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  1. I observed that you are preferring to use the female pronoun more often nowadays , is there an equalitarian purpose behind this? @Leo Gura P.S. sorry for the low consciousness question
  2. @Shin what race are you? The doggo of course
  3. Maybe you are simply afraid of opening up, being spontaneous, intimate, emotional, loving and caring. I too had the limiting belief for a couple of years that I don't need no one else in my life and that I should not give up my individuality for nobody. But that created a lot of misery and it still does. Having friends and being in an intimate relationship is great and can offer a lot of joy, fun and help create an interesting life. You need to honestly do an introspection and trully ask what is the true reason you fear bonding so much. For me it was the weakness of constantly judging myself and wanting to create a superiority image of myself-kind of like a syndrome where I always was the best or the right one in any situation, which also led me to being a victim quite often.Now I don't know if you can resonate with that, but just realise that you will have to face this displeasure of being around others- or it might be plain fear- once and for all. Being an introvert is no bad but you need to find the right balance and manage to have fun around others.
  4. Happy birthday Leo and thanks for your unique contribution to us and the world!!!
  5. @Ampresus I too used to workout and now, because I am studying for a huge panhellenic examination on the end of the school year, I don't have neither the time nor the psychological power to workout. I've gained some weight but I know if I try to change something I am going to suffer tremendously. It isn't pleasing to be more fat again but I must accept it. Anything else that bothers you?
  6. @Ampresus We are all here for you, man, relax. You may be pushing yourself way too much. Try taking off of stressful living for a couple of weeks, even for the whole summertime. Personally, I can relate to you because I too was one of the best students in junior high school and I pressured myself intensively. And then I cracked. Now, all my plans for healthy diet, working out, making new friends, following my dream career etc. must be stalled. I just need some time off of everything and everyone and take some leisure time on an island on summertime. Maybe try to make one change at a time because I too saw that whenever I tried all at once (healthy diet, studying harder, eliminating masturbation, working out) I would get a complete regression. Can you relate? ☺
  7. Leo should do something about the stuff happening on this sub-forum ; either shut it down or dont allow suicide to be talked or just allow to the moderators to respond to such serious issues. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable from mature adults. Leo does right for not answering any posts in this sub forum. I am talking about the recent suicide post in which the OP now doesn't respond
  8. I see Zen Devilry and insensitivity to one's problem.
  9. No, I don't regard God as finite. I am specifically referring to Earth. This planet. Not similar stars who might be inhabited by some human-like beings. Also does God want to see and feel every particle of Its creation? Meaning every square and every corner of Earth
  10. Greetings everyone. My question is very simple. In one recent episode Leo said that God not only created Earth, but had to and still does experience it through infinite human possibilities. But given that in a couple of billion years our solar system will destroy itself, isn't that fact rendering the experience of Earth by God as FINITE?
  11. He didnt seem very developed, had also some pet theories but I see what you did there 😉
  12. Haha very unlikely. I just wanted to point out that there are people out there with similar insights and capabilities who just remain silent or don't know how to react to their abilities
  13. Isn't it the same? Cab-Uber
  14. So I was coming home from the Mall with a taxi, and I had an interesting conversation with the driver about music, until at some point we started talking about metaphysics without naming it as such. I asked him whether he has read books about spirituality and he said no, but when asked if he had astro-projected or knew about psychedelics he responded positively and left me speachless. He admitted that he wanted to become a physicist. But when I told him that in the future I want to be left alone in a house in the middle of a forest or in a Buddhist monastery and just meditate he said that he also wanted to do the same, except he wanted someone to put his brain in a box and feed him with oxygene and be left just with his conscience, in which he believed he would find all the deepest truths. So I introduced him to the website. Soon we will have another member!!!😀😀😀 He also had done astral projection randomly.
  15. @Leo Gura It seems weird but the majority of the people here on the forum are males. Why do you speculate that this is the case? Also, Leo, do you think that men have a big advantage when it comes to personal development since they can work on their personality and inner-game due to having to approach women? So they can be more motivated and charismatic on the long run.