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  1. Is leo stealing my ideas ?! He cannot do that, because he is me!
  2. Recently, I have became like a blackhole, I am able to attract all the good things in the world, and make good things happen to me and to others. The knowledge that I've accumulated from Actualzed.org, and from books have enabled me to make new paths for good things to happen on their own, and whenever I need something, I just act in a certain way that this thing is presented to me without even asking for it. One of my latest realization involved linguistic patterns, specifically the embedded commands, as discussed within this post, and through that book, I've discovered how these embedded commands is so important to know about, if not to manipulate someone to do something, then for the purpose of not giving anybody the wrong embedded commands, and then cry about why good things are not happening to you. That book is very practical in everyday's life and highly recommended.
  3. I hope so, I didn't choose that path, but it rather happened after the reality did beat me hardly several times, that's when I started to open up. I am not sure that there could be good concequences for all, maybe only for those whom I come in contact with
  4. @Leo Gura Meanwhile for me personally, I am still dedicating much of my time to self-actualization. I am making progress in supporting myself, one day when the big collapse happens, I'll be able to flee and never look back, I've already done that several times before, the latest is when Iraqi security forces collapsed in 2014. The other path is I want to be influencing people, clearing much of the misunderstanding that's hear and maybe contribute to put the country on a path to recover. I need to get to stage Yellow in all cases, and I am planning to start reading about systems. Any advice?
  5. @Leo Gura One of the problems we're currently facing is manipulation on a massive scale, if a protest begins, a tribal leader would move a million of his followers to join it, in order to kidnap that protest and put it down, eventually people will figure that out and avoid it, and then march twoards the govenmental institutions and get the whole regime down. However, there is Iran, the neighbor which has the most influential power over the Iraqi regime post-2003, and they have a lot of experience to protect tyrant. They contributed to keep Assad in power in Syria for now 8 years. I believe they will be ready to turn Iraq into total destruction in order to prevent the fall of its current regime. I do not see a path in which this regime is being kept unless there ate blood baths backed by Iran, even that won't be enough.
  6. Hatred, we've all experienced that at one stage of our life, we hate someone and we wish they die horribly, we can almost imagine the way we want them to die and hope that this will come true, but lately, I've discovered something that I consider more powerful than hatred, it is complete erasing of someone from your memory, to the degree that you find it extremely hard to remember their faces, for me, that is much more powerful means than hatred itself, basically it has the same effect of not being able to remember someone after they've pass away 15 years ago. It is completely an internal procedure, and it is done by using suggestive commands for your subconscious to follow. As for now, I am convinced that this is a powerful method, and I am a little bit intimidated it even to use it on people who have hurt me in the past, as I imagine that if I run into them again, the experience could be similar to seeing a ghost or seeing a person alive after you've just been there when they were buried.
  7. Yes they have freedom to vote or not (as per now), yet as an Iraqi, I also know that people have lost faith in government, and everyday I meet people from all different Iraqi ethnic groups praising Saddam Hussein shamelessly , they miss the order that he used to bring to the country and they feel nostalgic for that. They hate this new "system of thieves". I personally know no one who is voting, not a friend, not a relative. I voted once back in 2006, and that's when the true democracy was "raped" when a decision of the supreme court made the winner a loser, and a loser a winner. After that we had 8 years of ruling ended with ISIS, 4 years spend on defeating ISIS, and now we have a year and a half the country supposed to have a new start, but we a wave of deadly anti-government protests just started, with millions of people going with full anger mode in order to break-in to the governmental institutions and throw down the regime.
  8. Once upon a time, I was buying into the notion that the American invasion has somehow corrected the path of Iraq and even though it didn't work well, yet the time can micro-adjust everything and the final situation is going to be better. Yet after studying Spiral Dynamics, I can see the big mess that is here, tribal systems, mixed with orange corruption and rigid blue. I just realized that what looks like a democratic system here is actually nothing but a facade, one sign is that the government force people to register as voters, without forcing them and intimidating them, no one will hardly register as a voter. The way they do it is that they basically tell everybody that they will have no right to do any governmental related procedure before registering as a voter, so people do comply only because they want to get there business done. I am pretty sure one day we will wake up and hear about the collapse of Iraq, and for me personally, I consider that Iraq was officially ended when ISIS took over 1/3 of its total area back in 2014, which led to the intervention of the international community to restore order. I can report that the country is still led by the same mentality that was present back then, and the nation, and the leaders have no clue of where this is going.
  9. Iraq again my lovely country, with a society of redish-blue and a sprinkle of Orange. If you've been dropped there, what new things would you try to be doing? Things you normally cannot do elsewhere? Thanks
  10. It is interesting how he firmly believes in what he say. Each and every word. From his perespctive, others are terrorist, Iran defeated ISIS which was created by America, and going to war is inevitable if any mistake is made. What do you think?
  11. Thank you for your interest! I am not assuming everybody is wealthier than me, but I think in this universe, it can happen that somebody making like thousands of dollars per month, and just willing to give. Thank you for letting me know about that, we have here also Syrian refugee and lately Iranian people coming to search for jobs, sadly people make use of them and pay them half of what they pay for locals, while they might be having double experties.
  12. Hey, I don't think so, I am not comfortable enough to do that, I seek to keep or live double personalities here in my country, and I live as in disguise (I don't know how to put it in a better linguistic form), yet the last thing I need is someone to learn I have different ideas and mindset. I want to practice being careful, as I've witnessed many of the people I know got beheaded, been close to many genocides, and survived and escaped ISIS, among many other disasters. If anyone can register anonymously here, then it is not in my benefit to reveal my true identity. I can survive without the donation, but I won't take a chance to be in a position where someone blackmails me, or even write down my name on the secret lists of the terrorist organizations. I even have thought to request to change my username, but that’s against the policy, so I might even delete this account one day. As for the books, I’ve read spiral dynamics mastering values leadership and change (here’s my review to it). As for Spiral Dynamics in Action, I have it already, yet I prefer to have a period between the two books, I think it is best to like make you ready for a new take on the topic. Thanks you for your interest
  13. Thank you for these remarks and for your feeling. Honestly, I don't know how donation works best, thank you for mentioning some of the causes people can donate to. I am unable yet to start a new new projects that gives basic value, many mind barriers that forbid that, and honestly, I would rather go a little deeper in self-actualization first. I've found out that it is extremely important to elevate to a certain level before bringing your art to the world, or else, you will just mess up without you even knowing that.
  14. I believe that when you get to stage yellow and start to study systems and system thinking, that's when you will be able to inspire change effectively. Transition from a stage to another doesn't depend on the percentage, unless you are willing to push and fight and argue and protest, yet the easiest way is to show people who it is done by making them aware of the limits of thier current stage, while the life conditions surrounding them can sustain this transition. This is an answer on your question if I have looked into the storeis of Martin Luthger King, or Rosa Park. Yes I did to some extent, and I think there was violence in the example of Martin Luther King, not totally peaceful. While today with technology, you can inspire a more peaceful transition and reform by first being aware of the dynamic of change, and then pushing the right amount of info each time, making people see what limits them and proposing solutions for that, which they can peacefully adopt and work accordingly.
  15. Thank you for taking time to reply to this post, I appreciate your comments. If someone is willing to help, then I can connect personally, other than that, I believe it is better for me to keep being ananymous. This community doesn't requiere you to disclose your true identity, and if not everybody is disclosing their identity, then it will be best not to do that. I don't trust people here enough to disclose my identity, and there are no restrictions on who can register, so anyone can do it passing a simple question like "What's the name of the guy in the video". I need to connect personally with whomever want that, I need to know them, and establish trust. It is always an opportunity to support someone who is self-actualizing, it is not for my personal benifit, but it is the benifit of he whole univeerse. I totally buy the teachings of Leo, I have a long list of books to read, and I find meaning and purpose in going up the spiral, on the other hand, I have suvived wars and genociedes, and I know what it is be like to be in that situation, I'll make my best to make things better for the whole universe. I don't see why I should not consider that an opportunity for anyone to support me through this journey. I think it is all the above, yet I am coming here on hope that there are people understand the dynamics of change. I need to get to stage Yellow, and that's when I'll be able to inspire real change in my country, which will be good no for me, or my country, but for the whole world. I want to get to stage Yellow, and start infuincing the politicians in my region, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, or else, it there going to be wars non-stop. Imagine me going to any institution other than Actualized.org, and tell them, hey, I want to get to stage yellow, please support me. What would be their reaction? Dropped of college due to the post-2003 military operation, and the insurgency, I am not sure what "action plan" means, and I am not sure how to make one. Yet, I've written above some of what I intend to do. It is really important for westerners who come here to be informed, otherwiese they are going to push change with no concederation for the spiral, and make things worse for everybody (it has always been like that by the way, that is why Americans are still involved in the region). For now, many who come work here are stage-green liberals, and some of them want to push their values, while the society has regressed bellow blue, and I leave that for you to imagine the mess that can be created as a result of that. While conservitaves stage blue-orange rarely put a foot here, unless they are ready to get involved in warefare efforts.