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  1. If you are a health care worker or know someone who is, please share this among them if you are interested. Also if you would like to buy it yourself, it's 50% cheaper now. Obviously don't have fault expectations like this might help you to access states of consciousness like 5 meo or anything but many people need to first take care of their mental and emotional aspect before diving in deep to other dimensions of life. In fact a lot of people come knto spirituality to help with their mental and emotional suffering to begin with. Hope this helps
  2. A conscious Ice-cream maker who uses love to make one of the best Ice-creams according to online ratings. I met him personally at Sadhguru's ashram and he is a really beautiful being. He speaks in English eventhough the title of the video is in German
  3. @Leo Gura Yeah I don't like that they put LSD and heroin in the same advertisement but atleast it's still a more evolved drug overdose prevention campaign than we find anywhere else in the world
  4. Drug prevention campaigns in Norway
  5. Does asking this question mean I haven't fully grasped the depth of what Death is? My previous understanding was that after the imaginary physical death, we come back in another life continuously until we fully realise that we are God. But after watching Leo's latest video, my understanding is that I was never born or I will never die and the rebirth model is only true in the physical paradigm. I know absolute infinity cannot be grasped with logic so I am also not having high hopes of getting this question answered.
  6. In Netherlands you can get both Psylocibin and 1P-LSD legally. You can also order the ingredients for Ayahuasca online on the clearnet there and brew it up yourself
  7. Planet Earth 1 Planet Earth 2 Our Planet Obviously not topics about enlightenment but these are few of the most advanced TV shows in our modern world with regards to stage green of the Spiral Dynamics model. I am yet to see any stage yellow type of TV shows though
  8. Beautiful If one could zoom in infinitely, that also means one could zoom out infinitely right?
  9. So planck length is only true in the materialistic paradigm and not in reality?
  10. Maybe I should have uploaded these pics while the topic was hot but here is what Sadhguru has to say about what he plans for Isha once he is dead. Found it in his autobiography book.
  11. I also have noticed this. However I fail to see how this could be negative though, looking at how huge of an impact this strategy has made already to the world. I'm sure if hasn't done otherwise, his teachings would be quite distorted. In his UN talks he was referring to the fact that memory is mistaken for intelligence nowadays. This doesn't apply to this topic as far as I see because his programmes don't have anything to do with intelligence. Having said that, it's really great to see that you are experimenting quite objectively with different paths and finding the best one for you. All the best
  12. @Leo Gura I understand your point here. I can see how potentially his teachings might be difficult to understand hundreds of years from now but in the same time I don't think it will turn into a religion as there won't be many stage blue people hundreds of years from now. It'll mostly be green / yellow probably. The teachings of all the great mystics of the ancient times (Buddha, jesus and Mohamed) turned into a religion because the people were highly stuck in stage purple / blue back then. So it'll be interesting to see what happens to his teachings in the future. The only problem I see is the change in the languages like you mentioned. Also not to mention, he has consecrated an energy form in his Ashram known as the Dhyanalinga which is beyond any languages and could be benefited by anyone by just being in its visinity. Also apparently its indestructible according to him. But again, I don't see how this could have as big of an impact as the other aspects of Isha (his teachings for example).
  13. This may not be close to the metaphysical explanation for what consciousness is but I think its still beyond a stage orange perspective of what it is and I thought this would go under stage yellow since he is speaking of feedback loops here. Feel free to correct me though