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  1. I think I do get what you mean now, republicans want to hold freedom as the highest value. I watched Senator Ted Cruz's filibuster against Obama Care in 2013, and it is amazing how I can see what you mean right now. In the past I used to hold the dogma that freedom is the best, and especially since I was sort of "saved" from Saddam's regime when Bush decided to invade Iraq.
  2. When the USA has enabled people like yourself to teach freely, reach higher state of consciousness , you should trust how fucking unique this is. You know it but you should trust it more. There's no other nation that's build on so many layers of breakthroughs that could enable the same circumstances that allowed you to reach to what you are today. I personally believe that your teachings are powerful enough to change the whole world. and at some point, we are going to see the fruits of that. The love you're putting will overcome any type of resistance there is whether in America or anywhere in the world. You'll be amazed how fast this will happen. Love you dude!
  3. Again with crippled society, this is unlikely to happen. Innovation is something which stems from creatively, in turn it stems from the sense of individuality, other than this you have people who can copy stuff, but cannot create. Have a look of Chinese shared bike disaster interpretation
  4. I am from Iraq, and the thing is that no matter how good their education is, it reminds me of myself. I used to suffer from lack of any critical thinking skills, i didn't even know that such a thing called critical thinking does exist up until recently. With masses (like me) whi do lack behind, you are only going to raise crippled societies uncapable of pushing itself forwards. Myabe you have no idea how science taught in countries like Iraq for example, where they just want to teach you the core, and neglect the halo that surrounds it. The result is people who know how to do science but they are crippled when it comes to unleash the true power of it, and cannot see the context of which science should be practiced. When I was in highschool, the textbooks were filled with quranic verses,. We're talking all the science books, math, chemesty, and especially biology. Unless there's a breakthrough which puts an end to the humiliation of science, there won't be any rrue progress. Good one. Anti-dialitu remark.
  5. In his recent episode, which is a very informative, and fun episode, Leo has argued that China could outpace the US and then defeat it soemtime in the future. I think this is not true. I personally believe that the US as a giant country is a very unique experiment in the history of mankind, and the circumstances that has led to its birth cannot be replicated, thus we won't be having another country with so much big potential and ability of leadership like it. The US has been leading the world successfully since the times of WWII despite the ups and downs. The US has never caused any type of universal disruption for humanity on the scale of Covid-19, unlike Chinah, which in my opinion would need another millenium just to get to where the US today. What leo cannot see is that individual freedoms has had the biggest say in all the breakthroughs that helped the US become what it has become today. It is when the person has enough freedom to think, to speak, to create, to express. This is what led to the creation of Atomic bomb which has played a huge role in keeping world peace, thus advancing humanity, when a brilliant scientist had the chance write a letter to his president, with no fear that he might be accused or beheaded or interrogated, but in Chinah, a doctor will be ordered to shut up and probably face death later by injecting him with the virus that he tries to warn humanity about. In American, anyone with enough support and cash can run for president, while in Chinah, this is not possible. In America, we had John Kennedy, with great wisdom, he was able to stop WWIII from happening, Imagine a dogmatic Chinese president Xi was put in the same position where he has to stop WWIII, I mean he covered the pandemic up for a long time! let alone preventing WWIII Here's something I cannot understand, what kind of breakthroughs are going to lead Chinah to allow free speech, which I think is the base for such breakthroughs that the US had during its history? Can't you see that this is unlikely to happen? and if it does, there will be no more Chinah! Leo Gura, Sorry, I cannot see what you see, facts says that Chinah has done poorly when it comes to this pandemic, they unleashed a deadly virus which caused a massive world disruption, and God knows what the coming years will tell us about how and what led to that. They withheld important info for months, and even the gene sequence was eventually released by a private Chinese lab very late. It just seems absurd that you praise them after a really beautiful lecture. I suggest that you follow this channel for daily updates on how they are doing cuz praising them just seems a little biased: https://www.youtube.com/user/NTDChinaUncensored
  6. What I find really surprising is how good chunk of society tries to deny that and lead some sort of crusade campaigns against the big evil (racism). Like can't they see that "racist" people are not the big elephant in the room? They demand laws and reforms, isn't that just waste of time which leads to poor results at the end? Can any law, or reform fix the problems of Black Americans?
  7. I loved this explanation, Thanks for puting it here!
  8. I think the biggest amount of growth happens when you approach a situation, and does just a little to change it, and then leave the rest to be done for the people who are affected. Black people, as Iraqis, has been touched and exposed to what America can offer, (an environments of stage-orange and beyond). It is up to them to get involved and elevate themselves through the available systems despite any discrepancies. As for my nation, despite all the generous help we received throughout the past two decades, it wasn't enough to get us back on track. Past 2003 and the "liberation of Iraq", we collectively made it possible for terrorist organizations to thrive and establish a new mini-empire. Since 2014 until now, we were trying to bury the past using horrible approaches, and now we are on the verge ov bancurrupcy. Here are a quick article to read by our Finance Minister: https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/interview/287ac443-fe37-4d5a-bbf4-fe939066067e
  9. I just watched a report about LA's Skid Row, and yes these people are living in a sad situation. I hope they can get out of it soon. I cannot stop myself of thinking that Leo's teachings could be suitable to help them navigate this hardship and make the best out of their situation. If they can only get their hands on this kind of materials. Also for your passport privliges, don't worry about it, I guess this is a part of human evolution where bouindries should be set. The nation that's on the edge will have such privlages. Maybe you did zero work to earn it, yet your anscestors have done tremendous amount of efforts to push through the hardships, and maybe some of them has vizualized this to be achieved for the latter generations and you cannot do anything about it! What you can do since you're also privliged here is to help me change my forum handle to something else. I need to share the forum and the website, but I am still in a voulnrable situation, and sometimes I put my heart out here and I don't want to lose this account and open a new one. Do you think this is possible?
  10. That's deep love! Indeed heartbreaking situation. This I can sympathize with, yet I cannot wrap my head around the fact that paper works is still needed in America to prove you're a citizen. Can't they figure out that a hurricane has happened and fix the situation for your boyfriend and many people like him?
  11. He can lay his feet on 150+ country without a visa for example? All you need is an airline ticket for that & You still retain huge amount of freedom just because you have a US citizen. I am selling stuff on the internet, I get order, I get the stuff to shipping company, all done manually, no automation, no company registration, just nothing. I buy second-hand clothes, and sometimes near-expired food.
  12. Yeah, just don't resist, give it some time and you'll see that there are ways indeed! unless someone is just resisting and trying to plan the ideal type of "future"
  13. I don't think number does matter, if they are like '4' or '5' on the tier one, then this means nothing. Maybe there are infinite number of ways they can elevate themselves, and maybe it takes time and this will happen on its own over generations. Why do you want it to happen now? just because you don't want to open the TV and see a similar incident to that of G.F. anymore?
  14. You assume you know, but let me inform you, we had a civil war, some 13 years ago, where people were killed based on their name. I've experienced personally some of that sactarian war. My tissues ran out! This sorry, I don't buy this. maybe you want him to have a privileges and life of a white person, that's not going to happen! I don't think so. Still has an American passport! Can live anywhere he wants in the world. I live with no civil rights, no passport, no permission to rent my own home, no permission to open a business, no permission to buy a car, and you know why? Just because I am single in a society that value only family and condemns singles and kill gays.
  15. @louhad @Carl-Richard I don't claim that I know how to fix that, but this is what I can imagine, I mean what stage green does is: 1- Push someone to adopt victim mentality. 2- Think that love is going to cure. 3- Push someone to adopt victim mentality, did I say that? 4- AND Push someone to adopt victim mentality. I've experienced that myself at some point in my life.