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  1. Yes, highly recommend his channel as well. It's a journey of a modern being striving for enlightenment along with an artistic twist to it. I did my first vipassana retreat becauce of his videos
  2. Thank you for that, it is quite easy sometimes to get stuck in the mental aspect of this work as long as there is still an identification to our ego and mind.
  3. @Dwarniel Yeah I tried pointing at my screen and it instantly humbled me LOL
  4. I know you directly asked Leo, hope it's okay if I give my input I think it's similar to how Hitler believed that killing and massacring Jews was the right thing to do. Even though he strongly believed in it, it was only true from his own perspective. From the point of view of a jew, it's the last thing he wants. All perspectives are relative and seem very 'right' and 'correct' from its own stand point
  5. I remember hearing this as a kid, I understand it at a deeper level now than then
  6. Yeah, I actually do resonate with that answer at a deeper level. Even though during the backslide stages I might think I am back to square 1, after that stage passes I do feel like I am better than before. Thank you!
  7. @Leo Gura What is your personal opinion on his yoga technique? Have you tried it? I assume you are referring to Shambhavi Mahamudra from his Inner Engineering Programme?
  8. I too have a question regarding this. Would be grateful if someone could help me out here. If the backsliding part is where the ego tries to achieve homeostasis, then if we give in to it, how does growth happen? Because for growth to happen, shouldn't the ego find a higher level to be at rest? I am sure using terms like 'higher level' along with 'ego' could be misunderstood in this case, but I hope you understand what I mean.
  9. Awesome! Thank you
  10. Incredible I think a lot of people underestimate the value of the programme. It's designed to help even someone who is already in the spiritual path and it's not to be seen as just helpful for beginners. I've seen tremendous shifts in my baseline level of awareness after this programme and maintaining my practices eventhough I was already practicing Kriya Yoga and Vipassana beforehand.
  11. Since these are all master degrees, do you think the entry requirements for all of them would be a bachelor degree in Psychology?
  12. Yes, it can be very helpful as porn addictions form most of the time due to emotional trauma from the past, particularly from childhood. So you can use this to release those trapped emotions in your body