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  1. Hello, If anybody can spare $200 per month, It would be great to have them sent to me. I believe I am entitled to get some financial aid, and that as someone self-actualizing in a country like Iraq can bring good hope that I am going to do something when it comes to presenting my nation with healthy persepectives, and also meeting the westerens who come here, and try to explain our stiation according to Spiral Dynamics principles, which can help for bringing peace and love to our universe. I'll be using this money to cover about 3/4 of the rent for my hotel room, and the rest sum of the rent + my living cost will be covered from my current job as a freelancer. I need total of $600 per month, and I am glad to report that I am able to sustain myself so far after being rejected by my family, and living in a hotel, since the state and the socital norms don't allow single people to have their own place and this is considered something against the religious teachings to be single and free to do whatever you want. Also I cannot have a pasport because I don't have an address, a home, again because I am not alowed to. This all won't matter for now, because I think I've found a peaceful corner, and I need to continue my journey of self-actualizing, and also my business study so that I can be able to sustain myself better. I also have made friendship with forginers, and I have a good social life so far. I am giving this opportunity to support me, and I'll be connecting personally with whomever is ready to do that as soon as I'll be able to establish trust with them. Thank you.
  2. I tried Maca, it didn't work. Seems like ER can't be treated by Maca. The latter I don't know what it is. However I am good now, and also I've seen this report, and it turned out the porn fucks up your brain. would like to share it here
  3. This one, the first book of its kind that I read, it talk about how to order people do certain things using indirect commands or commands embedded as statements. it is a sort of NLP programming I guess , and although it is done in the context of romantic situations, but the knowledge can be used in life in general. Go read it now!
  4. After watching political mini series, I started to feel the importance of pushing for reforms, and I woke up this morning, and I was inspired to launch a Facebook page in order to raise awareness of my nation and share with them teachings that I think is useful in this regard. The issue my country is still facing compared to first world countries, the traffic system still suffers here, and the government is unable to prevent reckless driving. What they do is installing mobile cameras to catch the speeding cars, as if the issue was only about speed. What I am proposing is installing cameras in every car and let the people spot reckless drivers, and then they should be having a course to rehabilitate them. I have boosted its performance by sponsored ads $5, and I am waiting to see if this is going to be approved on Facebook or not. I believe boosting is important to spread the message, otherwise, it will stand no chance to reach any audience. Imagine if this post is sharpened and boosted for a $100 or a $1000 dollars! I also asked the people to share it as a part of a national, because the general feeling here is that we've tried so much solutions and nothing is going to work! Here's the post as translated by Google:
  5. @Keyhole Not as simple, I don't think I can do anything by myself. I lately even have my passport expired, and because I am detached from my family, and they have all the documents needed for a passport, I am unable to even renew my passport. So this is where I am, while thinking about applying to anything by myself is out of my reach. Thank you for your attention.
  6. @SerpaeTetra Hello there, thanks for your useful remarks. Sorry I haven't noticed your interactions particularly before, but it is clear that you are following, will start with this. I am not sure if I completely got rid of the victim mindset, but I am trying to. I tend to repeat bits of my life story here just to create context, and sometimes I think this help people to give me a better advice. Not completely there yet, and it is so much harder than you might think, I've got many people telling me to get out and leave, but on the other hand, I started to make progress here, and people started to love me, I started to make a little bit of money and be fully independent for the first time in my life, and I started to see the reality in a much better way, so in the mists of that, it is not easy to take a decision to move out again. (i've moved out several times up until now because of the conflicts) I am planning to do something about that, the issue is that because of lots of past traumas, I am unable to post with my photo is on. There is a great deal of freedom on this website, but where I live, the amount of freedom is much less, and what if in case one day someone finds out about what I write here. I have people whom I recommended this site to, and I cannot trust them not to blackmail me, some of them, at least one already did so in another context. Yet I am a real person, I am a male, like 35, and I am willing to connect with anyone openly who can give me reason to trust them. These are great suggestions, I'll think about my top 5 countries, this is also very confusing to me, as I am unable to even imagine how life is it outside the Middle East.
  7. Hi, I am not the type of person who gives up easily, but at moments, I am able to see that there are degrees or levels to resistance, and it is evident to me by now that my nation is willing be to burn than to compromise or have a dialogue. I confirm that whatever you've heard or seen on TV or in the media about Iraq, it is different than if you do live here. Few weeks back, I posted about how the US is going to intervene in Iraq again, and today, we see something in the context of war when Israel, America's top ally starts bombing Iraq (Source). Iraqi politicians still have no clue of how to react, which only open the door for more escalation, because the country has no strategy, or no plans to survive as a country. Trust me, it is only a matter of time where an angry crazy Iraqi with neuroses directs his fire to an American military base, consulate, or an American diplomat, or even a civilian and bring down casualties, this is when the blessed American president Donald Trump will give his orders to probably invade Iraq again or whatever crazy idea proposed on him! I bet that whomever doing these provocative airstrikes now are betting that there is going to be a crazy irrational response by the Iraqis, which will be the reason to intervene, kind of manipulation and devilry. I need help to leave Iraq, If someone is willing to marry me and grant me citizenship, I am willing to discuss this, or even if someone can provide me with money to make my transition to another country smoother, I am also willing to discuss this. I might need money able to support me for two years, at a rate of $600 per month at least. All my blood relatives outside of Iraq don't talk to me, and I have no one of them in any country who is willing to receive me as in some period I came out as an atheist. I have many foreigner friends, many of them are here in Iraq, and I cannot ask them to help me since they do live here now, and probably had no clue of what's going to happen, although I am preaching this within my circle. I cannot go and be a refuge, usually this is done if you are within a group, I am so alone, and I don't know what it going to be like.
  8. @Average Investor Thanks for your opinion man, Shukran in Arabic! This showed me how the revenue from me can be important to the hotel owner, adding to that the fact that I am friendly with people, including the hotel owner, and I know how to listen and appreciate the good side about them. Here's an update, as I said, Emad and the owner both share qualities that abuses workers, and when Emad came, there have been two workers, one of them left after five days, and yesterday (which is about 20 days later) the other workers left. The issue with the owner is that he is abusive, and one of his previous workers were constantly complaining to me about him, he does that in front of other workers, and his actions and complains from behind the back of the owner is actually responsible for at least 5 workers leaving (the hotel has two workers at any time, so that one was there, but when he was there complaining, other 5 workers come and go, until he himself couldn't handle the situation no more and left) The there was Emad, who promoted himself to management, and two workers left while he is here. Right now the hotel has only the owner and Emad, apparently he is doing the cleaning, yet there is no season. It will be cool to see if anybody would last 5 days where not one, but two abusive people are in the house! Also another update, right after I wrote this post, there was a problem when the AC of one of the rooms didn't work, and everyone got anxious, because the guests complained, so the owner called me to that room which has a broken AC, and he asked me if it is really broken. I checked, and I said yes it is, this is normal and can be fixed by a professional, so when that happens, he commented and told me that it is Emad's fault, he wants to give the rooms early in the morning, and the guests might be wanting to left without paying (in the afternoon), so they complained about the AC. I told him no it is broken, then I asked him, but why you don't tell him not to have guests until noon even if the rooms were full? he said because Emad wants the hotel to be full, and he gets sad if it wasn't. So this shows that the owner, A-Trust me to share this with me, B- Expressing he is not happy with Emad. When we were standing alone, Emad came in and took the remote and tried to see if the AC works or not, and he was also angry, because he blamed the other worker (who left by now) and he said "I think I should kill someone today" and I was like no no, it is a simple matter! Worth to note that Emad has 7 of his family killed in one day in a terrorist attack, so he must have psychological issues, and some of them like anger is apparent. -------------- As for you other comment, I tried in the past yes, but for now, and after discovering actualized.org, I am suddenly very thirsty to learn more and more! Find my way to success, get my needs met, and I think this is achievable ere where I live. I think I am doing a pretty good job indeed. Hopefully one day, when I get my life together, I will be able to travel the world and visit the countries you've talked about. Thanks for your time! and have a nice one.
  9. @ajasatya Truth is that I didn't come up with that. I was inspired. It is from somewhere else. I don't attribute any of that to me. I use nootropics, alpha GPC, Giko Biloba, And Modafinil. I think am at the state of flow and inspiration just filling my reality. Thoughts come on their own. I need reasons to stop my plans, and I am driven by fear yes, but also there is this illusion that this should happen. I cannot find reasons why this devilry should be stopped.
  10. On January, i cut my relationship with my family. Although i am 35, but i used to live with my family until this age. And foe the past year, we were all going through they aftermath of being displaced by ISIS. My home has became a home to ISIS leaders (2014-2017) we were expelled from the city because we are Christians, and back the our christian leaders were invited to a meeting with ISIS in order to decide the "fate" of the christian population in my city, no one showed up, so the Caliph decided to expell us instead of killing us (as per their sources) which they considered very merciful and humane act. I stayed for four other years sticking with my family, but as i got to be more liberal, they couldn't withstand that, and we were unable to connect. There was a fight, and i decided that this is a toxic relationship and decided to just leave them and dand to be reapected. The issue is that single people here are like minorities, you cannot as a single person rent your own house, because according to the Islamic blue society, this will bring corruption and create a space for relationship outside wedlock which according to the Sharia Law completely wrong and should be avoided at all cost. My only option was to live in a hotel on the assumption that my family is another city. I had a room for monthly rate around $300 which i am able to afford. I've been doing thqt for the past 8 month. I found an affordable hotel, and the owner/manager is emotionally developed to a good point where you can learn from him sometimes, yet he is not good at business and he doesn't treat the workers well. Long working hours and they don't have good space to live, no privacy. Their bedroom is literally in the lobby. The hotel was suffering, and workers were leaving, until Emad showed up. Emad is someone from othwer part of the country. He is good at business and can sell rooms well, but he has little emotional intelligence, he is inconsiderate and rude. He is bad to workers too. Emad lately started to make me uncomfortable, and the hotel which used to be as a new home, it is not a home anymore. He asks questions, and want to know about my life, which also scares me because I like to keep secrets my past life. I used to had a second room where i can use its bathroom to prevent smells in my room and avoid humidity if in case i use my in-room bathroom. I took the freedom to use the other room because ot was abandoned and the owner was fine aboit that. Now Emad took it and prapered it for guests and gave me another one which is far from me, and if this continues he might take this room too and operate it. Since he is business oriented, i am guessing one day he will want to use my current main room, maybe offer me another dirty room instead. I am paying monthly rate, which is less than if the room was given on a daily basis to customers, so in a business perspective, he wouldn't mind getting extra $150 for it. Emad has also high ego, and he thinks his plans are the best. The hotel business is booming, yet i can sense that the owner is not ok with Emad's behaviors, yet he is also in dept, and he needs the business skills of Emad. As for me, i am unable to find the reasons not to inflate Emad's ego more and more until it becomes too unbearable to the owner. I have started to inflate his ego and telling him that the hotel is booming because of his efforts, which is true to some degree, but also i am completely keeping silent about the abuse of workers. My next stage would be to make him think he deserves much more payment from the owner, i would tell him that if I owned a hotel one day, i would be glad to make him my partner, because his levels and skills are too good to stay a mere worker or a vice-manager. I know this is develry, I don't knwo why I should stop it..Help..
  11. Thanks for explaining, some of the things I already know. Yet, according to what we are taught here, tribes create dualities, it creates ego. The teaching of actualized.org contradicts that. Leo wants us to reach to a degree that we become one with the universe, yet the idea of tribes creates an illusion of duality. How is that any good?
  12. The thing is that we are debating about "Islam". You claim that it is highly centered around blue, but I claim that it can be centered around any of the MEMEs on the spiral starting from purple until Turquoise (As far as I can tell). How can an ISIS fighter claims he is a Muslim while a Sufi also claims he is a Muslim? it is because the structure of the religion can enable or activate different parts of the spiral almost to an equal degree. The founder himself, he experienced many MEMEs during his life time. He started as a shepherd, then a merchant managing his wife's fortune (equivalent of orange for that time), then a war lord, then a legislator and a president of the first ever Islamic state, and he also had a taste of mysticism and had countless mystical experience during his life time. Therefore, Muslims of today, they can be selective when choosing which part of Islam to activate. People at United Arab Emirates, the activate the (Orange MEME) with the invention of "Islamic banking", while ISIS activates Red wen enslaving minorities, and so on. It is because all the life of Muhammed is considered by Muslims valid and perfect in every possible way, it becomes an excuse for anyone to mold and produce his own version of Islam on any position of the spiral. It would be interesting to learn how can someone decide that Islam is centered around Blue. Is it by measuring the ratio of teachings that rhymes with Blue?
  13. Watching Leo's mini-series on spiral dynamics, and also his video on "Understanding Islam" I feel there are many links missing. I used to think that Islam is a stage-blue kind of system, yet this is only because I knew little about stage-red and stage-purple. Islam has not dissolved tribalism, yet referred to it as "a universal truth". This is obvious in places like the Arab Peninsula, where tribes are still exist and celebrated as a part of the system. Here in Iraq, it has been taken for granted that tribes exist, and it is very common to whiteness their influence, also it is common for some of them to demonstrate tribal revenge acts they do towards each others. Here you can find tens of videos for these acts (locally known as "Tribal Strike") happens on a daily basis in Iraq. Tribal men today drive Toyota Lexus cars, and are invited to conferences to "maintain societal peace in Iraq", (which is ironic), As per the following photograph. This video shows a motorcade of an Iraqi tribal head: People have much in common with any other tribes, yet they enjoy the luxuries just because there is oil and all the money that comes out of it. Back to the subject. It seems to me that Islam also includes elements of purple, mythical stories and incidents are countless in the holy text book of Quran. And literally, many of the stories in Quran is all about spirits and magic, mythical creatures and so on. Also Islam includes Red elements, and its founder is widely considered as a war lord, who "conquered" many states during his life time, and after him, there were many kings and Khalifs who did the same and occupied, annexed wide lands, spanning from Chiana into the Atlantic. Red war lords are highly praised in the Islamic culture, and under the right circumstances, Red-Muslim groups can be activated again, it happens all the time, even recently, examples are Alqaeda and ISIS. It is not because these people prefer to do the "smaller Jihad", but it is obvious that Red culture is a part of Islam itself. Sam Harris speaks about that (Sorry @Leo Gura I see that you ignore the purple and red elements in Islam, or you do not address them enough) Only after that comes the Blue portion of Islam, example when Saddam Hussain was in power, he was trying to activate blue MEME, and all his authoritarian regime with everything he did, he was still trying to reach a Blue society (also through Islamic teachings). Other example are some of the Islamic kings that followed Muhammed. Islam also has Orange elements in it maybe?? because its holy text deals with finances, also Green, Yellow, Turquoise.. I am sure if someone studies it, will find many stages embedded within its texts.
  14. I have realized lately how my mindset was fucked up because I used to accept donations from others. It was a tradition by my family members to give their sons some money, especially on special occasions, celebrations, and when they get big sum (leeching from the system through renting properties and getting high salaries that they don't deserve). I realized how that affected my ability to make money, because I was happy to receive it from my family members, father, grandmother, aunt, a $100 dollars here, $300 there.. and so on. I also wasn't aware of the importance of giving to others when you truly work, and how that makes your subconscious think that making money is easy, and starts making money more often. (Leo opened my life to this point) However, I am in doubt and confusion right now, should I be dogmatic about not receiving any money from anyone as a donation or as a loan? Sometimes, I get the the idea that if someone can give me money to travel and take a break then come back to my life. Sometimes I think I should ask someone to give me money to travel, and in reality there are people whom I can ask to lend me money. To be honest, I feel as an Iraqi that I am entitled to get donation or some sort of compensation because my country has been going through a lot, and that disturbed the progress of my life. I get that feeling whenever someone mentioned how the west had fucked up Iraq. Worth to mention that right now, I became so much better at making money, I have read "Think & Grow Rich" also watching all the video about money on Actualized.org. Yet I am not making the money that can help me take a ticket around the world. Please help me, hit me to deal with this confusion.
  15. I finally realized that I am not the source of creative thoughts and ideas. It happened when I started to realize that inspiration comes from beyond me, from beyond my ego, (I am taking Leo's word that this intelligence is universal, and by time this is starting to make sense). I think this is one step towards pealing the onion layer by layer and get rid of the delusions. Right now, when I want to be inspired, I feel like floating on a sea of energy, without any protection means, and I invite the intelligence to work within and manifest itself. As a former Christian, I feel this intelligence resembles the holy spirit that Christians claim to inhabit someone's heart. I kind of feel the same peace which I used to feel in the past It is when I know that there is something beyond me is acting within me for my good, but this time, it is a little bit different, it is not acting for *my good*, it is acting *for the good*.