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  1. Thanks man. Can we talk through private messages?
  2. What is your knowledge on polyester clothes and their effects on human health?
  3. @Nahm how can I have love and compassion for someone that isn't even a someone? That doesn't exist?
  4. @NahmIf he doesn't exist then you too are as imaginary as him. So how can I trust your words then ? Who is to trust? Correctly you said that I want friends, relationships etc, but if they alla are fake, then isn't it all meaningless?
  5. Hey. Can you give us more information on your background? Doesn't need to be publicly. I could start listing things that create erectile dysfunction (health, stress etc), but this is all classic. You need a more nuanced approach.
  6. Thanks, my first friend ??♥️
  7. @Emerald what keeps me back and unmotivated ?
  8. @XYZ Besides that, do you have anything meaningful to say ?
  9. I saw the light... I was afraid to face it.. but my curiosity and frustration pushed me. I don't feel that I have anything to lose lately, simply because I sense that life is a yogurt and I'm the spoon. It's a sweet pussy I pet. It's a green field in which I run and kick a ball. It's all the possible senses, all the possible feelings, that make you realize that you are wasting your time in a box. So I went out of the box after a lot of hours of agony.. I walked outside of my room to my balcony. I saw, what I saw is indescribable, so much that only my senses knew what it meant. My senses were my guides to this journey, for they knew what it meant to rely solely on instinct, pure listening, blind vision... my senses brought me a handful of gifts. First I opened some playful sounds, twirling around in frequency, intensity and intention... the birds were having a feast! "I want some, I yelled" but their voices silenced me... they were the only thing I was able to hear. They were a companion, a playground for my soul, a reminder of the fluidity of life's creation, a mystery honestly.. why were they rejoicing? What happened? Who told them to? So many unanswered questions ... but I proceeded with opening my gifts.. The senses brought another gift..that of the sky. I looked around. I felt complete. Even the buildings were delighted by the combination of the street lights and the true light of the sun, which hadn't yet fully arrived, but whose messenger, the navy blue color of the sky was signaling that it's time for deep meditation. Meditation in sensing the true majesty of Nature. A Shakespearean play which ran completely unauthorized, whose maestro was its own brilliance! The clouds reminded me of ships, carrying the weight of being unrecognized in their beauty by none. But I was there. I was there fully. I hadn't been more 'there' in a moment in my life before... I was the lone poet, whose responsibility was to experience all the life that others left rotting in the shelve. I drank from a used cup, but I didn't care, for it was virgin, and I took its virginity, but with that I lost something too, the ability to be normal again, a rat in a cage, now I was a lion in the top of the mountain [. . .] There it stood. My senses pointed me at it. It was undefeated in the erosion of time. It was long, covering the three sides of my horizon. Fog lay down on it, and covered it up like a blanket. The sky was pale blue and slight orange. Truly a painter's canvas. I wanted to lick it, to feel it, to touch it, to be it. But before I could ejaculate my psyche onto it my senses reminded me of my third present: the smell. A scent godly sent unexpectedly attracted me and took me away from this lame world, it gave me life, it freshened me up, it revitalized and reignited me. I opened my arms, embraced the gifts and slowly started to emerge with them into a complete state of psychic fulfillment. No need for questions. I had been a true student and teacher all at once. I started speaking to myself, actually recognizing that I had all the answers inside me, for in my heart stayed hidden a Gaia. My. I. Suddenly, a car, the pussies coming out, the truck taking the garbage, fog cleared, light brightened, I didn't have much time left.. I smelled acutely, looked nostalgically, heard wisely...then it happened... [. . .] Rewinding back in time, I remembered scents I hadn't smelled, sceneries I hadn't even looked at and sounds I could have only heard if I were an eagle... the smell of her hair while I was squeezing her juicy ass, the breathtaking view of a tree in the rain, the sound of the pencil rubbing the paper while I was writing an essay, but my thoughts were delving deeper into this, my mom's dish which I was able to spot from the street, the sight of a night alley, the sound of my guitar chords dancing according to the appetites of my soul, ohhhh... One last feeling I forgot, but I felt when I touched the cold bar of my balkony...the senses betrayed me on that one haha... a heavy punch landing on my cheek, the sweet and mesmerizing sensation of cumming my brains out to this girl's picture, the hot water pouring down my back and the sweat itching me on my arms while I was coming back from freedom, I mean school (!)... I was shocked. But I knew. I had even forgotten about the people sleeping all around me, behind walls and inside beds, they were irrelevant and even an obstacle, I saw beauty in nature, and in observing, silence, understanding, appreciation. I, I, I !. I was the companion writer, since I only were inspired by Nature's a-mechanical truth spring. I needed her to write... It was a hell of a ride. And I was only starting the voyage of unfathomed desires and ripe passions. ~ @Nahm @Leo Gura
  10. @Nahm an animal doesn't realise that it is something lesser, be it a person, an ego, a part of a tribe etc., let alone realise that it is the whole Cosmos (using that greek vocabulary here?). An animal is just fully emerged into the experience. It doesn't make a distinction between existence and experience (ahh that book you suggested?), and so it is bound on the Now. So by being completely in the Now, you become the Mu?
  11. @Nahm So that concludes that in birth, there is not only a self created (separation), but also a narrative, because if you simply had a self it would not identify with anything so it would be instant Mind. But, thinking of animals, aren't they just so disconnected from infinite love,creation and their godly nature? Although they do not have a narrative as we humans do, they do not get the de facto state of Godliness.
  12. @Mongu9719 @Nahm As an attempt to answer to the OP and you, I would argue that only a Mind which has forgotten falsely has the conviction that suffering will solve anything or bring joy, although there are two different aspects of suffering. Destructive suffering as a road which leads to alienation from source, and consious/constructive suffering as a way of building faith, ethic, respect, as in cold showers, diet, exercise etc. The latter offers spiritual gifts, and is of great importance. Of course, we must not forget that if you are passionate about something, you don't see it as work, as tiring, so as something which needs conscious suffering to be done, but in some cases you need to learn to dance in the rain and love it.
  13. @Nahm so the Ox-mind (different than Mind with capital M) is the collision between infinite Awareness and finite ego/mind and the identification with the former. So the distancing of 'you' from your destructive lesser 'you' is the taiming of the ox, and the trusting and listening to that finite mind is the source of unhappiness and misery (entertaining the ox). Basically you dont listen to any mind (wisdom), because you are just being held at gun point from your emotions/thoughts stories and you can't win that battle, unless you realize that there was never a threat to begin with.
  14. @Nahm the Ox literally is a bull. A bull is a wild animal, hardly tamed. The ten ox herding pictures represent the path toward Enlightenment of a zen master and then his descendance back to society and the human world. I don't understand what you mean with the phrase you often say "dont entertain the ox" . Does the ox represent enlightment, or the ego, or the spiritual ego, or the spiritual path? The zen master searches for the ox, that meaning he wants to reach it, so we talk about Enlightenment, ascendance of the ego, so why would I not want to entertain the ox? You mean not allow the fear of the other side of the river scare the ego? Since the capturing of the ox demands overcoming the fear.