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  1. nonduality
    Perception is tricky
    Self/other is a duality, which means it must ultimately collapse.
    Those people you call "other" are really just facets of yourself in the same way that all actors in a movie are all one movie.
    There exists nothing but YOU. But not the personal ego you, the Cosmic You. You as the entire universe.
    Look at another human being in the eyes and realize they are you. Don't think about it. Actually try it.
    This is best realized on a psychedelic. Your ordinary mode of consciousness is too weak to see it in most cases without massive concentration work.

  2. on mushrooms
    Trip Report - Atlantis Truffles
    @reves Actually, that's a great introductory trip. You don't want the full power of mushrooms just yet. They can be scary powerful at higher doses.
    Everyone has a unique tolerance level. Next time just dose a bit higher.
    Be careful though because truffle potency can vary from batch to batch depending on the exact species and how they are grown. Dosing natural mushrooms is a bit tricky because they are not standardized. Ideally you would acquire a large batch, test its potency by doing a low dose, and then you would have a good idea of how potent your batch is. If you acquire small batches, you might eat too much of a potent batch based off a less potent batch.
    When I take mushrooms it is always a standardized alcohol extract, not actual mushrooms, which delivers a very consistent potency dose. You might even want to just take pure 4-HO-DMT (psilocin) in synthetic chemical form for the most precise dosing. Precise and consistent dosing is very important if you're getting into serious tripping.
    1 or 2 trips is NEVER enough to understand psychedelics. To really understand you must be ready to experiment with 10-30 trips. And even then, you're just seeing the tip of the iceberg of tripping. It takes about 10-30 trips to start to make sense of how they work because there are so many variables at play. No one trip means much by itself. You must accumulate aggregate experience. Even at precisely the same dose and under identical set & setting you will have wildly different trips. Because the mind is chaotic. It is not a simple machine like a refrigerator.

  3. prejudice=preconception/selfrighteousness
    Ken Wilbur, Boomeriitis, The Mean Green Meme.
    many but one that stuck out as an addition to what he says is: i would exchange prejudice into a hibryd of preconception and the inability to place someone else’s judgement before our own judgement if we don’t share mutual understanding, so selfrighteousness as a hurdle.
    in the context he is talking about and for me he clearly states it will get hard but if we face it it’s doable. 
    well we can’t ignore that we are at the brink of a change any change but it will be a change.
    but it’s also a matter of how we preconceive the future. it’s not about seing the glass half empty. it is about seing the glass half full even though we are aware it might be half empty, everything else would lead back into the circle of rescuer, victim, scapegoat, watcher.

  4. conscience quote of ocke de boer
    What am I?
    "Conscience is the inner memory for those actions necessary to bring any given situation back in tune with Unity. Although this definition of Conscience is correct, it stays incomplete, because Conscience cannot be reasoned but must come into Being."
    From Higher Being Bodies, Ocke de Boer 

  5. artificial intelligence & society
    Artificial Intelligence & Society
    Central Discussion:
    Is artificial intelligence a 'good' or 'bad' thing in society?
    The soundtrack is beautiful. I've been listening to it as I study. In a way, it's terrifying because of how advanced the compositions are. I thought AI in the short term of 10 to 15 years would only be capable of replacing industries such as transportation and that the creative industry would be the last bastions of humanity; however, it seems that advancements in AI are extraordinarily much faster than anticipated.
    Once there is a sufficiently advanced AI that is capable of mimicking a human in every way possible, mind and body,
    Will it have consciousness? Is it possible for it to obtain enlightenment? Will it have empathy? Will it be able to describe absolute infinity? How will we as a species best be able to minimize its risk? I recommend watching this mini-documentary. It was released two months as it captures the current state of AI.
    Some other videos I recommend watching if you have the time.
    Technology without humanity and consciousness is perhaps the greatest existential threat to us as a species.
    As Leo himself stated, we do not need more technology. We need more consciousness.

    This is in reference to Elon Musk.
    It's an idealistic proposition. I mostly agree. I agree that the overwhelming majority of our problems as a species can be solved through deep inner work; however, it's like convincing everyone on the planet to veganism. Although veganism is a noble pursuit, it's not possible on a global scale, let alone trying to get everyone committed to self-actualization.  The next best solution would be to make lab-grown meat. Similarly, for artificial intelligence, perhaps, the next best solution is integrating ourselves with AI in a symbiotic relationship. Elon Musk created Neuralink ( to help solve the problem.
    I'm curious how AI will transform our species. What are your thoughts?
    An Organic Lifeform

  6. josephs project binder
    Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 10: Small Picture and Big Picture Life Purpose Work
    Here's some tips for your Project Binder: 
    You need a 3-ring binder; One table of contents page that has all the projects listed numbered 1 through X (whatever number the last project is); Print out a separate page for each project with the number in the upper-right hand corner and the name of the project in rather large font on the front of the page; Insert all your projects into the projects binder; Flip through your project binder a few times a day, and when you flip through if you have an idea write on the page the date and the idea.  Anytime you mention a task that can be done -- highlight just that task with a highlighter.  E.g., 12/03/18 Today I decided it might be a nice strategy to design attorney's websites after they give me the photos they want to use.  Research if this is how web developers typically operate.  I would highlight the last sentence in that entry because it's an action (I bolded it instead of highlighting, but you use a pink highlighter).  Highlight all discernible actions in your entries.  Use a pink highlighter because yellow highlighters don't jump out as much.  You want the actions to jump out. Nothing ever comes out of your projects binder.  So, don't put anything in there that you're not gonna leave in there.  If you need more space for notes, add a new page and use the same number in the upper-right hand corner of that page as the project that that page corresponds to.  E.g., if you have 3 pages for project 39 in your journal, all three pages will have 39 in the upper-right hand corner; On your table of contents page highlight your 3 most urgent projects; Start to become a doer.  Start to think ahead in terms of strategy.  Identify actions you can take.  Start to identify actions you can take now to avoid foreseeable obstacles; Print the table of contents out and add as first page of your Project Binder.  No other shit goes in your project binder.  Just the table of contents page and a numbered page for each project with the name of the project written on each project page.  Don't put any theory in this binder.  Don't put your one-sheet in this binder.  None of that shit.  This Project Binder is just for projects; Print a second copy of the table of contents page and keep it with you.  Read it before you go to bed.  Read it while you're taking a shit.  This is your new reading material.  There's no better reading material than your table of contents, your list of pending projects;  PM me if you have any questions about this because this is a really powerful technique I've developed here.  This will help give you a reason to make the paradigm shift from thinker to doer. Here's my Project Binder.  Notice that the binder is on the thinner side.  If your binder is too big, you're gonna be less likely to carry it around with you, see.  Don't get too big of a binder.  You want this to be like your new bible, something that you have in your hand and within arm's reach at all times.

    This is an excerpt of my Table of Contents page: (I had to redact some personal stuff out of this, so this is just a sample.)
    REMINDER: These are all projects.  If it’s not a project it doesn’t go in the Project Binder.  Keep your petty school and work stuff out of this Project Binder as well as your one-off to-do’s.  You need to develop a sense of what belongs and what doesn’t belong in the Project Binder for this technique to work for you.  A couple of themes of the projects in the Projects Binder is a certain level of complexity and a certain level of ongoingness.  But don’t let those concept limit what goes in here either.  You experiment.  
    Do Random Web Development Jobs Do Random Freelance Writing Jobs Get off Theory  Dentist Technical Writing: Get into Explaining Technical Problems in Plain English Do Website Development for Attorneys in San Francisco Never Skimp on Sleep for Any Reason Do Daily Routine/ Schedule Spartan, Ascetic Life Maintain Autonomy and Creative Control with Career Get off the Smart Phone – Watch the Web Surfing on the Phone Get off News Websites Get off Non-diet Food Do a Small Picture Life Purpose Course Work on a Book on Escaping Wage Slavery via the Independent Contractor Route Do a Course on Teaching my Scheduling System Get my Own Website Set Up Work on Personal Development Book Work on a Website that will Allow People Working on their Personal Development to Contract their Services Out Write Blog Posts Get my Own Blog Set Up Do Web Development for Being a Personal Development Content provider Don’t Talk to Other People about Politics or Work Help People with Career Metamorphosis Work Be 100% on My Own Side in Life Practice Frugality Nip Distractions in the Bud Nip Addictions in the Bud Become a Vegetarian Career Metamorphosis Do More Cardio Exercise Do More Resistance Training Adequate Income Adequate Savings for Retirement Take Better Care of My Appearance Complete a Schedule Everyday Get 8 Hours of Sleep per Night Supplements Daily Meditation Work on Coding Daily No Bitchy Emails Always Get Deadline Privilege Financial Duties First 8 Hour Segment of 24-Hour Day Post-It Note Method for Barreling-Through Projects No Perfectionism No Lost in Planning vs. Doing Never Feel Stuck Quick Turnaround of Projects No Process Problems at Work Know When You're Over-committing Make Sure Projects are Sufficiently Specified  24 Hour in Advance Rule for Completing Projects No Why/ It's Why Not Never Rely on Anybody for Anything Protect Weekends So They Can Be Free Time My Passion is My Constitution Practice Assertiveness Stop Making True Mistakes Sign a Contract to Complete Tomorrow's Daily Routine/ Schedule Know Short, Medium, and Long-Term Goals Enter Billable Time Everyday Every Week Post Goal List, Accountability Report, and Progress Report Be the Designer of My Life; the Creator Transforming my Vision into Reality Just Create my own Life in Line With my Own Vision Compete Only with Myself to Effectuate my Vision -- Don't Compete with Other People

  7. känguru guru guru
    Joseph Maynor Journal Vol. 10: Small Picture and Big Picture Life Purpose Work
    Album cover:

  8. the impossibility of pointing to truth
    what is what? : the absurdity of language. !
    I can only give you words and mind-to-mind transmission happens rarely, especially rarely in internet forums. If mind-to-mind transmission would happen you would understand immediately that any kind of truth is an illusion because if one feels, i.e. has the sentiment of truth, i.e. of something being true, that is only a mental grasping at phenomena that are empty of true (or independent or inherent) existence.
    So 'believing in' is actually nothing but grasping at an impossible truth. Since I have realized this I can answer your question only in the negative: I do not believe in anything.
    Nevertheless your refutation of language goes too far. Not because there would be truth in words but because in everyday life language has a function and that function can be helpful. Let me ask you: if you suffer from an illness would you not attend the doctor although all advice the doctor can give you are merely words? But experience shows that a doctor's advice can be helpful if one is ill.
    you should see my words in a similar context: they are empty of inherent truth but neverless if I tell you that there aren't any truths whatsoever because all phenomena are empty of true existence these words may help you to pursue a path to discover a sphere where all those innate truth habits are laughable.
    But you may also completely reject or ignore my words. That is totally up to you.

  9. mullein
    Any former smokers here?
    Yeah even smoked. Its one of the few rare herbs known that actually benefit the lungs even when smoked.

  10. l-theanin against smoking
    Any former smokers here?
    "By inhibiting the dopamine reward pathway, l-theanine has been shown to help smokers quit smoking. (9)"

    Based on this information you could try drinking plenty of tea and see how that goes.

  11. building the house
    Why do I=you=we exist?
    bauhaus philosophy of education, basically you wander through all phenomena, experiencing it, in the end you meet at the experimentation space together to create.
    that‘s bauhaus networking.
    if you finally understand the emptyness off a cup - you understand zen.

  12. mastering the maze
    Why do I=you=we exist?
    found this yesterday 

    the darker ones are related to the outside material world - the light gray to the inner spiritual work. i hope i don’t reveal too many secrets here... please delete if that‘s the case. to find love
    2. how to keep love alive
    3. sticking with it or going
    4. how to develop potential in creating something (here it‘s related to career)
    5. how to develop self-confidence
    6. how to fail
    7. how to develop selfawareness
    8. how to interact/deal with others
    9. how to be serene/composed
    10. how culture can change your life
    11. how to enjoy life
    12. the meaning of life

  13. circle of confidence
    Why do I=you=we exist?
    Why would we dare to choose to go back to unconscious incompetence?