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  1. Such a huge problem to try to raise the level of human consciousness. I just found out that what made it possible for humans to grow in numbers into billions was due to a German scientist. It is a conclusion that I heard from an episode of Radio Lab Podcast titled 'The Bad Show' and can be found here: https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/bad-show It is fascinating to think that many of us are here and alive simply because of that man's invention. And now we are heading to 8 become billions. What a grand problem to try to raise the consciousness of our species to the point where they are able to recognize some problematic patterns produced by them which are halting them down. This is what Actualized.org is trying to do as stated by its founder Leo. I found myself buying into this idea to the point of putting it as a priority in my life. As I watch more and more episodes of Leo talking, and read more and more books, I feel the gravity of the responsibility laid on my shoulder while having this kind of knowledge, at the same time, I am a little bit confused about my personal future as I am losing interest in doing any business, and many things add to my problems, including getting surrounded by judgmental people with no hope to break free and having financial independence any day sooner. Of course this is all a state of confusion, and I am trying to embrace it with a smile
  2. August 28th/ I am reading a book that is recommended by a respected member here on the forum, and although it is giving me some eye opening insights, however, I am feeling that there is something different in the writing style of the author when comparing what's in the book to the style of Leo's teachings, something I cannot describe but I will try to summarize. When I am reading the book, it is kind of giving me conclusions on psychological points, but it is not sticking into my mind very well. It is the second time that it happened that I go back to continue my reading, and I read a chapter that I've already read before, while remembering little about what is written in that chapter, to the point that I am starting to think that I didn't read it. While in the case of Leo's teaching style, I find myself able to understand and connect with the ideas that he shares on his videos, and when I go back and watch, I feel that I already know what he is going to say, and that what he is saying does not sound completely new and like hearing it for the first time.
  3. @John Lula Thank you John for sharing your experience, that's the reason for starting this post is to get some guidance on this totally unknown realm for me. It gives me confidence and make me understand that the astral world is something that you can have some control on after all. The man in the video put it in a totally different context when stating that someone is like a child and there are demons who are waiting to come experience this world if he didn't have enough knowledge.
  4. @Clayman Thank you so much for taking time to write down these invaluable recommendations. They went down to my own book list. Currently reading "The psychopath code" also recommended by a member here in the forum.
  5. @John Lula @Sockrattes @Hamilcar Thank you guys for your support. As Leo stated above, it needs hard working and it is not for faint of heart. I've only wanted to know what this is about, not yet decided to try to explore it myself. I've been in a lucid dream at least once. However, the subject of Astral projection seemed very real and popular when I searched for info on it on the internet. One man was trying to list the dangers of doing it incorrectly, like bringing demons with you into this world. Coming from a point of zero knowledge about this subject, I am more curious to find out. Here is the video:
  6. Thank you. Sometimes when I think about it, the stages of spiral dynamics seems to be unreal, however, I myself have been through and experienced some of them, and that's how I know they are real. Gaining knowledge in this area made everything fall in place. I guess the realms of reality are the same, they are there , they are real according to people who went there, but it is extremely hard to believe they do exist for someone like me. I consider myself an open-minded person, but cannot imagine myself trying actively to enter any other realm of reality by my own will any sooner. There are many reasons, first, I am trying to make sense of things around me giving that I've lived through many traumas, and second is that I do not have access to psychedelics where I live, and third is that I do not personally know people who can help me, like for example taking psychedelic trips. Where you are there are those monks who can help you have those kind of trips, but where I am, there is no such facility, fourth, it is something scary to experience first hand other realms of reality, I've been raised religiously and exposed to ideas that praise tombs and spirits of saints, I have been there, and it always scared me the possibility of saints and ghosts. My question is, depending on the way I am reasoning this, with all my fears and scarcity of resources, do you think I should actively make it a priority for me to try entering other realms of reality? or I should wait until I am doing OK with the other aspect of my life? Thank you.
  7. I've just found out about Astral Projection yesterday, I had no idea what it is about or if such a thing is even out ther, but I would like to learn if this subject is recognized from the point of view of Actualized.org I've never heard Leo mentioning it during his videos that I've watched, but I would like to learn if he ever did. Thank you
  8. @CreamCat Allow me to thank you again for sharing "The Psychopath Code" with me. I am into chapter 2 now. I've been through extensive amount of hardships throughout my life, and it is soothing that I will be able to make sense of what was going on with me, and being able to use this knowledge to avoid future traumas.
  9. August 19 Update: I am starting to understand Leo's saying that you should discover things yourself and not take his words for granted. You should do the work yourself. It is indeed very silly to take what Leo say as beliefs. It won't work that way. Nothing will work that way. At some point, you are going to get comfortable with your life and gain some control through Leo's teaching, but then, it becomes meaningless to expect that you will make the same pace of progress you did up until the stage where you became able to control your life just by listening to his conclusions. In Summary: If you feel there is no progress or growth, pay attention to this matter.
  10. @CreamCat That is an excellent advice thank you. However, I am now excited that I found this one, and I am going to take it as an introduction a 101 type or books, because I was fascinated by your first comment here, and I discovered there is so much to know about psychopathy. So This is a safe approach for now?
  11. @CreamCat That seems a very promising book, and It is also available for free! Thank you so much for sharing it. That will make my life easier when trying to navigate while surrounded with less intelligent people who are often natural psychopaths. I wish you a great week ahead.
  12. @CreamCat It seems that I know very little about psychopaths, would you please recommend a book or a video to enlighten me about this? Thank you.
  13. Thank you for posting this. I can consider it an educational material, something to learn from.
  14. These are valuable points. And that's why I am not planning on opening a physical space where I can be in touch with women, that is too dangerous for me. I was thinking more like opening a consultation service for fitness over the internet. Even this, it turned out to be not the best ideas because people are full of fears, I've talked about that here Indeed there are many female psychopaths, but I kind of see that you can still find normal females in red relatively easily, while with the case of finding normal males, they are extremely rare. Please reply. Thanks