
  9. • i've been feeling like I'm on a spur of progress this last month • i'mma go back to college this year. my major will be in psychology. i hope the classes are not overly biologically-oriented. • the freaking microphone of my iphone has stopped working. ugh! i'll think about that tomorrow.
  10. i plan to write freely here throughout this year
  11. I recommend you do. That is an important topic.
  12. Art

  13. How does that usually go?