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  1. @Strikr Do you currently think in the direction that what you've seen is not, and should not be a normal everyday situation?
  2. Good questions. I can see fear basically of what the future can hold for both of you. You think of her as separate from you and anything else and here lies the trick. She is not separate being, but she is a part of this dream you are living in. Allow yourself to think about her, and think of a mutual future. It is all part of the dream.
  3. You specified a direction for the books you want. Please describe better what do you think your problem is.
  4. Oh, I am sorry to hear about that. It seems that it makes you sad. Can you elaborate a little bit more on what happen?
  5. I've been getting ads by this channel " MindValley." for some period. Sometimes they appear on the top of Actualized.org videos, and also other videos on YouTube. Honestly, I think I am smelling a lots of BS when watching ads from this specific channel. What people are trying to say there with that level of confidence they have makes me for a moment feel like I have absolutely zero knowledge on personal development. Something inside me says this is utter BS and nothing else. Here is an example, he opens the video by claiming that that the notion that "my spirit is in my body" is not correct! and he is trying to sell me a new "fact" that my body is actually in my spirit!! I am so impressed!
  6. In the past, I wasn't aware of this thing called ideology and how much it controls people around me, and as self-actualized seeker, when I wanted to convince someone of how what they are doing is consuming them, apperanetly what i was doing is attacking their ideology and exposing all the negative stuff about it, and that leads to only one thing, which was me getting as much as hate as they can omit, until finally, I lost everyone around me. Now I've learned how people's ideologies are connected to their egos, and the importance of not stepping over their egos. I've learned that trust is important to maintain, and if in case I really cared about the people I love, I should practice patience with them, pushing just a little information to enlighten them without completely insulting their ideologies, baring in mind the point of open-mindedness. I am happy to report that I am gaining back the trust of people around me only through carefully watching the episode of Ideology. so Thank you Leo Gura for helping me achieve that.
  7. I am sorry, my language was not clear enough. I meant that to be said as a reflection to myself, as what was needed to realize this is to spend more time and watch videos and find out about how the ego works, and that I wasn't doing enough. not sure if I am able to convey the message.
  8. I do agree with that, it is over simplification for the matter, however today I had this idea on my mind, it is that you are able to "bend the reality" just a little bit if you care enough to do that and put good efforts into this quest, and the goal is to make it just a little bit better for you and for everyone else around you. The condition is that you get serious enough about it and study how reality works through the self-actualization methods. If you are not serious enough, it is a waste of time.
  9. Thanks for the great reply, yes I do feel superior to others, and I think that I should feel superior to others. This attitude you are trying to tell me seems to me to be submissive. It is true that my pile of bones will be no different from others, but living a submissive life is also an idea that my mind cannot digest. You have to have results in one way or another, or else you should just end your life right now and kill yourself. One of the main domains to getting results is to "convert the heathens", especially if you are incapable person who has reached to very low points in life. You are born and your path is already set for you because the people who bring you up, the environment define who you are and your limitation, and sometimes your survival depends on whether or not you can step up and fight in order to change your surrounding, are you going to tell me to sit there and wait to die because I should not feel superior or preach my ideology? In fact, self development is all about change, changing yourself, and changing the world, and Spiral Dynamics is the ultimate tool for change, I feel like my path is to understand it and apply it effectively and efficiently. I don't think so, in fact, I think that the universe is good and God is good, and all paths should be directed towards goodness, unless there is those who pour poison into others' paths. Someone should deal with that poison so that goodness takes its natural place. All the religions were trying to do just that, but I believe it is the method used that is in question. Today we have the eastern philosophy, along with Spiral Dynamics which is science, and for the first time they can be emerged and help to achieve something great.
  10. @Strikr This is a blessing that people come ask you for advice, this rarely happens to me. It is glad to hear about this. I am trying to go alone, but the thing is that I might have became very very alone, the only one who talks to me is someone who has an emotional bondage, probably won't talk to me if she didn't have this affection.
  11. What I do sometimes is to assure them that I understand what they mean by repeating what they say with a hint of admiration, and then after listening and agreeing to all their BS for few minutes, I pick one point and attack it with an argument. The thing is that when people do something, they have many reasons to do it and they are unable to resist doing it for those reasons. If you can agree to 9 reasons out of ten, and then you disagree with one, it will plant the seed of doubt within them, and it is not going to be easy for them to overcome that. Inform me if you like or if you will try this method Good luck
  12. That's totally true, I am kind of experiencing some of that, and I am trying to notice my actions and my words so that I won't be of a threat to anyone and drive them away from me. I think it could be counterproductive to drive everybody away from you. Thanks for suggesting the video, it is going to be on my list to watch. It is actually not easy to catch up with all the videos of Leo since it takes me time to "digest" the rich ideas in them, as a result, I cannot watch them in bulk.
  13. Well Aurum, I think what is to be blamed here is that someone actually does need to spend tens of hours watching videos, and also need time to find out about this, learning how the ego works so that he won't step on others' ego
  14. I've been driving people away from me since I've started my journey of self-actualization two years ago, but then I've watched Leo's lecture on ideology, and I realized how ideology is engraved within people's identity, and when he said that it physically hurts to attack someone's ideology, I just realized why people around me do hate me, because I have rarely left anyone of them insulting what they are doing compared to what I AM doing. I've lost the support of many people and since I am not being able to sustain myself financially, I am now stuck with people whom I rarely speak with even within my home. I came to realize that on the journey of self-actualization, you feel so excited to tell everyone about how small and insignificant their work is compared to what they should be doing which is keeping their minds open enough to do self-actualization work, and that drives them insanely away from you. Right now, I think that the good thing to do is to actually keep studying and reading in the field of self-actualization, and that is going to make you understand more how to approach others in a non-destructive way. I believe that a non-destructive approach for people with high ego can be achieved if you learn how to gain trust, and then make people open up to you, and at that point you can push small remarks on their lives, and when they are open enough and can begin to trust you enough, they will come to you and seek more knowledge, on the way dropping all the negative misconceptions that they have formed about you in the past. Ironically, I found myself able to use the idea of ideology in order to gain people's trust in the first place! I just have to notice how and which specific ideology(s) they are subscribed to, and then show some mutual interest, and then bring a gift or two that has something to do with what they identify with, I believe it is a door to gain trust and restore broken relationships. I have a notion that people with identities cannot resist someone's approach in this way. Your remarks?
  15. I am unable to understand what you mean by this question. Can you give an example to what you mean? The current notion is that the universe has put me in the corner a lot, and I became so obsessed with my own self survival to the degree that I was able to see that it is not what matters the most. It is like going to the other end of the strange loop over a night, crossing the barrier. I agree, we should get going with the posting, it is a beautiful reason that you've mentioned. When you whiteness the innocent bits, people or soul of this world are met with black powers of what appears to be pure evil, when you become sure that some kind of black spirit is suffocating a beautiful flower, what will you do? for me right now, it is truly hard to answer whether or not it should be this way.