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  1. This is not necessarily a comment about Leo but funny how I saw this osho quote just before seeing this thread
  2. Isha Insight is specifically a programme for business people and usually multi millionaires attend that program in the ashram. I was in the ashram myself when the 2019 insight program was happening. The CEO of TATA worth billions of dollars was also one the guests at some point in time. As @Benton pointed out above, his courses are absolutely free in rural parts of India and the price of the courses increase relative to how well off the people participating are. It costs $150 in western countries because most of us can afford it compared to poor people in rural areas. Same goes for this insight program, if you are a multimillionaire/billionaire, $6500 is going to be pocket change. So if they are to keep providing free programs in rural areas, they need money which they get from the people who are well off to pay it. Having said that, they do provide a "high class" service (accomodation/ dining / etc) during that program for these business folk. So they kinda get their money's worth, more or less.
  3. Yeah exactly! I was a bit startled to see that as well. Perhaps Lithuania is on the way in his route or perhaps he has a lot of supporters there? Do you think you'll be going?
  4. He did If you watch the second video, you can see he did similar campaigns like this twice in India in the last 5 years
  5. Register for the event near your city here Scroll down, select your country and register. You might have already heard about this but Sadhguru initiated a Global Campaign recently to 'Save The Soil ' of our planet because the quality of the soil has been degrading at at a fast rate in the past decades. If this continues for a couple more decades, it could lead to Global hunger and famine due to inability to grow food in the soil, which could even eventually lead to more wars. That is just one aspect of the issue. The list goes on. This applies globally ofcourse including America, Europe, Asia etc.. and not just India. In the light of this, he says he wants to make 3.5 billions people aware about this issue with this campaign. Therefore he will be riding a motorcycle from London, UK all the way to India passing through 30 countries and about 30,000 km in the span of 100 days and he's 65 years old already. So he will be hosting free events in many major European cities. Each event is about 2 hours. If you've been waiting to see him in person, this free event is your chance! This really is a great example of a "Turquoise" level project (in regards to Spiral dynamics). If you wish to learn more about why he is doing this, watch the video below or visit the main website of the campaign to the see the scientific studies that has been done on this matter and much more.
  6. Painting can help with bringing deep impressions from the unconscious to the conscious. It's apparently better than Psychoanalysis. Osho spoke about it in his series called "Dhammapada". He talks about how Carl Jung used to make his patients take up painting. Here you go. This is word for word from osho's recordings.
  7. Indeed! He inspired me to do my first Vipassana retreat.
  8. This one is exactly the same way they practice in a 10 day Vipassana retreat as designed by S.N. Goenka
  9. These are great resources! I have read a few and they go into great depth. I do however recommend not to practice anything out of books. They are very potent stuff, dont wanna do it incorrectly and screw up anything energetically.
  10. This is not a book but an excellent resource for energies and chakras. Sign up on Sadhguru Exclusive, it's a minimal fee. After that watch the three different series called "Prana", "Chakras" and "Enlightened An Inside Story". He goes really in depth into these topics and you can't really find this info anywhere else in his books or YouTube videos. The videos on that platform are from intimate meetings he had with close groups many decades ago.