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  1. @Elisabeth I am glad that I was able to make myself understood, without being impolite. I can give a tip, do not go against people who sounds racist against Muslims. Islam is one of the worst ideologies out there. Sometimes people go nuts when they truly begin to understand what it is all about, and racism is the first tool they utilize. I know racism can be bad, but I lately having a thought that if there is a line to determine the outcome, it should be drawn somewhere. It always has been like this, and it will always be unless the human consciousness evolves collectively. Categorizing racism as bad is anyways against the non-duality in my humble opinion. Nothing is good or bad by itself, and each case should be evaluated separately so that things don't get mixed up like we are seeing today.
  2. @RichardY Nice song, and after everything, I admit, I have no clue of what's the best solution if any, I am still trying to make sense of what's going on around me, and finding the best way to avoid being trapped in a situation that can put mu life in danger once more. At least I am able to do this so far. @Sockrattes I am sorry if I have offended anyone or said irrational thoughts, I might be saying things that I would regret in the future that stems from my lack of having proper understanding on these big issues.
  3. @Sockrattes My country, Iraq, is never sovereign but on paper, and western countries always come back with armies when there is a conflict, this pattern is repeating itself over and over, in fact they are here right now in a broad coalition against ISIS and your country is a part of that, Countries within this coalition have helped destroying many cities of Iraq, so the western nations never hesitates to intervene when there is an urgent interest like stopping ISIS, or removing a regime, and with them they carry destruction, but they hesitate a million time to try to find a viable long-lasting solution for the forever going on violence in the Middle East. I have so far witnessed four major wars in Iraq, and I am not yet 40 years old! isn't that a repeating pattern? Yes you might have to go full imperialism again, the west has always been like this, the world for centuries and millennial has always been going like this, what has changed now? I don't suggest that this should be done, but accepting few migrants will never be a viable solution for our problem, why not accept all people instead? however, I think that sometimes it is hard to identify certain type of patterns, we have Iraq, Yamen, Syria, three countries drowning in wars and conflicts, with Iran and Saudi Arabia are involved, all Muslim nations, we have 5 Muslim countries at the same area, that are involved in conflicts, and nobody paying attention to that. We have now Turkey, Russia, the US each with their interests, tell me this is not a recipe for new world war. Your folks meanwhile are busy optimizing the latest Mercedes for pollution and fighting over migrant issue while we live in a hell like situation here. Nowadays there are new protests in Iraq, and the government is trying to contain them, wait if in case they were able to throw down the fragile corrupted Iraqi regime, just wait for the mess if in case that happens and the certain come back of ISIS like you've never seen it before.
  4. @Sockrattes First, I am not gay, and after getting to the self actualization, not Christian anymore too. Second. I don't intend to come and ask for asylum, this is degrading for my humanity as there is no fairly easy way to reach there, some of my relatives went there by rubber boats, I won't do that myself any sooner, and no one should do this anyways if your folks are concerned about human rights. Also, I don't want to come and find myself in a middle of a debate that polarize people there in your country. I need a solution here in my country. I want to stay and I demand the people of developed civilization to come and see what is going wrong that's preventing our countries from advancing. If you are pushing for good and equality and all those juicy stuff, then everyone should come with dignity, not only those who risk their lives in the seas. Your country has became like the promise land for many here, but for me, I am aware it is not a heaven, and I am not a Christian anymore to go through death in the seas on the hope of reaching the promised land. Thanks for your invitation, but no thank you.
  5. There is something not right about that, at least someone should come and see how people view the west. They are evaluating them exactly the opposite way. My father says "America is a criminal", he truly believes that this entity 'America' acts as one individual who is wanting to slay people and causing destruction in "our country of civilizations" . He has no idea about the polarization going on there, and he thinks that when an American president is elected, someone literally give him a book of instruction that determines his strategy, which justifies his belief that "America IS a criminal". He also think that the recruited children of ISIS should be killed when they are in the hands of the cops, even without trial. Someone like my father has the opposite mindset of an average westerner. I think in the situation of Muslims, they should be evaluated by the outcome of a society rather than an individual, it is a certain mindset that is almost impossible to obtain. I am dying to get an explanation that makes sense, but experiencing liberals first hand has left me with a new trauma that is added to my previous ones. You people are toxic. You defend the rights of LGBT in your countries, but you are OK with hundreds of millions of young Muslims threatened to death if they dare to go on a date, just going on a date in a public place can get you killed here very easily, let alone things like being an atheist. How could you not see this happening to us!
  6. The remaining Christians, they are afraid to continue their living here, everyone I know has left or is talking about leaving the country, all extended family have left over the past years, like 60+ individuals , and there is a pressure even on me to just migrate, my family has tried but they failed just few months back. No one basically is prepared for living in this kind of environment. When Saddam was ruling, Christians were happy, there was some stability when it comes to their situation, or at least they think so when you ask them, but now with ISIS and terrorism, they are unable and unwilling to understand what is this all about, and the option of migrating is very appealing for everyone, although they had absolutely no idea about the debate that's going on within the destination count, it is like feeling of entitlement that is controlling them.
  7. You could be assuming that you know enough about Muslims and Islam, just enough to make you decide that this could work. After I wrote the first post, I am kind of thinking that maybe Islam has red stage qualities, if this is the case, then people who assume the above solutions could work, they are basically trying to skip stages. Definitely Islam has reddish qualities in it. I believe that the average westerner has little to zero knowledge about Islam, especially when comparing it to Christianity and other religions, I am not going to explain as this summon bad feelings for me being a traumatized person on many levels, but take my word for it, not all religions are equal, think about why was Islam able to hold well against the scientific revolution and the internet.
  8. @RichardY It is good that you have time to read the Quran, my one and only quick tip, never ask a "Moderate Muslim" to clarify something in case you needed, they use deception and try to polish the religion and twist the meanings. I guess the only option for me is to live with my family, the norms and mores here forbid at any case that someone rent out his own place, if you can understand what this about, you would know the amount of control religion has here. Renting out a place is basically not applicable for single people, it is not written in the law, but it is more powerful than if in case it is. Nobody wants singles to live alone because they think this would open the door for "moral corruption", basically you if you rent out a place as a single person, you would be able to bring a a girl or a man inside, and that can allow good environment for "adultery" and all kind of stuff against the religion. So I cannot rent out my own place UNLESS I get married according, that applies to everyone even Christians. The only one time I've experienced living with a GF, is when I met an expat here. I was able to have an intimate relationship with her, other than that, I have to get married traditionally. It is harder anyways even if I want to, because my Christian society has been destroyed by the wars, and most fled to the west as migrants.
  9. @RichardY Was born in a Christian family yes. Life in Iraq is a bit tricky, I feel like I am living among red population maybe? while I am aware of some of the part of the spiral dynamic model. I don't know if Muslims qualify as pure blue rather than holding reddish values. For I've gone through persecution on many levels, my only option was to try to make sense of all of what's going on around me, and now I am kind of locked up, looking for safety while siting at home, protected by my family as a shield from the outer world. So yes, I guess life here might be the way you imagine it to be, so the only viable option is to hide from the monsters in human form outside your home. I consider this as imprisonment and I am ready to accept that for many years to come, luckily I do have some privileges over a prisoner, like for example, I can go shopping, I can order stuff online.
  10. @Elisabeth I Am sorry. End of conversation here. There is a cloud of dark emotions going through me when I started to form a reply. That's when I decided to delete what I wrote and apologize to you. Wrong Questions are responsible for this. Sorry.
  11. Now that I know about the spiral dynamics, it seems to me that this is pure orange! they are like, let's throw some education on them, it would solve their problems. The fact is: it clearly doesn't work that way. Blue society have their limitations that stems from their dogma, they are for example teaching children religion from early age at schools, Sharia Law to be specific. This is going on here and in all Islamic countries. That alone would make a big challenge for science to flourish in the society because religion limits science. That's why I am inferring that you are holding ideas of reform through education while you have absolutely no clue of anything here. You are using wishful thinking. You are giving the wrong medicine. For me it is clear that the set of values that a society holds determine the stage that it lies within, not the amount of scientific knowledge which comes in a later stage. I believe even if giving them education, it would be crippled and limited by the norms and mores. It is waste of time and effort. It could be done and it will sure make their life a little bit better, but no one should count on it in order to transform their societies, which is what those people who call for education think.
  12. Can you please tell me about those terms used here? Please give me an example of "relativism" and "non-nuanced thinkers" Thanks
  13. For me as someone who is aware of my blue society, I thought I would be able to relate to western liberals when I meet them, but after meeting some of them face to face, it became a toxic experience after a while. Right now, I have cut my connections to them, refusing to meet some of them. I felt betrayed that I am being ignored, while they are busy admiring the blue culture and mingling with blue people, despite the fact that I can relate to them, and I have similar "green?" values maybe?. They wanted me to go to their countris, study to save myself from the post-conflict situation which left my life paralyzed, which is in my opinion an orang-y way of thinking, to study, it would solve my problems and help me get my life back!, It doesn't seem green to me. I would say that failing of those liberals or leftists to recognize the negative things in blue is a sign of hypocrisy, and their reaction to racism against Muslims is very destructive, if it does anything, it would only spoil blue societies and make their suffering continue. Please correct me if I sound very wrong, my intention is to learn more, not to judge. Thanks
  14. @Elisabeth I was waiting for this kind of answer to pop-up that it is coming from green perspective, I disagree, because at least there is a missing ring here. I haven't watched Stage Green video yet, but those who are all about human rights and inclusion and other stuff (whether orange or partially green), they seem to be totally ignorant about stage blue societies, cultures and religion, I see this as a very big issue. It seems that they want to accept migrants in a random way without proper knowledge about the inferior stages. Imagine if stage blue people go to stage beige people and trying to incorporate them into stage blue directly. This situation in my opinion is pure sabotaging, and it would result in distastes for societies of both stages. The only way for that to be done (according to people who are pushing for that today) seems to me to be random, as focusing on the few people who are willing to transfer to the upper stage (free societies) is only going to help few percentage of individuals, the rest will be left behind suffering , without a clue of how to get out of their problems. As an alternative good method in my opinion is to push for those societies that are plagued with wars and conflicts to get out of stage blue, I mean after all, on what basis people would like to bring in migrants? is it randomly? is it applicable only for those who can make it to the land of the promise even if they go with death rubber boats across the seas? What about the others who cannot make it to that land.