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  1. @AdeptusPsychonautica Idk if you would even reply to this but do you not believe that someone can get "Enlightened" (with or without Psychedelics). ?? PS:- He DM'ed me in order to not de-rail this thread
  2. Now, these are ''arguments'' that I would love to see all over the world. Conversations trying to point out nuances of the awakening process itself. I am cool with this compared to arguments trying to demonize everything and prove that a certain belief is correct. But hopefully, the day comes when we will have to even drop these high-level spiritual ''arguments''
  3. @Leo Gura How do you know 1 micro-scoop provides the desired amount ( in milligrams ) for a certain substance? I mean different Psychedelic powders have different densities probably right? Edit :- Okay I read your post above saying to start off with a micro-scoop and then play around to get the right dosage because one scoop won't be too much
  4. Netflix gets huge backlash in India after showing a short kissing scene in one of the shows because it goes against their Culture and traditions.
  5. Hello there ✌️😁 And here we meet again....
  6. Which live programs do you mean Leo?
  7. +1 Been doing it for 1.5 years, can confirm Use this link to find a teacher near you
  8. Stage Red on Global Warming:- How is thinking about that going to benefit me to conquer. That is good for little girls to think about. I don't care if what I do affect the trees or the clouds, I just want to do what I want to do. Others can go fuck themselves.
  9. Beige :- "I FUCK YOU IN MY CAVE"
  10. Yeah sure they have, but that's why I said that psychedelics have been tested much much less than meditation and yoga.
  11. Psychedelics, meditation and yoga are all tools. Meditation and yoga have been tested and made successful results for over ten thousand years and have created thousands of enlightened beings. Psychedelics on the other hand have been tested much much less compared to how much meditation and yoga have been. That's why I respect Leo and others like him who are really pioneers in this field. Maybe it's more effective, maybe it's not. Leo is also still on his journey. So I think it comes down to if you want to be a pioneer as well or do the methods that already made successful results. But most importantly, someone had to be a pioneer for meditation and yoga thousands of years ago. If it wasn't for them, who knows where humanity would be today. Same goes for Psychedelics.
  12. Just gonna add to this. Sadhguru really seems to give different answers according to his audience. In the last interview with Logan Paul, he said it's okay to try a Psychedelic once and realize that you can attain such levels of consciousness and then work on it by yourself without the substance. The video that OP referred to in this thread is from his Darshan where he has the biggest audience from all over the world (specially India), so it makes sense why he uses his words carefully. I'm saying this because in his "Mystics Musings" book, he mentions that taking such substances under a live Guru can make enormous spiritual progress. How I see it is like this. If you say one sentence to a million people, each of them will interpret it differently depending on their experiences and level of consciousness. So you have to mold your words in a way that will cause the least harm and maximum impact. He says that he's on a certain mission to touch every human being on the planet. So, given the current societies in the world, he probably sees it wise to speak "against" Psychedelics when talking to millions of people at once in order for his mission to succeed and make the biggest impact. But it seems in close quarters he is more open about it because it will cause less harm and might be even beneficial to that specific audience.
  13. I PM'ed you a really insightful message on Ayurveda sometime ago because I'm studying it right now and I clearly see something that could be helpful to you there. Did you see it? Cheers!
  14. I'd like to just add to this that he actually spoke more openly about Psychedelics for the first time in this video as well. He said that it's okay if you try them once to realize that such an experience is possible and then you try to achieve that without the psychedelic. So what he says seem to change according to the audience he is talking to and that makes sense given the role he plays nowadays in the world.