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  1. Indeed! He inspired me to do my first Vipassana retreat.
  2. This one is exactly the same way they practice in a 10 day Vipassana retreat as designed by S.N. Goenka
  3. These are great resources! I have read a few and they go into great depth. I do however recommend not to practice anything out of books. They are very potent stuff, dont wanna do it incorrectly and screw up anything energetically.
  4. This is not a book but an excellent resource for energies and chakras. Sign up on Sadhguru Exclusive, it's a minimal fee. After that watch the three different series called "Prana", "Chakras" and "Enlightened An Inside Story". He goes really in depth into these topics and you can't really find this info anywhere else in his books or YouTube videos. The videos on that platform are from intimate meetings he had with close groups many decades ago.
  5. So it seems to be a common thing! Thank you so much for sharing your stories everyone. It has been eye opening. It's difficult to respond each and every story but I took something away from all of them. If you missed out at 33, watch out for the next ones at 42 for men, 46 for women and 60 for both genders, apparently. To all the skeptics, I hear you! However when it comes to mystical sciences, these teachings can be so slippery and easy to miss the point of it. I do understand where you are coming from though. Just as there are set time phases when a flower will bloom from a tree, why is it surprising that there are such time phases in the life of a human as well? You wouldn't usually call a flower blooming miraculous but tend to call such an occuring in a human being as miraculous? Just a thought If I'm right Leo had his back to back 5meo trips and changed his entire teachings around age 33 as well
  6. After getting to know about this, I checked the Wikipedia of many successful people including athletes, businessmen/women, Nobel prize winners, scientists, spiritual Gurus etc. I was surprised to see how many of them did have a certain significant event happening at that age. I also don't wanna rule out confirmation bias here but it was nevertheless a worthy observation. Do any of you guys have similar stories? Edit :- By "significant", he doesn't necessarily mean it will be positive. It could also be a negative event. He says human life usually has a possibility for propulsion at that age. It all depends on if you have prepared yourself with education, a certain skill, spiritual practices etc, before turning 33. This acts as the "fuel" for the propulsion he says. 33 could also be the age that life could "crash". It seems to be dependent on how much preparation you did on yourself before the age of 33, according to him. Apparently this is related to what people in the west refer to as "mid-life crisis". The other two ages where something significant happens is at 42 for males, 46 for females and 60 for both genders
  7. @EugeneTheSage Yes 3 hours is great, if you wish you can always sacrifice your meditation (sadhana) time to work in 3D modeling but that's up to you. They have huge dormitories, so some halls include like 20 bunk beds and other halls have like 50. All dorms and bathrooms are super clean, they have workers clean the bathrooms everyday. If you wish you can also stay in a private cottage and the cheapest one costs like $10 a day for two people, so if you can share with someone it's half the price. However it's hard to say for how long you can get these cottages because of the high demand. I knew people who stay in them for months on end tho. There are no library facilities, so you would have to mostly work in the dorm or your private cottage. There are definitely places outside in the open where you can sit and chill and perhaps work on your laptop. They do have smaller dorms with just 3-4 people in them but you have to be a participant of the Sadhanapada program for that which goes from July - March. It's already too late to apply for that, also the schedule is a bit tighter there because it's very Sadhana oriented so perhaps you might find it difficult to fit in your 3D modeling work. To volunteer and stay for free of charge you have to complete Inner Engineering with Shambhavi Mahamudra. You don't have to complete the 40 day mandala, just completing the program is enough. You might have heard that the entire program is provided online these days including Shambhavi Mahamudra. Due to the pandemic, I believe you have to first get quarantined for 2 weeks before you can start volunteering. However these rules are so dynamic, that you should definitely check with the ashram beforehand. Write to an email to them to know more including if it's possible to go there at all. Regarding the visa, I volunteered there for 6 months with a tourist visa so it might be still possible to do that. I'll PM the email address. All the best and feel free to ask more questions if you have any! Btw i know a polish guy who stayed there for over a year, since you are also from Poland perhaps you might also wish to talk to him to get to know more information?
  8. If you require specific information about living at the Isha Yoga Center, i can help you. I stayed there for 6 months. I would say you will have only about 3-4 hours a day to work on 3D modeling after excluding 6-7 hours of volunteering, 3-4 hours meditation, 7 hours sleeping. Also if you want free accomodation, you will be living in dormitory environment. It's alright as long as you can work and learn in that kind of environment.
  9. Yes I did. It seems like commenting on the video is the only way to contact the channel but the video already has over a million views in a couple weeks, so perhaps it's already a bit too late
  10. Take an alarm clock with you to wake up for the 4:30 am meditation sessions because you won't have your phone with you. I'm assuming that it's a S.N. Goenka Vipassana retreat. No matter how defeated you might feel, stick to the instructions carefully. Sometimes the sky becomes clear after a Thunderstorm!
  11. A few months ago someone posted this video below but from a different YouTube channel saying it was a monk performing Mahasamadhi. However the thread was immediately locked by Leo when someone else posted another video showing the monk been woken up and alive after the "Mahasamadhi". Could someone please link that video here? A popular YouTube channel posting Sadhguru videos (not the official Sadhguru channel) has posted this "Mahasamadhi" video of the Buddhist monk and people aren't realizing that it's fake. I think they should know. I'm not denying Mahasamadhi. It's just about this particular video