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  1. You're welcome! well I am not sure how you would see it as a student, but for me, they keyboard does work well, I don't find it small at all In fact I am enjoying printing on it because the keys are adjacent to each other, which makes me type without moving my hands taking in account that I have an average, not too small, not too big hands
  2. For sure ! a college student wants a machine that is not too big, not too small, great battery life of around 10 hours, physical keyboard and stylus, and lightweight. You're welcome !
  3. On November 2017, Leo published an episode explaining the importance of keeping an extended journal, and introduced the idea of a commonplace book (can be found here). I acted upon his advice, and I made it a quest to find a machine that could help me keep a journal. First the machine is called Asus 10.1” Transformer Mini Here it is: This is a convertible tablet/laptop that is able to run a full version of windows. Here is why I like it: - Full Windows experience. - Convertible (could be used as a laptop or as a tablet after you detach the keyboard). - Included keyboard and Stylus. - Weights around 700 gm with the keyboard, less than two bottles of water, therefore you can take it with you whenever you go. -Nice bright touch screen. - Impressive battery life of about 11 hour. This means you only have to charge it once a day, sometimes I do charge it once every two days. - Also great at consuming media with a surprisingly good speakers. - Has no active fan, which makes it very quiet. The software that Leo recommended is Microsoft OneNote, and I cannot agree more about how powerful this software is, however Leo recommended to get a full version of this software, but to my experience using this as a starter, I find the free version that comes with any windows 10 is excellent for me, especially because it helps me synchronize my notes while saving them on the cloud, which is more convenient. I feel so content with the machine, simply because it enables me to access my OneNote whenever I want, and I don't have to worry about battery runs out, or about excess weight when I take it out with me, and I truly think at this moment that this is the ultimate machine for note taking, and probably for everyday use. Here is an extended video review that helped me making the decision to buy it
  4. @Ibn Sina That is all great, and that is dangerous too, I mean I certainly can be as one of those populists that you've mentioned, but that would involve blood of thousands of people. I don't want to be haunted by their voices screaming why the hell you have decided to lead a whole nation into this direction or that and causing the death of us to happen. I mean even if there is the opportunity to be a populist, I wouldn't be interested in just manipulating one or two friends or family member, but what interests me is to manipulate a whole nation, and the above reason is what I am mostly afraid of.
  5. Thank you ! If you would ask me, I would say that I am really not interested in changing others, I sometimes want to be left alone, and when I am left alone, I feel lonely. I am also working on empowering my vision. I believe that being realistic is something that is going to pay off in the future.
  6. That is a great idea indeed ! I but how? should I go and like judge others and ask for money so that I shut up? My imagination is limited and I cannot imagine how to make profit out of that.
  7. I've started this topic based on your question
  8. What I like about me is what makes is that I can see through things and people, and that makes me feel distant from others, rejected and lonely. It stops me from developing relationships with most of the people around me, as I can see the delusions within them sometimes, and I can see them in real time getting crushed by their delusional thinking. I cannot go ahead and tell them they are delusional they would simply render me as a judgmental person. I have quit living normally like others who study and work, and that was a conscious decision to save my life since I was experiencing living in one of the most dangerous places in Iraq, I was born there, and still living there. constantly trying to make sense of what's going on, developing big picture, and I can see myself way ahead of others when it comes to developing that understanding.
  9. Leaving doesn't make sense to me now. I've tried it more than once like everyone else, I fought for it to happen, but it didn't. As if the universe wasn't approving that move. I am embracing my fate, and just continuing to grow. I cannot just wake up and say: I should leave today, although I am not a minor, but there are many limitations including my passport which doesn't enable me to go wherever I want. It is rated the 2nd worst passport in the world. out of all my neighbor countries, I cannot travel without a visa.
  10. Hello Friends, I think I need help. Born and raised in Iraq for an orthodox Christian family. Born during the Iraqi-Iranian war. I was aware at the first Gulf war. I lived through the economic sanctions, I witnessed the second gulf war. I lived through the insurgency wave. I saw many of my friends, teachers, relatives killed through terrorism after 2003. I left school so that I am not killed or kidnapped, my family went against me for doing that, they were afraid that I would die from hunger if I don't complete my higher studies. They abused me verbally and physically. I fled to Syria and stayed there, I was humiliated, money ran out, I back to Iraq again. I stayed home. When ISIS controlled cities in 2014, they controlled my city, I fled before I see them to another city. They came to that city and took it, but I also fled before they come. I had an awakening 2 years ago, and as someone who went through all this, I had tons of experiences to fuel my awakening that i wouldn't imagine I would be able to pronounce one day. I've grown exponentially during those two years, however, suicidal thoughts are there sometimes, I am having them as I am writing these lines, and I am thinking that ending my life makes sense. I don't have detailed plans, but I am thinking there is no hope for me to ever have a life where I can feel safe again, as my family are of very low quality consciousness, and they are determined to do damage for me again. I think I can confirm for my reader that there is no other person like me in Iraq, no one has ever reached the heights that I've reached when it comes to understanding what's going on and developing the big picture. I have faced the society and swam against the current, I was almost crushed by them . I was able to predict events and at least saved my life twice from ISIS. I am physically unharmed, but I am alone, left alone here, no friend, no family member understands me. even the few foreigner friends that I found lately, they are not fully aware of the dimension my situation, and I cannot say everything to them. Sometimes my days are good, living day by day, watching Leo's videos, working on self observation, keeping a commonplace book, laughing, singing, but sometimes I think to myself that I should reach out to people, and here I am doing this. I can tell you again, you wouldn't imagine how my life went here, one thing I can say, I wasn't only staying here as an observer who tries to flee and save himself. I cannot talk on this public forum about the details of my life which contains very horrible chapters. Again, years of observation have turned me into a genius although but I didn't sign up for this! I am finding it hard to hide myself and my true opinions from my friend, let even my society. There is no freedom of speech here, I cannot say anything I want and get away with it.
  11. Things are so bad that what makes me going is imagining that it could be much worse than this. I am trying to keep good body health, and live one day at a time. Still living in a war zone, with a family that is unsupportive, and people with dark souls that sometimes amaze me just how they can be so stubborn while they are losing everything even their fiends, their health, but they don't listen to the voice of reason. My only solace is that things could have been much worse than this, and for example I could even have my body hurt somehow by an external factor. I think that I am holding to this while thinking that when things get better, I will be able to heal.
  12. I've gone through this, but I've lived in a very conservative society that wouldn't even let me speak with a girl without an observer standing there, and then after that questioning me about that is said. It was horrible, and it killed many things inside me, especially when I developed infatuation for a girl that I can never be with, and also with the lack of the skills to approach her, because my family basically equated the word 'love' with 'rape' without recognizing that. I've been living in very shitty conditions yup. But if you are talking on love from one side, well do you know what love is to start with? How do you define love?
  13. You might be living in a developed country and you could have a passport that would get you almost anywhere you want. I live in Iraq, and my passport is the second worst passport in the world for many years now right after Afghanistan. I really hope that I could have a passport that would enable me to move freely and see the beauty of the world. I have many limitations in my life, and I am having awakening while still living into an ignorant nation, fled ISIS two times, and I thank God that my mom is not kidnapped and sold by them. I think of life as unfair, and this is the solution to all my issue, because I am still considering myself lucky to not having a cancer like my friend that is only 19 years old. In my opinion, you could do many things in life that you've never done before. Also here's a video that talks about happiness, and it came randomly to me while I was browsing.
  14. I would say the key to that is to learn that simply life is unfair. You think that you should be in a better place, but there are limitations for that, and that's how you know that life is unfair. You are healthy and alive, but your friend could be dying of cancer at a young age, life is unfair. If life is unfair, then we should not get obsessed with achieving to o much to the point where we want to play the victim card, and start blaming everyone around us.