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  1. @Mu_ so that means that if i want to eat junk food every day and not meditate-have a vision , it's fine. I know that. As I said though, I want excitement again. And some past sources of excitement were to me acing school and working out. Thanks everybody for your replies!!
  2. @Nahm as long as I see these "assignments" as mandatory I wont be driven towards them. And this is how I view meditation for now. I am asking about the inwards passion, not the external consequences. I'd say that meditation can occur to me easily when I will have found my self again.
  3. This is interesting. How is it good though that when I was younger I was suppressed by school?
  4. It is a thought that I can still control. It doesn't feel a specific way because I haven't allowed it to spread like a virus. I know it's bad, I just don't know how to change it
  5. I am a perfectionist and very harsh on myself indeed. I just cant find the mental energy to do anything I stated from the above. And I know that body and mind are affected by the analogous mentality.
  6. You know about it. I could study with ease and workout with passion. Now I cant even look at a book and I've lost the passion for health, exercise etc. I did it because I enjoyed the pain. The pain, or else the trip was as enjoyable, or even more so, than the destination-result. It felt amazing. Now I cant find that.
  7. I am a more feminine type of guy. I always expressed my feelings. The thing is, if I cant even workout, then I cant meditate. Both require immense vision.
  8. I feel stuck. I had so many successes in the past and now nothing. I put on weight, even though I am in university I dont like the studying, and generally I hate my life. My subject is psychology and it doesnt interest me that much, although I'd like the profession. I try to eat clean, go vegan and fruit only diet then I regress bad hours later... I just can't seem to progress in life. I can't find some trustworthy friends, my old friends seemed to have forgotten me, people move forward and I am stuck. I want a new meaning in my life, a new passion, something that will make me workout out hard, lose weight, eat clean,earn money, make friends, create again, work for myself, live organically (that includes non-toxic household items and clothes made of cotton instead of polyester), and generally have a flame inside me. @Nahm this is a synopsis of my dream board @Leo Gura I feel I'm in the limbo phase. I saw a decline in my normal day to day courage 1,5 years ago. How to find passion again? And I understand that all meaning is meaningless. I want it because otherwise I suffer doing things that don't feel good.
  9. @Leo Gura What advice can you give to young people who are confused as fuck in life: How can I be creative (again), How can I know what I want, How can I not be fearful about money, How can I enjoy life passionately, How can I achive full emotional mastery, How can I take strategic choises about the future (buziness,nutrition,relationships etc.), How can I find my Life Purpose (what happens if I dumped my last passion - music - , that means I will never find something stable?), How can I clean off 100% negativity and pessimism from my mind? Why do I feel stuck and not want to do anything in life? ( not have a clear and consise vision), How can I invent my LIFE PURPOSE
  10. So the past year I've found myself listening to Leo's content and creating this idea that he knows best, he has all the right answers and just lives life as it should be. This has created a lot of problems. For example, I might not be able to think independently because I constantly have on the back of my mind the thought of "does Leo agree with that"? And that makes me miserable and unhappy. Also, all this talk about awakening and how we are ultimately One also makes me unhappy, because I get these nihilistic and pessimistic thoughts of "if everything is nothingness and meaninglessness then why should I be happy and pursue happiness and life purpose"? I just want a clear answer from you @Leo Gura, in order to clarify what I miss from your perspective and insights. And last, I want to say that I feel you are very disconnected from your audience. You have a condescending tone and I get that you dont want to play the ego game, but you seem distant from the human side of life. I get the sense that the forum and you are the ultimate truth holders, and so that discourages me from independent thinking and living life as I want to, and putting myself down and you in a pedestal. It feels wrong
  11. @Truth AddictI mean this: I may go into a thought story, not necessarily about something bad, I may use my imagination,(and imagine for example that I have my own business or that I conplete my goals) and I can block vision and/or sound. Meaning, I can stop receiving information from my sense organs. This is why I referred to my personality type(INFJ), because I experience thought trips and get lost in a better world in my imagination. My personality type balances between the Conscious and the Unconscious and this was freaky when I was younger, but now it's just holding me back sometimes. Also, I disconnect from my body. I dont have stress anymore, I have body awareness, the problem is that I get detached from my body and sometimes feel weird, as if my hand isn't mine.
  12. @Truth Addict speaking of monkey mind, the past couple of months I have been very hostile against family and girlfriend and I see myself getting angry over petty stuff which makes me miserable. Its not that I dont recognize the meta-mistake, it is simply that I have the need to prove my point and argue for stupid reasons. I wasn't like that a year ago. But it may have happened due to me going meta as you said and questioning the status quo. Also, I have exhausted my basic needs. I have gained 50 pounds within a year but I am skinny nonetheless and I am sick of masturbating. My main problem is concentration. I have a relatively calm and clean mind. But I have difficulty concentrating on my surroundings sometimes, as well as in certain positive thoughts because of boredom and indifference.( In visualization attempts for example) @Nahm
  13. @Truth Addict thanks for the the replie. I think that obviously I just feel confused about my future and disempowered by my school years which required a ton of reading to get to university. Just so you understand the depth of the trauma that was being dealt to me by school, consider that before 16 I used to be a bibliophile, and I was very interested in philosophy, history, psychology etc., and now I despise even reading 1 page of any book. I feel that I have exhausted the hobby of music for the past almost 10 years. I feel bored, unenthusiastic, drained, emotional, fearful and it's just very harsh going from childhood to adulthood so fast. The realization that I have to work and survive on my own hit me hard, but I still have the support of all my family members. I just feel that my confidence and mood change from day to day. Also the confusion is hard and constant. I even feel bad for asking advice from you or from family because I have the need to stand on my own or I fear that it is bad to be confused, or that I just overcomplicate things
  14. Yes I have had emotional openings quite often due to musical stimulation. Also I have achieved letting go of repressed emotions with thinking or by playing music myself. I too am from greece
  15. I don't post often in this forum but I observe it daily. I need some help because lately I feel quite bad. I just turned 18 and I feel a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I will start university soon, I have the constant thought of finding a job in my head, and also I feel very confused about my future with my career and relationships. I often feel misunderstood. I have a strong bond with my girlfriend but we argue a lot. I dont have close friends. My mother is a true support for me. My parents are divorced but my father is in my life. All though we also argue a lot and sometimes I feel that I don't have him by my side. The thing is, I feel very nihilistic these days, very pessimistic, not energetic or passionate about anything and I feel that I lose myself and am inauthentic and weak. I feel disempowered. Not being able to enjoy myself. I have escaped a lot of self deceptions about religious dogma and the maze, so its not about that. The problem is that I inhabit two different worlds, the one that my senses lead me to and the one in my head. Oftentimes I find myself thinking about something and the thought becoming a reality of its own and drowing inside this thought. It's quite terrifying. I'm an INFJ. I live in the Consious and the Unconscious. Seriously, many times my consciousness gets blank and I forget that I exist or I get stuck in thought loops. Whoever knows about MBTI personality types can understand this. Also I feel that all is lost, pointless, and that I am alone. @Nahm I need you.