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  1. I would say @Angelite is actually unable to follow with this kind of reasoning which involves critical thinking, and this is where the dialogue can easily end. It is just critical thinking and reasoning is something outside the capacity of thinking for almost ANYONE who claims he/she is a Muslim, except for those who study about in the universities, because it is a fact that it is not taught in schools anywhere, since it contradicts the Islamic beliefs. Instead, most of Islamic countries teach Islam in schools since childhood, and with it comes the Islamic way of reasoning which depends mostly on Sharia Laws. She mentions that I am going to cry if in case I read the book, and Islam involves a lot of emotional stimulation, Islamic figures cried, the prophet himself used to cry...etc
  2. @Angelite Thank you. I would recommend that you read "A New Earth" by Echart Tolle. It opens with chapters that talks about humanity before religion.
  3. Cool, Do you lose it sometimes? how's that working for you?
  4. Great, I am meditating by looking at my hand sometimes. trying to take things on a slow pace. I am making progress when it comes to be present and control my monkey mind. you?
  5. I am doing my best trust me. The ability to keep the conversation going is a signal for that. Next time you meet a Muslim, try to engage with them, and see for how long you can hold a meaningful conversation while trying to be as authentic as the situation allows, and then remember me. I am a son of this area, and my ideas are evolving to the degree in which I can hold a conversation with western people, and it is a signal that I am doing my best.
  6. As a person who lived in a strict Muslim city for at least 25 years, I guess I have done my part. I have embodied Islam enough, and I had a grim idea of what to come next. I need to work on my pyramid of hierarchy of needs. I believe rescuing myself is not less important than anything else. I am not ready in anyway to give up my self-actualization journey in order to "save the world"
  7. GUYS I am thinking about deleting these posts about Islam. I think some respected members now have a general idea of what I mean, but also please learn, it has been emotionally exhausting for me, especially when some people with a Muslim faith jumped in and started to do what they do best, it is to defend their religion against any suspicions. I hope by deleting the post, It wouldn't offend anybody who participated here in the dialogue. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, I still think these are speculations, and you being inclined to believe what your eyes see, nothing is actually changing. I am in Iraq, why can't I have a visa to visit Germany if without big complications? because nothing has ever changed, and nothing will ever change. Lastest instant was when Iraq helped indirectly creating ISIS by funding them and giving them the land to build a caliphate. your friends are the working robots, and they do not count in the equation for now, but they are passing the meme, maybe to their sons or grandons. The deadly meme is still being passed from generation to another, and when the right time comes, it is going to be activated. This is a war tactic. we have: Premise one: Muslims' numbers are increasing. Premise two: Islam is kept in one form or another and passed through generation. Argument: When time comes, it would be so stupid for Muslims not to turn the table against everybody else. For now, There is nothing that can contradict this but mere over-optimistic speculations.
  9. I think you have a certain perspective, which is Islam is the best! You repeatedly mentioned that violence has nothing to do with religion, which is something that everyone here disagree on. I don't believe that. I believe you are still a very hardcore Muslim who will do anything, including giving false info in order to have the chance to defend Islam. I don't think you know what I feel, and everyone has a completely different path and no two baths are identical, so you cannot know "EXACTLY" what or how I feel. I love this community who has given me so much, and I feel I should defend it from anyone who has unclear intentions what I meet here. I think you are a Muslim, and your agenda is to defend Islam here. however, I will respect you more if you at least have the decency and the courage to be honest about that. After all, there is no use to hide anymore. I can smell that in your posts, and I am going to follow you. There is no hatred, in ideal situations, we should come here only to understand. If you sensed any hatred, it is because you consider Islam a part of your identity, that is why you feel the burn. It is not like that, Hitler's perspective was to burn the Jews, Prophet Muhammed's perspective was to let Banu Quraiza meet their creator in a horrible way, Ask Mahatma Ghandi if he Agrees with Hitler and Muhammed.
  10. I cannot get what this means " he is only someone who wears the mask of someone else to you."
  11. I get what you mean, we all come here to deal with our delusions, but this is like electronic Jihad. This is my second post here in this forum where Muslim people jump and start defending Islam. I am not happy. I love the people here, and I love this wonderful community, it has been so useful to me, but I am not happy to see some individuals trying to sneak in and lurk in the dark, and then do all sort of stupid stuff.
  12. What does this mean but ridicule for the conversation? How can these kind of comments be tolerated here? Suddenly now i am "hating other people" !! This is clearly red herring fallacy.